Duck Down, Home of the Originoo Backpackers

Yesterday we took a trip down memory lane with Rawkus Records, the epitome of New York’s underground in the modern rap era. Truthfully, there hasn’t been an independent outfit that has since matched Rawkus’ impact, but in the past few years Duck Down Records has grown by leaps and bounds.

Originally the label, headed by Dru Ha and Buckshot, was merely a home for Brooklyn’s Boot Camp Clik, which basically served as an extension of Black Moon. Now we can’t discount that after linking up with Priority Records for their first distro deal, Duck Down put out some dope albums like Heltah Skeltah’s Nocturnal and O.G.C.’s Da Storm. Still, with the label’s entire roster stemming from the Buckshot family tree, most never really thought of Duck Down as a legitimate label, or rather one that artists other than BCC members would want to sign to.

Duck Down started making some strides though when they released Buck and North Carolina beatsmith 9th Wonder’s collabo album Chemistry in 2005 and proved they could work with respected artists outside of their immediate circle. Then came the Ed O.G.-led trio Special Teamz. But when Dru and company went and signed Chicago’s Kidz In The Hall and dropped their sophomore album The In Crowd last year, things really started to change—in my mind at least. Albums by Cypress Hill’s B-Real, DJ Revolution, Marco Polo and Torae and Skyzoo followed.

Next week during the CMJ festival in NYC there will be an all Duck Down showcase. Seeing the flyer made me realize just how far the label has come. Buckshot, Sean Price, Smif-N-Wessun, Kidz In the Hall, Skyzoo, Marco and Torae are all scheduled to perform and I must say it’s a nice line-up. Originally I’d only check out Duck Down when I was in a Timberland and fatigues, Boot Camp sorta mood, now I find myself wondering who they’ll sign next. —Rob Markman

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  • Grand Master

    don’t forget… the Blastmaster is on the roster as well…

  • DJ

    I got Enta da Stage when I was in 8th grade, I’m 29 now and have been listening to everything they put out since. Sean P is one of the best ever. The Marco and Torae album was great. The boot camp last stand album was real good to along with all seanp’s recent stuff and the dirt album. Duck down has a free mixtape available on rite now with like 30 tracks on it from all their artist.

  • DJ

    True, I havent got it yet, but what I heard so far survival skills with KRs and Buck should be good. What I have heard from Skyzoo sounds good to.

  • latino heat

    with more and more artists going indy Duck Down is a logical choice. they’ve been on there indy grind for years and have proven success with it.

    does anybody remember Landspeed Records? i thought they were gonna be the next Rawkus back in the early 2000′s. they had a lot of underground talent coming out at one point. they had Screwball, Cormega, Beatnuts, Freddie Foxxx, Big Daddy Kane and others. Landspeed was the shit now that i think about it.

    @ DJ good looking on that mixtape. i didn’t know about that, i’m headed to there site there right now.

    • alderman j

      Yep, recently, LANDSPEED had Consequence signed at one point, and they dropped that MOBB DEEP MURDA MIX TAPE, that had some heat on it.

  • General

    Damn that Skyzoo joint has been crazy slept on. It was one of the better joints that have dropped this year…

  • capcobra

    if bad boy is the home of the remix..then duck down is the home of the b-sides…my only knock on duck down is buckshot’s thier peak black moon fell back and lost momentum..because if the leader ain’t hot then the crew ain’t hot..and after that fab 5 run buck was pose to circle back and murder can’t change the past tho’..all you can do is learn from it..and i think sean price did..cause that dude a problem..that’s my opinion..but the fact of the matter is…duckdown deserves respect for being a real crew from bk that survived this ever changing business..alotta artist/labels/peers from that era is gone and forgotten…so props to duckdown….if we don’t salute ‘em then who will?

    • latino heat

      @ Cap

      do you have that Duckdown Records Presents CollectDISediton? it’s a all b-sides album from them and it’s fire. it was limited edition though so not many people know about it. if ya’ll don’t have it i suggest trying to download it from somewhere.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Wow. I can’t post on memory lane? Done tried twice already…

  • alderman j

    Boy that NOCTURNAL was a masterpiece, everybody i turned on to it went out and copped! And SMIF AND WESSUNS first joint was damn near a classic, “enter the cipher/wit ya lighter/els are ready/prepare for another all nighter” BUCKTOWN!!

  • felipesiny

    i glad you acknowledged that “DUCK DOWN RECORDS ” is the real hiphop label every one has skills on their label. I been sayin this for while but good to see other feel the same way i feel about their movement over the pass few years.

  • DJ

    We need to hear from Starang some more, he’s not the greatest, but he is funny.

    I’m like a motherfucking g-string on a big booty bitch, niggas cant see starang.

    • DV8

      I always thought Starang Wondah was one of the illest in BCC. I dont understand why he doesnt get the push from BCC to be one of they flagship artist.

      OGC’z ” Da M-pire Shreiks Back” was an ill album and was slept on.