BLOG: I Air Out Floyd Mayweather on Shade 45 [With Audio]

I went up to Eminem’s Shade 45 on Sirius Satalite yesterday at 5 p.m. to do what I thought was going to be a standard hip-hop interview to promote my new Legendary Classics Vol.1—a two-disc collection album (which in case you haven’t heard hit stores this week)—but the interview started becoming about boxing. I explained how I thought Floyd Mayweather was a great fighter but he needs to stop fucking around and start fighting the best fighters in his own weight class. When Mayweather was young and hungry he fought some of the baddest dudes he could get his hands on and I was a true fan, but after he fought Deigo Corroles in the early 2000′s he started taking fights more for money than legacy and actually began avoiding the tougher challenges.

Floyd was listening to my interview and decided to call in. And things got extremely heated…[Listen here]

Floyd is one of the most naturally gifted fighters I have seen, I will never take that away from him, but he is becoming a major disappointment to me because I was a huge fan and it sucks knowing he’s throwing away the prime years of his career only fighting guys smaller or older than him, rather than who would be his best and toughest challenges.

Enough Floyd talk.. After the Mayweather interview I ran up in the XXL/Def Jam issue release party. I’m not really the industry party type, but there was some bitches there and I had some folks in town that I wanted to do some catching up with.

It was a decent time. I caught up with my people from Bone Thugs again, and also linked with Redman there. I haven’t seen Red in years. I think homeboy is a bit slept on lyrically. Red, when he’s at his best, is fucking incredible.

Also now that YouTube has become such an important promotional tool for indie artists I began putting up random shit for fans. This one addresses “Notorious B.I.G.’s true feelings about me…Is Hip Hop dead with the exception of Jay-Z and Nas…Does Obama’s daughter think R.A. the Rugged Man is the boogie man? Check it out….

Also yesterday on my XXL blog there was a hater who doubted that I really turned down a big money offer at Def Jam… please sir, don’t be jealous that I’m living your dream. It sounds crazy to your average dick riding nobody ass, but yes, I actually have in my life turned down deals offered by Russell Simmons himself. It’s tough being as good as I am. And honestly if this wasn’t the case why the fuck would I say it on an XXL blog. Any one of these fuckers who wants to discredit my history can go find out if I’m lying. Any one who is reading this and has the connections to do so ask Russell yourself.. I had Russell Simmons, Lyor Cohen and Chris Lighty all calling my ass to get the rights to my shit. The Def Jam situation was back in the day, but its just one of a dozen other labels I turned down flat since. Would you like me to make a list? And deliver names of the contacts at each label?

Just promise you wont flood their e-mail boxes with mp3′s of your wack demo and try not to beg the chick answering phones at the front desk to put you through to them. It’s not a good look.

Anyway this is my final day of my week long blog. Thanks to everybody who checked out all the shit that goes on in my weird-ass fuckin’ head. And go pick up the album Legendary Classics Vol.1 right now…

P.S. Chin up, Floyd.

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  • beaver

    haha i seen dat video yesterday dat shitt was funny..
    keep postin them ha..

    And No I Never Ate a Dickk hahaha..
    haha dat hate email/reg email is funny as fuckk..

    u right bout dat hiphop is dead…

    btw your bloggs r good..i wanna see more of them..

    • jr

      he just beat shane gay ass so what the fuck all u haters gone say now??kill yaself!!haha

  • AZ40

    Thank you for pointin’ out that shit about MTV, that’s why I thought the shit was staged b/c it’s like damn ‘Ye and Lil Mama ran on stage were’s the security…hip hop is dead b/c all the dope shit is underground-Joe Buddens…I don’t know don’t you think Jesus got a lot of juice man, his word is usually bond, you right too no philly bitches I know play…AT ALL THEY ALL GANGSTA

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  • render

    you’re mostly on point about Mayweather but you clownin when you bring up margarito of all people

    I don’t know why floyd ducked him but we’re still talkin bout two different classes of fighters here…and that aint mentioning all the dudes margs ducked himself. Youre right comparin him to rjj but in my mind both those dudes get a pass based only on how dominant their primes were….aint callin neither goat material but they get a place in the convo

    money really needs to learn how to have a conversation without losin his compusure tho…that “i am boxing” shit is stupid as hell

    • Deez

      Margarito fought Paul Willians, Cotto and Mosley. What top welterweight has Mayweather fought?

  • Jamal7Mile

    Ha ha! Good radio show! Even Pac-Man said that Floyd will probably never fight him since he only cares about money and not what his fans want (one of those online boxing mags).

    These award shows have all gone WWF. But Hennessey’s a beast too (believe me) so I can’t tell if the Kanye thing was staged or not.

  • EmCDL

    Dawg really, you remind me of Billy Walsh off of that show Entourage…that crazy ass director that spoke his mind. You look just like him too LOL.

    But for real, appreciate your blogs and wish I could read more of them, but ish gotta come to the end at some point. Peace dawg and keep hip hop alive!

    • donknottz

      Right he must be billy walsh that shade 45 shast was hilarious Ra keep speaking your mind man loving it.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    R.A., you kept it 100, my man. Nuff respect due. I’d heard of you a while back, but never actually heard a verse until this week. Now that I have, I respect your skills and acknowledge your history. Keep it up…

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • DV8

    Floyd is duckin PacMan, he passed on Cotto, and he definetly does not want to see Paul Williams. Floyd should have stayed retired. He trying to say its about Arum and his cronies. Fuck that, Floyd is dodging cats. He getting money but hes losing respect. This is coming from a Floyd fan.

    • UptownN.O.3

      Why the fuck would he duck Pacquiaou? Who has Pacquiua beaten? I’d much rather see him fight Shane Mosley. Floyd would completely destroy Pacquiaou.

    • 619

      Marquez fought Pacman to a draw, yes Marquez the same cat that Floyd just embarassed and made me waste $50. Nobody can see Floyd right now, nobody.

  • chris

    This is what happens when a Professional speaks to a stan. Floyd should have just let it slide. Fat ass “rugged” man could never step in the ring with any of these dudes. How can a rapper who knows how the business of music and how to release albums be forcing rappers to fight anyone in barnyards. This dude is blogging, putting youtube videos, starting shit with boxers, cuz he got an album coming out. He setting up. So why is he criticizing Floyd for setting fights up. IF he studies the history of boxing then he should know about boxers who died broke with 150 fights. Pathetic

  • Grenade

    Yo RA, you did a great job with blogging.

    I have to agree with on basically everything, from your opinion on Floyd, to the Kanye/ Taylor Swift situation.

  • pace

    ra is really the truth , i know mad heads coming up that are just nuts with it , sounds like a chill ass dude , wish he responded to the good comments not just the bad ones lol , check my beats

  • Area

    great shit RA, wish u the best in the future, keep doing you, one of the illest ever!!!

  • dubble13

    I was never a RA Rugged Man fan, but I gained a helluva lotta respect for you after listening to that Mayweather “debate”. Keep up the great work!

  • JihaD


    You sound real ridiculous trying to argue with Floyd. you woundn’t answer his points, you had no real argument (first, he wouldn’t fight anybody, then you discredit the people he did fight, then you brushed off the people you wanted him to fight–what the fuck?), you just sounded real loud and stupid hanging around with Lord Sear.


  • http://xxl I AM THE SOUTH


  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Son you did your thing this week. Even chopping it up with Money May proved you got a lot of shine this week for your craft & future endeavors.

    Keep that machine working!


  • http://Www.OnThEGRiNDBoXiNG.coM&Www.FIGHTHYPE.coM SG From OtG

    It’s about time somebody with boxing knowledge and lack of a professional or corporate leash was allowed to have the ear of Money May.

    Of note was the fact that he said Marquez was p4p#2 before he beat him. Previously Floyd was saying Marquez was number 1, so I think R.A. mad a little progress with Mayweather.

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  • Antwonomous

    He fights for money. What the hell is wrong with that! He takes the fights that make him the most money. And you are underrating his resume.

  • Master CHeef

    Nigga, your whole shit is wack, son. You asked the man a question and didn’t even let him answer, real bill oreilly style. So what the nigga’s already rich? When the man tells you bills gotta be paid, bills gotta be paid? You know how long a few million dollars in cash will last you? And you tell this nigga you saw him with a million on youtube?

    Shit’s ridiculous. I aint mad at anybody trying to be smart and come out of their career with something to show for it. Floyd would beat everyone you named. Why do you gotta see it to believe it? You don’t even know who his next fight is gonna be yet. Damn near every fight, at the time, the other opponent “was gonna be a big problem”, but after floyd embarrasses them, THEN it’s he took an easy fight. Nah, nigga, he just made it look easy. It doesn’t matter who he steps in there with. He is ALWAYS quicker, and ALWAYS wins every round on the scorecards. No one can outBOX him. Not sugar shane. Not pacquiao.

    And definitely not your punk ass. What’s your legacy gonna be? I was familiar with you way before this blog. Your whole gimmick has been being outrageous, ala slim shady, except his beefs were real. Slim shady is a floyd mayweather. Who have you gone toe to toe with? You been ducking eminem for years now. No matter how hard people try to get you to go at him. You’re obviously resentful about success of others and that you have to do shows to pay rent. Let’s see you step in the bigtime and welcome a challenge. Or is it much easier saying, “nah, man, I’m too cool I kept my shit independent. I’m not one for the industry games.” So what russel offered you some bullshit deal that OBVIOUSLY wasn’t worth accepting? If they thought you were that good, that shit woulda been too good to turn down. Go back to selling t-shirts. Floyd and Eminem will be selling SEATS.

    • Fuck RA

      Haha, right on…

  • UptownN.O.3

    This PA dude is fucking disrepectful. Straight up. Talking greasy to Money? That’s foul. And did I hear him call Money nigga at the end? Talk tough in the studio, but know that cats like myself will whip your ass in person. And as far as boxing, fuck the speculation if a deal couldn’t be struck with Pacquiau and Marquez is #2 what the fuck is wrong with fighting him? PA your bitch ass made every excuse for Pacquiao, but gives Floyd no room to breathe. Pacquiao talks about what the fans want, but if he was really bout it he’d meet Floyd’s demands half way and get it on.

  • keep it 100

    he exposed mayweather for what a lot of boxing fans already knew. dude didn’t mix it up with guys in his division. he didnt fight margarito, williams, cintron, cotto, mosley before he retired first time. in the midst of all the 147 pounders duking it out for supremacy, he retires to keep his record undefeated, imho. he then came back after everyone fought and beat each other at 147, came back to beat a smaller, older, slower dude. never heard of rugged man before, but he just spoke truth about what we boxing fans know. we fans are the ones who will judge whether or not he was the greatest in this generation of boxing. he needs to build on his legacy and fight the best in his weight class. all u fools sticking up for the man are the real dick riders. skill is one thing, but legacy is what everyone remembers you for. at this point, he’ll be remembered for an undefeated record not boxing the best, which what fight fans really want. at this point, mosley’s fight resume is better than his. if he were to just fight the best he would have the respect. win or lose. he wouldnt be arguing wid fight fans the way he did with rugged dude. no haters here, just keepin it 100!

  • ronnie

    paul williams coming down to 147? everyone knows shane is on roids and a lot of cats don’t wanna touch him. this kid knows nothing about how to set up a fight in the game. why don’t dude work on his mic skills instead of trying to play espn. and dude’s cd is really garbage.

  • Steezo

    Yo Ra! you tore up Floyd really good! hahaha.. that shit was funny! Never did I see Floyd get so defensive about fighting weak ass opponents and you were just straight up raw with him and I give you mad props for that! Floyd didn’t know what the heck he was talking about and he just kept on talking nonsense while you were straight up bringing up the facts left and right! It was like a technically sound Marquez fighting a crazed ass Glass Joe ( yall know the game).. Man, I salute you for that and I’m still in awe of how you were able to keep him him in check while he was talking all his jibberish. Like you said and what all the fans have said is that he needs to fight the best out there to be the best! He’s nothing more than a show who’s afraid to duke it out with badasses like Paul, Cotto, Manny, Shane… Floyd step up to the plate and don’t be a chicken shit! Fight the best and beat the best then maybe you can actually call yourself the top pound for pound boxer! nuff said…

  • Ay!

    How can this RA guy even talk down to Mayweather? who is RA the rugged man anyway? oh he’s a rapper?
    Why dont HE fight the best! Can he beat wayne? Eminem? Nas? crooked I? Redman? alright then…same rules apply to this herb…
    I seriously doubt this guy would be so bold in front of mayweather! He could have said this shit a million other ways instead of coming off like a prick…
    hes an internet “I want it my way” crybaby, nothing he’s sayin makes logical sense he just wants to argue with someone, he’s not even thinkin of the buisness aspect of at all, like that doesnt even matter!!! if he knows boxing he should know that half the battle is the promoters. He talkin like floyd didnt came back, take the marquez fight, AND WHOOP HIM, too set up for the huge pacman fight, and pacman didnt take the cotto fight to do the same, so what is this RA guy talkin about? enough barbershop talk with this nobody floyd! Hang up on him! This is the highlight of his life talkin to someone like floyd! And why dont he step out there and fight or MMA sense he got so much to say? better yet work on your craft you clown, cause I dont know…if you my fav rappers fav rapper, why they NEVER bring your name up NO WHERE? biggie liked you? lol yeah right…
    How can a worldclass ELITE WORLD CHAMPION be scared? is he serious? how he aint fight nobody? baldomere a bum? he beat the shit outta zab judah in MSG!!! niggas just wanna see swollen eyes and blood on floyd when you cant blame a nigga with floyd’s Defense…
    if you wanna see him lose so bad, YOU DO IT, cause hes beating the best right before our eyes! And if floyd DIDNT come back, maybe this clown would have a point,but c’mon…
    and what happens when he fights the best and destroys them like he been doin? then what do you say? Boxing aint the same, true, but the fans arent either…its a bunch of blood thirsty gargoyles who part time MMA and save the comlaints for ANY boxing match no matter who is fighting…soon as floyd cleans up and wraps up his career, watch the flip flops start up…watch…
    If he’s such a fan, why he aint mentioning the super 6 turney and how jermain taylor should consider retiring? if your so seasoned in boxing use that knowledge, dont run your mouth for shock value with your nobody ass…nothing to respect about this ‘interview’ or this guy and his fly tounge…

  • righton

    OMG! You hit everything, I mean everything on the head! SHEEEESH, you just killed Floyd, lmao.
    I’ve been a fan of boxing since the 70s, you’re the ONLY person in an interview that hit everything on the nail and is not afraid to say it.

    Man, that was great. The Floyd fans are not going to be happy about this. lol

    They are as delusional as Floyd is.

  • IKill4Fun

    RA I hope Mayweather punches your face off your neck. It’s long overdue. You’ve been an obnoxious loud-mouthed bitch ass nigga for years. You are nobody, don’t forget that. Go find Russel Simmons right now, he’d probably offer you 5 bucks cause he thought you were a panhandler. No one wants to sign you because you’re whack and you spit garbage. You’re releasing an album with tracks I heard over a decade ago on Rawkus Soundbombing, pretty fucking pathetic. A few years from now, after every last suburban college boy has seen through your gimmick of talking about real hip hop, and old school name dropping, you’ll be selling used furniture. Still telling stories from 20 years ago that no one cares about. Off yourself fugged man.

  • Nwabe from Paris France

    Yeah ! R.A., you need to keep doing the blog-style videos on YouTube, they are mad entertaining.
    My favorite part is your hate-mail reviews. Fucking funny.
    And since your whole image is based on that “most hated” shit, that really makes sense.
    Keep it going !

    Super-respect, and also…..

  • ZuluZomba

    That interview with Floyd was about 1000% more entertaining than PBF’s fight with JMM. Makes the Brian Kenny interview with Floyd look like a sparring match . Great job finger bangin Floyd Mayweather rotten crotch through his pretty pink panties.

    KO to RA!

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  • psy

    cheef – you don’t want to see floyd fight cotto, williams, clottey or mosely?
    out of his last 10 fights how many have you enjoyed?
    i can only think of two, maybe three that were not a completely foregone conclusion and therefore non-events.
    and the people who keep claiming every new floyd opponent could take his 0 are the same idiots who thought marquez was a top p4p fighter in 2008/9.

  • latino heat

    damn R.A., i know on Monday i asked you to wild out on somebody, (check the comments section) but i didn’t mean a championship boxer! i see your arguments about Mayweather and you make some good points about dude. bottom line though is Floyd rolls deep with a bunch of hired goons. you may have to watch your back next time your in Vegas.

  • MistaSkuggz

    I’m mad at Floyd for entertaining this dude. It’s just like Master Cheef said. Every fight Mayweather takes niggas is yelling about this is toughest fight ever and giving every reason as to why he’s gonna’ lose. After the victory they give another 99 reasons why he just beat the shit out of somebody. Then they bring up the next bum. Paul Williams is far from a bum but why does he deserve to fight Mayweather. Margarito?? He’s been a bum since day one. Sugar Shane is juicing and old. He’s still a beast but if Mayweather beat him the haters are gonna’ say it’s because he was past his prime. That won’t even be a big money fight. Boxing wasn’t as profitable back in the day as it is now. That’s why them old cats had 100+ fights under they belts and nothing but empty pockets and brain damage to show for it. The only fighter that could give Floyd trouble is Cotto. Pac Man will just start off fast and the crowd wiil yell for every little blow he lands. After 3 rounds he’ll get reckless and Floyd will figure him out and proceed to embarass him for the rest of the fight. After the fight haters will criticize Floyd for not knocking him out because instead of watching the fight like a true fight fan and appreciating the clinic Floyd just ran they ignored skills cuz’ they were too busy looking for excuses as to why there dude is once again getting his ass kicked by Floyd. By the way B Hop is one of the greatest ever but if he had been as smart as Floyd he wouldn’t still be fighting at the age of 43 in order to pay the bills.

  • mikeeee

    yo mayne that was a good interview on floyd,put his ass on check lol,everything you said is true,keep it up mayne,and fuck u floyd we dont use steroids in the philippines,dumb ass mother fucker i hope mayweather comes to the philippines see what happens to him hahaha……eat a dick floyd

  • GIBZ

    HAHAH good shit Rugged!!! U choppin it up with Mayweather was real entertaining!!! Mayweather dodges alot of good points that u made. Like u said, Hopkins was nasty cus he had heart, he would fight anyone and anybody, he didnt care about the politics. Mayweather has just turned into an industry type of dude. Its all politics now it aint even about the art.

    Damn Rugged I’m mad this was ur last blog cus the shit was def entertaining. U should start a bloggin page for real let us know where to go to check for u. 1ne!

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  • RIOT

    LMFAO right now listening to that mayweather call-in!!! Dawg u climbed way up on my latter of personal respect. Even dwarfs started small lol… Wanna hear some fresh new shit from you my man… Keep doin you!!!

  • Flatbush

    Nas doesn’t even get airplay so that can’t be the reason why he said hiphop is dead. If nas wanted airplay he would make more songs like “you owe me” and everyone would still consider him great. Just my opinion.

  • Thriller Mcjackson

    Floyd is a money whore point blank never like the man never will he is like Baby from cash money only get people to like him buy flashing money that’s why his ass got robbed
    but R.A I heard your name b4 but that’s about it just wondering what was all this bad behavior u did at jive that got u banned to perform and drop I bet u got stories for days

  • Juzzy

    Mayweather is top class like it or not son…

  • raul

    u had a lot of point but was all that really neccesary. And regardless of what u say ustill not an expert

  • AD

    I thought you might have had some valid argument points against Mayweather. But, by no means in my opinion did you “air” him out. It’s cool that you are a fan of boxing, and seem knowledgeable on said subject. However, you seemed to leave out some of the facts. Mayweather moved up in weight to fight De La Hoya and beat him. De La Hoya lost a considerable amount of weight to fight Manny. Mayweather beat Hatton at what some consider his prime, Manny beat a fighter that was a shell of his former self. Boxing has always been about politics and money. Why should Mayweather be any different?

  • Remco

    Wassup RA,

    Been a fan of your music since 50000 Heads, and I’m also a boxing fan. You caused quite a stir over at East Side.

    I think you made a few good points, but also a few bad ones in your interview. Floyd is criticised for fighting smaller guys, but Cotto gets no such thing despite Pac starting out 30 pounds lighter. You don’t mention ODLH, who was heavier, and you also expect him to fight Williams, who started 30 pounds over Floyds starting weight. These things matter, Floyd isn’t exactly a true welter either, it’s his end weight. You expect him to fight someone who started at 157 for crying out loud.

    Again I share some of your criticism on Floyd but that is just dishonest.


  • parks mcfly
  • Apollo Moses

    RA dude thank you for standing ground as a true boxing fan with IQ on the biz…I listened to the entire rundown and you ran with the best questions that were tough and fearless…Floyd is might favorite fighter this era…top five all-time…him and Shane was the main event since ’99…I’d rather see him face Shane before the winner of the Cotto vs Pac fight…thanks bruh!

  • John Cauner

    Damn, I missed out on R.A.! Yo R.A., I just bought last week “Brawl”, from the “Eastern Conference III” album off of iTunes. Your definitely one of the nicest MCs to rock the mic.

  • Ben

    You telling Floyd to step up and take big fights, is like people telling you to take a deal for a major, its about legacy right? Homie I bump you your tight, Em way better, Jay way better, Redman way better, your nice but redundant as hell. All your songs sound the same kid, why did’nt you take your career to the next level when you had the chance when you were in your prime, which was damn near 20 yrs ago, I bet you were scared huh? Homie to claim your the best you have to prove it, I give two shits what Biggie said 15 yrs ago or longer, you ain’t never been in the big leagues son, so quit talking shit like your somebody, who claim’s he’s a nobody, but wants to be a somebody.

  • Oneofthemyo’s

    I LOVE BOXING, so all that interview did was piss me off.

    To surmise it, it was basically n e one mayweather fought was a bum while manny only fights the best…..?!GTFOH

    I’m sure u aint took that deal with russel cause u had your reasons but u should know what a business means…

    this dude supposed to bypass money fights to fight who the people call the best, and what happens when he shitting in diapers…he gonna worry about legacy?

    fuck margorito, i am glad he aint fight that cheater cotto never gonna forget that nigga for that shit, and he offered to fight shane,cotto and manny already, shane dodged him for oscar and now karma biting him and arum is the reason he aint fight manny or cotto yet thats a fact.

    All that other shit u were saying was on some stan shit and like mayweather said he must be doing something right if u went on the radio talking bout him, and only thing i’ll give u props on knowing your boxing history.

    and oh yeag B.I.G my favorite rapper that dont mean he was right about everything though, if he fucked with u like that hed a been shouting u out like he did jigga.

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