Blog: Black Thought, Holla at Me!

Yes y’all, this is the one and only R.A. the Rugged Man. My label hit me up on short notice to come blog some shit for the XXL readers this week, I got my new Rugged Man Collection album droppin this week titled Legendary Classics, Vol. 1 so I figured hell yeah, let me plug away and promote my shit. So here I am, I’ll be with you every day of this fuckin’ weak, Monday through Friday.

They probably want me to spark off some controversy, maybe get me on here dissin’ other rappers or talking bout pistols & weapons or just being a degenerate on some fuck pussy shit or whatever, but I’m a keep shit civilized this week.

This week’s gonna be crazy busy for me and I’m gonna keep your asses up to date on all the bullshit I do everyday. This week we got the album release, the party, a couple of in-stores signing autographs, a Halloween show with D.I.T.C, and a couple of interesting business meetings that I’ll let you in on later in the week. Also check out the Legendary Classics, Vol. 1 music video that we just finished last week. If you’re a hip-hop lover you won’t be disappointed.

I’m also gonna be in-and-out of the studio hard this week working on an entirely new record that’s dropping in April 2010. I’m getting ready to spit a venomous verse this week to a Lil Fame beat. I’m trying to track down Black Thought and get him to drop some bars on this shit. I only wanna fuck with MCs that are possible threats from now on. If Thought’s people read this, get at me. I heard he was a fan of my shit and if that’s true I think we could get real lyrical with this track.

Right now I’m in the airport headed back to NYC from Canada, Went out there to knock out some shows but I haven’t slept in like two days, I’m supposed to have dinner tonight with this goofy Nicaraguan chick from the hood but I’m tired as fuck and gonna have to cancel. I need some sleep.

Random Thoughts: On some true school hip-hop shit, last week was beautiful. Rocked the stage with my boy Sadat X at Southpaw and A.G. and O.C, then when I was in Toronto I linked up with the legendary female MC Michie Mee, she used to roll with Scott LaRock and BDP and then signed with Audio Two and the First Priority Posse back in the day. Homegirl had some hip-hop stories and history, boy, and she’s still nice on the mic today..

Also my computer don’t have spell check and I can’t spell for shit, so I’m not sure if XXL is gonna fix my bullshit grammar or keep as is [editor’s note: we got you], but regardless Legendary Classics, Vol. 1, the R.A. the Rugged Man collection is coming out October 27. Yes, that’s tomorrow motherfuckas. Go pick that shit up. Its got joints that no one ever heard before, old school classics and songs that have never been commercially released before featuring The Notorious B.I.G., Mobb Deep and Kool G Rap. I don’t know if i could keep pluggin’my shit on here or if XXL will try to charge my ass with an advertising fee, so let me stop.

Check the Rugged Man blog tomorrow and I’ll keep y’all posted on shit.

Much love.

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  • Technique

    What up R.A. I just wanna let you know i’ve been bumpin your shit for a minute now and it’s good to see XXL show your ass some love!!

    Man you gotta give us some brain food though. I know you got some shit in your head man, let us in so we can get a discussion poppin in here.

    I’ll be coppin the new shit tomorrow too.


  • latino heat

    fuck keeping it civilized, we want that real R.A. shit. wild out on somebody. either way it should be a interesting week.

  • Money Mitch

    What up R.A.!! it’s about time xxl put a dope rapper on this blog killer mike was good as well. Man album sounds dope! Will it have uncommon valor vietnam vet on there? My uncle was in nam’ and when he came back my grandpa caught him havin’ a nightmare and tried to wake him up and my uncle woke up grabbed my grandpa and put a knife to his throat before he realized who it was so I definitely feel that song 100!! Much love to your pops as well !!

  • Jamal7Mile

    R.A.’s a high-caliber Emcee so I already know I’ll enjoy this week.

    Not too familiar with Mitchee Mee but she sounds like she’d make for a good guest blogger too, what with the BDP/Audio Two connections and all.

    [editor’s note: we got you]
    ^^^ hmm…

    • DV8

      yeah the editors done “got” a few of us on this site.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Ha Ha! They went & scooped up R.A.!

    You gotta wig out on something concerning the industry if it ain’t somebody…Cats know your stylee.

    Keep them wheels on that machine turning.


  • killer

    jut grabbed your joint of a torent. probably wont hit the store and cop an actual cd, you know….. dope shit though!

  • Nwabe from Paris France

    R.A., it’s only right you get exposure NOW at last !!

    Of course I’ll cop that “Legendary” CD of yours, and i need that DVD along.
    Also, you doing a whole NEW ALBUM is just the best news in months, DAMN. A track with La Coka Nostra or at least Ill Bill or Slaine would be insane !!
    I had a vision : if you heard the track “White Nigger” by Ill Bill, you could do a track with that musical vibe, with Ill Bill and the F’in’ BEASTIE BOYS. That would be the ultimate Renaissance shit.

    Another thing : your recent “video blogs” on Youtube were the shit !! Man you need to do this on a regular, you sure know how to entertain !
    I want an R.A. TV channel !


  • Grunt

    Ah man crazy mad props for the new joints – L.I.’s Finest with that Ghost Town beat is fuckin sick man,and I’ve been lookin for that Havoc joint for ages. You are as ever a fuckin genius – now you got me hanging for the next shit.

  • El Tico Loco

    I didn’t know Michie Mee rolled with BDP but that explains a lot of the Dancehall she sprinkled on her music too.

  • ms_spittuh

    Whats good R.A.? :)

  • crease

    fuck yeah rugged man is the bomb! die rugged man due is a great album!!!!

  • showersongs

    This entry was kinda piss-poor in effort…but it doesn’t really matter. I only came here to tell you (Rugged Man) that you verse on “Uncommon Valor” with Jedi Mind Tricks is one of the absolute greatest verses in hip hop history.

    A true landmark achievement. Props man, it really makes an aspiring MC pick up the pen again or start clutchin it tighter when I write.

  • FlapJack

    I’ll cop. Cardboard and winter don’t mix. Don’t want anyone to freeze to death. Would that make me a sponsor?

    • FlapJack

      like, can I write it off on my taxes?

  • mech1

    I’ma walk into a record store and pay cash money for this new joint even if I got some of the tracks already. looking forward to that track with the fame beat as I have been mainlining that M.O.P. since foundation dropped. It is refreshing to hear an honest and valid opinion on the culture nowadays and even better to hear someone spitting like they actually care about the craft. I didn’t know R.A. could get any more ill than he already was. Keep that torch lit for the real.

  • Anton Chigur

    What up R.A.
    You’re the truth in the booth, bro. Yo, post your manager’s contact info or the e-mail you receive beats at. We got some production heat for you.

  • Jesus Martinez

    Whats Up Rugged Man.
    Been a fan for a long time, still listen to Die,Rugged Man,Die regularly. I’d love to hear some Kool G Rap collabos.

  • GIBZ

    damn thats what the fuck I’m talkin bout. R.A. do you muthafuckin thing this week!!! Bring some of those eye opening topics that America loves to sweep under the rug.