BLOG: Why Hasn’t Kanye Gone to Emerald City Yet?

Fuck Taylor Swift, I got a bigger bone to pick with Kanye (pause). Why the fuck hasn’t dude ever produced a song for Ghostface? On several occasions the man has publicly announced his undying admiration for Ghost, especially how he loved Supreme Clientele and that the beats for The Blueprint were originally made with him in mind. Now, it’s been almost ten years, what the hell happened. I know you’re famous and all, and you have bigger people to collaborate with like Jared Leto, but this should have happened a long time ago.

Sure, you got that wack verse (which you thought was super ill in your perpetual modest opinion) on the “Back Like That” remix, but why haven’t you blessed the god with any of your soulful beats yet.

First of all you’re both on the same label. So that’s a big fail on Def Jam’s part. Secondly you claim dude is one of your favorite rappers and third you’re known for helping Common rise from the underground to become a huge commercial star. Not that I can see Ghost appearing on Oprah or sharing screen time with Denzel Washington, but every hip-hop head knows Starks deserves to be much more commercially successful than he is. The man is a beast on the mic and has consistently been putting it down since day one. To be honest GFK doesn’t have a dud in his catalogue – can you say that about anyone else in the rap game? Let’s see if your cosign can put Ghost in the position he needs to be in.

So please, Kanye. Dig back in the vaults and grab up some of that classic Louis Vuitton soul and hook the man up. From what I hear from the new record, The Wizard of Poetry, Ghost still has some heat and he ain’t going anywhere. Let’s make the next Ghost album, ten songs entirely produced by you. Shit, let’s throw some Just Blaze on there too, for good measure. That can be the real Blueprint 3.

Can I get a witness? -Jesse Gissen

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  • Casey

    Money money money money money money money…Ghost’s budget is Madlib numbers, not Yeezy numbers

    • jesse

      come on dude, Common didn’t have that money back then. That’s a poor excuse…

      • Tony Grands

        ChiTown. The Windy City.

        I think ‘Ye will sign Da Brat to a post-prison term recording contract before he gives Starks a banger.

  • fatDAN

    It’s all about the money. Kanye only fucking with Chi town or his daddy Jay-z.

  • Bill Cosby’s Sweater

    Kanye’s too bourgie nowadays to fuck with Ghost.

    • Worley

      Co-sign. I suspect they would get in the studio, Kanyé would get on his alternative- metrosexual sh*t and Ghost would end up slapping the n*gga on some Clyde Smif sh*t.

      As for Ghost albums: only Big Doe Rehab and More Fish, which Ghost himself describes as a compilation of Fishscale throwaways, stand out as albums Ghost could have done without.




  • Pierzy

    Co-Sign everybody else. Ghost won’t put up the cash needed for a Kanye beat and Kanye won’t give away beats for free like Em did with Jay & NaS.

  • http://XXL TheGodJustice

    I’ve always thought the same thing. I actually also thought that GHOST was gonna be on LATE REGISTRATION, from my understanding of KANYE. But it didn’t happen. *shrugs*

    This is some funny shit though, because JUST BLAZE, though he did end up doing a track for GHOST on FISHSCALE (THE CHAMP), he also said that some of those beats from BP1 was intentionally for GHOST. Like “GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS,” was for him, and I think “SONG CRY,” as well. And then for the ‘YE beats from BP1 to be in consideration for GHOST too?? Damn JAY-Z!! LOL!!!

    Also, like “U DON’T KNOW” was for BUSTA RHYMES, but JAY-Z got it. Damn JAY-Z taking all the good beats, LOL!!

  • http://XXL TheGodJustice

    To the blogger:

    Damn fam, now why did u put this blog up in the middle of haters still shitting on ‘YE after the MTV incident?? LOL!!

    ‘YE ain’t gone be able to do shit right at all now after that shit. Haters will hate.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Fuck it…….Hey u mixtape motherfuckas. Can someone put out a mixtape with Ghost over Kanye’s beats please. Fuck Kanye!! no homo

    • capcobra



    GFK is cool wit me, him & Kanye sound like it would be hot. but i never really fucked wit him too tough, or anyone from the Wu for that matter. dont hate them, just never got into them.

    BUT. i fucked wit one of his songs hard, (had to do my research on this to get the name right) Cherchez LaGhost off Supreme Clientele ft. U-God. i loved that shit… “no girl could freak me i’m just too nasty” lol.

    • yoprince

      i’m from the A too so I know what you mean.. but I’m telling you.. get up on some Ghost.. his shit is universal.

  • General

    “Let’s make the next Ghost album, ten songs entirely produced by you.”

    Now that would be classic…

    I just don’t see it happening, because like a lot of people said up above, you know it ain’t gonna be in Ghost’s budget to have Kanye’s production on there. It would be ill for Kanye to do a track with him for Ye’s next CD though…

  • Jimmy Wulf

    Ghost would definetely accept a Kanye beat, but as aforementioned he isn’t willing to pay an arm and a leg just to pay for a song. Kanye isn’t going to waste his time producing a Ghostface Cd, when he has a hip-hop album for himself to produce, and another shit bagged Consequence album to produce. Hip hop is funny man, but I can tell you that a Kanye produced Eminem album, with Em spitting like the I just don’t give a fuck days.. That is blog article worthy, get the fuck outta here, Ghostface, Big Doe Rehab was straight garbage; Missy Elliot feature was a shit sandwich; do the research before you post such an ignorant blog.

    • latino heat

      @ Jimmy Wolf

      Kanye only produced one song on that 1st Consequence album.

      the Ghostface album with the Missy feature was The Pretty Tony Album not Big Dough Rehab. i agree TPTA was kinda wack, BDR was fire though. maybe you should do your research before you post.

  • EmCDL

    Damn that would be tight to hear Ghost on some Kanye tracks…I don’t really see that happening though, not in this day in age. Louis Vuitton and Wallabes don’t match.

    Now get Ghost on some ‘ol JDilla beats and that would set my mind straight! Just a straight up 10-track mixtape of him spitting on them beats!

  • Incilin

    “To be honest GFK doesn’t have a dud in his catalogue – can you say that about anyone else in the rap game?”

    ^^Ahh…Bullet Proof Wallets anyone?

    But yeah it would be nice to see Ye and Ghost on a track together.

    • jesse

      When’s the last time you heard bulletproof wallets? Shit was fire, sure it woulda been better if the original flowers was on there and the sample was cleared for the watch and the sun with slick rick made it, but regardless shit was still hot. When i say a dud, i’m talking about Kingdom Come…

    • sATaLyte

      Ummmm….Bulletproof Wallets was a banger! That is one of the easiest (not greatest however, that’s Ironman) GFK albums for the average listener to digest, but maintains that Wallabee champ, storytelling, slang related shit that the hardcore fans like.

      Sorry bro, got to respectfully disagree and urge you to give it another listen.

      “The Hilton”
      “Never Be the Same Again” = shit bangs!
      “The Intro”
      fuck it ain’t really but one song on there I don’t like.

  • AZ40

    If they haven’t worked together maybe it’s for the best, he don’t need Kanye beats like you said he a beast…uhhhh didn’t really like more fishscale and the big doe rehab was okay

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    “First of all you’re both on the same label. So that’s a big fail on Def Jam’s part.”

    Co-sign. Many artists sign WAIVERS and don’t get paid for collabos, especially label mates.

    Mixtape with ‘Ye? I’d just rather have a Ghostface CRT. Period.

    Lastly, Ghost DOES deserve that commerical success, ever since Jay-Z gave him that co-sign @ MSG.

    *un-pauses “Surgical Gloves”*

    • http://myspacecom/itscode Cody DeCamry

      “surgical gloves snubs in the grass with his blood homey hold that the fo black we black down gold jag o laughin’ yo hey yo man what the fuck happened? they clapped him in the scalp and flew that way yo why they capped him? it went through his left snatched his automars pink gat took his man gold get at he painted it slave blocks aimin’ it hit a child, this is foul but his style with his flamer flamin’ shit teddy with the red Range supercharged Kangols rae and ghost cd in his change-o”

      The current champ of all hip hop songs

  • Tony Grands

    I agree that ‘Ye & Ghostface would be ill, but Starks seems like the type of dude who would turn down the tracks if he felt Kanye wasn’t going in on them like he does for the bigger artists. & ‘Ye seems like the type that would hold back a little if it wasn’t headed for Main street.

    I figure that Ghost may want that big money, but won’t sacrifice to get it. He could’ve done that long ago if that were the case. As long as he’s not hustling dime bags out of dollar cabs with Cappa, he can consider himself a success.

    But I do know that Ghostface/DOOM collaboration is going to be ridiculous.

  • bollocks

    Word to Tony Grands. ‘Ye definitely saves his hardest hitters for the highest bidders. That’s how Jay got all those BP1 beats in the first place. Kanye even said in an interview earlier this year (it was about that pathetic “life advice book” he released) that he hates when people say “Yeah, Kanye, come get on my shit and then I’ll come do a verse on yours.” He said eff that, that he never does anything for free. Dude is a sick producer but damn I miss the days when he was still HUNGRY, before he was so severely on his own dick. Back then he probably would have considered it but everyone above is correct to say Ghost wouldn’t pay the price for some Kanye fire.

  • brand-new

    i wouldn’t say he has a perfect catalogue. i didn’t really care for bulletproff wallets too much.

  • Jimmy Wulf

    My bad, yes Big Doe Rehab and Pretty Tony were both pretty weak if you ask me. Pretty Toney w/ Missy Elliot, tush tush push push nonsense, is about as good as a Soulja Boy song (no homo)..

  • Chris S

    Kanye’s verse on Back Like That was amazing. what the hell are you talking about?

  • whats CraCCin

    who the fuCC cares about gfk fucc NY rap except jay z hahaha new york been soft since snoop came thurough and crushed the buildings

    • sATaLyte

      You care hoe!

  • SilkCityP

    I agree… And Ghost is a legend… however he does have 1 dud album… More Fish!!! That shit was horrible, and became the most convenient thing for those who bought the album to break up green on…. Kanye does need to submit something for Starks tho!!! Agreed!!

  • Imma Let U Finish

    yo jessie, imma let u finish, but killer mike had the best blog of all time!

  • ladidadida

    Ghost is too real man thats like having a Big Mac (popular, well known, many would say tasty, Kanye) With a bottle of aged fine wine. Like servin macaroni on a silver plate. All mofo’s love paper but maybe its more to it than that. Shit maybe he jus straight up dont like Ye

  • Els

    I ain’t gonna go as far as to say “fuck Kanye” but dude needs to get off his own dick for real. Big Doe Rehab, More Fish and Bullet Proof Wallets aside, Ghost just gets better and better and it ain’t like those albums was duds, they just weren’t AS good as the others.


    it’s all about money plus kanye going wanna chnage shit that ghost likes. he going be like nah man we gotta use this that shit is corny. then bam he gonna smack kanye get the fuck out the studio