Congrats Mr. President

The Fact that Obama won the most prestigious prize for peace in the world is awesome. The fact that he was wise and humble enough to accept the award as a challenge to actually do the work that is required to merit it is why I voted for this man.

With the exception of Roosevelt who brokered peace between Japan and Russia I don’t think Obama or any US president has ever deserved this honor while in office. Even Jimmy Carter (who received the Nobel Prize after his presidency) has been able to do more to bring about a more peaceful world only since he left office. I think that leading the most Democratic republic in the world and the most powerful and cultural influential nation contrasts with matters of peace. So I think that in most cases a U.S. president can not, should not, and will not seek to advance peace if it threatens our borders or whatever global endeavor the country is involved in.

With that being said, it’s a new day. All the old rules do not apply. Might was right. We bullied our way on the world stage and kicked ass in two world wars. We have shown the will to fight long campaigns in Korea, Vietnam, Kuwait, Iraq and now Afghanistan. We have invested in nukes and still have the resources to blow the world up at any given time but that time and its thinking have passed. Mr. Obama has the opportunity to use the office of POTUS like the 43 before him only wished they could. He can affect the globe as a diplomat.

Finally, because of war, economic uncertainty and a global yearning for more fairness and international cooperation from the world’s citizens, people seem ready for change. The threats of what missiles are pointed where and what allies will support which war campaign are muffled and folks are listening for what other possibilities are on the new horizon.

Finally, my native country can be the beacon of peace and prosperity on the global stage we have always sought to be. Our president has the opportunity to lead, not bribe and coerce. Mr. Obama gets it. He will not use this moment to self glorify. He knows he must do the work. He must help bring peace to Sudan the middle east and Chicago! He knows he must end the war efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan and bring our troops home. He knows he received the Nobel peace prize for works he has yet to do and I’m glad he takes that charge seriously and I look forward to seeing the way this country engages the world for the next 8 years. Congrats Mr. President you have a paramount challenge ahead of you and the prayers of your countrymen and global supporters behind you. Let’s make change. It’s Bigga

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Best of XXL

  • Chilly Willy

    I think Clinton was pretty close in 1993, the year Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat got it (the famous picture of them shakin hands). Good looks Mr Prez! For those who think he did nothing yet, remember Tutu ? Desmond Tutu? He got it in 1984. Remeber when apartheid was abolished ? 1991. I rest my case.

    • DetroitDraper

      Chilly Willy
      “I think Clinton was pretty close in 1993, the year Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat got it (the famous picture of them shakin hands). Good looks Mr Prez! For those who think he did nothing yet, remember Tutu ? Desmond Tutu? He got it in 1984. Remeber when apartheid was abolished ? 1991. I rest my case.”

      Brilliant…After Bigga’s and this comment here I think all detractors have been silenced.

  • Og bobby j

    i will co-sign this post. I think it is a shame to all those who deserved it and received it in the past, but it is what it is. Obama does not deserve this, but tats not for me to decide. He won it, regardless of what i think (same as the election), and i shall support him as my president and the leader of our nation (again, same as with the election).

    However, your boy Obama gets no free passes round here…his lies are catching up to him, as is his inexperience. When people begin to open there eyes and ears, look and listen past the charasmatic and powerful public persona, they will see the issues with his presidency thusfar.

    People will belive what they want….but, for example 9and even mentioned above), the war in afghanistan. 3 years ago, it was a call to remove all troops and begin withdrawal immediately. Now, the military is asking for 40K more troops on the ground. yet, no uproar. Gets its not convenient to worry about the war….we all know healthcare is the only thing people care about…for the next few months…until another “issue of the moment” is uncovered….maybe it will be global warming…that hasnt been big in a while…

  • DetroitDraper

    On another note I do have a very BIG problem with him pulling out of the UN conference on racism…I actually have little to no faith in him now. He’s afraid to stand up and speak especially if its concerning race.


    • biggamike

      Can you and could you ever put your faith in any American President? I think being a liar might actually be a pre-requisite of the damn job!

  • biggamike

    Isn’t it ironic that the Nobel Peace Prize is named after Alfred Nobel, a swedish inventor who made dynamite as well as other explosives? Just a thought.

  • rocco siffredi

    Obama has not done anything, the powers that be gave him the nobel prize. People should start opening there eyes his nothing but a puppet… Fuck XXL if they dont post this

  • Grimey G

    I agree with alot of Killer Mike’s article. and he is far and away better and smarter than any full time blogger XXL has. Its amazing that this guy and a borderline retard like Gucci Mane are in the same profession. However the guy who should’ve gotten the Nobel Peace Prize is Bill Clinton because it was him who brought back those two reporters who were imprisoned by North Korea. North Korea has one of the most insane and erratic leaders since Hitler and he was able to get a peaceful resolution to that situation. It created a small degree of goodwill between us and NK which in itself is a miracle.

    • biggamike

      Jesse Jackson be bringing niggas back to the country too. I agree that peacful acts should be the ones rewarded. It seems like the Nobel Peace Prize is now more of a challenge than an actual award.

    • Chilly Willy

      If that’s the way it should’ve been, then that means Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Sarkozy should get it as well for the liberation of Ingrid Bettancourt who was held hostage 6 years in the colombian jungle by the FARC.

      Thing with this Nobel prize is, hate it or love it, but on the larger scale of things, Obama is 2009 MVP. And the fact that this change in the US influences the way the whole is viewing international politics and trades is major. There has been a new wind breezing since he came. And when you’re able to make people in the whole wide world believe that we can do better without killing each other, that prize-worthy in my book.

      Plus, Gandhi never got the Nobel prize. Why? Too late. If we think he got this too early, he could as well get it on a posthumous level. I meean, we’re still talking about the FIRST black president of the US. He playin it cool, but it ain’t a picnic…

      • biggamike

        “2009 MVP”.

        Thats exactly what that prize is. Nice point.

      • Grimey G

        I don’t know enough about the Chavez situation to comment wisely but my point was as much about the significance of getting a peaceful resolution with North Korea who were constantly worried about launching a nuclear attack as much as retrieving 2 hostages. Clinton’s actions had significant diplomatic implications with (perhaps) our most hostile threat.

        • Chilly Willy

          I see what you mean, Grimey. Of course, gettin an agreement with NK is no small feat. Then again, Clinton was asked to get there because they needed someone of his stature without sending any official (i.e. no one who held an office in the administration) representative. So he’s still a tool in a greater mechanism of “let’s talk about it” that just came back during Obama’s presidency. It’s a nice personal boost for Bill. But it’s also a victory for the whole administration.

          In any event, I just think we should enjoy the fact that this administration is perceived as doing a good job and is encouraged to keep going by the whole wide world. US been needin that for a minute.

  • Jamal7Mile

    Replacing Bush alone is a BIGASS plus towards winning the Nobel Peace prize.

    Also, Nobel felt bad about inventing dynamite when extremist (IRD??) started blowing up buildings with it in the 1880′s. He did not intend for dynamite to be a WMD. I ‘think’ the Nobel Peace Prize was his way to offset guilty feelings he may have had.

    • Jamal7Mile

      ^^^IRD = Irish Republican Brotherhood, an Irish nationalist organization.

    • biggamike

      Ha! Nice point about replacing bush. Yeah, I read that about Nobel too. I just thought that it was ironic that what he invented is now used to destroy shit.

      • Jamal7Mile

        What’s up Biggamike?

        *not the emcee, I get it now*

        Yup, I thought it was ironic, too. Just got out from a 30 day ‘time-out’ but I went back to check the archives in the blogger’s section this past weekend. I’m still behind, but I gotta say, your comments really stood out! Good looks on the knowledge, bro!!

        • biggamike

          What up Jamal7mile?

          Yeah, I know I announced that I wasn’t Killer Mike like 20times.(I am an emcee by the way, just not him)

          Yeah man i hope those little pieces of knowledge made you wanna go and research for yourself. I don’t think I know everything and I wanna learn as much as I can to make sense of this crazy ass world. Its alot of avenues you can go while discovering the truth but they all lead to one fact…I think. If you have any questions as far as what books and information to look into, feel free to hit me up at or

  • General

    Good post Mike. I think what people are missing is that it is not any single result from his Presidency that got him this award, but instead it is the approach and the actions that he has started since he got in office…

    We have continually called on the rest of the world to support us in our actions in the past, but have never taken the time to truly be partners with any of these nations. We always went by the rule of do as I say, not as I do…

    So many of the challenges we face right now could have been handled by working with the rest of the world as equal partners instead of treating them as our lackeys. Obama has changed the tone of American diplomacy with the rest of the world and that is what has been recognized. As President of the United States he holds unmeasurable power in the world, but also great responsibility in how he uses that. Congratulations to our President and for once why as Americans can we not just be proud that the international community is showing our President that they respect him and the impact he has and can have

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    “and i shall support him as “my president” and the leader of our nation…”

    “However, “your boy”…”

    ‘Nuff said.

    This presidency reminds me of a maid to the rich. The rich just dirty & f*** up the house because they feel privileged to do so, yet scorn, yell & abuse the maid because she can’t clean up the mess fast enough to appease her employer, who by the way cannot be pleased anyway. Especially when she just got hired and doesn’t even know the house that well.

    Many presidents have lied and have not been able to please all constituents. Is he a face? Of course. All presidents are for the corporation. Ben Franklin had more pull than George “Cincinnatus” Washington.

    “it’s a new day. All the old rules do not apply.”

    It’s about CHANGE. Remember the slogan? Because if you’re not down with that “supreme team” you’re a crab in the barrel like the rest of us. You will see what happens when you try to get out out of that barrel.

    The Nobel prize is a moot gesture. A symbol of what needs to be done.

    But I have witnessed these past 10 plus months that many were/are happy to be lied to and robbed by their own. This shows that we are heading for a brick wall really, really fast.

  • Brooklyn

    i think woodrow wilson deserved it more than roosevelt, wilson did practically end ww1 and roosevelt just used his office as a way to intervene in latin america, he did have a corollary named after him which led to military action in cuba, haiti, the dominican republic, and nicaragua. but anyway, i hope that obama does actually bring peace since the award is a peace prize, which would start with getting us the fuck out of the quagmire(no family guy)that is afghanistan and iraq.

  • Mike Streezy

    Nice article Mike. A lot of people are looking at this issue in the wrong light. This prize and recognition is much bigger than a single player in American politics and waaaaay bigger than taking time to voice disgust about a personal opinion on what has or has not been done to our liking as well. We as a group, Americans, should see this for what it is…a welcome back into the arms of the international community. It was not long ago that the international community were voicing their anger and lack of trust towards us. Distance was created and encouraged.

    Something has changed.

    Arms are open and ears are listening. We have a voice that can now be heard. Take pride in that no matter who got it! Take pride in that whether the issues YOU think should have been made were or weren’t! take pride in that because it is a chance for a better future for your children and grandkids!!! Take pride in that because Obama is representation of the people that he governs!!! This is a great day for America and looks to be an even greater beginning to our country’s immediate future!!!

  • caino

    l dont really understand how a president of a country thats actively at war can win a Peace Prize, it doesnt make sense (Chewbacca defense)

    The fact that USA has forced itself onto foreign land for every year since the 1700s or some shit scares me, Vietnam, Bosnia, Laos, Cambodia, Korea, Granada, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, the list goes on an on!

  • Mike Bigga

    @ Brooklyn

    I see your point with Wilson but the fact he was a devout Racist would not allow me to extend my graces to him. On the world stage he was great in ending WWI domestically he damn near a Klan Sympathizer. That’s why he did not appear inmy post. On another note i admire you and the other commenter’s you all truly wise and studious.

  • MB

    I always cringe when I hear that the President lied about something. Lied about what. Damn, give the dude a chance. How long has he been in office?! The guy is not GOD or Jesus. Change takes time. Trouble is easy to get into, BUT hard to get out. Remember that kids! Patience is a virtue.

  • Avenger XL

    Thank you MB that is what I have stressed from day one with Obama. Its as if some idiots out here think he can just go in and change things just cause he said so. We are in the middle a paradim shift in this country and this change that Obama is talking about is going to happen the easy way with us controlling it or the hard way with market pressures, climate and the likes forcing our hand. I am also sick of the whole inexperience bullshit statement who really has enough experience to be president? No one. It is all about your vision and willingness to lead and listen to advisors. Not to mention working the pulse of the nation. Bush may have had experience as a politician but look what that got us. I don’t see Obama as anything but another president trying to fix the mess we are in because of our former president. We can armchair quarter back a debate all day but their are no easy decisions in the oval office each action can set off any series of events ask Bush.

  • OLEZ


    • Avenger XL

      This award wasn’t given on the bases of accomplished work. This award was given in hopes to reinforce the tone set by his administration of seeking diplomacy first. Imagine if bush would have tried a little more diplomacy (note: I am not a fan of either party and not a fan of some stuff Obama has done but I have something called a brain so I can reason out what he is attempting). On NPR they were talking about the fact that many of the folks who get the peace prize get it for what they are trying to do rather than what gets done. What did Al Gore really do for global warning besides be a spokeperson? Even though Jimmy Carter is trying to spread peace and acting as an ambassador what did he do to deserve a peace prize and the list goes on. Very few people ever deserve the prize to tell you the truth it should only be given out in the rarest of circumstances but it is given out yearly as a symbolic gesture for those who champion the idea of a more peaceful pragmatic world.

      Get your heads out of your ass people!

      • olez

        i call for world peace and a world with no tax cheats and nukes!!! oh and acorn. maybe i will get it next year!

        • Avenger XL

          Sorry Olez I intend to be the first snarky smart ass to win the award. It is not just calling for world peace either it is being in the position to be a symbol of diplomacy like say the president of the U.S. or some other symbol hell like I said beside giving her own life to help the poor what effect did mother Teresa have. That is correct she made her life into a symbol for something and symbols don’t always mean the action is done, they represent the hope and will the work can be done, a constant striving. You would think because of mother Teresa we would have more compassion in the world but we don’t even though she gave her life to it. It is obvious you are a Fox news fan because you are going for typical political talking points. Like pointing out some of Obamas picks didn’t file taxes properly. When in all honesty people in both parties who are elected do this all the time and should be investigated and brought to justice when they do. It is not a one party issue or a statement against obama it is just the fact folks will often cheat if allowed. The Acorn thing is just stupid because had they not help Obama’s vote drive they wouldn’t even be a topic. Yes they did have corrupt people working for them but so do most churches. The Salvation Army and the United way even does some shadey stuff. Most large non profits should also be watched closely because the idea of nonprofit gives you a license to steal. But I am not such a fox news stan that I beleive Acorn was a evil organization or corrupt all the way through. They did a lot of good but like in everything had some corrupt people on staff.

          Peace Stanely