I wasn't gonna say shit about it until Otis had to open his gold-plated chicken and blunt smelling mouth.

"Yeah, it's all good, I'm an artist and I'ma keep it going, I'm down like four flat tires… That right there was a little stepping hurdle for me but eh, we'll overcome the most... What I done been through by these people in the past few days...nah, if you actually look at all my shows on YouTube, I never actually had a boo like never... I love New York... If you ain't one hundred, then f*ck you cuz... Actually, I went up there with good intentions, [the vibe] was off after the first two records... Everybody is entitled to they own swag. I guess there wasn't no swag in the club, it was because of the fact Raekwon was there...Big up to the bloggers, they keep a n*gga motivated...I never came in the game saying I was the best lyricist. I came in the game with traptivity...If you know about traptivity, it's really not based on vocabulary. It's based on life experiences on coming up in the street and dealing with drug-related activities to pay your bills."

-OJ Da Juiceman, Team Yee via SOHH.com

Oh, word? Which is it, Jewmane? Are you an artist? Are you a traptivist? I’m almost as confused as I would be were this shit dictated and not read.

I don’t think the club was lacking in swag. Jewmane’s management was just lacking in good judgment, which doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. These niggas is the ones that got sold by the baker’s dozen. We should really be uplifting these courageous runaways. Instead of pursing our lips to boo, we should be reading to them. I get it. I’ve had the game fucked up for some time now. Education and knowledge of self is the only way out of the trap.

[Blogger’s Note: Both the hate and sarcasm are thick this morning.]

With that said, the trap isn’t what makes OJ Da Boo Man in front of a few hundred Raekwon fans at B.B. King’s Diabetes and Hypertension Bar & Grill. I mean, Raekwon got drug rap like a mawfucka. Clipse are the best drug rappers of all time, but they wouldn’t get booed off of a B.B. King stage opening for Raekwon. Why’s that, you say? Clipse actually make sense as a Raekwon opener in that both acts fulfill the substantial lyricism requirements of the last Wu-Wear wearers.

For the new year, strickly Wu Wear.

With that said, Jew Mane wouldn’t have been booed had he been opening for say, Cam’ron at the same venue. This is not to say Cam’ron doesn’t have lyricism. Granted, he’s not the lyricist he once was. But, "Trap Say Aye" remix aside, Cam’ron fans would welcome mindless mumble Chicken George and the Fry Trap shit. I’m from Harlem. I can attest first hand to the musical lows Cam’ron fans are willing to limbo under for the sake of ghetto shit with marginal bounce.

It's like they're just starved for entertainment up there.

[Blogger's Note: There, they're, their. They're all different. Kinda like Tony, Toni, Tone.]

By the length and inherent confusion of his statement, I think I need to provide this advice in Jew Mane speak one time:

AYE! OK! Aye, Jew Mane. It ain’t e’en much ‘bout all that hatten ass fuck nigga Mason Dixon shit u tombout. It ain’t e’en ‘bout no swag.Side’, dem up top New Yow’k nigga venned dat crack shit u rappen ‘bout. So, cain’t be that nuther, right? Whatchu need do gone hed fine da nigga what had bookt dat show frunna Woo Taing’nem. Dat ain’t where a traptivator pose ta be when he ain’t doon no lurrasizzem. Gnome tombout? AYE!

--And to all you hatten-ass uppity fuck nigga:

OK! Well damn! BRRRRRR! Go git dat laskalannansto’s nah! Stop hatten onna nigga grine!

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