Atlanta: A city on the DL?

Just how gay is Atlanta, anyway? I’d investigate myself, but I wouldn’t want to fall victim to a reverse hate crime. Lord knows I’m still recovering from that “this hamburger has AIDS” scene from the first season of True Blood.

Someone probably should have a look though. Atlanta is one of the biggest cities in hip-hop these days. Someone with the information and the math skills would have to conduct the analysis, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Atlanta rap albums sell way better than New York rap albums at this point, even with Def Jam making bulk purchases of albums by its own artists. It’d be a trip, if Atlanta turned out to be the black equivalent of San Francisco or some such.

I’ve seen enough evidence to suggest that it probably is, on the basis that where there’s smoke there’s fire, stereotypes tend to be based in truth, etc., but you never can be too sure. For example, I was informed the other day, in the comments section of a post on my own site about how Atlanta might be on the DL, collectively, that Atlanta isn’t so much on the DL as it is plain ol’ teh ghey. However, you’d be hard pressed (nullus) to find a suspect black man in Atlanta who would cop to being a brownie hound. Trey Songz, Pastor Ma$e, Tyler Perry, Teh Gyant? All supposedly straight as an arrow. Name one admittedly teh ghey black guy from Atlanta. See, you can’t do it.

A few years ago, there was this great video some guy made of how tranny hookers had just completely taken over this one neighborhood down there. It was like a scene right out of these zombie movies. It looked like a more or less normal neighborhood, but there were tranny hookers all over the place. You could hardly drive down the street, without having to swerve around them. I was gonna post the video on my own site, to suggest that it’s statistically very probable that you could accidentally pick up a tranny hooker in Atlanta, but it was removed from YouTube before I got a chance. I guess it violated the tranny hookers’ right to privacy. You know how the best videos on YouTube are always getting removed on some ol’ bullshit. On the other hand, there wasn’t a “girl” in that video I’d cop a $15 blowski from. So who knows?

I heard recently, on Tariq Nasheed’s Mack Lessons Radio Show, that a song called “Addicted to Boyz,” by a teh ghey rapper named J.R., aka Gay Rapper Jr. (who’s Gay Rapper Sr., Kanye West?), is actually played on the radio down in Atlanta. But it wasn’t clear to me if he was saying that this song really does come on the radio down there, or that Atlanta is so teh ghey that a song like “Addicted to Boyz” by Gay Rapper Jr. could actually be played on the radio down there. I raised the issue on – again – my own site, but the response was inconclusive. Most were just upset that there could be a rap video that’s so teh ghey, and that I would post it on my site without issuing much of a warning. (My bad, guys.) Indeed, the video for “Addicted to Boyz” is way more bothersome, in a purely objective sense, than any number of straight videos that have been removed from YouTube. (Or so I’ve heard.) Don’t let me find out YouTube is part of some conspiracy on behalf of the TIs to spread teh gheyness in the black community.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I’m just saying. Different communities have different norms. One of the reasons I’m considered such an iconoclast on the Internets is because I grew up in the Midwest, where people still have values. When I was in high school, it was nothing for a math teacher/wrestling coach to come up to you between classes and tell you you looked like a fag. If this were in San Francisco or somewhere, he probably would have been on the news. But why? Yeah, he probably could have used a better choice of words, but what if it’s important to a kid that he doesn’t look like a fudge, and he unwittingly wore something suspect, because you know how high school kids can fall victim to trends, and, in all likelihood, your mom – rather than your father – is buying all of your clothes?

I read a story on CNN the other day about the new dress code at Morehouse, and I was taken aback by the list of things that were banned: makeup, dresses, purses, high heel shoes. And I got to thinking, if Morehouse has enough of a problem with men showing up to school dressed like Madea, it must be the gayest college evar. The school I went to has been around since 1867, and I doubt its ever seen a male student walking around with a purse. Not even a foreign exchange student from Europe. (Most of our foreign students were imported from Africa, slavey-style, to help pad the number of “black” students on campus out to 3%.) In my post, I raised the question of whether or not this is true, but the response was – again – inconclusive. I thought this might have been a matter of proud Morehouse men not willing to cop to just how teh ghey their school has gotten, but then it occurred to me that they might just lack a proper frame of reference.

Like hip-hop circa 2009, Atlanta might only seem teh ghey when compared to something decidedly less teh ghey. At any rate, it’s hardly any wonder hip-hop is in the state that it’s in, when so much of it comes from such a suspect city.

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  • Tony Grands

    If that song, “Addicted To Boyz” does get radio play in Atlanta, or anywhere else, wouldn’t that just be the equivalent of “I Kissed A Girl (& I Liked It), which become a #1 song?

    I thought that shit was atrocious, if only because I have a daughter, with a very questionable mother (not my wife), & I heard her singing it once or twice. I asked where’d she hear that, of course, her mom was listening to it. The fuck?

    No judgments, but something’s not right.

    • General

      I guess its just the double standards in our culture, but “I Kissed a Girl” while being an atrocious song doesn’t really bother me (don’t let me catch my daughter singing that joint though, lol) where as “Addicted to Boyz” is some shit I would kill a DJ for playin…

      • Tony Grands

        I knew a legitimate gay rapper was coming soon. I wouldn’t be surprised if dude was massively buff, too [||], just to add insult to injury, per se.

        I can see him now, diss tracks for Nicki Minaj, & his own mixtape version of “Lip Gloss”, talking about slapping female rappers & taking their hoes. Ugh.

        • General

          Atleast you know he’ll have top caliber production with Will and Kanye

        • SuperstarExtraordinaire

          haha hilarious shit…..then he gon drop a sex tape with weezy and baby haha

  • The Fedz

    Atlanta, is the gayest black city in America hands down. If you go to the city they are everywhere. A lot of women there claim they dont date men who live in town because of the DL scene. No bullshit, I was planning to visit ATL a few years ago and I was searching the nets to find out where the best clubs to visit and stumbled across a whole site dedicated to pointing out DL brothers and fake ballers.

    With all that said, no strip club in America is fucking with Magic City, its worth all the homo shit that goes on in ATL.

  • paychexx

    i’ve been hearing that for years…

    i heard that shawty lo on the dl….

    i kinda scare to go there now…

    bol is right, if a all male school have to address a new dress code, somethin is wrong…

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Faglanta!!!!!!! They put on for they city….

  • Jhon da Analyst

    A friend of mine just moved to ATL to join ICE. He sees mad fags, but he said the same thing. The bitches are fly so it might be worth it considering the ratio of chicks:straight dudes…..Oh yeah, gotta check out that Magic City shit too………

    • Tony Grands


      Yeah, but if you factor in the tranny population, a nigga better head down with his gaydar on extra sensitive, not just “stun”.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    The first time I ever hit up Lenox Mall, there was some foul shit going on. There was some kinda of exhibition by some website that catered to gay black men. The place was absolutely SWAMPED in gay men. Congregating in groups…posted up, checking each other out…walking about doing their little expressive gestures with their hands and shit. I about vomited right there on the floor for the surrealism. I realized that just being in the mall that day was opening myself up to the kind of advances I wasn’t ready for. I copped my sneakers, ate real quick and dipped out that bitch because something weird was going on. That was the first time I ever went to Lenox, but any given day of the week, you’ll see the same thing, just on a smaller scale.

    But honestly, in a city with a lot of black men, like Atlanta, are you really surprised that gay black men would flock there? Like I said, I don’t give a fuck, because that sways the male to female ratio in my favor and pretty much guarantees I’m the Alpha male in any situation.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • Chily Willy

    re: “I kissed a Girl”, I don’t have no beef with lesbians. They just have to look girly, and I’m cool. I think it has to do with my appreciation of sheer femininity, so one female + one female = many females. It’s nice to look at. I used to date a bisexual girl back in the day who give the best birthday gift evar. But I digress.

    This Atlanta situation had to be adressed so we know what’s up. I’ve been hearing this for a while, it’s just a matter of time before it blows (no pun intended), although I’m not sure if a post on XXL would be the most legitimate way to the bottom of all this (once again, no pun intended). We know how some people around here are too damn sensitive.

    • valdez


  • http://xxl All Dae

    you’d think if the gay lifestyle was wholesum it wouldn’t be on the dl. I mean homosexuals been around since Bible days. So if it’s still unaccepted by the mainstream(except for the entertainment industry) then somethings wrong.
    I doubt even in fifty years that gay rappers will run things; it’ll be on the dl still.

    • valdez

      “I doubt even in fifty years that gay rappers will run things; it’ll be on the dl still.”


      one could only hope ur right, but unfortunately the way things are looking i wouldn’t be suprised if ur wrong. SMH!

    • valdez

      “I doubt even in fifty years that gay rappers will run things; it’ll be on the dl still.”


      one could only hope ur right, but unfotunatley the way things are going i wouldn’t be surprised if gay rappers eventually came to the forefront as i’m sure it is on the TIs’ agenda to to give the gay rappers lots of backing (no pun intended). SMH!

  • SuperstarExtraordinaire

    To the gay people:

    I don’t give a fuck. Do what you do. Just don’t try to fuck with me!! On the “I Kissed A Girl” topic; its meh. If I’m not kissin the bitch, I don’t really care.

    @Grands: I have a baby boy, 4 months old. If I heard him singing Addicted to boys” I’d probably be like what the fuck too, so I can see how you feel about your baby girl singing “I Kissed A Girl”

    • Tony Grands


      She’s 8, so I know she’s fully aware of @ least the implications of the song, & the fact that a female girl sings it. Now, the twist was that my 6 year old son looked @ her & said, “what the hell are you singing”, which is what caught my attention. Even he knew something was off.

      • thoreauly77

        tony, no disrespect, but could your realization have been that you are potentially raising a homophobe?

        • Tony Grands

          I’d have to be homophobic to be able to raise my children that way. I don’t have any phobia about gays & lesbians. I don’t condone what they do, but I’m also fully aware how not having an open mind could possibly hinder my child’s ability to exist in this world.

          I do, however, raise my children a certain way. He observed something different than what he’s normally exposed to, & he questioned his sister about it.

          Just because I don’t teach him to hate gay people doesn’t mean I teach him that it’s okay, feel me? In fact, very rarely does an opportunity present itself to where I’m having a conversation with a 6 year old about homosexuality. & even still, he felt a need to question his sister.

        • thoreauly77

          i hear what youre saying. on the other hand, i went and read the post on your site which was about male and female rappers, and to me, it read like a diatribe supporting overtly masculine superiority; and frankly, it bordered on misogyny.

          now, i am not calling you a homophobe, or a misogynist, so please dont get me wrong, but after reading your blog and your comments, i find it impossible to think that those sentiments wouldnt find their way into your childrens psyche and world-view.

          i have a daughter myself, and if she grows up to be realize she is gay, then well, thats her path, but i would feel very ashamed if she suppressed her natural path due to my own prejudices.

        • Tony Grands

          As far as the blog, that’s not a personal diary or a window into my soul. For every bit of truth to what I say or feel, there’s also an equal amount of entertainment, such as most things people read/watch/listen to. If someone wanted to get to know me personally, I wouldn’t link them to my site. Sidenote: thanks for checking me out, lol.

          I’m aware of the
          difference between an adult, who’s lived & experienced & has a formed perception on life in general, & an unmolded child. I wouldn’t let my children read my blogs, the same way I send them out of the room when I have adult company. If they do when they get older, fine, I’ll cross that bridge. I’m also aware that pushing my beliefs onto my children would end in failure. If your a parent as well, you teach through your mistakes & wrong-doings, so they won’t be repeated. Well, I do @ least. Even if I feel something, doesn’t mean I blurt it out, because I know better. Regardless to what I may think or feel, I want my children to have the best opportunity in life, & that’s my main goal. In order for that to happen, certain beliefs of mine have to be quelled or set aside so they can have those opportunities.

          Like I said, just because I don’t teach them to hate gays doesn’t mean I condone it. There’s a slight possiblity that certain ideologies may find a way into things I do or say, but surely it’s not intentional & I’m a human being, not a machine.

        • thoreauly77


          well, i didnt think you were sitting around the house going, “if it wasnt for all these bitches and faggots…”

          but man, i find it incredibly disturbing to read all these comments. i have always found it particularly disturbing to read hateful comments from one minority about another minority (note, i have no idea if you are a minority). i just think there should be more solidarity amongst the oppressed and pre-judged. this is just my opinion of course, and we all know what opinions are like…


        • Tony Grands


          Good looks on the conversation.

          Much respect.

  • HNIC

    Considering that Mike Bigga (the rapper/guest blogger) is from ATL & a Morehouse alum, I’m interested to hear him chime in on this subject. Since he’s witness to all of this, firsthand.

    Personally, I wouldn’t trip off of ATL’s Tranny issue, because, I’m straight & from what I understand ATL is running over with bad broads. So, that would actually work out, in my favor, tremendously. I’ve been meaning to take a trip down there, ever since I heard that “Freaknik” was live, back in the late ’90s, but, shit happens & time passes. I

    I’m still saving my change for such an occassion though, as I imagine that it will be of something for the history books, as soon as I touch down. Belie’ dat.

    • HNIC

      Editor’s note: I’ll just remember to remain relatively sober enough to be cognitive of checking for the female prospects “Adam’s Apple”.

      I can’t get caught slippin’.

      • capcobra

        don’t leave this planet without going to atlanta champ…it’s like 13 to 1..and the ladies do the choosing…so you might have a strong 20+ within a bullshit..i stayed for 3 months and’s that serious..parties and bitches 24-7.

        • HNIC

          Good lookin’ out, my dude! I appreciate the info.

  • capcobra

    that gay thing an epidemic down’s so many open people that ATL might get themselves a baby katrina.

  • No Mames Buey

    Bol “When I was in high school, it was nothing for a math teacher/wrestling coach to come up to you between classes and tell you you looked like a fag.”

    Bol just unwittingly confessed to a sad HS memory.


    Just watch out for the boosted HIV/herpes rates, with these faggots going both ways,poisoning the female population……..

  • Illegal1

    Gay niggaz are gay niggaz. There’s nothing us straight dudes can do about that. I live in ATL and as long as you know where not to go, there are more than enough ladies to go around and you never see these dudes. If you EVER come down here, avoid Piedmont park, you will be hit on by packs of 5-7 gay niggaz. However, if you feel like your manhood has been questioned, go directly to: Magic City, Body Tap, Strokers, Pink Pony, Follies or the like. I guarantee you will have a feeling that only a few alpha males will ever have.

    wut it dew Herbz?


    • Shawty J

      I gotta co-sign you on that Piedmont Park thing. That Piedmont Park shit ain’t joke, especially on a Sunday, that place is flooded with gays. Some of those niggas are flat out androgynous.

    • El Tico Loco

      Co Sign both ya’ll, just stay outta midtown and you’re ok, but I gotta pass on the strip clubs, cuz there’s clubs with dime chicks that you can bring to your room or vice versa for the cost of a few drinks and let her hit your blunt(yes NY here you can smoke blunts and cigs in the clubs)


        ^^co-sign like a mo-fo.

        stay the fuck away from midtown, after dark mostly. also, stay the fuck away from North Ave. after dark. i’ve witnessed that tranny hooker shit Bol spoke about on that very street.

  • sATaLyte

    Yeah, it’s giving us an effed up reputation, but the gay community and the straight community are so segregated that you only really run into them when you go to Lenox Mall like that.

    If you’re straight and like women, I don’t think you’ll have any problem in this city.

    Spring and 5th is disgusting though. You have no problems with gay people living down but tranny hookers sashaying up and down the streets in midtown is something I can never get used to.

    • c. gabi

      I went to college in Atlanta (CAU stand up!), my junior yr, I had a cute lil pad off 3rd & Peachtree… not too far from 5th & Spring (or Spring & North).

      Yea, there’s tranny prostitutes ALL up and through that area. But, you know, relatively speaking, every city has that one “spot” or area where those types congregate.

      Being a witness to the gay shit down here can be alarming to some. Especially myself, being from the Midwest and all. But like someone else said before, you begin to learn where they are and where they aren’t, and you can avoid them and their tranny glory if you choose to.

      Truth be told though, Atlanta is #1 for Black gays…particularly for these Southern niggas from east bumfuck that were raised in pentecostal churches…they’re the ones that practically turned this entire city out.

      I don’t think anyone should be turned off to visiting or even moving down here. It’s literally a straight man’s heaven. And admittedly, as a young professional woman here, I haven’t had any issues finding some decent STRAIGHT brothas to date

  • yoprince

    I’m from ATL.

    yes ATL has a lot of black ppl living an alternative lifestyle.. gays, lesbians, bi-sexuals, trannies, all of that.

    but it shouldn’t be shocking. ATL is the capital of the south, especially culturally. ATL is also basically the “black capital” of the U.S. Thus, ATL attracts a large variety of people, and yea, a good number of them are homosexual.

    no different from NY or LA. why is this a big deal? cause they’re black? basically, any big city with some culture is going to attract homosexuals in numbers. shit… visit tokyo. mad ladyboys there.

  • GO-Getta’

    When is Baby ft Weezy/Young Money Crew sextape dropping?

  • Brass Tacks

    Get the fuck outta here! A-town is just like any other city thats poppin… meaning you take the good with the confused and deal with it.. You’ll only know where the guy/gurls? are kickin it if you lookin for em like that… and thats yall own personal business…

    • Enlightened

      I beg to differ homeboy. Never seen Black men holdin’ hands or kissin in public in Chicago, Milwaukee, Memphis, etc.

      • yoprince

        you cannot compare milwaukee or memphis to atlanta. i don’t care how you cut it.

        chicago is a city very similar to ATL. i’ve been out there twice this past summer to visit family and there’s definitely homos out there in public doing everything lovers do.

        btw… if you’re ‘afraid’ of getting hit on by a gay man or if it seriously offends you.. and you’re past the adolescent age… then you’re probably confused about your own sexuality.

  • Mike Jordan

    Bout to hit Morehouse’s homecoming tailgate right now. [ll]

    But really; sure, the freedom that ATL gives the gay/lesbian community down here can be shocking to witness at first, especially if you’re not used to seeing so many folks expressing themselves like that in public. Takes a minute to get used to.

    But last time I checked, the women-to-man ratio in ATL is somewhere around 16:1. These women are fine, own houses that they can actually afford, cook, and hit the club. If you’re straight, don’t live with your parents, and have a job, it gets no better.

    The gayest thing of all is to be scared of Atlanta because you’ve heard it’s so gay. Then again, that just keeps the ratio where it’s at.

    R.I.P. The Gentlemen’s Club

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Y’all spent a lil’ too much energy on this thought…seen way more birds in ATL than them…alternate is everywhere get used to it…do a mirror check you’ll be all right.


  • kevin

    y’all did kind of wig out over the subject. most of you just sound plain stupid, considering you may not live here, around here, or have ever visited more than 1/2 times. buckhead, gwinnett, peachtree city, among other surrounding suburban cities is what makes it a great place. atlanta has turned to shit, except the maybe few good places to go nowadays. there are homeless, crime, and tranny’s wondering the streets day and night. don’t get me wrong, there are a FEW good places left in the heart of the city. as i mentioned, midtown and piedmont, while there are a lot of gay’s, it’s well established. suburban cities contain all of the beautiful white girls that some of you, no offense need be taken, black guys would love to DROOL over. let’s face it, what black dude doesn’t want to hit a white girl? the same can’t be said about white guys. it doesn’t really mean anything bad, except the fact that the only black dudes that pick up white girls are the ones that dress like they have some class. notice i didn’t say dress like they’re white? that’s because there’s no need for that to be said, white people don’t dress like white people, they dress themselves among different stereotypes or with or without sophistication and class. as does any other race. gutter ass black dudes pick up the nastiest fkin’ white girls ever, ie the ones we won’t touch. again, no disrespect to anyone, but GA has some of the most beautiful ladies ever. it’s just not really found in downtown.

  • thoreauly77

    come out to the bay for some of the most amazing women i have ever seen, and keep in mind i have lived in florida, florence italy, england, los angeles, and santa barbara.

    here in the south bay we have asian and latinas by the thousands, city girls and hot. up in oakland you get all the indie white girls and of course amazing latinas and black girls. and of course, san francisco has everything — international flavor and total variety!

    so, stay the fuck away guys!

  • Mike Bigga

    I commented 4 times it aint post im tired of typing.

    • Master Cheef

      xxl’s comments fuck up a lot. type your post in wordperfect and save it, so if you have to try to get your comment to post more than once, all you have to do is copy and paste.

  • DXL

    My ex fiancee told me way back in 2004 that 70% of men in Lennox mall were gay..I was like no way but I have seen regualr looking dudes, dread and whatnot blowing kisses at each other or looking sorta suspect…one thing for sure there are mad gay chicks out there.

  • maximus 32

    Bol, you gay for not posting my first post.

  • Avenger XL

    ATL isn’t as gay as you think. It is one of the largest cities in the southeast and it is like a southern NY and what would NY be without the fruits? Everybody keeps talking all this down low ish and I believe more of that type of stuff happens in those smaller conservative cities where cats have to hide their ways. In ATL they are waaaaaay out of the closet. Only those cats from the conservative areas are hiding for real in my opinion. I think the whole DL stigma in the black community is just another spook situation against black males. Because nobody says white conservative guys are DL cats they say they are in the closet or whatever but black males are on some sneaky downlow ish.

    Also of course hip-hop is gay as hell these days. Any time you have a culture that praises prison culture and think women ain’t good for nothing on some homies over hoes ish then you have a problem. But homophopia in the black community as a whole is pretty raw, cats act like gay is catching and do anything not to appear gay. I always said I am not bothered by the folks and I don’t care what they do cause that is more chicks for me. Besides I just don’t care what the next man does if it don’t involve me or mine.

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  • bollocks

    …..What the fuck does this have to do with hip-hop?

  • Cornerboy

    It’s true. I moved out here from Miami six months ago it is the gayest city on in the east/south point. The ratio out is the 15 to 1. Women are scared to date men that live in the city because of the DL men. If your a single man it’s no problem finding a woman oout here. And when I talk they know I’m not from here. It’s screwed up out. I live in northren atlanta. I dont see gay mutherfuckas in my area.

  • Wendell Tesch

    Is definitely blogengine much better than live journal in a roundabout way? Ought to be as it would be ever more popluar nowadays.