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Who among us doesn’t know that these are bees? Forget the fact that I have assembled them for the photo, are you telling me that the American education system is no longer providing students the tools to recognize one of the hardest working animals within this planet’s ecosystem? Unless that is LatinoHeat was educated abroad and then I can understand shit. People with foreign education generally consider the Americas to be one continent and they totally disregard Antartica.

And speaking of education I imagine that all the Jigga fans watched their boy on the Bill Maher show last weekend? Jay-Z came off as bright and a bit effusive while noticing that Bill Maher obviously didn’t know a damn thing about him or his work. I like that Bill Maher had an intern transcribe all of Jay-Z’s lyrics and place them in a leather bound book. Jay-Z looked totally surprised that he had created that many lyrics. I think Jay-Z judges the volume of his efforts by the things he acquires with them. There simply a collection of songs that has allowed him to buy a Maybach or ten.

I remember when I was the only dude on the web that criticized Jay-Z for not writing down his lyrics. Tons f Jay fans rushed to defend his creative process as one where the editing benefits of the paper and pen were negligible against the outcome of songs that made them dance and go to the mall to buy shirts that were “button ups”. It was the end result that made all the difference and not the journey it took to get there that mattered. Who was I, a broke ass writer, to condemn someone who was wealthy beyond all imagination for not writing. If anything, being a rich non-writer does seem to be better than being a fiscally challenged writer. Sheeeeeeid, I can even agree with that logic.

My argument wasn’t really about Jay-Z not being a writer as much as it was about the process that one takes to achieve their maximun potential. There is no way that Shawn Carter could have ever become Jay-Z without accumulating volumes of rhymebooks. For him to deny that is the heresy. And now we have a generation of artists that have come after him that don’t recognize the benefits of being able to visually and physically edit themselves so that their content can match their mind’s eye. I’m sure Lil’ Wayne would be a decent rapper if he used a pad and pen. For crissakes, the dude was signed to Ca$h Money when he was 9yrs old.

When I was 9yrs old I was hell’a into comicbooks. I was always hoping to find a character that I felt like I could embody. Black characters in comics used to suck back in the days. Everyone had to be called ‘Black’ something, even if there wasn’t a white counterpart. I always wondered what would have happened if Misty Knight decided to become an international spy like Natasha Romanova. Would they have called her Black Black Widow? I ask the questions that no one else asks mainly because no one else really gives a fux. Shout to iFux. But I digress…

Jay-Z is officially Jordan in the Wizard’s jersey. The Hall of Fame nomination was secured a long time ago. During the Dynasty period in my opinion. It has been past the time for the torch to be properly passed to the next one. At least Jordan in the Wizards era knew this and was busy seeking to draft and cultivate young talent to help his team win. He wasn’t hogging the ball or taking too many ill-advised shots. Jordan was definitely a mortal without his homey Scottie Pippen to take some of the pressure from him. Blueprint 3 won’t be the last Jay-Z album but I hope its the last one that he decides to record without the assistance of the pad and the pen, or even the Blaxberry.

Even Jay-Z can’t be young forever.

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  • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

    Co-Sign all day. He just sounds lazy on BP3…writing down the rhymes gives you the extra punch.

    Meanwhile, OB4CL2 immediately takes me back to the glory days of the 90′s when I put it on.

    “Magic marker rap bleed Benetton…”

  • john gone

    comparing jay-z to jordan in the wizards? wow! how creative!

  • General

    Good post DP!

    I get tired of everybody tryin to emulate that shit, braggin that they don’t write lyrics, because they wanna be like Jay…

    The problem is that artists like Wayne think this is the thing to do and their lyrics are all over the place instead of bein cohesive…

    What passes for a Jay verse anymore is a few lines with a Master P “UGGGHHHH” thrown in every bar…

    Jay has the credintials to be considered on the greats without question, but that doesn’t mean that his current music is great

  • Grand Prixx

    wut u pierzy,i been telling niggas 4 da last 2 weeks dat Blueprint 3 was not gonna meet expectatons and my niggas response was “but it will still sell..” smh

  • Enlightened

    Damn Dallas, NOT YOU TOO!

    Why can’t any of y’all understand what dude is saying? He even explained it on Bill Maher (I admit not that well).


    I’m speaking from experience because I’ve done it. You just recite… say…two bars over and over until you memorize that

    “when the Remy’s in the system ain’t no tellin will I fuck or will I dis ‘em that’s what I be yellin”

    You may say those bars 10-20 times or whatever. Then once you memorize those lines you add the next and keep saying that shit over and over in your head until it’s memorized

    “when the Remy’s in the system ain’t no tellin will I fuck or will I dis ‘em that’s what I be yellin/ I’m a pimp by blood not relation/ y’all be cha-son/ I replace em”

    Then on to the next. The shit is really writing in your head. I’m speaking from experience. I’ve done it. I prefer the pen and notebook myself, but for example I was driving to a studio with some niggas one time 45 minutes away and I didn’t have my 16 finished so I threw the instrumental on in the car and did it that way. By the time we jumped off the highway I had my verse.

    Now Wayne and a lot of these other niggas took it the wrong way and used it as an excuse to get high as you can and freestyle, then go back and correct it when you fuck up.

    Didn’t you hear Jay-Z say he may have to play the song back 1000 times until he has it. It is a real writing process, where you write it AND edit it write there in your head, rehearsin it while you go.

    I keep hearing bloggers, journalists and even insider hip-hop people act like they don’t understand the difference and I don’t see what’s so hard about understanding that shit.

    • http://callmephlip.blogspot.com/ Phlip

      I’m with you, that is the only way that made sense to me.
      Anyone with any sense knows you can’t expect someone to go in the booth and totally Rain Man a verse or song and have it actually come off anything more than, well, retarded.

    • P. Harris


      still though, I wonder if they did write, would it make their rhymes better?

      • Detroit P

        Co-sign..it’s just different creative process’ some people need to write it down, some people need to do it in their head…writing it down has nothing to do with coming up with the lyrics…even the people who write have to come up with the words IN THEIR HEADS first..they just write it down so they don’t forget…..SMH at these losers on here complaning because a rapper is using his brain…Jay never said he was freestyling songs, there is a difference

    • http://www.sylermusic.com Syler

      @ Enlightened

      I see what you are saying kid, don’t get it twisted but those lines you happened to pick out are Biggie lyrics that Jay happened to use.

      • Enlightened

        Well, I do know that, but it was just an example of the process. Honestly, that’s the first Jay-Z lyrics that came to my head because I’ve never been a fan of dude at all. I’m more Nas/Pac/Twista with mines.

        But yeah I know that came from the song with Biggie and Short Dog

        • http://www.sylermusic.com Syler

          No doubt, and the truth is, A LOT of Jay-Z quotables post Reasonable Doubt are originally Biggie lines anyway.

        • Detroit P

          Please stop Lying…Maybe 1-5% of Jay-Z’s rhymes are bitten, considering how many songs and freestyles this dude has..you letting your ignorance and Hate bleed thru.

        • http://www.sylermusic.com Syler

          I know you, you are one of the guys who always has something to say about what someone else says, you interject, and then you get clowned on. I’ll tell you what, why don’t you go tally every rhyme Jay has ever spit and then do a statistical analysis of those which are derived from another mc. If it is 1-5% as you say, I will admit I was off base to make that claim. And you confuse hate with my opinion? I actually am a big fan of Jay, always have been, but there are quite a few lines that stand out, to me personally, that Jay has not originated. Do they stand out to me because I recognized them, or because they were that dope? I guess that’s a separate discussion. Go listen to Cam’s “Swagger Jacker”. Is he one of the greatest? Absolutely. Maybe you just have Biggie envy?

        • http://www.sylermusic.com Syler

          My bad for the hostility.

        • Detroit P

          I know you
          I thought I told you to stop Lying.

          listen to Cam’s “Swagger Jacker”.
          I’ve heard it (Cma didn’t create that by the way, he just took it from someone else and talked on it), it’s about 7 minutes long..with the one’s he missed we’ll say 8 minutes…Jay-Z’s discography is like 20 hours long…do the Math

        • http://www.sylermusic.com Syler

          No doubt champ

  • epinz

    dp, what it is hommie?

    u hit the $ wit this one. look at ti, look how much better he was by simply writing his lyrics down. nggz got that shit from big and ran with it. bp3 is str8 but looks like shit in comparison to ob4cl2 which is a modern day classic. i c j stans talkin bout if u wanna hear the old j to buy his old albums and that hes doin sumtn new while everybody else is stuck in the past but yet he calls the album bp3? why name it that i ur not tryin to compare it tothe other albs in te trity? who the fuck only watches star wars or rocky without comparing it to its previous instalments? rae managed to make somethin new while still keepin the original feel. ngz wana act like we wanna here the old shit, we dnt want the old shit as far as music, want that quality from back in the days, and unfortunatly, j aint deliver on this one.

  • epinz

    dp, what it is hommie?

    u hit the $ wit this one. look at ti, look how much better he was by simply writing his lyrics down. nggz got that shit from big and ran with it. bp3 is str8 but looks like shit in comparison to ob4cl2 which is a modern day classic. i c j stans talkin bout if u wanna hear the old j to buy his old albums and that hes doin sumtn new while everybody else is stuck in the past but yet he calls the album bp3? why name it that i ur not tryin to compare it to the other albums in te trinity? who the fuck only watches star wars or rocky without comparing it to its previous instalments? rae managed to make somethin new while still keepin the original feel. ngz wana act like we wanna here the old shit, we dnt want the old shit as far as music, want that quality from back in the days, and unfortunatly, j aint deliver on this one.

  • Dallas Penn

    I understand that he memorizes his lines, but the process that you and Jay-Z use doesn’t usually engender the best results.

    If that verse that you dropped at the studio was something that you had given more time(and subsequently a better effort) too don’t you think you could have found a higher level?

    FYI, the Jay-Z verse you quoted was also something he lifted from another rapper. That results a Fail for trying to defend his ‘headwriting’ method.

    • Brahsef

      DP, I think you’re trying to think about writing lyrics from your perspective instead of Jay’s. No lie that the pen and pad work better for 99% of rappers out there, but some people’s minds just work differently. Example, there was this one cat in my calc class in high school that would just do every problem in his head and if he would show his work he’d make more stupid mistakes. Dude was a weird motherfucker though.

      I know you don’t want to think Jay’s mind’s on a different level, but dudes crafted 3 classic albums (Reasonable, Blueprint, and I personally think the Black album). And add to the fact no rapper has ever stayed within the mainstream after so many albums, Jay’s style has done right.

      That being said…he is on that Wizards tip right now. Not feeling BP3 so far.

      • epinz

        @ brahsef

        I think ll and busta can both contend if not (in lls case) surpass j’s longevity in the mainstream game

        • Brahsef

          LL and Busta? Really man? I mean I know people know them, but LL’s relegated to doing cheesy ass Old Spice commercials and Busta made “Arab Money”.

          I’ll give that people still know them but Jay’s had what is it, like 10 #1 albums or something like that. That is staying on top of the mainstream. Hell, I wanna say his best album is the only one that didn’t go number one.

      • DetroitDraper

        You pretty much canceled out your whole argument with that one last line.

        MAYN HOL’UP

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

      Notorious B.I.G.

    • Enlightened


      Nah really, like i said I don’t like to do that, so I don’t really do that. I did a time or two for a verse here or there when I needed to,
      but I like to write things down and see them.

      But to answer your other question, no it wouldn’t have really been better if I wrote it. I hope I’m explaning this right, but it actually took more time to do it that way because you have to remember it as you go. That same verse that I may have done like that in 45 minutes would have taken me 15-30 minutes to write. But if you do it like that, you actually are doing it exactly as you would write it because you are ACTUALLY writing it. You are just combining the writing proces with the “remembering” process.

      So that, a person who writes his 3 verses, will then pick up the paper and start a whole new process of remembering them, or he’ll jump right in the booth and record it. If that’s the case, he’ll go through a “remembering” process when he’s listening to it playback through the studio speakers.

      So, the only real difference is he has trained his mind to do those processes together.

      For whole albums, that shit is amazing. I’m not saying I’m him, but I’ve done it for a verse or two.
      Somebody mentioned T.I. above, but T.I. even admitted he “freestyled” when he wasn’t using paper. That’s different and that’s some bullshit. You’re cheating the fans because they don’t know any better. Listen to his verses on the “I like my beat down low…top back” song compared to “Live Your Life.” A lot of these niggas do that.

      But Jay-Z (and Biggie) would come with the same shit whether he wrote it down or not. If you think he fell off, it’s not because of that. For real.

    • DetroitDraper

      The main point DP was trying to convey is that yes Jigga can make good lyrics straight off the dome in your internal rhyme book esq fashion but just imagine how much greater they could be with the work of a pad and pen which would eliminate some of the memory building buildin skill but at the same time increase the room you have to think of relevent and creative rhymes.


    • HIPHOP

      I don’t usually comment on your blogs, but for the most part, you make perfect sense and should be respected. However, i disagree with on a number of things. The idea that Jay needs to write to make his words/rhymes more cohesive is not necessarily completely true, cuz there has been work on every release thats very coherent, cohesive, pause worthy, clever shit.

      Just opinion, but the track “So Ambitious” he murdered that joint.

      “Thank You’, killed it.

      And to think that he could create that all without writing it down is commendable on my part, now to be fair there has been lack luster verses and songs that this guy did, but c’mon look at Allure from the Black Album, or Beach Chair from Kingdom Come?

      I think it coming off the top makes the words/rhymes a bit more organic.

      Good post tho.


    • these posts are racist


      No, writing it down does not necessarily take it to a higher level. Spitting from your heart with the beat creates the best art…writing it does not, there’s no proof to your theory.

      Also, quoting BIG is appropriate and Hip Hop…nothing wrong with it. Indeed, Jay, is Big enough to do it…he’s simply bigging up his bourough or whatever you guys call your provinces…and bigging up his brother.

    • SbuJah

      I think dudes have serious lack of comprehension skills in this commentary section… i totally agree with you, a pen and a pad does add something extra… because even picasso/da vinci/van gogh etc all had a book of sketches… a book of ryhmes is just a way to capture that ryhme that doesnt fit right in the first verse but is going to kill in the 3rd… with just pure memory you not going to remember all the discarded lines…

  • popular to hate

    lol its such a trend to hate, he is jordan in wizards jersey he needs scottie i bet you think Raekwon outshined him and OBLC 2 is a classic and better than BP3 right? whatever man its so easy just to hate on dude it has become a trend how bout sayin something nice dynasty era huh i bet you were one of the same guys that said that album sucked and now its better than bp3, whatever next year you will say this album was good and the next one he should retire. such a trendy thing to say.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Yo, fuck a pen and a pad.

    I use Microsoft Word and a USB drive.

    Sometimes I couldn’t get my thoughts down fast enough while writing, so switching to the computer helped immensely. Plus, you can re-arrange, insert, and delete a lot more efficiently than with a pen and paper.

    I don’t knock Jay’s ability to memorize lines, though. I wish I had the time or motivation to train myself to do it. When you think about it, though, that’s why Jay’s shit never sounds too deep. I doesn’t reflect that he spent time trying to make it perfect, just getting it out was enough for him.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • P. Harris

      co-sign Matt Herbz

      Only time I use paper is if it’s 2 or 3 of us at the crib and we are collaborating on a song. Other then that most of my shit is on Word.

  • Dallas Penn

    It’s not just important to be able to write. A lot of you numbskulls don’t know how to read first. Being a discerning listener is not being a h8r. Calling someone a h8r because they think outside of the box shows you to ba a coward. Think for yourself. Stand up on your own two, you’ll be a better man for that.

    Yes, OB4CL2 is a better album than Blueprint3. it just is. Simple and plain. This drop here isn’t about BP3 h8 you simpleton coward. It’s about how to make BP4 better.

    You do know there will be a BP4 right?

    • HIPHOP

      BP3>OBFCL2….all day son.

      • RiZob

        aww, you were so close…the correct answer is…..

        Deeper Than Rap> OBFCL2> B3

        *i have no idea why people are callin it “BP3″ Blueprint is one word! it should go by “B3″…(just a personal rant LOL)*

  • UNITURN2000

    Why does jay have to be a jordan in a wizards jersey? why cant he be a lamar odom or a chris bosh or a dwayne wade. We all know kobe and lebron are the 2 best players but wade is right up there with them. yea jordan retired but thats a physical sport, this is mental. pick 5 people that have radio play right now that are better than jay

  • UNITURNZ2000

    Why does jay have to be a jordan in a wizards jersey? why cant he be a lamar odom or a chris bosh or a dwayne wade. We all know Kobe and Lebron are the 2 best players but wade is right up there with them. Yea jordan retired but that is a physical sport, this is mental. Pick 5 people that have radio play right now that better than jay.

    • SbuJah

      radio play/lack of radio play does not make for a better/worse rapper!!!

      DOOM’s Born like this > BP3 (DOOM has no radio play but his album is way better)

  • awesome arsenal

    you’re goin real hard at comparing OBFCL2 with BP3 at almost every breath. i’m a big wu and jay fan so to pit them against each other is almost sacrilgious. you do know they both can make good music don’t you? i’m hoping both are albums are great but your shitting on jay at every turn under the guise of biggin up rae/wu is extremely counter productive. i’m buying both.

    if you’re taking the jay=jordan analogy then yeah, i can see how you think jay influenced the younger rappers to not write the same way jordan made everyone think that one guy could win a chip by himself(even though every real basketball fan knows he didn’t). every business copycats so owners went out and tried to build their teams the same way re:vince,iverson etc… with little success. f**ked the league up for a while, sure but it really just showed you how every the media hype can blind common sense(no lonnie lynn)if it’s the popular opinion. but jordan didn’t make them do anything, they did it on their own admiring him.

    jay didn’t make any construct their raps like him, they did it on their own so to attempt to blame the current state of hiphop on him is reaching. just like downing him for his drugdealing past when wu has that shit all through their rhymes is reaching. just like you shittin on the gangbangers in rap when the wu was clearly a gang in their own right considering all the affiliates and such(or does that not count because they don’t have a wu-walk dance?).

    i love wu to death but your beginning to sound like some evangelist or faux news the way all your drops have been tilting with the unwarranted attacks.

    you act like hov told you not to write, no, hov does that but that don’t mean you have to go do that

    • SbuJah

      “when wu has that shit all through their rhymes is reaching” –

      DIFFERENCE being the WU use it in the context of albums and entertainment… in interviews, branding etc they never pushed it like it was a step up/out the hood and it was the thing to do… unlike jiggaboo

      dude just remember this hip hop thing is entertainment and art… so dont get the lines blurred

  • capcobra

    dp..first i’d like to apologize for disrespecting the polo brand yesterday..i ain’t have my cinnamon toast crunch champ…i was completely outta control when i used the words “rugged and polo” in the same thought….i meant rugged in a bulky moutain boot sense dp..my fault..i should know better champ..bk niguz hold the word “rugged” to high standards..my fault my dude….other than tho’..how ether start?

  • Avenger XL

    OK that’s it the only thing I am going to check for Dallas Pen on is comic books. Since I am a fan myself.

    Jay-Z writes rhymes in his head like enlightened said and his new material isn’t terrible i.e. Jordan in the wizard outfit bad. It is not to the liking of the mature hip-hop crowd but it isn’t bad. BP3 isn’t a classic but it doesn’t suck by far. I will be listening to both it and OB4CL 2 until January at least skipping the songs that I ain’t feeling. Yes I perfer OB4CL 2 to BP3 overall but that is because I like that grimey sound more than the polished pop ish. Jay-Z made hip-pop you can bump without looking like one of those poser clowns who trend jump at will.

    As I continue to state in these posts cats want Jay-Z to do some pure NY grime type ish again with much heavier lyricism because that is when we all became fans. But don’t forget he has given us different looks throughout his career and this new effort speaks to a different time. Don’t forget Jay and Raekwon are on different teirs of the same game.

    • David HussleSoft

      co-sign I think their trying to entertain two different audiences at this point.

  • awesome arsenal

    i didn’t hear all the jay vs rae when immoblarity came out against whatever jay had out at the time

  • David HussleSoft

    I think Dallas Penn does not really like Jay-Z and probably never did and thats kool. But stating that OBFLC2 is better then BP3 like its fact is wrong. I think people forget that music is art and art is subjective and opinion. Too many times in hip-hop people forget that. I have not listened to either album or any of the singles Im waiting for both the albums to drop I will buy them both and then I will listen to them and their predecessors to form my own opinion.

    • Enlightened

      I agree because I’m the only nigga I know that didn’t like The Black Album at all but thought Kingdom Come was tight.

      I kept challenging my niggas to sit down at the same time as me and listen to The Black Album and point out the songs that were supposed to be great. I was skippin most of em (because of the beats).

      But all I hear is how Kingdom Come is trash and everybody accepts that as a fact. When I heard that shit, I was feelin most of that shit.

      So, co-sign that it is definitely subjective and opinion.

      • DetroitDraper

        Im with you on that one Enlightened. I really enjoyed Kingdom Come,the Black album was just so monumental.

        MAYN HOL’UP

  • Avenger XL

    Also I would say all of the cats who took Jays I don’t write rhymes on paper line out of context are the rappers like lil wayne who were jocking JAy-z on some single white female shit hoping to take the crown. They felt if Jay is claiming this the best must not write which is bull. Like I said before everyone has a creative process Wayne and all those idiots who jumped on the I don’t write bandwagon needs to get their own process instead of trying to take the next mans. What if Jay had said he don’t take a bath for weeks when he records would they follow that too? Really

    Also your picks are getting worse DP. Slaughterhouse,Asher Roth(Natch),Em did his numbers but Em could release fart sounds on disc and go platinum a lot like Lil wayne can.

    • General

      “Also your picks are getting worse DP. Slaughterhouse,Asher Roth(Natch),Em”

      His picks are getting worse? Lets see, Slaughterhouse…did they put out one of the better quality CD’s this year? YES

      Em…did he put one of the better quality Cd’s this year? YES

      OBFCL2…is it one of the best CD’s this year? YES

      The only agreement you’ll get from me is Asher

      Other than that I really don’t see what your argument is, unless you are only talking about sales, in which case, remember sales does not equal quality

      • Avenger XL

        1. Only the word stans and net flys will agree with you about slaughterhouse. I bought the cd to support them because I want them to win and do more work. But on the real that cd is solid but I am getting tired of rapping ass rappers rapping to stans and rappers. If they had really got a producer and went into song mode these cats could have done something huge.

        2.EM can sell a cd of fart sounds due to his brand name. Encore was god awful but due to his brand name it was still a successful product. Em is a dope emcee in fact one of the dopest but this new cd finds him working the same old tired formula. The beats are solid but nothing worth a discussion and that annoying voice was grating. Not only that but the whole whiteboy saying crazy ish doesn’t entertain me as well as it used to. I guess I am growing up.

        3. OBFCL2 this is the only pick he is dead on about. This is possibly the dopest ish I have heard all year. Notice I didn’t mention it in my slight to DP.


        • $ykotic/Don McCaine

          Point #1 is solid as hell. I supported, yet was perplexed as to how they didn’t follow the “Move On” formula, which was song mode that got them the super buzz in the first place.

  • awesome arsenal

    yeah, ll’s longevity is somewhat of a hustler on a block that ended up strung out but won’t die and he’s still on the same block. his mainstream years are decades behind him

  • Chigur

    The more I read your drops, the more I appreciate somebody who thinks the same.
    This is Jay playing for the Wizards, no doubt. And the “no written rhymes” thing is just a gimmick for show.

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

    Good ass drop, DP.

    The younger generation heard what Jay said, heard what TI said, & misconstrued the concept. Anyone who labels themselves as writers knows that, generally speaking, a pen & paper is their sword & shield.

    When Jay was younger, it was probably more feasible for him not to write down his raps, for whatever reason, & that was the mechanic that worked for him. I’m sure if he were crafting books, magazine articles or school lessons, it wouldn’t work out quite the same. Some people just exercise that muscle, pe se, & a rapper can usually get away with that no-writing process if it’s absolutely necessary.

    A person still has to come up with material in their head before they write it down, so it’s the same process, with or without a few tweaks.

    I’m a writer first & foremost, so I get why you’re so adamant on that point, dp.

    Enlightened pretty much sums it all up, though.

  • HERM

    I agree DP. I’ll still cop BP3 because I’ve been a fan, but lately Hov hasn’t really been doing it for me. (NO HATE.) Seems the hunger’s gone, and honestly I think a guy like Beans been putting out much better verses as of late, but no one’s gonna pay attention.

    I remember when rappers were talking shit about how they don’t write. I seen a video of Lil’ Flip in the booth trying to memorize shit, and was like, “Man, just get outta there and hit the pen and the pad. Please!” Everyone oughta, (with the exception of the YOUNG Jay) you’re not Big.

  • http://www.incilin.blogspot.com Incilin

    For the record, I don’t believe Jay’s bullshit claims about never writing nothing down and doing everything in one take. Dude spits brilliant verses on his albums (tho not so much on BP3) but when he freestyles on Hot 97 or on stage, his rhymes is quite meh. There’s no way he’s not writing his stuff down at one point or another.

  • Sincere

    DP i get what your saying. But I think people misunderstand Jay’s whole “i don’t write” the guy doesn’t just go in the booth and spit a whole song. He’ll spit something then come back and add on to it, so in reality there still is that editing aspect that you would get with the pen and pad. It something he adapted because he couldn’t always have a pen and pad with him.

  • east new yawk

    there’s way to many quotable’s on bp3 to compare jay to Jordan on the wizards. why didn’t u say raekwon needed to retire after that abortion immobilarity, i’m sure he wrote down every verse and it coulda been used for toilet paper for what it was worth.

    this whole blog is a sneak diss at jay for no reason other than the fact that jay z is more successful in the rap game than rae. i guarantee u that if jay was ll cool j status noone would compare obfcl2 with bp3. if u hate success just say u hate success, no need for the sneak diss. blaming jay for ti and Wayne’s writing habits is silly. last time i checked people are responsible for their actions.

    u want jay to pass the torch, to who? why? his albums still sell, meaning his fans still like his music. ill never understand hating as people.

    just cuz u have a forum to air your grievance doesn’t make it the end all, be all, of your opinion.

  • epinz

    @brahsef and arsenal

    Yall trippin! Ll been in the game since 85! That’s over 20 years! What j is doin now as far as longevity ll been done like 10 years ago. Jays made more $ and sold more records. Ll is far more accomplished as far as mainstream entertainment( movies,t.v shows, cloths, commercials, made def jam what it is today and is on a new season of csi or sum shit like that) he got a vanguard award when js first album came out! I agree that j is way more in the mainstream than ll is now, but his run isn’t longer than lls. Dnt compare a rods to babe ruth when what a rod is just doin now babe ruth already did! But if anybody can do it, is j!

  • Silly Chilly Willy

    What’s poppin’, Dallas!

    First off this post doesn’t surprise me, since as a reader who has been around here before BXS came out on X-spot, I pretty much get the point you make about the Jay-Z/pen and pad situation. I ain’t mad about anything cause I know you ain’t hating. And you always had the same opinion on that subject.

    Now to just dismiss the homey Enlightened just because he quoted a verse that was borrowed looked childish. You’re better than that. Don’t take it the wrong way, we all family around here. But I ain’t mad at ya. I’m sure for Jay to actually to commit to write down would change the outcome of the whole album. But it could fuck it up too. Jay been in the game for a minute and have switched his style so many times, maybe he already tried your approach, but it didn’t work out for him. We don’t know that. Nas even mentioned once – I could be wrong about the exact words, don’t blame me – that when he lost his rhymebook, he went in the booth recording Illmatic and just tried to recapture what he had. He ended up with a better product…..

    I’m a fan of the Wu (mostly Ghost) and Jay, and I will cop both albums. And I think at this point of the game, there’s a huge difference between BP3 and OB4CL2 that makes them both great albums. OB4CL2 takes you back, make you reminisce of that zone you used to be, that gritty cinematic mafioso spot, and it portrays it masterfully, like you never left. And man, that feels good. On the other hand, BP3 sound like nothing an average hip hop ear have heard. If the verses are subpar for the Jay we used to know, the overall vibe, the cohesion, the subject and the way the story is told give a breath of fresh air and a futuristic contemplation. It sounds just like a victory lap, an effortless (which sometimes can appear lazy) victory lap.

    Just my 2 cents.


    • Mr. North

      Right on the nose!


    All this passing the torch bs need to stop too…yall acting as if wen Jay stop rhymin, someone else gon magically take over.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Like Grand$ said, you gotta create it in the mind before for use the pen & pad. Now, you can spit and let pro tools or Acid clean up/edit your lines.

    Even when I mix I just record the dude’s 16 & ad’s, duplicate both and splice. Saves me the “drunk/high” time of getting it right, which could kill the ears.

    But I myself would write(actually later used a Palm Pilot). Then I could see it, basically PROOF READ, edit, and what I teach the new cats, GET A FEEL OF THE LINES. GET THE RHYME ACROSS WITH EMOTION.

    Which is somewhat what dP is saying.

  • Brooklyn

    well, when you’re spitting biggie’s rhymes you don’t have to write them down. nah, i’m just fucking around, i was a jay fan for years, not so much now though. jay may have had the ability to spit off the dome back in the day and be fire with it, but now he lost that quality. so, what he needs to do now is buy him a 99 cent composition notebook, a bic pen, and lock himself in a room and write shit down until he comes up with another classic, because when your protege out raps you on your own song, you know you need to step your game up.

  • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

    I don’t give a fuck I’m getting both albums, BP3 and OB4CL2. I heard BP3 (I mean B3, my bad RiZob LOL) and like I said before, it goes hard…beat-wise anyway. The lyrics are ok; got to listen to it again a few times before calling that part out.

    As far as writing with the pen and paper or in your head, I prefer writing with the pen and paper. Just a natural way I do songs I guess. But I don’t think its anything wrong with doing either, as long as what your “writing” per se is coherent and makes sense, not just spitting out your ass like most of these rappers do nowadays.

  • Dr Flav

    I posted a cool ass comment on this topic Dallas, I hope you see it. I can’t stand this site because its a waste of time commenting when your shit has to be scrutinized and also I cant blog from my phone on here like back in the day.

  • king blair

    DALLAS HOP OFF Rae’s SACK, OB4CL2 is good but far from classic its too long and lacks the soul of the 1st. It is a good album but overrated. Its the Ether/ Takeover debate, when people forget that battle aside Jay still had the better product on the shelves and it changed the game. OB4CL2 doesnt bring anything new to the table or take chances it lacks the 1 thing BP3 has and thats adventure. Jay aint afraid to take chances and “Thank You” lyrically is to dope to comprehend. Jay aint tryna stay in a lane he shows growth and even in its lowest moments shows the promise of an artist who is trying to create art. For my money.
    BP3 > OB4CL

    • BIGNAT

      bleek is that you nigga

  • http://AHH ruste_kjuxx

    you mean to tell me “what we talkin bout”, “thank you”, “venus vs mars”, and “already home” dont move you lyrically?. any of yall gonna honestly sit there and say thats lazy?. c’mon son!

  • http://www.blaccdiamondconsultingfirm.com BLACCX


  • Dallas Penn

    You sound like a fake ass cliche.

    OB4CL2 is a better rap album because it knocks. Period. I haven’t hated on BP3 but it damn sure could have been better. I’m not talking about a classic album that I will listen to 10 yrs from now, but one where the lead artist is transcendant.

    I will even go as far as to say the construction of BP3 would have been better if Jay-Z didn’t have to rhyme as much. Could Jay-Z have turned in an album that required as many bars as Relapse or Born Like This? Hell no.

    If Jay had used more features on this album it would have allowed him to memorize even less rhymes therefore the ones he committed to memory would have been awesome all the time. The fact that Jay-Z is better than 87.5% of rappers means that he is no longer in the top 10% percentile.

    There are 12.5% rappers doing it stronger, better, faster, harder [ll]. Don’t h8 me for telling you that Jay is now in the second tier of rappers.

    • king blair

      You say Jay aint top ten are you nuts? The flow and word play on Thanks You was ill, my only beef with the album is timbos production cuz hov comes off on almost the whole joint. Its a shame that when you are as great as Jay has been you only are measured to your past works when he is attempting to grow as a artist. And BigNat you fat head fool you just a Jay hater and Tez gonna be in town 8am sat so holla. But I digress Ob4CL2 was great to me but it was no songs on there that connected with me like the original or like some of the songs connected with me offa BP3. Music is all about connection and both albums in my opinion are worth being bought

  • these posts are racist


    Jay Z doesn’t create his music in the manner he does because he wants to look cool, but rather, that’s how it comes out. When one raps and raps and raps and raps all the time for years, it becomes natural. And often times, the most creative and awesome raps come when you just start spitting and not writing and revising. Moreover, Jay does not flow off the top, rather, he listens to a beat and starts “writing” the rhymes in his head and edits it, there. That means he has a great memory, not a complete freestyle ability.

    The reason people write in the first place, is to preserve…Indeed, during the beginning period of Islam, nobody wrote down anything and the Quran was memorized by a “Hafiz”. The Hafiz, pre-Islam was usually a poet who used to create rhymes/poems, memorize them and recite them during competition.

    This method was used to preserve the Qu’ran, prior to it being written down into book form, something that took place after the Prophet Mohammed’s death. So, Jay Z’s style, i actually Orthodox…(no side curls) and your idea…is “new” school, depending on time/frame of reference, playboy.

  • http://www.justice.gov.za GO-Getta’

    If the shoe fits y change the size,ya dig?

    Writin’ down or not usining pad & pen does’nt give u an ‘xtra punch.

    Is focus ladies & gentlemen.
    Jay has made a lot of money & i wonder if there r people around him the studio who may have the nerve 2 tell him 2 redo his verses,ya dig?

    Same with Wizzy during the mixtape era dude was focused & hungry then he went mainstream with C3 & allas now it’s just auto-tune & baby-makin’ process.

  • Master CHeef

    the reason jay fell off and eminem aint as good as he used to be, but nas and luda still stay killing shit: bud is essential for the introspective thinking it takes to pen a ‘dope verse’, and a must for getting crazy with the rhymes.

    when they quit toking, their rap games suffers tremendously.

  • Master CHeef

    *game suffers
    (before somebody points out the irony in a pro-weed comment having grammatical errors)

  • Serenity Now31

    OB4CL2 is dope, but Rae is still rapping about the same stuff he was on Enter the 36 Chambers. There is no way he’s still slinging crack. If Jay was rapping like he’s still out on the block you guys would rip him apart.


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