Just how gay is Atlanta, anyway? I'd investigate myself, but I wouldn't want to fall victim to a reverse hate crime. Lord knows I'm still recovering from that "this hamburger has AIDS" scene from the first season of True Blood.

Someone probably should have a look though. Atlanta is one of the biggest cities in hip-hop these days. Someone with the information and the math skills would have to conduct the analysis, but I wouldn't be surprised if Atlanta rap albums sell way better than New York rap albums at this point, even with Def Jam making bulk purchases of albums by its own artists. It'd be a trip, if Atlanta turned out to be the black equivalent of San Francisco or some such.

I've seen enough evidence to suggest that it probably is, on the basis that where there's smoke there's fire, stereotypes tend to be based in truth, etc., but you never can be too sure. For example, I was informed the other day, in the comments section of a post on my own site about how Atlanta might be on the DL, collectively, that Atlanta isn't so much on the DL as it is plain ol' teh ghey. However, you'd be hard pressed (nullus) to find a suspect black man in Atlanta who would cop to being a brownie hound. Trey Songz, Pastor Ma$e, Tyler Perry, Teh Gyant? All supposedly straight as an arrow. Name one admittedly teh ghey black guy from Atlanta. See, you can't do it.

A few years ago, there was this great video some guy made of how tranny hookers had just completely taken over this one neighborhood down there. It was like a scene right out of these zombie movies. It looked like a more or less normal neighborhood, but there were tranny hookers all over the place. You could hardly drive down the street, without having to swerve around them. I was gonna post the video on my own site, to suggest that it's statistically very probable that you could accidentally pick up a tranny hooker in Atlanta, but it was removed from YouTube before I got a chance. I guess it violated the tranny hookers' right to privacy. You know how the best videos on YouTube are always getting removed on some ol' bullshit. On the other hand, there wasn't a "girl" in that video I'd cop a $15 blowski from. So who knows?

I heard recently, on Tariq Nasheed's Mack Lessons Radio Show, that a song called "Addicted to Boyz," by a teh ghey rapper named J.R., aka Gay Rapper Jr. (who's Gay Rapper Sr., Kanye West?), is actually played on the radio down in Atlanta. But it wasn't clear to me if he was saying that this song really does come on the radio down there, or that Atlanta is so teh ghey that a song like "Addicted to Boyz" by Gay Rapper Jr. could actually be played on the radio down there. I raised the issue on - again - my own site, but the response was inconclusive. Most were just upset that there could be a rap video that's so teh ghey, and that I would post it on my site without issuing much of a warning. (My bad, guys.) Indeed, the video for "Addicted to Boyz" is way more bothersome, in a purely objective sense, than any number of straight videos that have been removed from YouTube. (Or so I've heard.) Don't let me find out YouTube is part of some conspiracy on behalf of the TIs to spread teh gheyness in the black community.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. I'm just saying. Different communities have different norms. One of the reasons I'm considered such an iconoclast on the Internets is because I grew up in the Midwest, where people still have values. When I was in high school, it was nothing for a math teacher/wrestling coach to come up to you between classes and tell you you looked like a fag. If this were in San Francisco or somewhere, he probably would have been on the news. But why? Yeah, he probably could have used a better choice of words, but what if it's important to a kid that he doesn't look like a fudge, and he unwittingly wore something suspect, because you know how high school kids can fall victim to trends, and, in all likelihood, your mom - rather than your father - is buying all of your clothes?

I read a story on CNN the other day about the new dress code at Morehouse, and I was taken aback by the list of things that were banned: makeup, dresses, purses, high heel shoes. And I got to thinking, if Morehouse has enough of a problem with men showing up to school dressed like Madea, it must be the gayest college evar. The school I went to has been around since 1867, and I doubt its ever seen a male student walking around with a purse. Not even a foreign exchange student from Europe. (Most of our foreign students were imported from Africa, slavey-style, to help pad the number of "black" students on campus out to 3%.) In my post, I raised the question of whether or not this is true, but the response was - again - inconclusive. I thought this might have been a matter of proud Morehouse men not willing to cop to just how teh ghey their school has gotten, but then it occurred to me that they might just lack a proper frame of reference.

Like hip-hop circa 2009, Atlanta might only seem teh ghey when compared to something decidedly less teh ghey. At any rate, it's hardly any wonder hip-hop is in the state that it's in, when so much of it comes from such a suspect city.