God in the Building…Twice

I opened for Rakim! Enough said. I don’t know if this type shit matters to anyone besides me, Whoo Kid, and the packed house at The Ice House venue at this years’ A3C (All Three Coast) festival, but man I’ma share the experience of a hip-hop fan turned rapper with ya’ll anyway.

I always get nervous before I perform. Even when I was six and did my Easter speech, I threw up before I went on stage. Guess you can’t fight traditions, nerves come with the job. Usually I get very tense and it just unwinds on stage and the butterflies that are in my stomach escape past the profanities when I exhale during the set. But man I was sick the night before. I had been at several other A3C events and the more other artists said I was deserving and lucky to be opening for the God, the more anxious I got. By the night before, I couldn’t sleep. I lay in my American signature staring at the ceiling fan and, like Rakim in the “Ghetto” video, was unable to sleep. I wondered “Can I do this shit? Can I really ‘Move the Crowd’ this time?”

On the day of the show, sleepless and still nervous, I was a jittery mess on the inside. I didn’t smoke weed for fear I’d dumb out. I didn’t drink for fear I’d fall out. I just sat backstage and cooled out. All day my people had been telling me I was acting weird, quiet, too serious. They think I’m angry. One of the GTO Misses (from our promo team) was killing me, arguing through texts and I was fucking sick of extra people in the backstage area at this point.

I’m only anticipating meeting the God Rakim Allah and rocking the house!

I’m finally there -the point where the nerves turn into testosterone. I feel like a caged animal so I get up and walk around. I feel like a fighter now. The nerves are going and the aggression for the stage is building. I get called to do interviews. I answer questions, say “Thank you,” smile, move on.

I sit in my chair, the big one that had given me solace in my anxiety, the one that blocked others from sitting too close. Then someone asks me if Rakim could use it to do a quick Q&A? It’s the God. I comply.

Just as I say “cool” I hear Gotty from thesmokingsection.com say Rakim is on the way up and he has a Halo on his head and everything. I chuckle because I know he just witnessed what I knew was real- Rakim glows. Later Gotty would say to me when the van doors open, “it’s like a light surrounded dude.” When Ra enters a room an energy precedes him and remains once he leaves. We shake, he gives me props and agrees to do the “God In the Building” remix with me. He wishes me well, we snap a picture and as I head toward the stage he grabs my shoulder and says to a reporter, “This hip-hop right here.” I felt a calm and a pride that in one second, that small moment, felt like it lasted a year. The nerves left. I had seen the God as a child and imagined myself up there rocking. I hit the stage knowing I was where I belonged in a packed house screaming “Grind time rap gang, bang bang bang” and reciting every word I ever rapped! I was now among god and earth and I let them know what the god knew. I told them hip-hop is me, hip-hop is here (the South) and that the “God is in the building.” Until the next show, PEACE GOD! It’s Bigga.

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  • oskamadison

    It always amazes me to see artists in awe of other artists like fans and unashamed about it. Those are the ones that you know really love this music and culture. Beautiful piece, Mike Bigga.

  • these posts are racist

    …and when I come back, wearing the 45.

    Mike, i respect the hell out of you, you know that. The reason, i “retired” from XXL, among other things, was you questioning if i was BOL! Come on my dude. I defended when you that hater called you a terrorist.

    Anyway, I love this drop…i love the imagery. You are an amazing writer and the realness in how you express your feelings is something so refreshing to me. Hip Hop and rappers are so contrived and deliberate and manipulative in how they present themselves and you, along with few others – are as genuine as my 8 month old nephew…no underhanded plan.

    BUT, i take major issue with the blasphemy that is associated with my “favorite rapper” Rakim. He is not “God” or “Allah” which translated means “the God”. The concept the 5%’s used to use this for was a direct reaction to white oppression – whites made blacks feel inferior…5%’s said “oh yeah? actually, you are the devil and we are God.” Those who invented this reactionary philosophy have abondonded it and so should Rakim. Calling yourself “The God” is the ultimate of arrogance…the type of arrogance that is indeed the cause of much heartace in the hood and beyond.

    We are human…Rakim is human. Metaphor (for the top emcee) or not, it is not appropriate.

    • DV8

      I cosign that. Im not at all comfortable with people refering to themselves as God or a god. Thats why I always refer to Jay-Z as Jay-Z and thats it. I guess its just the fear of god in me.

  • biggamike

    Actually, TPAR I’m not Killer Mike or Mike bigga. I’m biggamike. A name my niggas gave me growing up(Actually, the name was biggamichael, cuz there was other nigga that went by the name of michael and I just happened to be the bigges one. So Killer Mike is not the one in question. I am. I’ve used the name biggamike since 2000(Highschool), on the internet.

  • biggamike

    Actually, TPAR I’m not Killer Mike or Mike bigga. I’m biggamike! A name my niggas gave me growing up(Actually, the name was biggamichael, cuz there was other niggas that went by the name of michael and I just happened to be the biggest one. So Killer Mike is not the one in question. I am. I’ve used the name biggamike since 2000(Highschool), on the internet.

  • biggamike

    Actually, TPAR I’m not Killer Mike or Mike bigga. I’m biggamike. A name my niggas gave me growing up(Actually, the name was biggamichael, cuz there was other nigga that went by the name of michael and I just happened to be the bigges one. So Killer Mike is not the one in question. I am. I’ve used the name biggamike since 2000(Highschool), on the internet!

  • giantstepp

    Good drop Bigga! Rakim is a legend and argubly the best to ever touch the mic. Good to see you paying homage to Rakim, as he’s well deserving. A lot of these “new” cats dont know hip hop history, and wouldn’t have the sense to give props to those that paved the way.

  • biggamike

    Actually, TPAR. If you break this shit down Metaphysically. Rakim is God, I’m God, and so are you. A segment or fragment of God’s divine nature(soul,spirit, ka, chi, energy etc.) is in all of us, every living thing and everywhere. Think of “the Force” concept in Star Wars. So basically, GOD is everything. And being a part of the whole, makes u just as important as the whole and the same as the whole itself. Allah(Arm, leg, leg, arm, head) So with all of that said, Rakim is not being blasphemous by saying that he’s “The God”, that nigga just being real.

    • these posts are racist

      Actually, we are not speaking in theory here. Do a basic google search on “Islam” and its perception of associated anyone or anything with God. It’s a fundamental tenent of the faith that “…there is no God, but The God.” Moreover, your explanation for Rakim’s use of this title is baseless and misinformed. He uses it because of the 5 percenter Islamic tradition…do some research.

      Then when you’re done with that research, look up Anthropomorphism – and you will find why you take as given your view of God.

  • southcakc23

    @these posts are racists, clearly you don’t understand “the god” reference. We were made in God’s own image. If God is in you, you are an extension of God! Neither Rakim, nor Mike Bigga, are calling themselves GOD. When Mike says “God in the building” he’s got multiple meanings behind that song. 1)God is in Mike; thus God is in the building since mike is in the building. 2) Rakim and Mike are God’s in hip hop culture; it is appropriate apropos the hip hop culture. GOD is to everything what Rakim is to hip hop. You are lacking perspective on this topic.

    I understand your referencing the 5%’ers but there is so much more to the “god” reference that you are speaking on.

    As for mike, just know that many of your supporters have felt that way, the way you did when you met Rakim, when they met you for the first time. He made a difference in your life and I don’t think you really know the difference you make in the lives of so many. Keep being genuine, and GOD will continue to bless you and yours.

    oh, and wussup with those pics from your show @ The Loft??????

    • these posts are racist

      …again, you take as given or true things that are not. “We were made in God’s own image…” is a Christian concept, adopted from the Greeks…this is not Islamic. And, again, Rakim is using this title because of the five percenters. Yes, Hip Hop adopts a lot of references – including “the God” reference as well as sayings/signs/ clothing from gang culture, etc. But this is different and deeper.

      This conversation exists outside of a theoretical vaccum. There are 1.2 billion people in the world that take major offense to this title being used – that counts for something. Moreover, the very people who taught Rakim to use it, no longer use it! Finally, the arrogance behind the title is devestating…think deeper.

      • DetroitDRaper

        5%’ers dont use that term anymore?..That’l be news to me GOD.

        MAYN HOL’UP

  • biggamike

    Actually, TPAR. You are the one that needs to research. I know what Islam says. The philosophy that I’m referring to predates Islam by 10′s of thousands of years. Read the Corpus Hermetica to get a break down of what I and southcakc23 are talking about. The Knowledge is deep…God.

    • These posts are racist

      Again with the theoretical. Are you denying that Rakim calls himself “Rakim Allah or God” because of his affiliation with the five percenters – an offshoot sect of orthodox Islam???

  • biggamike

    Actually, “we are all made in Gods image” is not a Christian concept. Its a concept that the creators or christianity borrowed or rather stole from ancient texts like the Hermetica. In fact, it says that statment damn near verbatum!

  • biggamike

    …And if you really want to compare the main 3 “monothestic” religions in the world, you’ll find that they are damn near identical besides a few nuances here and there. All the principles are the same. And Actually, if you go into it deeper, you find that the “Christ” story occurs in multiple belief systems around the world…before Jesus ever walked the Earth. The Horus story is exactly the same and this was thousands of years before. In fact, Horus is born of Virgin mother, resurrects his father Osirus, who in Egypt was called Azur-us. Add the the latin “el” when texts were translanted you get el azur-us. Now drop the damn E and you get the name Lazarus…THE NIGGA THAT JESUS RESURRECTED. Its all allogory, and all about the principles…GOD

    • Hanch

      BiggaMike Dropping Some Knowledge!! Good Comments today.

      • biggamike

        Thanks for the respect. By the way, Iam not Killer Mike. If you want me to prove so, you can go to my myspace page http://www.myspace.com/themikeisbig. You can see that my name is Michael and I am in fact big(no boule)

        • DetroitDraper

          Yea big ups I love the knowledge keep BUILDING Bro because just by that last statement you’l have a thousand or so people google(ing) and hopefully questioning and expanding their minds.

          MAYN HOL’UP

  • biggamike

    I’m not denying anything. All I’m saying is, is that their is a deep meaning to calling one self God and if you’re a real nigga that up on the “REAL SHIT”, like we all believe Rakim to be, then the meaning has nothing to do with arrogrance, its about him realizing who he really is and who we all really are…God’s Childern/thoughts/image=God


    damn. i need to get up on some Rakim. the only recollection 75% of niggaz my age have of Rakim, is the verse he did on that song with The Truth (or was the song called The Truth, cant remember).




  • biggamike

    *Correction* My myspace page is http://www.myspace.com/thamikeisbig

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

    Damn, Mike & TPAR going toe to toe with the knowledge. Classic.

    Mike, one question, fam. Did you get his autograph, on a CD or something? I’m a grown ass man, but some cats, when I see them, fuck the emotion, I ask for an autograph just on the strength of what they represent.

  • biggamike

    Just want to make it clear that I AM NOT KILLER MIKE AKA MIKE BIGGA. This isn’t one of him under a pseudonym. Im my own person and ive been calling myself biggamike for a long time now. Not taking anything away from Killer Mike but I am not him nor am I a representative of him.

  • Mike Bigga

    @ Every Body This smart accurate bruh is not me. I am glad he is the “Big MIke” club doe. I have been impressed but his arguements however and if i died 2day i’d be happy to have this bruh continue in all my speaking engagements.

    @ Bigga Mike Hey I jus sat down and read your post. Bravo! Great Debate.

    @Tpar i respect your passion and desire to bring truth to all forums but bruh, sometimes i’m jus on sum Hip Hop shit. I put all the God and Rakim refernces in there becuz i want the reader to connect with there memories of Rakim and the youth to see Jay and Nas and even me were not the 1st to call our selves God. That saying in hip hop like the art of flowing starts with THE GOD RAKIM.

    Lastly I do respect all 3 major religions Fathered by Abraham and i see the value in all. However My personal belief is that God Dwells in us all and i will acknowledge that presence how i see fit. Peace God! Its Bigga.

    • These posts are racist

      No doubt…just wanted to add some thoughts but I see what ur saying…and am bowing out the discussion now.

      PS, get at me re: business.

  • Mike Bigga

    sorry that was meant to say I have been impressed by his arguments!

  • Mike Bigga

    4 sorry my typo’s

  • These posts are racist

    Biggamike is not droppin knowledge…at best its random misguided incomplete info. Here I’ll be simple:

    Islam is a religion.
    Five percenters are a sect of Islam, one of their many principles is that a certain # of black people are God on earth…

    Rakim calls himself God MC or Rakim Allah due to his affiliation with the 5 percenters NOT for any reason “articulated” in ur posts biggamike.

    Under Islam this is blasphemy and any Muslim, including those who used to be 5 percenters but have now become orthodox or traditional Islam Muslims consider it blashemy. So…in reality, not theory or any of the reasons you provide…this is an outdated and (islamically) universally condemned practice and is by definition as used in practice by Rakim and the few 5 percenters that still exist the type of arrogance that is despised…rightfully.

    • biggamike

      Thats funny how this nigga is trying to discredit everything I say before he starts off with his comment. Oh and the fact that he just said that he was bowing out of the convo before this comment attempting to discredit the info I brought forth, and right after Killer said he was impressed with my comments, like this nigga got all defensive cuz niggas feel the knowledge that was expressed…

      • Around and Around

        What’s being missed by most is TPAR is talking from a complete Muslim/Islamic perspective. Whatever you may think about 5%’ers, or what Rakim may be, the fact remains that %100 of orthodox Muslims look at 5%’ers as the pinnicle of blasphemy.

        Muslims believe there “Is no God but God” so calling oneself “god” is in direct contridiction of the former. Regardless of you you want to break it down philisophically…that’s a fact.

        Oh and fuck your “Arm leg leg arm head”…… As if that means some shit like english is the orignial language.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    @ biggamike

    No doubt. I even made that mistake. But it’s good to see a cat in the books dropping some knowledge

    @ tpar

    Nice. The minds are working today.

    @ all

    I know how Mike Bigga feels. One of my homies opened up for Ra in ’97 in a small spot in Bklyn. The tension was so thick in the spot to see the GOD that when my homie got half thru his set, Bill Blass sent the word Ra was ready to perform. About 30 dudes rushed the stage with Ra in the middle and we played the right of the stage while Ra grabbed the mic and started “The 18th Letter”. Crowd went bananas.

    Before he could start “Let the Rhythm Hit ‘Em”, the crowd went fool, show stopped, long story short, 2 cats lost their lives that night out front of the venue.

    I know the power Ra has to move the crowd(pun intended).

    And that’s way after I saw the “Follow The Leader” tour @ Nassau Coliseum.

    10,11,12 jewels

  • Mike Bigga

    @T Par

    What did the 5% do to you my friend. You going in way hard on this Topic. Break it down all the way.

    I clearly praise no man or false deity. i used a term that is used in the context of Hip Hop/pop culture

    last what makes u think any of the 3 major religions are right. SouthCak23 and Biggamike had great point in which the cited some of the knowledge and even books that preceeded and inspired some of the Torah, Bible and Qur’an. i’m not saying i know it all or that i know all that facts. I’m simply saying if all Humans saw God in one another Like so many see in Rakim Allah what a wonderful world this could be homie. Peace God (im talking to the god in u)! It’s Bigga

    Oh yeah i’m sorry to have called u Bol. I understand how that upsets u homie. i appreciate you bruh always know that!

    • these posts are racist

      Now i’m confused. Who is this that I am responding to?

      My final comment on this topic:

      “What did the 5% do to you my friend. You going in way hard on this Topic. Break it down all the way.”

      >>>Nothing, I just feel it’s important to understand where this title/concept came from – even more important since Rakim himself uses the term due to, directly, his affilitation with the 5percenters, not any transformed co-opted meaning it has in Hip Hop.

      “last what makes u think any of the 3 major religions are right.”

      >>>I never said any religion was “right”. I just pointed out that under Islam and per the 1.2 billion Muslims in the world, calling yourself God or worse, “The God” or Allah is extremely disrespectful. Moreover, the founders of the school of thought that originated this movement in opposition to white power/oppression have abandoned the use of this term and reactionary thought it is born out of – for the very reasons i describe above.

      That’s all. Not trying to convert anyone to anything nor am i some dogmatic cat…i just think it’s important to understand things as they are in reality/practice and not just some theoretical mumbo jumbo meant to win an argument.

      It’s real…with real consequences.

      One love, to all.

  • WestPhillyPolo

    Um… The 5%(nation of gods and earths) aren’t or were never a sect of Islam.(do the knowledge) Islam means peace and 5 percenters study the peace of life. Only actual facts are dealt with, not a belief. We were an offshot of the NOI at first.(do a google search or wiki) Peace

    • these posts are racist

      Hilarious. What’s “NOI”? Nation of Islam.

  • biggamike

    I appreciate your acknowledgement and respect of the truths that I touched on Mike Bigga. And I would like to commend you for stepping onto this blog site and talkin bout some real shit and not just trying to make nigga laugh.

  • these posts are racist

    Islam means peace as well as “submission” to “salim” or submit yourself to the will of God. So the five percenters…again of whom Rakim’s affiliation led to his usage of the title “God or Allah”…believe that those who are not “God’s”, i.e. 95% of mankind, must submit to them.

    That’s it…i’m deading my end of this convo. Take the info/knowledge for what’s worth.

  • biggamike

    I.S.L.A.M= I Self Lord And Master….GOD

    • these posts are racist

      That’s the most ignorant, inaccurate information in the world. Islam is not acronym, it is an arabic word. Now you’ve resorted to silly distortion. Read Malcolm X’s biography.

      • biggamike

        Wow. You like to battle with niggas. I knew you were going to say that. I just said that shit just to get a reaction out of you just like Byron Crawford does. I thought you were going to “dead” your end of the convo? I just wanted to prove that you were still on here looking for attention. Damn that really sucks.

        • southcakc23

          LOL, you baited him…..and caught him…hook, line, and sinker. He acts like we don’t understand where Rakim Allah got his name and why. He clearly doesn’t ascertain the MASSIVE difference between 5%’ers and Muslims. He also refuses to accept the fact, that as hip hop heads, we can appreciate the multi-meaning behind a rapper using the name God or Allah when referencing themselves. Heaven forbid we whip out the phrase “Abrahamic religions”. We’d bust this discussion wide open.

          TPAR, how about we agree to disagree and refrain from taking away any more of the attention that SHOULD be directed at Mike’s epic display of respect for Rakim Allah.

  • macdatruest


  • Mike Bigga

    I agree…lol Thanks Mac 4 providing some comic relief! we need that! Mac da Legend has spoken!!


    T.P.A.R. i know you trying to prove your point but you really bringing down the feel of the post. must you always be right homie let it go enjoy the post.
    on to what i really wanted to say “God In the Building” remix with rakim. that will be something epic the original song is my joint. “we a squadron of god’s marksmen/ greek heros we the new titans/ young achilles nigga/ i will kill these niggas/ no homo/ i just don’t feel these niggas/ laid back see a panaramic view/ is a angelic hues the sky so blue/ similar to my diamonds in that hue/ i pray my success is a torment to you/ (THIS THE PART RIGHT HERE) GOD MC BOY/ EX D-BOY/ ONLY THING REAL IN A ROOM FULL OF DECOYS/

  • These posts are racist

    My apologies to all…I let my ego get in the way of an honest discussion…biggamike and southcackc…no disrespect. My comments went from honest attempts to discuss to aggressive battling for the sake of winning an argument. Respect both yall cats.

    • southcakc23

      much respect to you bruh. I love a good debate as much as the next man. To be honest, this is the sort of commentary that should ALWAYS be on a hip hop site; not some of the ignorant shit that we normally see from the average “hip hop fan” LOL.

  • G2

    The debate was great on this topic!! Its cool to see others expressing views outside of the big three (religions). After taking a course on comparative religions, I abandoned my “faith”, so to speak. I saw that at bottom level, most faiths preach a certain love for humanity that should be respected.

  • Mr. North

    @T Par Why so much talk about Islam. This seems to be all the knowledge your bringing to the table. First, as some stated above 5%s the Nation of Gods and Earths was an off shoot of Islam and took some of its aspects but IS NOT a sect of Islam. Even though a lot of people convert from 5% to Islam based possibly on the common themes or wanting to be part of something that People actually respect as a religion or lifestyle. Still in all in THEORY 5% has nothing to do with Islam so all the blasphemis things that might hold true with Islam do not apply to the 5% lifestyle or belief system. Like Judaism has nothing in theory anything Christianity or Islam. But they would be sects of Judaism according to your logic.



    T.P.A.R. i know you trying to prove your point but you really bringing down the feel of the post. must you always be right homie let it go enjoy the post.

    on to what i really wanted to say “God In the Building” remix with rakim. that will be something epic the original song is my joint. you know i gotta drop some of the lines mind the typos or missed words. i am not going go put the cd on just to get this joint right. “we a squadron of god’s marksmen/ greek heros we the new titans/ young achilles nigga/ i will kill these niggas/ no homo/ i just don’t feel these niggas/ laid back see a panaramic view/ is a angelic hues the sky so blue/ similar to my diamonds in that hue/ i pray my success is a torment to you/ (THIS THE PART RIGHT HERE) GOD MC BOY/ EX D-BOY/ ONLY THING REAL IN A ROOM FULL OF DECOYS/ ANGEL WINGS GOT A NIGGA FLY HIGHER/ I HOPE MY SUCCESS BURN YOU LIKE HELL FIRE/ I HOPE SEEING ME WHIP CARS DRESS FRESH/ TORMENTS YOUR ASS LIKE A MAN POSSESSED/ BE BLESSED” woooo that is my joint. other good lines from this song. “i’m the shit cause i come the bowels/ the guts of the city/ ain’t a nigga fucking with me/ young player from the south tells stories like biggie/ take the kings english paint pictures so vivid/ let them listen know they swear to god they lived it/ if that ain’t god in motion nigga tell me what is it/ the church ladies weep when they hear your man speak/ they say they see god in me but i’m in the streets/ they ask me why i’m rapping tell me or call a preach/ i smile i kiss them on there honey brown cheeks/ i tell them god bless them and deserve to me/ but you can never walk on water if you still fear the sea/ ( my part right here) IF JESUS CAME BACK MOTHER WHERE YOU THINK HE BE/ PROBABLY IN THE STREETS WITH ME.” got another couple lines from the same song yes this joint that good. ” TO GET TO HEAVEN I WOULD RAISE HELL/ BUT BEFORE I BE A SERVANT IN WHITE HEAVEN/ I WOULD RULE IN A BLACK HELL” the hook is crazy to but i am not going do that.

  • these posts are racist

    sometimes i go off the tounge/
    i think i’m grown, but i come off awefully young/
    Mike Bigga, I ain’t mean to kill ur drop/
    i know you killed the killa, so i guess this is where my killin stops/
    knowledge off the top is sometimes hot/
    but when ego in the way it comes off like slop/
    so i pray vanity, doesn’t define the man in me/
    sometimes I need to Combs through my truth so i don’t sound like Sean Hannity/
    we all one step away from being that which we claim to slay/
    respect to those who love Hip Hop, cuz this shit aint a game and I aint here to play/
    Rakim is my hero, i am a microphone fiend/
    and I hope God always guides me on sarat al mustakeem.

    Chicago…stand up.

  • Chilly Willy

    Good looks on the Corpus Hermetica, biggamike! It gives you a whole other perspective on basically every major religion known to man.

    I myself agree that it’s all allegory. I refuse to think that if a chosen few got the “good word”, all the others are lost and misguided miscreants. And I don’t think if I hate people on the regular and try to horsefuck them as often as possible in every situation, I don’t think the first question in the judgment should be about my diet.

    Basically every religion is just about the cultural adaptation of the same scope of the spiritual world. And everything that was written in all the “holy books” shouldn’t be taken on the first degree.

    Historically, those who were remotely related to the original hermeticist approach proved to be among the most tolerant, understanding and realistic (in that they make their laws according to the reality) sects in all those “major” monotheists religion (e.g. the sufists who still exist to this day, the rosicrucians etc…). Every aspect of this can be seen in judaism, islam and christianism. From the trinity to all the concept of messiahs, resurrection, everything.

    Those who thinks calling someone god is a 5%ers invention, remember Psalm 85:6 ? And I quote: “I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.”

    When you feel God’s presence in special occasions in your life, do you actually feel like someone outside is involved ? Or do you feel that it’s the force that’s inside of you (no Skywalker) that you feel awakening ? It’s debatable, so just stating that something is intrisically blasphemous means you feel you have the only truth in a very debatable situation. To each one his one.

    Saying Rakim the God is a blasphemy is the same thing as saying a virgin woman can’t be pregnant and a dead man don’t resuscitate. It’s just everyone’s sensitivity that make it sound wrong or right……

  • Master Cheef

    great drop, and great comments

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Damnit XXL! I had a beautiful comment that didn’t post!!!

    Basically I was saying it’s good to see men debate with the mind, and not emotion. I don’t know about y’all but this dude Bigga makes people think, and I like that. We need more mental stimulation in this game/life and enough materialism & selfishness & savagery in the pursuit of happiness(money).

    Don’t think I don’t notice all the clowns who avoid Mike Bigga’s blogs because they have nothing to bring to the table.

    “remember Psalm 85:6 ? And I quote: “I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.”



    • Chilly Willy

      P.E.A.C.E. god !!!

  • caino

    “remember Psalm 85:6 ? And I quote: “I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.”

    Ye is a god !! dont tell him or we will never hear the end of it ! LOL

    • Chilly Willy

      You know you can’t tell him nothing. Gotta keep it low key. He might get the wrong idea and scream he’s the best dressed god evar of all time in a roomful of white-hooded fashionista who will burn his ass crucified to a Brancusi armchair….

  • General

    Damn Mike…nice look gettin to open for Ra and like others I’m waitin to hear that remix…just promise me you won’t let OJ get up on there with you, lol…

    As far as all the other comments on here, its nice to see a good debate/discussion going on here on the site, which is one of the reasons why i come to xxlmag.com and definetely one of the reasons why I have really enjoyed your blogs up to this point. I know when people debate about religion so often the debates become irrational and it is why we have had such a hard time around the world between various cultures. I myself am a strong believer in God, however I have chose not to follow fully behind one religion. As it was pointed out above when you truly study religion you will find that the 3 major religions borrow and recycle many of the same themes only with slight changes. I just wish that more people would take the time to really study them and learn that at the end of the day just like the religions, we as people are really not that far apart in our differences…

    On a side note, I also understand the reasons for calling Rakim the God MC, but I am with many people who through my own personal beliefs chose to refer to no man as God no matter the context…

    Again hope the remix works out and thanks again for your knowledge…

  • http://xxlmag.com Blakout615

    Grindtime rap gang sucker BANG……BANG……..BANG!!!!

  • alderman j

    KILLA im always going to call him killa by the way, is one of the best bloggers on any site, and one of the realest niggas in the game!! Period!!!!!!SOUTH!!!

  • Brooklyn

    the 5%ers were an off-shoot of the noi, but the noi isn’t really islamic more so than they took a few islamic tenets and ran with them. that’s the reason why malcolm x changed his philosophies after he came back from mecca, because he realized that islam is really a peaceful religion that preaches peace and not racial supremacy, war and insurrection. therefore, the 5%ers aren’t islamic, they just share some islamic philosophies like not eating pork, etc.

    and all western religions share the same root, christianity and islam both come from judaism, which in turn was influenced by the ancient egyptians, the caananites, the philistines, the and assyrians, not to mention all the things that the early christian church borrowed from the persian cult of mithra. therefore, we cannot exactly pinpoint where any religious philosophy comes from, because they’re all interconnected in a very complicated web. the image of the infant christ and the virgin mary came from egyptian statutes of isis and her son horus, whom she was depicted as holding on her lap, cradling in her arm, or suckling from her breast. the idea of the christian trinity comes from the persian religion zoroastrianism.

    now, on the rakim thing, that had to be an incredible experience, to perform on stage with him. my uncle saw him and eric b in concert back in the day and he talks about that to this day, and he only saw him from like, 50 feet away, so i can imagine what it’s like to be on stage with dude.

  • AvengerXL

    TPAR isn’t the word God just a label to represent the most high? Yeah the 5% ran with names and imagery taken from the islamic faith and I know how devoted Muslims can be bothered by this. But imagine how Christian rap fans felt when all of their favorite rappers called their religions God a mystery God or the White mans God. I am just saying many people have problems with secular handling of ideas considered divine. So I can see how you can be culturally bothered by this. I am not personally bothered because my idea of the divine is not tide up in cultural identity or any organized religion for that matter.


  • capcobra

    i try to avoid religious and political debates because shit get real personal..and that’s how wars start…but i gotta give the xxl comment crew credit for intelligent convo without all the extra clowning…also congrats to mikebigga for living out a scene from your wildest dreams.

  • LC

    You guys are fucking idiots

    There is no god




    “psalms 82:6 you are all gods but you will die like men.”
    There are litte gods and then there’s the Most High, God with the big G.
    Even Oprah was sayin that to Mike tyson yesterday.
    When you step in the ring wit Tyson, he is god. When you step on the court wit Jordan, he is god.
    And when yo step in the hiphop arena wit Rakim he is god. The man was sayin it in 1986, did some MYSTERY GOD hit him wit a bolt of lightning? The man was talkin bout travellin “at magnificent speeds around the universe” in 1988.
    What we talkin bout in 2009? Doin the stanky leg.
    ps tpar the true and living gods is still around, and they still showin and provin.they just underground like the x-men. by the way cop RZA’s new book thursday.

  • balaramesh

    “one of the best bloggers on any site, and one of the realest niggas in the game!! Period!!!!!!SOUTH!!!”

    agreed. great blog!!!

    several great posts.

    I know several athletes and borderline celebrities. but if i meet Rakim “The God MC”, i’d go in serious fan mode.

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