Untimely, unsolicted advice for Derrion Albert

I ended up watching that Derrion Albert snuff footage again just now, after I read on Gawker that you can hear his skull crack open.

As I mentioned yesterday in a post on my own site, I’d already watched the video like 15 times, yesterday afternoon, out of morbid curiosity, and to get the sequence of events right for my post. (You guys know my commitment to accuracy.) Heartless bastard that I am, even I couldn’t help but feel sick watching it. I didn’t even think I’d be able to wring any humor from it, for the sake of journalism, but I somehow managed to pull myself together.

I wonder if this is the kind of anxiety faced by embedded journalists in Iraq, like in the HBO miniseries Generation Kill. Probably, right?

It took me a couple more viewings, but I think I did find the part where you can hear Derrion Albert’s skull crack open. It’s not as loud as you’d think. Being both huge and clumsy, I’ve broken a few bones, and it’s usually louder than a motherfucker. Maybe it was in this video, but you just can’t tell, because the quality isn’t very good. There’s definitely a certain point, when they’re stomping the shit out of him, when everyone collectively just kinda goes oh shit and takes off running. But you can’t really see what it was that freaked everyone out, because it’s been blurred out.

I checked YouTube just now, to see if I couldn’t find an uncensored version of the video, but I’m assuming that the one that’s on World Star is the only one that’s out there. Come to think of it, if there was an even worse version, you know good and well World Star would have been had it. They probably got the version they got from the local evening news in Chicago, who (I read) bought it from the kids who shot it for $300. Supposedly, the reason the evening news aired the video was because someone might be able to identify the suspects, but you’d have to think the main reason was because they knew so many people would be interested in seeing it. I doubt 5-0 would have had any problems finding the kids who did this if the video wasn’t all over the Internets, for your viewing pleasure.

It makes me wonder, if I were in the same position Derrion Albert was in, would I have ended up in a video on World Star getting my head cracked open? I read on Gawker, where I get a lot of my information (obvs), that Derrion Albert had just kinda gotten wrapped up in this fight all of a sudden. He just so happened to be leaving school at the moment when these two rival gangs were converging on one another. It’s not like he could help the fact that the school he went to was in the middle of a war zone – just like I couldn’t help occasionally getting attacked by farm animals, while waiting on the bus to take me home from school. Not to compare my own personal plight to this poor bastard. I’m just saying.

As disgusting as it is to watch Derrion Albert get clocked with a 2×4, then have his head split open to the white meat, the worst part might be the moment right before he gets hit with the 2×4. You want to scream at him, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING? GET THE FUCK OUT OF THERE! CAN’T YOU SEE THESE KIDS HAVE GONE FUCKING BATSHIT? Not to sit here and Tuesday afternoon quarterback, as if it could save Derrion Albert, but if I would have been in that same situation, I would have turned around and booked it in the opposite direction. I don’t even like being around people when they’re not wielding 2x4s. Fuck that shit!

Nas, who couldn’t be bothered to rap on either the Blueprint 3 or (more importantly) Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II, wrote an open letter to “young warriors,” which has been posted on Global Grind. Nas’ message is something to the effect of: we need to stop killing each other, because violence is bad, and there’s more important things we can be doing, mmkay? A better, more useful message would have been more along the lines of my post from yesterday, but perhaps without the jokes, if you don’t enjoy laughing at things. Those kids shouldn’t have been wilding out in the first place, but the best way to avoid getting hit in the head with a 2×4 is to not be in the proximity of someone swinging a 2×4 I get the fascination with watching kids beat the shit out of one another, but I do it from the comfort of my own home, where I’m out of harm’s way.

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  • Mitch

    What’s sicker, the fact that you wrote this piece, or the fact that I laughed throughout my reading of it?

    • BxRa

      Bol, I fucks with your posts, you are funnier than a mufucka and the best blogger on XXLMAG.COM but homie, you GOTTA stop hating on BP3. The shit is DOPE my nigga. I’m from NY (hence my name) and I guess that’s why I listened to it more than once which you obviously couldn’t have. Give it 2 more listens and listen to WHAT HOV IS SAYING!!! To quote Hov you’re missing a murder like NYPD, LAPD! The lyrics are silly!!!

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    This ain’t nothing new under the sun. People always die tragically over someone else’s nonsense.

    Them boys’ lives are over before it really even started.

  • Smel

    Can we talk about the fact that someone burned down his memorial??? WTF. He wasn’t even gang affiliated!

    It’s so cold in the Chi…

  • og bobby j

    imagine if those kids were white that hit him….

    doesnt this happen everywhere? isnt this the other element of the culture these assholes glorify….

    • these posts are racist

      Imagine you not being racist and using any issue to convey your racism masking it as you trying to make an honest point.

      • KFrizzle

        What part about his point wasn’t honest and truthful? It’s true, this type of bullshit is totally glorified in a good majority of hip hop. And even your favorite artist probably has a track talking about stomping a mud hole in a mufuka, but after seeing the shit from that video, it seems a lot less candid than on wax.

        • og bobby j

          yo K -dont even stress this flunkie….

          He stays on my dick like his girl wishes she could.

          Calls me racist at every turn, but check this boogers tracks record on here…most conveniently racist hoe there is.

          Worst type a dude….too smart for his own good….and so misguided by his excessive liberal finger pointing thought process.

        • these posts are racist

          Clearly Bobby J,

          My girl wants to be with you, a single parent father with no health insurance for his kid…the most eligible bachelor.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    TPAR, come get your boy, Bol. I know he makes humor of controversy to get blog views, but he’s tripping with this one. This type shit right here on the video is why I can’t bring myself to give 2 shits about Jews and Palestinians. Not knocking you if that’s what you choose to fight, but this type shit is happening right here in your hometown.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • Escobar9300

    Wow man, I just now watched that video and I am completley disgusted. These people are absolute scum with no regard for human life. What happened to dishing out an ass whooping and squashing the beef after the blows were thrown? What happened to being a man? What happened to having respect for somebodies life? The people in this video are nothing less than savages and nothing the courts can dish out could be considered justice for the kid who got bludgened to death. I hope the dudes who mangled that boy spend the rest of their days grabbing their ankles for the jotos in the bing. Smfh…

  • ChiTown

    My city is a fuckin warzone…it hurts me the most cuz im basically in the same age group and my peers dont have any direction and they refuse to accept the right direction. No matter how many stop the violence protest we have..they kill a nigga the SAME NIGHT!! The mayor so concerned about the Olympics bein here that he dont even pay attention to this shit. I wish lil homie woulda just booked it the otha way instead of walkin right into it..a split second decision cost a life

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Do you know what the “Man” and his people are saying? If you have no fuckin clue, here it goes…………”Look at these fuckin niggers killin each other, hey pass me another beer!!”
    So fuckin pathetic and you wonder why brothers stay losing. SMH

    • Hanch

      WTF is wrong with you Bro? That is so fucking racist on so many levels! You really think anybody other than Bol’s dumbass is sitting back with a Beer watching this shit saying that? Im not sure how or why you tried to turn this into a fucking race issue!!! Get a life bro, this poor kid lost his life for no DAMN REASON and then they burned down his Memorial WTF!!! You and People like You make me sick and embrassed to call myself an American!!

  • Escobar9300

    Aye “Jhon” you do realize that “The Man” aka The President is black right? Get your mind out of the 80′s and stop making this about race. This issue is about humans having no respect for a fellow human beings life. This has nothing whatsoever to do with race or blacks being held down. If a group of white kids did this to a white honor student I would be just as disgusted as I am right now. That poor kid didnt deserve to die in the street like a damn dog.

    • Hanch

      Co-Sign to the fullest Esco!!

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Escobar,fully aware that the so-called president of the U.S. is black however the man is slang for “The System”, but you probably don’t know anything about that graduating in 2006. If a group of white kids did the same thing, I would be disgusted as well, but it wasn’t a group of white kids so I have to come a little harder on my commentary so some other young black kid doesnt fall victim to the same bullshit. I have a son and he’s black so that’s why I channel my statements the way I do. Cause as sad as it may sound, I could less than a fuck about another kid other than mine, but I want him to understand the bullshit that goes on in this country. BTW, having a black president doesn’t mean shit to me dude. Cops still profile and brutalize. Maybe we can touch on this other shit later

  • Worley

    The dudes in the video looked like they were swinging on any and everybody. I couldn’t even tell which side was which. Sh*t is sad.

    RIP lil’ homie.

    • BIGNAT

      i feel you on that shit looked like war. i barely saw any fist being thrown mostly wood. little home get hit like 2 more times when he was laid out. the really fucked up part the people who were taking the footage. didn’t seem to care about what was happening until little homie got laid out. then it’s oh help him how about you try to break shit up before someone gets hurt in the first place

  • Escobar9300

    I fully understand what you meant when you said “The Man” and I don’t completley disagree with your anger over the situation. But answer me this, what does stirring up racial tensions have to do with the video of that boy being mangled? Making hypothetical statements about white people making racist cracks over the situation has no relevance to what happened. Did you hear somebody say that type of racist remark over this matter? I doubt it. Making blind comments like that is no different than your anger over the hypothetical comments you made in your first post. Immortal Technique couldnt have said it better:

    “If the solution has never been to look in yourself, how is it that you expect to find it anywhere else.”


    My city is under fire rite now, and its no fucking lauging matter, and the sad thing is this happens everyday in Chicago, thers just no video camera!

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Y’all cats out in The Chi hold your heads. It may get real crazy out there with the media & 5-0 involved. Be safe.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      And shame on you 2 guys above for trying to bring racial tensions into this.

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

    My first thought when I saw it was “dude, get the fuck out of there!” The irony was the expression of the White anchor woman when she reported the story. Not so much sadness but, she looked confused. Maybe I read too much into her segue for the next story, but her face said, “damn, what are they doing?”. I felt bad for the dudes, the victim in particular, but I almost had a moment of embarrassment as she started in on some silly story of Hollywood weddings or some shit.

    I’m not going to preach change, but damn, there has to be a better way. These kids who killed Derrion probably never had a shot in life. Their respective relatives were even on camera making excuses for them, finding reasons why it wasn’t them on tape to further illustrate the lack of responsibility they were most likely surrounded by.

    All I can do is raise my kids with the wherewithal to be prepared for anything, because I’m positive that no matter he makes a speech, or what Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton have to say about this, it won’t change.

    RIP to all the cats who didn’t deserve the deaths they received.

  • Isee

    Unknown to most, something this severe happens here at least once a month. I repeat, at the least once a month. Shit is bogus here, the youth pop pills, shoot heroine, drink lean, all before 18. They(teens 13-19) are not learning, they are very unintelligent as a whole in the extreme urban communities of Chicago. Babies have been raising babies for going on about three generations now. Mostly all the projects have been torn down, flooding poor communities, with the extremely poor. Creating a social clash based solely on survival.

    • Smel

      2 months ago I watched a documentary about kids in the Chi on CNN.

      Apparently it’s the #1 city for child murder rates in the country. They had interviews with all these kids saying how scared they are walking around because they all knew kids who were murdered.

      I still can’t believe someone burned down his memorial.

  • latino heat

    i just checked the video on WSHH. it’s edited on there now too.

  • http://xxl All Dae

    Chi city no pity. Imaging when a cameras not filming.

  • hate

    the chicago news said they hit the boy with railroad ties. they might be even more gutter than 2×4′s

  • these posts are racist


    I don’t understand your post. I really don’t. A simple “my thoughts and prayers go out to his family” would have been enough – but somehow you wrote several paragraphs with subtle attempts at humor, sprinkled with insensitive and lame attempts to be insensitive phrases…concluding that he shouldn’t have been there in the first place? I honestly don’t get it.


    I grew up in that environment – i was born and raised seeing this type of stuff first hand. I’ve been beaten and have seen people beaten into comas. This video does not cause new disgust, but rather brings back horrible memories and makes me realize how fortunate i am to have gotten out of that horrible environment.

    You assume too much however, to think my words and actions are only directed towards the plight of the Palestinians…i live and work in Chicago and am closely involved with the types of programs and people that work with this very community.

    I won’t comment substantively, a) because Byron’s post is messed up and b) the problem is too complicated for a XXL comment.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to this young man’s family.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      Was waiting for you.

      So what are the sentiments of the parents out there?

      Is the School Board & community just acting like this is an isolated incident regardless of the viral campaign?

      In NY, police are very much present around schools, inside and outside. Don’t know in Chicago that’s why I’m asking.

      The name @ gmail.

      • these posts are racist

        What’s up Syk,

        1) Sentiments of the parents/school board and community:

        This type of violence in Chicago is an epidemic and everyone here knows it. Nobody would ever claim this is an isolated incident and nobody is doing such. We all recognize this as a problem…each week there is a murder/stabbing/fight that results in this type of tragedy. Nobody has a solution…some people blame music or offer generic solutions. But those who really “know”, like me, understand there is no solution. You have children who live in poverty/raised by drug addicted parents in crime infested communities, what the fuck do you think will come from that…there aren’t many TPARs…

        2) Chicago Police:

        Chicago police are racist and corrupt. I remember as a shorty, they would come around the projects and drive in circles blaring their horns and sirens just to harass the population, its insane. It is absolutely insane. In Chicago, the ghettos and projects are under occupation. The police plant evidence, torture people and force confessions.

        The police love to see this type of activity. I wouldn’t be surprised if the police were down the street watching and laughing…that’s how they roll in the Chi. Yes, generally, there are police in and around these schools…but they don’t give a fuck about black kids, plain and simple.

        As an attorney, i worked on a case of a young latino gang member who has served 15 years in jail for murder…I took his case pro bono and after investigating discovered he was not the shooter. His case has been overturned and he was released from prison. What i found was rampant police abuse, including military style home invasions by the police, evidence planting, false eye witness testimony, hiding evidence and shit you would read about in a Kafka novel.

        The system is not just flawed…it is designed to cause this epidemic…we don’t have a chance in hell of changing things.

        • $ykotic/Don McCaine

          Surprised XXL let it go through. Thank you for the info. Now I see clearer.

          Keep doing what you do.

          “The system is not just flawed…it is designed to cause this epidemic…we don’t have a chance in hell of changing things.”

          Hit the gmail. No slash.

        • these posts are racist


          Not sure what the gmail reference means? here’s my gmail tpar.post@gmail.com

  • sealsaa

    Maybe if the tard holding the camera phone had done something other than stand there and say “damn, they fuck’in him up!”, this boy might’ve had a chance.

    I think the worst part of the video is when the other kids are holding his arms. He didn’t even have a chance to block his head, or prepare for impact. RIP to the kid, and I hope the prosecutor and judge go all hell fire and brimstone on the kids responsible.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

      As cliche as it sounds, perhaps had there been some sort of programs, community centers, job opportunities, youth
      activities, etc., then maybe this nonsense wouldn’t have happened. Chicago or anywhere else.

      President Obama offered a beer, a smile & a handshake to Prof. Gates & Ofc. James Crowley; let’s see if this doesn’t bring the problems of forgotten, war-torn inner cities a little closer to the White Houses’s doorsteps.

      • 619

        Community centers? Oh yeah, go ahead and build another rec center or park so that can be banged the fuck out too. What kind of center in your community isn’t an active spot? Can’t think of any in the community I came from that aren’t a deathtrap on certain days if you aren’t from that specific area. The local governments aren’t gonna put any more kind of money into building somethin’ they haven’t already tried in these neighborhoods. These youngsters need guidance, and these fools on here talkin’ about not givin’ a fuck about anybodies kids but their own are a part of the problem too. Raise your kids to take a different route than the path we took, but recognize also that a lot of these youngsters don’t have guidance in their household, sometimes they need somebody to pull them aside and tell them the truth, or somebody to make sure they make it home safe at the end of the day. I know youngsters like this, you can catch them drunk or high without enough sense to understand they’re about to do somethin’ that could fuck up their future, and they might not want to hear what you got to say at the time, but they’ll thank you later on when they see what happened to the rest of the mafuckers they were runnin’ with.

        • 619

          Case and point: How many cats you know locked in the county or the state that got younger siblings headed to Y.A. or juvie. Too many, right. That shit saddens me, it’s like the blind leadin’ the blind. Somebody other than the parents has more of an effect on these youngster’s outcome. We gotta stop sittin’ back and watchin’ generations follow each other through the system or to the grave.

        • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

          All that you’re saying makes sense, but if it were that simple, this thread wouldn’t exist.

          The base of this epidemic has to be started @ ground zero; home. Be it good or bad, all learned responses & emotional comprehension starts as soon as you come home from the hospital.

          They don’t listen to their parents because, basically, today’s poverty-stricken parent unit is more detrimental than positive. Parents 15 years older than their children. Generational criminal influence. What I said I admitted was cliche, but America’s youth is a frakenstein monster. Home-grown & out of control.

          @ the very least, we can offer as many solutions as possible. Anything after that is purely the decision of the individual involved. Responsibilty needs to be taken, & if it doesn’t start @ home, then what? When I was young, we went to the park because it was a fun place to be. It looked nice. There was shit to do. Even the “gang bangers” went with intentions of escaping what may happen just milling around on the block. That sentiment is lost, in exchange for absentee fathers & misguided mothers. I know for a fact I’ve gone out of my way during my adult life to try & pick up a young brother who was astray, & even that became tedious when, for every kid whose eyes I opened, there were 3 more “blind” kids mobbing down the street. I can only stretch my availability so far before it begins to take away from what I have to accomplish in my household.

          Sure, kids need guidance, but that statement is overwhelming, unless you can lure successul individuals back to their neighborhoods to organize self-betterment seminars in front of the liquor store. Hate to sound so pessimistic, but this situation is not new, & God may be the only one to help @ this juncture.

  • http://daily-math.com/weblog/ Combat Jack

    Not going anti this post or anything, cause that’s not my steez, but it’s funny how xxl decides to remove some lesser heinous posts while leaving posts concerning the brutal murder of darker peoples like this up.

    Just an observation

    • these posts are racist


  • these posts are racist


    I’m seriously disappointed man. Your posts are usually insensitive and shocking – on a general level, but to mock and make fun of this young kid the day after? Really man? Are the hits to your drops that important to you that you can put aside that basic feeling in your heart and come up with the bullshit you put in this drop?


    Bravo Bol
    Another attempt at copying Howard Stern.
    My question to you Bol is why do you idolize and copy a person like Howard Stern who has made fucked up comments about Blacks throughout his career?

    Are you proud to be Black or ashamed?
    Because this situation is all the way fucked up.And like me,you’re from here.

  • sealsaa

    @ T-Par

    “The police love to see this type of activity. I wouldn’t be surprised if the police were down the street watching and laughing…that’s how they roll in the Chi. Yes, generally, there are police in and around these schools…but they don’t give a fuck about black kids, plain and simple.”

    You’re generalizing based on your own negative encounters with the CHPD, and some of your comments are no better than Bol’s. I won’t dispute that the CHPD has it’s share of corruption, but this is bound to be the case in any city. If you really are directly involved in sorting out this mess, then good on you, and the best of luck to you, but that inclination of distrust towards the police is what keeps cases cold. Besides the fact that the police aren’t the enemy here. It almost sounds as if you’re trying to present a “product of my environment” defense for these kids, when what they did was indefensible. This kid was savagely beat to death while walking home from school. The fact that one of the accused killer’s mothers has refused to watch the tape, while in the same breath stating that her son was “only defending himself” is a clear indication the the problem is at home.

    • these posts are racist


      My comments re: the Chicago Police were in response to a question about the Chicago Police. My comment is not an unwarranted sweeping condemnation. You have no clue…do some basic research for yourself. My analysis is based on my own personal experiences as well as concrete research…it’s not one or two bad cops – this shit is pandemic in the Chi.

      As far as those who murdered this young boy: they should be thrown in prison – no ifs ands or buts about it. You confuse what i’m saying. An attempt at finding a “reason” for something is not equal to an “excuse”. Moreover, my objective analysis that the “system” is broken does not mean these murderers should not be brought to “justice”. We have a system and have to use it. I believe these guys deserve the proper due process/with a proper defense – most likely they will copp a plea/snitch on each other and end up serving long sentences, which they deserve.

      As far as one of the attackers mom’s not watching the tape…who cares? “Self defense” is a legal term…something he won’t even do since he’ll most likely copp a plea.

      Again, discussing the potential “causes” or “reasons” for someone’s behavior does not mean I am making an “excuse” or precluding punishment for a heinous act. Step you intellectual game up…nuancce and critical thinking is difficult, but it’s fun once you get used to it.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Escobar………..you’re too sensitive dude. It is what it is cuz. If you don’t like my comments fuck it. Yeah, I stated something and you know it’s true. “Look at these fuckin niggers killin each other”. I’d bet your piggybank that there are plenty of ppl in this country saying just what I said. They just happened to be of a lighter hue. I guess you’re somewhat agitated because you’re probably one of the guys that thinks if they call a black man “bro” that you’re cool. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    BTW, I wasn’t tryin to make this about race. All involved were black. My point is that there is a much underlying problem in this country, and since these issues aren’t addressed the same thing is gonna continue to happen. Jena 6 anyone? And that was just some bullshit, but why did the brothas stay locked up, huh?? GTFOH………youngster.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    The story of Chi-town teenager DERRION ALBERT is some shit that we have on repeat here in America. It’s the story of poor, young people that are being misdeucated from the womb. The brutal and graphic video of this kid’s murder was made for television. It allows the viewer to shake their head in disgust at the perpetrators without viewing what the real cause of the murder was.

    DERRION ALBERT is one of many teenagers in Chicago, St.Louis, New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, Philadelphia, Camden who receives the worst part of the poverty cycle. Don’t think that his assailants weren’t lost to us as well. Their demise is slower but it will be set before the cameras as well. This is what capitalism hath wrought. Crabs inside of a barrel isn’t as difficult to watch as this video.

  • AvengerXL

    Bol this post was not needed. I know you make your money from snarky comments and self loathing jokes but really good taste is what is dead not hip-hop. People need to know where to draw the line with this type of stuff. Respect the victims humanity and the families grief even if you can’t relate. You need to understand that this is a real nightmare that many of us had to go through on the daily and reducing it to jokes shows a kind of poor taste akin to Fox News killing the facts in the name of ratings.

    I even refused to veiw the video because it is just too close to veiwing a hanging to me. I thought to myself what good would veiwing this poor last kids moments bring to me and why is this video circulating so freely are we so empty that we look to this type of suffereing for entertainment like faces of death?

    This was a Epic Fail on your part BOL

  • the G.O.D.

    Peace, to Darion, R.I.P


  • the G.O.D

    Peace. sorry about that typo. Derrion, Rest in Peace, little bro.


  • the G.O.D

    Peace, sorry about that typo, Derrion Albert, Rest in Peace, lttle bro.


  • Escobar9300

    An attitude like that is the reason problems this still exist today. Perpetuate racial tensions and you get racial tensions. You’re not worth typing another sentance in response “Jhon” because its apparently the equivalent of hollering at a wall. It wont learn shit no matter what you say to it.

  • droopey

    Yeah you couldn’t even divide the two side, he was wearing a black polo and chinos and so was everyone else apart from one dude in a white tee.

    Also pretty raw when someone shouts “Put that nigga to sleep!”. Pure cringe.

    America needs to know how to behave because the whole world can watch now.

    R.I.P. Derrion

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Damn Escobar you stay losing. Don’t get frustrated young fella. Just understand that you’re not the only person who has a voice and who has their own view. At least respect that shit………..Prick

  • Brooklyn

    what’s fucked up is that these gang niggas decide that they want to ruin their lives by being gang bangers, and then they ruin the lives of innocent people too. it’s fucked up that a nigga can’t even walk home from school without a legion of dudes jumping on him and beating him to death. that shit was straight up barbaric, like looking at those clips from afghanistan during the taliban when they were stoning women for exposing their wrists outside of their homes.and although it’s easy to sit here and say that those that filmed it shouldn’t have, the fact of the matter is humans are animals. and when people fight, our animal instincts tell us to watch, we love bloodsports. the gladiatorial games didn’t exist in ancient rome for 400+ years because they weren’t popular. niggas enjoyed watching lions tear people limb from limb, the same rule applies here and now.

    this problem isn’t limited to chi-town though, i’m from brooklyn, and every day i see niggas in brownsville wilding out in a similar fashion, wild ass high school kids twenty-thirty deep jumping on one kid and beating him until they hear police sirens or the kid can’t move anymore, and nine times out of ten, the person that they’re beating did nothing to them. it’s just the legacy of self-hatred that we as people of color have for ourselves. those boys weren’t attacking someone that did something to them, they were attacking other boys that looked just like them, that dressed just like them, that came from circumstances just like them. they’re too afraid to attack those that oppress them, so they lash out at those that are oppressed just like them. fuck jail, they should send them niggas to iraq, since they like to fight and shit. i wonder how ruthless they’ll be when some insurgent is pointing an ak-47 in their face and blowing their asses up.

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