“Can’t Stop Now”

XXL whats poppin’?

Blog # 4 already.

Shout out to all the cats that posted comments about my top albums list. I admit I missed a few cats. Its all good, I’m hype to see where 4th quarter goes.

I want to hear those Eminem/Just Blaze songs ASAP! Also going to go buy that Royce CD: Street Hop. I’m sure it’s going to be fire. I also forgot to mention my mixtape albumTime Machine. Don’t sleep on that, it’s a banging cd.

But today I brought ya’ll a brand new exclusive track…. It’s called “Can’t Stop Now” off my man DC the MIDI Alien’s album Avengers Radio Vol. 1. If ya’ll don’t know about DC that boy is a problem on the beats and the cuts. Hope ya’ll enjoy the song.

So as ya’ll probably know by now, I’ve been working hard body on this 1982 album. I wrote this new song called “Still Waiting” the beat is insane. Look out for that coming soon.

I’m out gotta hit the car wash and clean up the new Termanology wrapped van. Until next time ya’ll be safe and hit up the site…Termanologymusic.com


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  • General

    Ya know OJ may not be as dumb as I thought…


    • O2theC

      i’ll admit he’s been a let dwn with these blogs, but musically u cant compare OJ 2 term, they’re in different classes completely. term is a true MC keepin the essence alive while OJ is jus…
      well its kinda hard 2 put into words, hes jus trash, i dnt c the appeal at all. i like intelligent rap, sumthin 2 give me sum mental stimulation, but every nw an then i like 2 dumb out wiv sum less lyrical artists, dre, snoop, 50 but at least its still good music. OJ da juice man needs 2 get the fuck outta here with that ay ay bullshit, call me a hater but wateva man.

      • General

        My point is simply that neither one can figure out what a blog is…

        Your right that Term is more lyrical and I’m not a fan of OJ, but unfortunately OJ is actually more relevant in the game right now than Term…

        He could have done himself a favor this week with the exposure, but blew it by providing twitter updates under the headline of a blog

        • render

          nigga please

          xxl blogs are cool but there’s no real exposure here. Same few dozen ppl read this shit every week and they’re the type of internet heads who already knew who term was

        • General

          You might want to check the comments sections on Mike Bigga’s Guest blog and maybe you would see that there are quite a few people that check these blogs…

          As far as Term, your right most internet heads have heard his music, which is why the way he has approached this blog is even more ignorant

  • Hanch

    His Blogs weren’t the best but that song is pretty dope. I will check out his music more now because of it. I wasnt all that familiar with Term b4 this week and im still not but i know i like that song he put up!

  • Chilly Willy

    A new van, huh !

    Lemme guess: the name of the crew is A-Term ?

    For real though, the song is nice holmes. Keep grindin. I’ll be checkin for those joints. On the flipside, the blog game ain’t all that.




    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      Naw. His blog game is garb.

      Bigga already provided the vaccine so we don’t get sick from these “twogs” other cats be posting. Term must have read the board ’cause he’s not promoting his “high” anymore.

      Skyzoo/Mc Lyte/Mike Bigga=Treacherous 3 of blogs

      Decent cut Term.


  • O2theC

    yh unfortunatley OJ is more revelant but thats the way it goes, the weak ignorant bullshit rap sells an the dopest MC’s get none ov the exposure or marketing behind them. as a artist myself jus tryna make sum good music i say fuck record sales, i’d rather be broke an respected as a dope lyricist than be rich an jus anuva cog in the machine.
    Real MC’s do it 4 the luv of the culture nt monetary gain. we should neva ov let the corporations get their grubby mits on this thing ov ours.

  • FlapJack


  • Grenade

    That was a tight track with a tight beat.

    Can’t wait to hear more from Term.

    And yeah, you NEED to get that Stret Hop Royce just put out! its fire.

    check out his video “Part Of Me” one of the best story raps/video ever