BLOG: The ABC’s of Rap Fandom, Pt. 1 (A-M)

I love debating hip-hop just as much as the next man, but lately I’ve been bothered by some of the arguments I’ve gotten myself into. Frankly, I’ve been arguing with idiots disguised as “rap fans.” I should know better than to engage in a discussion about dope lyricist with a guy that solely uses SoundScan numbers as a barometer of a rapper’s skill. Peep this IM exchange:

Me: Mos Def is a better rapper than Kanye West. On another level lyrically.

Him: Really? I don’t think so. Kanye sells more, plus I know way more Kanye verses than Mos joints.

Me: _____ Is Currently Offline

Then there’s the young guy who thinks Jadakiss belongs in everyone’s Top 5 but didn’t know he put out an album on Bad Boy Records (as part of the L.O.X.). Do your homework, young’n.

I know music is objective, but there are certain rules to this shit that we must follow. Hence I give you my ABC’s of rap fandom. They’re not the end all-be-all rules of rap fandom, but a guideline of things you must abide by, IMHO, and a creed of conduct you must adhere to really mean it when you say, “I love this rap shit.”

A: Appreciation – Don’t be that person that asks “Who is that?” every time someone mentions Kool Herc or has that quizzical look on your face when you hear “Rapper’s Delight.” You don’t have to be a history buff, but show some respect for the elders. You can’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been.

B: Beef – If the presence of conflict in rap brings out the Mahatma Gandhi in you then you, my friend, are not a rap fan. Rap is by nature a competitive (and sometimes contact) sport and most of us are drawn to the spectacle of rap beefs. It’s the reason we search daily for rappers talking crazy. It’s the reason rappers who have no business being in our daily discourse (see: J-Hood, Mazerati Fox) are topics of discussion. Even the most cynical fan still has to check to see if the beef is authentic.

C: Cultural Knowledge - Dame Dash is right. If you don’t know shit about hip-hop culture your position in the rap universe must be called into question. You don’t have to live it or be a product of it but you’ve got be in tune with the basic elements. Know the difference between a B-boy and a D-boy. Know enough to cut short any conversation with someone who refers to Nas as a “gangster rapper.” (Ahem, Bill O’Reilly).

D: Doctor’s Orders – If you don’t have Dr. Dre’s The Chronic and 2001 in your music catalogue rat-tat-tat-tat yourself rap fandom.

E: Equal Opportunity – You’re not a true rap fan just because you’re up on the latest in mainstream rap. Know your MF Doom as well as your Maino. Keep an equal balance. The same goes for the other side. Just because you listen to and can speak on every obscure rap album on the planet doesn’t make you a true rap fan. It just makes you look kinda weird in a hip-hop discussion with hot girls around.

F: Femcees – You must refer to Lauryn Hill, Queen Latifah and Salt-N-Pepa as rappers first.

G: GFK Debate – If you have never engaged in a “Which is the best Ghostface album?” or “Is Ghostface the best lyricist in Wu-Tang?” debate then you are not a rap fan. Ghostface Killah a.k.a Tony Starks, a.k.a Pretty Toney is just one of those MCs that is loved by so many for various different reasons he breeds contention among the masses.

H: Hottest MC – It’s impossible to be a true rap fan if you’ve ever been in 100-percent agreement with MTV’s “Hottest MCs in the Game” list. The “what about?” element lives in every rap fan. No one is going to dictate what’s hot/relevant without your input. I already know by the end of this blog you’ll be saying, “Yeah, but…”

I: Ice Factor – If you’ve never seen or heard a music video, a movie, a television show or song by either Ice-T, Ice Cube or Vanilla Ice epic fail on your part.

J: Jockin’ Jay-Z Lately – If you bought the Blueprint trilogy before you heard Reasonable Doubt you’re hustlin’ backwards, my friend.

K: Know “The Score” – You can’t be from this universe—let alone the rap universe—if you can’t identify one song for the Fugee’s classic album, The Score. Also, you better not claim that was their first LP, it was their second.

L: Lil’ People – If you can claim 2 out of 3 of the following you are a rap fan. You’ve danced to a Lil’ Jon record in the club, you own a Lil Wayne album, and you can recognize a pre-jail Lil’ Kim. Obviously one of these is harder for some than others.

M: Media Input - You don’t even have to really read, like R. Kelly, but in order to be considered a rap fan at some point you’ve had to crack the pages of one of the three major hip-hop/urban music magazines—XXL, Source and VIBE.

Log in tomorrow CLICK HERE for Pt. 2 (N-Z). —Rondell Conway

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  • Chilly Willy

    I – Whenever you hear the words Ice Cream, you only think of Haagen Daas on a second thought

  • Pierzy

    What up world?!

    I had to hop on here – well done. I thought I was the only one that got dragged into ridiculous arguments.

    Him: “Swizz Beatz is better than Preemo.”

    Me: (walking away, shaking my head)

    • Chilly Willy

      Good to see you back home, P!

      I think that’s D for Dumb Dialogue. Happened to all of us I think.

      young’n: Anyway, Kanye made Jay-Z famous !
      me: reach for my drano shake…

      • Pierzy

        Appreciate it, fam!

        • these posts are racist

          Pierzy, what’s good? Are you doing an MBA?

        • Pierzy

          What up, TPAR? How is everything?

          Yessir. I’m actually in my final semester of the MBA program at Temple University (Fox School of Business). We have an enormous consulting project for an actual company that encompasses the entire semester so I haven’t been sleeping much.

  • Ron Mexico

    seems like a lot of matters of taste are being called into question here as tenets of this rap fandom you speak of.

    • westcoastaggi

      So you never danced to a Lil’ Jon record or Own a Lil’ Wayne or recognize Lil’ Kim in an old pic b4 the attempt to become a Chinese woman?

      • Doobie42

        i don’t know about a lot of matters of taste but one strikes me as ridiculous. B for Beef. I could give a shit about beef after all of these years of observing the rap game. 50 cent ruined beef for everyone and no one can be taken seriously anymore. it is now a pop culture joke.


  • General

    I do agree that too many people don’t know their history of rap music. To most, old school is the early to mid 90′s…

    This is however not just limited to rap music, but seems to be an American trait that so many of us are not very well versed in history or our roots. Expand your mind

    • BigDan!

      “To most, old school is the early to mid 90’s…” Ha, you should be so lucky! In Australia on our cable music channels they considered Nelly worthy of being in an “Old School” countdown. And, I fuckin’ flipped one night when Juicy was aired on the channel. Thank god for YouTube (though damn Warner Brothers for continually barring their videos. I bought several WB/ Atlantic/ etc artists albums before they were pulled, it should be viewed as free advertising).




    • DownSouth

      WOW! LL killed Canibus?!?! That dude was trippin. If Canibus had a producer who could create beats that fit his style but at the same were ear catching, he would be alright. Lyrically, no one’s sicker tho.

      DOWN SOUTH!!!

      • Chilly Willy

        Too bad DJ Toomp wasn’t around at those times…Canibus murdered almost everyone he had joints with.

  • nicholasdelorejo

    I see what your saying but I think the true definition of a rap fan these days is one who is willing to go out and purchase the music from a store. Not downloading the new releases online before the album hits stores or buying the bootleg. I’m not saying that your points are of because they’re very valid. But these days it’s so easy to achieve all these points without costing a dime due to the technology. In this case the artist suffers because the label won’t further promote an artist and chose to promote another who’s music sucks but does numbers. By now Rae is triple platnium in the hoods if bootleg units count. But to the industry no one is checking for him enough for them to feel need to keep him as an artist. I’m just saying being a fan is more than just having a wide knowledge on it. It’s when you support it that shows your a fan.

    • DownSouth

      Couldn’t of said it better.

      DOWN SOUTH!!!

  • pointgodkg

    i would love to debate you on a few things hit me up on yahoo messenger…especially the mos def kanye argument i dont think it’s as cement as you make it out to be…and if you wanna have young’n knowing about the history of hip hop why not write articles of the pas rappers…an also album reviews from pass albums and not jus classics but u cud do it chronological with what u started listening to 2 2000….good look tho, looking forward to the conclusion of the list

  • Federal Ranga

    C – Cursing

    If you ask me, if you don’t have the stomach for profanity you cant call yourself a rap fan. Don’t get me wrong clean records are meh at best, but cussin just puts the icing on the cake for some songs and punchlines….

    How many times have you ever listened to a CD you saw and knew the lyrics to, played it and when the profane lyric came up and got silenced or slurred you stopped the CD, took it out and looked for a dirty one?

    Rap and profanity go hand in hand… if you hear a song playing and ‘shit’ comes through the speakers, you think a rap song is on. Whether thats a good or bad thing for the genre is debateble, but it aint going nowhere NO time soon. Thanks Uncle Luke.

    Shoot you in the head<<<<<<<<<<<<BLOW YA BRAINS THE FUCK OUT, NIGGA!!!


    • Chilly Willy


    • chillin mayne

      i cant stand a edited song…i get mad as hell when i accidentally download a clean version…it just dont seem right

  • GO-Getta’


  • DJ

    I agree with Mex, a lot of matter of taste, I’m 29 and I got Chronic when it first came out but I never bought any other of Dre’s stuff, I like a lot his music, but not into it like that too buy it, not really into Ghost that much either. I think you can’t be a real rap fan if you don’t think Enta da Stage is a one of the best albums ever, definitely better than Illmatic. When I was kid I was listening to biggie, nas, black moon, tribe, gangstarr, I wasnt sitting around doing research on old school rap, that shit was old to me when in 1989, imagine what these kids think of it now.

    • Worley

      “I think you can’t be a real rap fan if you don’t think Enta da Stage is a one of the best albums ever, definitely better than Illmatic.”

      Cut his mic off.

    • Ya Boy

      Enter the stage?? Better than Illmatic? Cumon son!

  • Worley

    I use that GFK debate as a litmus test. If someone can’t tell me something about Ghost then I’m pretty much done with the convo. And don’t try to come with no surface bullsh*t like “yeah he’s one of the guys from the Wu-Tang Clan.” Just shoot yourself.

    The same goes for Nas, Biggie, Kane, Rakim, Chuck-D and KRS-One. If your top 5 does not include at least 2 of those names then just go on about your business. I don’t want to hear the rest.

    • Hanch

      So just because my Top 5 Looks Different from your top 5 that means we cant have a Discussion about Hip Hop? Im sorry but Chuck D is not in my top 5, biggie is no longer in my top 5 (not enough material for me but is still one of my favs) KRS1 is not in my Top 5, Nas is Borderline in my top 5 and Rakim is close Yes I know he is the God, but just because my taste is a lil different and i can put my top 5 up and i guarantee yall will respect it but because its different without those MCS u named then we cant have a discussion. All that says to me is your a little small minded to only have NY artists in your Top 5 sorry but just my opinion.

  • DJ

    Worley my point was it is a matter of taste, you obviously are a follower just like most other rap fans these days and think Illmatic and ready to Die are the holy grail that you cant say anything remotely negative about, Illmatic is one of my favorite albums, if you were from NYC during that timeframe you would know about Enta Da Stage and how much respect it gets, plus it introduced us all to Tall Sean one of the best emcees still today.

    • Worley

      I am from NYC and I was in high school when both Illmatic and Enta Da Stage first hit, meaning I was in the thick of the rap sh*t at the time like most young cats. No doubt Buckshot brought the energy and Evil Dee held him down on the production. But to say Enta Da Stage is better than Illmatic is an overstatement. Buckshot ain’t never spit it as lethal as Nas. Never. In fact, Buckshot’s rhyme schemes were too sporadic. It seems like he never quite mastered his style. Nas, on the other hand, had his sh*t mastered from day one.

      • yung gee

        dont 4get smiff n wesson da shining. heltah skeltah nocturnal . mobb deep infamous kool g rap 357 theres 2 many.

  • ProDunkgirl

    I must say I’m a true rap fan by this list standards so far………..but I am hustling backwards: Jay-z is my Fave Rapper but I never heard Reasonable Doubt Album in full form

    Sidebar: SMH MY DamN SelF!

    • Quan

      .. its cool. . just go buy your copy .. sit back and enjoy the ride. .. i applaude you for @ least ADMITTING ..

      .. also on another note. .its easy for people online to sit here and claim to be hip hop fans with google and wikipedia a click away ..

      [AIM message]

      Quan says (2:34 p.m); yoooo!! ! i was just listening to that OutKast when dude was like “This that PIMP trick Gangsta Click! !” ..
      ILoveHipHop2010 says (2:40 a.m); brb.

  • TheCoolest

    I agree with some of the points, but can’t say that you have to know all of this to be a Rap Fan.You can’t expect 13 Years Old to know everything about The History Behind Hip Hop.

    But in my book these are must have albums of the 90′s:

    Snoop Dogg- Doggystyle
    Dr Dre – The Chronic
    Biggie Smalls – Ready To Die
    OutKast – Aquemini
    A Tribe Called Quest – The Low End Theory
    Nas – Illmatic
    2Pac – All Eyez On Me
    Jay-Z – Reasonable Doubt
    Fugees – The Score

    • Ya Boy

      Don’t Forget Enter The Wu Tang, OB4CL and Ironman on dat ish.. Yea Im a Wu Stan lol.

  • AZ40

    Good post most “fans” need this list in they life

  • Blakout615

    M- MAC
    If u never heard of Mac the camouflage assassin but still claim u know alot about Southern hip hop U LOST.

    • DV8

      WHOA!!!! (in MAC’s voice) co-sign that

      Shell Shocked was a ill album. And might I add

      Capital F.I. the one they call shotty a.k.a Mr. Get it On Jones

      to bad Mac couldnt leave the streets behind and focus on his career.

  • DJ

    I dont see the big deal with Ghost either, I like a lot of his stuff, but like Mex said a long time ago, we were all kind of fooled into thinking he was speaking some kind of secredt god language and come to find out he’s just talking a bunch of shit, that doesnt alway rhyme to well either. I got that Cuban Linx II album too and it aint too good, I was the biggest raekwon fan as a kid, I got cuban linx rite when I came out and still listen to it a lot to the day, but that is not a great album, it’s not that bad, Rae fell off bit time, all his rhymes sound the same now, there is no fluidity, even more choppy and all over the place. On Cuban Linx he made sense.

    • http://xxl ryan

      I know u didn’t just say Raekwon Cuban Linx isn’t all that good. I’m not a Raekwon fan but those linx albums are amazing.

      I cant believe i went through this whole blog and not one person said anything about Pete rock & C.L Smooth The Main Ingredient. That album is propbably the most polish album i had ever heard when it comes to lyrics n definitely production.

      • westcoastaggie

        Meh, Mecca & The Soul Brother is my favorite Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth. I got geeked when I saw it in FYE in the Crenshaw Mall in Sept ’08 and dropped $25 on it!

        BTW: If you don’t think T.R.O.Y. is one of the greatest songs ever, I WILL QUESTION YOUR FANDOM!

        • Chilly Willy

          Good call on T.R.O.Y. !!!

          If we have to talk about one of the greatest songs, I’m gon’ have to go with “I Used To Love HER”.

          This is a song that you make people outside the culture listen, when they wanna know how this noise is an art and what it’s about.

        • westcoastaggie

          Co-Sign on “I Used to Love H.E.R.”. Heads need to school peoples to songs like this. Can’t let stuff like this die.

  • Composition

    One of the reasons the music industry has taken a big hit is due to the fact that the labels refused to change how they handled their biz. U can’t jush push a cd for 10-15 bucks anymore! u have to give the fans more for that price, the costs the labels have to pay, have decreased a lot since cd’s first came into play. With that and the net it has made the world smaller so cats can get it in on their own. Good list so far, i remember damn near fighting with cats over the hip hop quotables and who was dope! today its just sad, I check out a “battle” and this cat only talkin bout selling drugs wtf does that have to do w battling?

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    This is the convo I had last night w/a grape swish:

    Gucci Mane>>>>>Rakim

    Homie got dropped off at the train station a half hour before they stop running…


    • westcoastaggie

      I hope you smacked some sense into him.

      • $ykotic/Don McCaine

        Real talk, homie just called me 5 mins ago saying mom dukes had to come pick him up…Son was stranded on a time out.

        Co-sign T.R.O.Y.

    • Ya Boy

      I’m pretty sure he was being sarcastic cause thats retarded!

      • $ykotic/Don McCaine

        Naw he was serious, trying to justify that blasphemy while cheefin’(no master) on the haze. That’s why I drove him to that timeout.

        My team & I convo like this every other night @ the house in the den with the medicinal card & 24″ iMac doing them “I Love The 70′s Show” cyphers.

  • DV8

    I have another one “B” for Bangin on Wax.

    Since these yougns want to be gangsters because they favorite rapper is (who most likely never really banged in they life). The early 90′s Blood and Crip albums show you how its really done. This music was done before the “truce”. These gangster rappers (in every sense of the word) repped they hood and really did what they talked about.

    “D” for DJ Quik the 1st emcee bangin on wax had underground tapes out before he signed his 1st deal. A legend who still doesnt get the props he deserves.

  • Jamal7Mile

    I think the age gap is a big hurdle for a lot of folks that don’t meet the ABC-list criteria. What can you do? Not every teenager has an older sibling, uncle, neighbor, etc. to hip ‘em to classic Hip-Hop (all elements). For some younger fans, Hip-Hop is only music… what the fuck graffiti got to do with it?

    Like Worley said, “I was in the thick of this rap sh*t” but the (younger) people I have the MOST stupid debates with weren’t. I had to come to the realization that their age wasn’t their fault, else I’d end up pulling out all of my hair in frustration.

    Again, what can you do? I’m stuck RIGHT THERE.

    I’ve tried to play the role of Hip-Hop teacher (surprisingly with good results) in my neighborhood. But Gucci and Wayne ain’t going nowhere… not in Detroit, at least.

    Anyway, good post Rondell. Looking forward to the second half of the list. I had more to say about the younger fans not realizing that Hip-Hop is a Community and not just a form of music (another STUPID debate I’ve had) but I’ll wait until the list comes out tomorrow.

  • DJ


    I said cuban linx II isnt that good, the first one is one of my all time favorite albums.

  • Brooklyn

    i agree that it has a lot to do with age and taste. you can’t fault a person for being ignorant if they’re too young to know any better. and while “the chronic” was the shit, i never cared for “2001.” i always preferred dre as a producer than a rapper. and although i’d heard tracks from “reasonable doubt” the first jay-z cd i copped was “hard knock life vol. 2″. plus, i don’t go to clubs nor do i dance, so that lil jon thing is done, and i don’t own a lil wayne cd because i never really cared for him. but i can identify a pre-jail lil kim, she was looking fine as hell back in the day.

  • Kentageous

    Ain’t that the truth? Keep these poser ass rap know it all out our culture. Beacuse this shit is real…bitch. THIS SHIT IS REAL BITCH!

  • Jerm

    Im 17 but some of this does/doesnt apply to me…
    I started some research with Joell Ortiz’s Cover the Classics…and went backwards from there, but its not like I never heard of Verbal Intercourse or Mass Appeal…just not full albums

    • Jamal7Mile

      I’m glad you went back, Jerm. A lot of your peers won’t. You’re not alone either. I haven’t heard every single classic album from the Golden Era. There were so many of them. Hip-Hop was fairly new 20-30 years ago, so every change in the direction of the Community was exciting. When T La Rock used the 808 bass for the first time on “It’s Yours” us old heads went nuts! Same thing when Run-DMC wore street clothes onstage, and when Rakim was “No Joke” with his rhymestyle, voice and lyrics. Can’t forget 2 Live Crew and 95% of their album being about pussy! Pure Heaven!

  • beaver

    ha i’m only 16 and i got most of this down..
    I appreciate old skool hiphop..

    I know most of da songs off The Score..such as zealots,how many mics,killing me softly,fu-gee-la,ready or not much more…i love dat album..

    I know my knowledge..

    i always get my copy off xxl each month..not vibe or source ha..

    da only 1 i don’t got down is

    G: GFK Debate ..i never really listened 2 wu or ghost lik dat…da only song from wu is just C.r.e.a.m..
    but i do listen 2 method man.

    but i will listen 2 ghost and wu eventually..

  • Escobar9300

    Haha I think I’m good as far as being a hip hop head goes. I got most of the abc’s of hip hop down, and the ice factor to go with it. Had lunch with Ice Cube on the set of three kings back in 99. Even though I was only 13 I knew I was chopping it up with a legend even if just for 10-15 minutes! One of the coolest days of my life.

  • midwest_resurrection

    This is one of my favorite posts I have ever seen on this site and I have been coming here for a few years now. Even the message board has a great debate. THIS IS what being a music fan is all about. As long as we are making an effort to be well-rounded fans, we are “Real” fans. Appreciation of all types of music (or Hip Hop in this situation) is the difference between the “Real” fans and the casual fans.

  • raul

    gota point about age gap im in my late 20′s so i’m old enought to know history but young enough(barely) to see why the kids think the way they do. But love the post

  • fatDAN

    If any youngsters try to claim they know shit about anything. Just ask them what they feel about Ice Cube’s albums. Amerikkkas Most Wanted, Kill At will, Lethal Injection and so forth. This shit was classic from the get go. He was not only about drugs and bitches, he came real about racial shit, and not in a corny way. He may be Hollywood now but there was a time when his shit was untouchable. Of course it started from help from the east.

  • DB

    Young’n tried to tell me Andre 3000 never rhymed. I had to walk away from the conversation or else his jaw was gonna be loose!!!

  • Tony Grands

    Good drop.

    Great comments.

    Nothing to add, kudos dudes.

  • Incilin

    I was really hoping for a much better list. I appreciate what your trying to do here, but its just your way too biased and you shun younger fans too quickly.

    I like the general points you make, but hate all the specific points. You don’t have to like Ghostface. It’s okay if you haven’t listened to the Score (Its not that essential an album anyway). And it’s okay to have heard BP before Reasonable Doubt. Even though I’ve done every single thing on this list, its okay if you haven’t. I don’t see why your hip hop pass should be revoked because of it.

    If your a 15 or 16 year old kid, I wouldn’t demand that you to know about albums that came out around the same time you were born. This is a really big problem for fans who are in their late 20s and 30s; they want to shun younger fans who may like shitty music by telling them their too ignorant to have a discussion with them.

  • latino heat

    i’m way late to this convo but i just had to share a story that relates to the topic.

    back in summer 2002 when the KRS vs. Nelly battle was at it’s height and i was still working for a record store me and a homie / coworker were talking about how Nelly was so disrespectful and didn’t stand a chance against KRS. another coworker who was supposedly a hip hop fan and was only a year younger than us (we were about 21 at the time) was stupid enough to say “who is KRS-One? Nelly’s gonna eat him up.” the who is KRS quote is an honest to God actual quote from him, the 2nd part isn’t word for word but it was something to that effect. anyway, me and my homie just looked at each other with a look of shock and disgust on our faces and said something like “f’n youngsters don’t have no respect.”

    also being from the Bay i’ve been in many arguments with people that insist Mac Dre is/was better than Jay-Z. no diss to Dre but come on people. let’s be serious.

    my very long point i’m trying to make here is that a lot of these arguments come down to age and your geographic location. if somebody else already said this then i’m sorry. i didn’t have time to read all the comments but i had to share those story’s.

  • Ali

    I – Individuality

    don’t pretend to like Biggie or Pac just because everyone else does…..Don’t be afraid to have your own opinion, unless it’s something like Wayne is the best rapper alive, which in that case you don’t deserve to have vocal chords…..Truth be told, Biggie doesn’t even crack my top 10

    & the haters go apeshit in 3, 2, 1……

    • DV8

      “…..Truth be told, Biggie doesn’t even crack my top 10″

      WTF? dont be goin around here tellin the truth

      But really though im not sure B.I.G. is in my Top 10 either lets see

      (in no particular order)
      Black Thought
      KRS One
      Inspektah Deck (severely slept on, yall are comatose for real)
      Tupac (may not have been super lyrical but his song writing skills was amazing)
      Andre 3000

      maybe if B.I.G. had a bigger catalog he would be in my Top 10.

      • Quan

        . . if i may add one to your list; Elzhi.

      • Quan

        . . this list is on point .. i would add one for me though; Elzhi.

  • Emperor Doom

    I love rap/hip-hop music and I am also a HUGE fan of Dr. Dre but I will say this first off.

    2001 >>>>>>>> The Chronic.

    I have both CDs, but I must say after listening to the Chronic the whole way through then 2001 the whole way through there is no way you can tell me Chronic was better. 2001 had better songs and production. I am NOT saying the Chronic was a bad album by any means, but I think people give it a bit more credit than it really deserves. Listen to it the whole way through again and tell me if you still think it was really a top 5 album still.

    Also to the guy DV8 if Biggie isn’t in your top 10 then…..well….sorry. Inspectah Deck is slept on, but why no Big L mention?

    • DV8

      that was a list composed within a few minutes. after having more time to think I realized I forgot Ice Cube. as far as Big L, he also (like B.I.G.) had a limited catalog. I know Big L was mad nice, so nice in fact that Jay-Z “borrowed” from him.

      “How come you can listen to my 1st album/ and tell where some niggas got they whole style from” – Big L

      You see there is always somebody left out that should be there and quite frankly requires way to much thought to accurately compose a list so I just have a certain group of great MC’s that I compare the rest of the game to.

  • the G.O.D


    Good post, now to that cat up there saying Rae fell off, either you are stupid or are living under a rock, let me school you: OB4CLII is not part I,we can all agree but it stands on its own. This shit is nice and can and should be be considered a classic, for each joint on there is banging, no fast-forwarding either, name one album in the past 4-5 years you didn’t skip any tracks on……..exactly.


  • Harra$$

    Chronic was betta for its period! We was out here livin that chit! In the A. The real A before the olympics! Chit was crazy. Police damn near stopped patrolin the city after 6′oclock. da cops was a non factor! then one day chit just changed! Niggas got way less gansta and ten times mo party! But if u really want to hear some classic chit. Check out that T-rock Maybach Muzic Freestyle!Dude Ridicules one of the best in da game! Where that real underground chit Lives!

  • Lord Maximus

    C – Canibus – If you see this word and think of marijuana on the first thought, you are not a rap fan. Gotta respect one of the greatest battle Mc’s ever

    K – Kool Dudes – If you don’t know anything about Kool Herc, Kool Moe Dee, or Kool G Rap, get your studying on

  • Corbin

    G should be for Gangstar
    P is for Preemo

    there should be no debate on this

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  • Psylenne

    What? Requirements to like a musical genre?

    HAHAHA. How pathetic…Fuck that, there shouldn’t be any rules like this shit. Why the fuck do I have to know who somebody is, why -must- I know a certain album?

    I think I speak for a lot of people when I say this is bullshit. Music should be about liking the music and NOTHING else. Fuck having to ‘know’ and ‘understand’ hip-hop culture, or being attracted to rap beefs. What a bunch of nonsense. If you do, you do. If you don’t, better for you if you don’t give a flying fuck about some retards having a bitch-fit.

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