The Fact that Obama won the most prestigious prize for peace in the world is awesome. The fact that he was wise and humble enough to accept the award as a challenge to actually do the work that is required to merit it is why I voted for this man.

With the exception of Roosevelt who brokered peace between Japan and Russia I don’t think Obama or any US president has ever deserved this honor while in office. Even Jimmy Carter (who received the Nobel Prize after his presidency) has been able to do more to bring about a more peaceful world only since he left office. I think that leading the most Democratic republic in the world and the most powerful and cultural influential nation contrasts with matters of peace. So I think that in most cases a U.S. president can not, should not, and will not seek to advance peace if it threatens our borders or whatever global endeavor the country is involved in.

With that being said, it’s a new day. All the old rules do not apply. Might was right. We bullied our way on the world stage and kicked ass in two world wars. We have shown the will to fight long campaigns in Korea, Vietnam, Kuwait, Iraq and now Afghanistan. We have invested in nukes and still have the resources to blow the world up at any given time but that time and its thinking have passed. Mr. Obama has the opportunity to use the office of POTUS like the 43 before him only wished they could. He can affect the globe as a diplomat.

Finally, because of war, economic uncertainty and a global yearning for more fairness and international cooperation from the world’s citizens, people seem ready for change. The threats of what missiles are pointed where and what allies will support which war campaign are muffled and folks are listening for what other possibilities are on the new horizon.

Finally, my native country can be the beacon of peace and prosperity on the global stage we have always sought to be. Our president has the opportunity to lead, not bribe and coerce. Mr. Obama gets it. He will not use this moment to self glorify. He knows he must do the work. He must help bring peace to Sudan the middle east and Chicago! He knows he must end the war efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan and bring our troops home. He knows he received the Nobel peace prize for works he has yet to do and I’m glad he takes that charge seriously and I look forward to seeing the way this country engages the world for the next 8 years. Congrats Mr. President you have a paramount challenge ahead of you and the prayers of your countrymen and global supporters behind you. Let’s make change. It’s Bigga