What was Kanye thinking?

This weekend began with me missing that Jay-Z 9/11 “tribute” concert on Fuse, and it ended with me missing the VMAs last night on MTV. In between, I worked a couple of shifts at the BGM and gorged myself on the great American lager. This is the part where I’d say I need to get my priorities in order, but I’m not completely convinced that I do. Kanye West on the other hand…

Friday night, I was in a bar that plays a lot of country music, getting my drink on old man-style (the only way to do it). I checked Twitter on my cell, to see if anyone famous had died, and all anyone was talking about was the Jay-Z concert. Damn, I’d forgotten. Well, kinda. I’d seen where they were gonna have the Jay-Z concert, the other day, during Distortion, but I didn’t feel compelled to set my DVR. Even though I’ve only seen Jay-Z live twice, and both were a long ass time ago (opening for Diddy a few weeks before Vol. 1 came out, and the legendary Hard Knock Life tour), I feel like I’ve seen him perform more times than any other artist. And he isn’t even that good live. Why would I go out of my way to see him again?

I skipped the VMAs last night to watch the season finale of True Blood, and another great episode of Mad Men (priorities, people), both of which I could write thousands of words about, but I did set my DVR to record the VMAs. I might have to have a look this evening, even though all of the noteworthy moments have been excerpted, for my viewing pleasure, all over the Internets this morning. I had a feeling something controversial might take place. MTV has seemed especially desperate lately, with all of those bullshit press releases last week talking about how Lady Gaga’s performance last night was gonna be the new Madonna in 1984 (oddly enough, I haven’t heard anything about it), and there’s a lengthy history of wild shit taking place at the VMAs. I thought Lady Gaga might prove once and for all that she’s really a woman, but instead all of the talk today is about Kanye West pulling an ODB on Taylor Swift.

(Sidebar: Of course I’m taking this as further proof that Lady Gaga is a hermaphrodite.)

Taylor Swift, some country singer (as I recall, Tom Breihan is a fan), was up there trying to give an acceptance speech, for being awarded best female video, when Kanye just rushed the stage all of a sudden to announce that Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time. Watching the video of it this morning, at MTV.com, I couldn’t help but be reminded of Ol’ Dirty Bastard interrupting Shawn Colvin at the 1998 Grammys to inform the crowd that, while Puff Daddy is good, Wu-Tang is for the children, which I think is a bit more true than what Kanye had to say about Beyonce, even though I haven’t seen her video for “Single Ladies” in its entirety. I may have just seen the parody with the Chinese women, which was hilarious. ODB was obviously high out of his mind (as usual), and these pictures of Kanye West walking around with a bottle of Hennessy, as if he was at Talib Kweli’s wedding, suggest that he may have been as well.

Which begs the question: Was last night’s incident staged? The fact that MTV just kinda allowed it to happen, and that they’re heavily promoting the video of it on their site today make me think that it was, but some of the fallout I’m seeing on the Internets today makes me think it wasn’t. Kanye West is catching hella shit for this. This is worse than when he ruined Bonnaroo. This is even worse than when South Park depicted him as a gay fish. World Star has a video of some fat Mexican kid (is that you, Rey?) calling Kanye West the dreaded n-word, and Bossip has a screencap of all of the cracka-ass crackas on Twitter last night calling him the dreaded n-word, as this took place. It was similar to when white people were wondering why in the fuck Keith Sweat was trending, during the BET Awards, except it was even more vitriolic, perhaps since this was a case where a black person was actually in the wrong. And it just so happens that this took place during the same weekend when Michael Jordan said some inappropriate shit during his Hall of Fame acceptance speech, and Serena Williams had a Black Woman Moment during the US Open, not to mention Glenn Beck’s racist-ass Million Cracka-Ass Cracka March on Washington. The country was hardly this racially polarized the day of the OJ verdict, and that sort of climaxed and dissipated that day. This is ongoing. I’m afraid to see where this is headed, though I have my suspicions.

Even if Kanye’s incident last night was officially sanctioned by MTV, he tripped in going along with it. Just like Eminem did when he let Sacha Baron Cohen rub his nuts in his face, to promote a movie Eminem didn’t have any financial stake in. (Not that I condone getting nuts rubbed in your face for a fee, but I could at least kinda understand if he was getting paid. Nullus!) Eminem may have gotten some publicity out of it, at the time Relapse was hitting stores, but it wasn’t the kind of publicity he needed. Relapse was all about how Eminem was back and badder than ever. There’s nothing badass about getting fromunda cheese on your lips for a fee – though I suppose there is a certain drug connotation. Similarly, Kanye West bumrushing Tayor Swift’s acceptance speech wasn’t a very good idea, regardless of who came up with it. Kanye doesn’t even have an album coming out this year, and white people have officially lost their minds. Now is not the time for a grown-ass black man to be making a teenage white girl cry on TV.

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  • dex

    fuck taylor swift….Kanye gon do what Kanye want to do….fuck MTV too…GAGA is a GUYGUY

  • Worley

    “I haven’t seen her video for ‘Single Ladies’ in its entirety.”

    Fail. There’s a lot of ass in that video.

    • Bobo D

      The only time I watched it throughout without looking at Beyonce was when someone told me the dark skinned dancer is guy (no homo), my opinion she’s got a strong face. But I may have been fooled, this being the year of hermaphrodites (Gaga & the South African runner).
      So I really can’t watch the video with a straight face anymore.

    • latino heat

      @ Worlsy

      you know if it’s not flat white ass Bol’s not interested in it. if Taylor Swift had done the same video Bol would have jizzed his pants to it 100 times by now.

  • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy


    How would Kanye react if the opposite happened? Why the double standard?

    I love Kanye’s music but we all know he’s insane. Fortunately, Beyonce made up for it at the end…or at least tried to.


    The idiot above me just doesn’t get it.

    Taylor Swift should have lost. Beyonce’s video was better. But that’s not the point. The point is exactly what Bol said. This was her moment. No matter how much you may disagree with Taylor winning, that was an inappropriate way for a man in his 30s to act.

    It was immaturity at it’s best. I bet $1 million that if Keke Palmer had won an award and Justin Timberfake went up there and said Taylor should have won, Kanye would’ve had a hissy fit, Al Sharpton would want to march on MTV, Jesse Jackson would hold a press conference, and Obama would’ve said he acted stupidly. If it’s not right for them to do it, it’s not right for us.

    Kanye has lost his mind anyway and needs some serious therapy to deal with his demons.

    Good drop, Bol.


      That was for Dex, not Pierzy.

  • Mutada/Mullah Atari

    Bol were you sober when you wrote this? Srangly, with the exception of a few signature “Bolisms” this felt ghost written.


    You never saw the B video? WOW. When the bitch does the break down mid song, girating her cooch. Thats classic.

  • latino heat

    i was just thinking about this as i read this drop. we (hip hop heads) are gonna have to explain Kanye’s actions. people around us, coworkers, older relatives, whoever already thinks rap and rappers is/are stupid and turn there nose up at it are gonna look at this and have even more reason to think so. even if they didn’t watch the show it’s all over the news. somebody is gonna ask you, “what’s up with that Kanye guy? what a asshole.” and we are gonna have to sit there with that stupid look on our face and just kinda nod and agree.

    people are already calling this clown the n word. that’s obviously not a good thing. as Grnad$ already said all he did was piss off his white fans also not a smart move. i would also bet the house that Jay-Z starts keeping Kanye at arms length.


  • http://daily-math.com Combat Jack

    ^ “There’s nothing badass about getting fromunda cheese on your lips for a fee”


  • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

    and Mad Men is the best show on TV.

    • yoprince


  • General

    To say Kanye has issues would be the understatement of the year…

    Of all the dumbass times to do something like this, he picks a country singer (ie someone all the rednecks, who hate us, love) who is an 18 or 19 year old female, which maybe fuckin old in R. Kelly years, but is seen as a little girl to country fans and the rest of America…

    WTF, YE??? That was some stupid shit and it wasn’t even your video that lost, SMH

  • giantstepp

    Havent seen the B video and had no idea who the white girl who won is. I did see the video at the VMA”S tho and Kanye was outta line. I felt for the yountsta and she seemed genuinely taken aback. Kanye is an arrogant S.O.B and he deserves to get rode on for this. Fuck him!

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    LOL at the jab at Rey …

    … you had to have been XXL-ing circa 1996 to get that

    • http://dronkmunk.com dronkmunk

      More like 2006, but yeah.

  • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77

    i would be surprised if all parties involved were not in on it. general consensus amongst all parties already familiar with kanye can agree that he acts like a conceited little crybaby in public all the time.

    you think eMpTV vma’s have a larger demographic than the katrina fundraiser? you think when he made his statement about W “hating black people”, it didnt affect the same demographic (who just so happen to already dislike non-whites) in the exact same way?

    sure, his behavior was incredibly obtuse, and horrifyingly immature (if it wasnt staged), but isnt that what we have come to expect from his public displays of idiocy?

    people that already have a distrust of african americans will ride along the coat-tails of this incident, just as they decried obama’s statement about how the cops who arrested gates were “stupid”. they will take an incident that they feels justifies their racism and they will exploit it. that is how it works, regardless of whether or not the incident had anything to do with race (which, incidentally, this had more to do with staged programming and hennesy consumption than race, i suspect).

  • Avenger XL

    Though his actions were as stupid because no one should get excited about a stupid MTV VMA award or even a grammy in this day and age because they are both real honest achievement awards. Racial tensions are high already because rednecks and white baby boomers are confused as to what to do about having a black president. Now they are going to turn Taylor Swift into the poster girl for being wronged by a dreaded N-word rapper(the nerve). When in all honesty this is show biz and pretty much par for the course this is what you pay for the ODB moments. Kanye is either a marketing genuis or beginning to experiment with something serious and Yes JAy-Z will abandon him like the social coward he is(as he runs roc nation into the ground) once again its the roc.

  • Phillmatic

    Kanye needs to fuck off for a little while. See if anyone misses him.

    Is Single Ladies one of the greatest videos of all time? If such things were decided by the amount of semen expended during viewing then it’s up there with Jlo’s I’m Glad and Left Eye in that Donell Jones video.

  • Grimey G

    I’m a fucking dirtbag and I even thought Kanye was low class. Who the fuck is he to interupt somebody’s speach?

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

    Drake’s probably pissed that he didn’t think of something like this first.

    Oh well, there’s always the Nickolodeon Teen Choice Awards next year. Miley Cyrus is about due for an open-hand slap.

    The only thing that could have made it more, ummm, interesting is if Ye throw up the Roc Diamond on his way off stage. Thanks to this jerk ass dude, racial profiling in the mid-western states is probably running rampant right now…

    • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

      I actually got a text today that said, “Kanye West hates white people. Go back to Africa.”

      So much for no racism in the age of Obama.

      • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

        Let me find out Taylor Swift got home last night & started a chain text…

        If Asher Roth was looking for a chance to put his name back out there, here it is.

        • Silly Chilly Willy

          Asher Roth could always ghostwrite a diss track for Taylor Swift like Xtina Aguilera did when the real slim shady came out.

          Of course it should include some lines that pays homage to the culture such as the infamous “Sensitive thugs, y’all need hugs”. Or the equally infamous “What you eat don’t make me shit”.

          The obvious beat of course will be “Bring me down” and she’ll get Joe Wilson to sing the hook…

        • Silly Chilly Willy

          Last but not least, the title will be:

          “The Bitch in Yeee”

  • 3rd eye clear

    Kanye was not the first or last to storm a stage!
    The line is drawn and I know where I stand!

  • Escobar9300

    Kanye acted like a fool at the Vma’s. Would Hov ever pull a stunt like that? What about Nas? The answer is no. Kanye needs to take a lesson from his elders and learn to keep your mouth shut when your opinion isnt needed. Whether or not Taylor “should” have won is completley irrelevant, fact is she did win. Instead of her getting publicity for her win, it will forever be marred by Kanye West acting like a damn female on live tv.

    • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77

      youre right. oh wait, not quite. nas actually walked down a red carpet even with “nigger” written across himself and his floppety-assed wife.

      • Escobar9300

        Im curious how you can possibly compare Nas’ visual statement regarding his label putting the gestapo on his album title and Kanye West throwing a bitch fit over an award he wasnt even a nominee for. Dosnt quite seem the same to me big homie. Sounds like you might be sipping off that same henny bottle that Kanye West was hugging because you seem real confused right now son.

        • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77

          hmm, okay mr nas super stan, lets just do a quick check-list.

          - both were done for some level of publicity. check.

          - both occurred at a highly televised media event. check.

          - both are being touted as having a racial undercurrent. check.

          - both are perceived (though incorrectly in my opinion) by many to be inappropriate, though in actuality its just ye’s hissy fit. check.

          - both were exercises in ego, particularly when considering nas’ album as a final product and the revelation by anyone with half of a half of a brain that his album title and “concept” were a gimic, you know, sorta like dressing his wife in a gold jump-suit and a jacket that says “nigger”. so yeah, check.

          don’t catch feelings beside one of our heroes has a frequent habit of falling the fuck off.

  • biggamike

    Everybody is playing right into MTV’s evil hands. That shit was staged just like the Eminem/Bruno 69 fiASSco. Kanye had on Black and Taylor had on White…good vs. evil. Then her and Beyonce had on the same color dress when she invited her up on stage. Showbiz is a big movie produciton and somebody has to play the villian. Think about it. MTV’s last show sucked and they are obviously desperate for ratings and attention now. I think over a million people were tweeting about this crap. MTV=WIN, Whole World=FAIL

  • biggamike

    Everybody is playing right into MTV’s evil hands. That shit was staged just like the Eminem/Bruno 69 fiASSco. Kanye had on Black and Taylor had on White…good vs. evil. Then her and Beyonce had on the same color dress when she invited her up on stage. Showbiz is a big movie produciton and somebody has to play the villian. Think about it. MTV’s last show sucked and they are obviously desperate for ratings and attention now. I think over a million people were tweeting about this crap. MTV=WIN, Whole World=FAIL!!!

  • Brooklyn

    whether it was staged or not, kanye is still an idiot for going along with it. mtv don’t give a shit about a nigga, they didn’t even wanna play black videos until like ’84. so why in the fuck would he go along with a plan to interrupt some white girl’s speech on their awards show? he had to know that it wouldn’t be a good look as far as the white folks are concerned, they don’t even like niggas whistling at their women, let alone snatching mics from them and insisting that a black female had a better video than her. that was a moment where he shoulda weighed his options and then decided that he shoulda sat his ass down and shut the fuck up.

    • HNIC

      “…they don’t even like niggas whistling at their women”

      Word to Emmitt Till.

      True, indeed. Racism is alive and well. Kanye’s actions, presumably, weren’t intended to be fueled by race, but, by performing his actions, it has inadvertently created a racially charged incident, for the narrow-minded masses that would perceive it to be just that.

      Like thoreauly77 stated, I too, suspect that this incident was fueled by Kanye’s arrogance/ignorance/ego, as well as Hennessy, to boot. But, sadly, he & hip hop will be seen in an even more negative light, due to this incident.

      Kanye just needs to apologize & let the issue die down before he needs to make anymore public appearances, outside of performing, let his PR team do their job & learn how to keep his comments to himself… or at the very least, think before he speaks publicly on his opinions, going forward.

  • brand-new

    mtv just plain old sucks. i watched the show and i gotta say i probably seen just 1 video out of all of the nominees. the network never plays videos, so whats the point of the award show? handing out awards for videos that are only shown at 4 a.m.? maybe youtube should take over the show, they’re shown more there.

    • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

      MTV has at least 3 cable channels that show nothing but videos, including MTV Jams where you see all types of hip-hop & r&b videos. I saw “Bring The Pain” the other day.

  • brand-new

    maybe i should call my cable company and get a lil upgrade. i just get the one lame mtv that plays everything but music videos.

    • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

      Yeah, that’s garbage. I don’t watch that “Hills” crap.

      For me, they are channels from 139 – 142.

      • http://myspace.com/federalranga Federal Ranga

        What up, P? Where all my Commission!!! niggaz at? E10 is up!!!

        P, mayne, you must got that Comcast… I just had them install that wireless router my house Saturday… FUCK DIRECTV.

        Kanye needs to get his liquor under control, his homotions in check, some pussy a slap upside the head and started on his next album… See what happens when you give niggaz too much free time?

        E10 up! youtube.com/federalranga

  • http://xxl All Dae

    This will blow over in a week. Kanye haircut is raw bizness. All rock stars act crazy.

  • capcobra

    kanye wasn’t there to win…and jay wasn’t there to perform “run this town”…so how else was kanye gonna get onstage?

  • dat koon nigga

    I donz knowz onez thingz

    “whitez Peoplez smellz likez wetzdogg”

  • these posts are racist

    Vanity will take u far from home
    vanity will turn u into Sean Hannity or worse, Mr. Combs
    Allen or Sean
    think about it.

    Vanity dilutes ur natural compass
    the one that directs you in the human race
    soon u think u are no longer in the race, the human race
    and u are in outter space
    or so u think, about it.

    Vanity will destroy.
    and I don’t mean to babble.
    but ask those destroyed in as they built the tower of babble.

    • DV8

      Vanity also used to be one bad peice back in the day.

      *looks for old Action Jackson VHS Tape*


  • Avenger XL

    TPAR I was thinking the same thing about vanity. But the more I think about it, I know this ish was rigged. The folks he pissed off so bad they won’t buy his cd probably wasn’t going to buy his cd anyway. The lead singer of Oasis is a total ASS and I still like a few of their songs. The closet racists and open racists on the web are just looking for some black misconduct to drop some N-Word bombs to and over-react about a showbiz setup. Bottomline that is entertainment on EMPTV. That garbage award show is even less meaningful than a grammy these days. Few awards have kept any form of inegrity.

  • D-Thorn

    Who gives a shit about a MTV Award.All Kanye did was make it seem like anyone really cares about winning those things.Except 19 year old girls.

  • 3rd eye clear

    Just look at how they’re portraying Serena. This girl has no criminal record and has never been in a fist fight!
    Serena and Venus held the american tennis program down,,how soon they forget!

  • X

    People making racial issues out of this, whoever they may be, are absolute morons.

  • GIBZ

    LOL great post, the comments are always entertaining.

    I didnt even care to watch the VMA’s but seen the clip and Kanye sounds like a little bitch, plain and simple. This man has all this attention, and he decides to use it like this??

    How bout Lil’ Mama gettin on stage at the end of Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keys “Empire State of Mind”??? U see him tap her on the leg like, “ok get the hell on sweetie” lol I really can’t stand Lil Mama and I dont know why. Maybe its cus she is 98lbs but acts like a man. Ah well, thats my 2 cents

  • Ya Boy

    Hmm I wonder if Rey still squirts himself wit the sour cream gun?(No Homo). P.S. the comment section in 2006 > Todays comment section.

  • latino heat

    @ Ya Boy
    i don’t think the comment section was better in 2006. there were a lot more comments back then though. a lot of those comments were nonsensical bullshit anyway though. at least now people can actually have decent conversations on here.

  • caino

    What peeps seem to forget is that is was JUST the fricking VMA’s not the Grammys, but the VMA’s!!!!

    Yeah l think Ye shouldnt of done it, but the fact Obama is getting involved and people are getting all racial over this is major OTT.

    Kanye needs to get this love lockdown before it goes even more crazy !


  • http://www.yahoo.com Dra$t-iQ Alkoholik

    am just high of the Swazi cronic and I must say this is sum funny shit right here and am kinda tired of em hemaphrodite mofo’s, kanye gotta quit acting like a fag, a la Chris Rock.

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