wu tang forever

Who among us doesn't know that these are bees? Forget the fact that I have assembled them for the photo, are you telling me that the American education system is no longer providing students the tools to recognize one of the hardest working animals within this planet's ecosystem? Unless that is LatinoHeat was educated abroad and then I can understand shit. People with foreign education generally consider the Americas to be one continent and they totally disregard Antartica.

And speaking of education I imagine that all the Jigga fans watched their boy on the Bill Maher show last weekend? Jay-Z came off as bright and a bit effusive while noticing that Bill Maher obviously didn't know a damn thing about him or his work. I like that Bill Maher had an intern transcribe all of Jay-Z's lyrics and place them in a leather bound book. Jay-Z looked totally surprised that he had created that many lyrics. I think Jay-Z judges the volume of his efforts by the things he acquires with them. There simply a collection of songs that has allowed him to buy a Maybach or ten.

I remember when I was the only dude on the web that criticized Jay-Z for not writing down his lyrics. Tons f Jay fans rushed to defend his creative process as one where the editing benefits of the paper and pen were negligible against the outcome of songs that made them dance and go to the mall to buy shirts that were "button ups". It was the end result that made all the difference and not the journey it took to get there that mattered. Who was I, a broke ass writer, to condemn someone who was wealthy beyond all imagination for not writing. If anything, being a rich non-writer does seem to be better than being a fiscally challenged writer. Sheeeeeeid, I can even agree with that logic.

My argument wasn't really about Jay-Z not being a writer as much as it was about the process that one takes to achieve their maximun potential. There is no way that Shawn Carter could have ever become Jay-Z without accumulating volumes of rhymebooks. For him to deny that is the heresy. And now we have a generation of artists that have come after him that don't recognize the benefits of being able to visually and physically edit themselves so that their content can match their mind's eye. I'm sure Lil' Wayne would be a decent rapper if he used a pad and pen. For crissakes, the dude was signed to Ca$h Money when he was 9yrs old.

When I was 9yrs old I was hell'a into comicbooks. I was always hoping to find a character that I felt like I could embody. Black characters in comics used to suck back in the days. Everyone had to be called 'Black' something, even if there wasn't a white counterpart. I always wondered what would have happened if Misty Knight decided to become an international spy like Natasha Romanova. Would they have called her Black Black Widow? I ask the questions that no one else asks mainly because no one else really gives a fux. Shout to iFux. But I digress...

Jay-Z is officially Jordan in the Wizard's jersey. The Hall of Fame nomination was secured a long time ago. During the Dynasty period in my opinion. It has been past the time for the torch to be properly passed to the next one. At least Jordan in the Wizards era knew this and was busy seeking to draft and cultivate young talent to help his team win. He wasn't hogging the ball or taking too many ill-advised shots. Jordan was definitely a mortal without his homey Scottie Pippen to take some of the pressure from him. Blueprint 3 won't be the last Jay-Z album but I hope its the last one that he decides to record without the assistance of the pad and the pen, or even the Blaxberry.

Even Jay-Z can't be young forever.