What really happened to Charles Hamilton

I was reporting on Charles Hamilton getting dropped from Interscope back before it was all trendy.

I figured he’d probably been let go, back when someone posted an update on his blog about how he’d gone through some changes, both personally and professionally, and so he was taking some time off from the Internets. At that point, neither his blog nor his Twitter had been updated for about three weeks.

It actually hadn’t occurred to me that he was gone from the Internets, until that moment. I think I used to follow him on Twitter, but I had to get rid of him, because he was posting too many updates. He was posting tweets as if they were shitty mixtapes on Nah Right. Just one after the other after the other… (No shots.)

Before that, I remember Charles Hamilton and I had a few humorous exchanges. There was the time when he wanted to know if anyone else listened to Modest Mouse, as if no one had ever heard of them. (Black people are always discovering rock groups that have been around for over 10 years. Wait till he hears In Utero.) I had to point out that Modest Mouse lead singer Isaac Brock was once accused of either beating up or raping a woman. I can’t remember which. Maybe both. (A twofer!) This was around the time when that video surfaced of Charles Hamilton getting coldcocked by Mary J. Blige emotionally disturbed stepdaughter, and he was so adamant about how he’s against domestic violence, at least if it’s of the man on woman variety.

Then there was that time when I was gonna do the liner notes to his album. This was after I stopped following him on Twitter, but I took a look at his account anyway, because he was beefing with Dilla stans about listing the dead producer as his album’s executive producer. I don’t think I need to recount the hilarity that was that incident. At least not today. Anyway, I told Charles Hamilton that, for a small fee, I’d be willing to do the liner notes for his album. He could even list my name on the back cover, where Dilla’s had been. He said he was with it, but I’m not sure if he ever presented it to his tall Israeli overlords. As it turns, this was near the end of his relationship with them.

When I heard that Charles Hamilton, whose name is synonymous with Internet fuckery, had up and disappeared from the Internets, and that someone in his camp felt compelled to inform us that he’s okay (without letting us know what exactly happened to him), it seemed obvious to me that he wasn’t, in fact, okay. I speculated that he may have suffered a heroin overdose, or he may have been dropped like a bad habit from Interscope. If he was really okay, why wouldn’t he just tell us himself. His handlers obviously aren’t adept at avoiding a PR clusterfuck, but even they should have realized this status update would only lead to further rumors and speculation.

A mere matter of minutes after I posted about his hiatus from the Internets, I was informed – by someone who’s usually right about these things – that Charles Hamilton had indeed been dropped from Interscope like a bad habit, right around the time of his mysterious disappearance from the Internets. The Dilla clusterfuck had been the final straw. I don’t know if Dilla’s people threatened to sue, or if the suits at Interscope read that shit about Sonic communicating with Dilla via seance and figured they’d better cut their losses. I updated my post to explain as much, and that’s the last I thought about it for a while.

Several weeks later, there was a story in the Village Voice about rappers who overshare information on Twitter and other social networking sites. Charles Hamilton was in it, as was Joe Budden and a few other such fruits. It read to me like the latest in a series of cases where people have taken posts I’ve written for this site, repackaged them and sold them to some other media outlet, but maybe that’s just me being conceited. (Slate is another prime offender.) Charles Hamilton wasn’t interviewed for the story in the Village Voice, but there was some shit about how Interscope may have issued him a gag order in the wake of the Dilla clusterfuck, and I’m assuming the label told them to print that. They probably don’t want people to think they dropped him off on some heroin corner, after gassing him up about being the next Eminem and then woefully mismanaging his career. They may have even paid Charles Hamilton a severance fee to keep his mouth shut.

Think about it. Without casting aspersions on any of my colleagues, lets just say that a number of people in the world of hip-hop journalism could have picked up a red telephone that connects to the Interscope building and had it explained to them what happened to Charles Hamilton. Doesn’t he live in Harlem, which is in New York, which is where most hip-hop journalists live? Certainly, in the past few months, someone could have bumped into him, or someone who might know what happened. I’ve seen the twitpics of Master Splinter, those two Jewish guys from It’s the Real, and various other hip-hop bloggerati getting free shit from labels at album listening parties. I know how incestuous that whole scene is. As a matter of fact, it was at RapPravda where I spotted the link to the post about how nothing bad happened to Charles Hamilton.

RapPravda, which is secretly owned by the manager of Interscope’s biggest artist, must have gotten the go-ahead the other day to report, three or four months after the fact, that Charles Hamilton has been let go from Interscope – just like they revealed that Eminem agreed to be teabagged a good three or four days after one of the writers from MTV let the cat out of the bag, on Twitter. RapPravda, citing its “political connects,” did a post the other day on Charles Hamilton getting dropped from Interscope, and a cursory perusal of the Google reveals that it’s since been picked up by a number of bloggers who obviously lack my Steve Langford-like skill for investigative journalism. Then just yesterday, I saw where the Smoking Section, which is still pissed about the Hamiltization Process (remember that bullshit?), had the Charles Hamilton album available for free download. I wonder if someone from the label slid that to them under the table, for the sake of reconciliation.

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  • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

    Charles Hamilton is just the latest experiment by one of the labels (this time Interscope) that failed…

  • John Cauner

    I can’t believe there was no post regarding the death of Roc Raida. Rest In Power Roc Raida.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Dude lost his Wonder Twin powers when she knocked the rings out of him.

    XXL did a big thing(video) for a failed artist…

  • General

    I guess we know who the latest addition to the Amalgam Digital roster will be…

    1.Joe Budden
    3.Charles Hamilton???

  • http://quebishop-guardians.blogspot.com qp

    I came across “This Perfect Life” at Datpiff. Kinda came outta left seeing as how Charles hasn’t been real public.

    He fucked himself by overexposing himself like he did. Plus he thought he could take on Ignorance (i.e. Soulja Boy) and win (or be declared the winner. I felt he did his job in that whole “beef” but the people who were most interested in that situation couldn’t understand what he was doing so he “lost”). I’m a fan of Charles and hopefully he can regain some composure and come back to the game, but he most likely will be underground from now on.

    • Enlightened

      I thought he completely mishandled the Soulja boy situation.

      He was talking about “he’s the reason why me calling myself Sonic The Hedgehog is looked at as joke.”

      He should have focused on Soulja boy’s lack of lyrical skills if that was his point. But trying to convince us that it was because of Soulja Boy that it was harder for him to be successful… nah

      • http://quebishop-guardians.blogspot.com qp

        Yeah, instead of doing that whole singing thing, he should have just killed him lyrically. But he wanted to make a point with the whole auto-tune thing, people didn’t get it, and he took an L

  • Lol

    He destroyed his own career by 1. the clusterfuck dilla incident, 2. being out battled by some random white dude (video was seen in thisis50.com),3. Getting publicly punched by his baby’s mama (funny thing is that was also posted on thisis50.com I believe 50′s camp wanted him out lol) well I think the people inside interscope the “Artists” did not like Charles and wanted him out. Charles had no collabo’s with other interscope artists, and also Soulja boy is also signed with Interscope and that’s 50′s right hand kid (remember the blog about 50 buying him his own tour bus!) Well I believe Charles either destroyed his own career or was not liked by the interscope artists that’s really all I can think of at this point Charles must of said “Where’s my tour bus 50″ “Jimmy where’s my website http://www.thisishamilton.com” “I’m always online more than 50 has” LMAO

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Yeah, Chin Check Charlie and Bol knows I stated that shit first. Oh, I forgot……..Biting is now allowed.

  • Worley

    Charles Hamilton is somewhere cleaning Briana’s bathroom and doing her laundry.

  • http://xxlblocktalk.com/INDOE INDOE

    Bol ,
    Can you be like Langford and see if the Wack Pack has any secret hip-hop themed releases coming up ? Maybe E.T.M or E.T.A has a little (no pun)Bushwick in em’..HA

  • Mr. North

    Seems like Bol the only one workin besides Killa Kill. St.L in the house!!!!

  • DJ Joe Dubb

    This really sucks. I tend to stay away from the BS that CH has going on (though all of it is pretty foul), and focus on his music, which I enjoyed. Honestly, I think that he may make it further on the indie circut.

  • ChinCheka

    Who is this Charles Hamilton? Is he that white rapper guy that was like Halluljah Holler back or some shit like that?

  • ChinCheka

    Who is this Charles Hamilton? Is he that white guy whose tag line was Hallujah Holler back or some *hit like that? Who cares about that guy? He shouldnt have gotten let go from Interscope but the person who signed him should be fired.

  • Brooklyn

    charles hamilton fucked up by focusing his efforts on the bullshit instead of on his music, which was actually kinda good. i guess he decided that fame wasn’t coming fast enough and so he embarked on a series of retarded adventures to get his name out there. and if a short chick snuffed me on a video that was then played all over the internets i’d probably lay low too. that’s some embarassing shit, he ain’t never gonna live that down.

  • Avenger XL

    Charles Hamilton was yet another freshman class member that didn’t pan out XXL. Your list was as weak as vibe telling us Plies was the future of the culture ewwwwww. Any way Charles hamilton was kinda lame from the jump his whole emo stick was played by his own self destructive behavior. Maybe his addictions are real and he needs help which I hope he gets but in the long run he is another failed attempt at manufacturing cool(no Drake). Kill yo self A&R’s

  • stoneyisland

    The truth is Charles and Bol went to Californai and got gay married, word is Bol is a hermphodite and is prego by Charles. I wish the happy sonic loving couple the best:) Nullus

  • Frank

    He was posting tweets as if they were shitty mixtapes on Nah Right. Just one after the other after the other… (No shots.)

    Fuck outta here with your sneak disses.

  • nina

    charles who?

  • danny

    fuck all yall, charles hamilton is sicker than all the other gangster ass retarded rapper in the game right now. so what he messed up on a couple things. everybody does. but nobody notices when soulja boy messes up because he is mentally challenged and its okay for him to mess up. hip hop isnt even about music anymore, thats what you guys are all sayin. Charles put out at least 30 mixtapes since he got put on the map. does soulja boy do that? no. and even if he did, all soulja boys songs would be about the same things. gucci rags, lambos, and gettin dat paper maine. fuckin bullshit rap. him and gucci mane can go fuck eachother up the ass. charles hamilton is the future of hip hop.

  • Anonymous

    He knows what he is doing…


    Charles Hamilton is a born starr

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