The Rise of Niggarachi

Niggarachi?! Snoop’s entire existence has been one giant fuck-up since the first name change, if you ask me. When even Media Take Out is alarmed, you know shit has gotten really bad.

I guess in the official name change for his new sure-to-be-terrible project, Snoop Dogg was going for something as epic as Makaveli. He very well may have succeeded—just not the way he may have intended.

Then again, who the fuck knows what’s on this nigga’s biscuits anymore? When you smoke as much bud as Snoop does, you’re basically just doing what the people who control the blunt strings tell you to do. I’m starting to think he’s fully down with being an instrument of negrous destruction.

For those who may not be aware, Snoop has been referring to his own keyboard-stroking producer persona as Niggarachi seemingly in jest for quite some time now. Until now he’s never gone as far as to make it anything official. I just considered it as Snoop being the usual coonish shell of his former self. Shit. Some women call me “Jesus, Ronnie! Hold The Fuck On! That’s My Fucking Cervix!” But you’ve never heard anything about me considering a name change.

I never expected Snoop to produce a project boasting Niggarachi as an official artist name. Perhaps after seeing Hood of Horror and the infernal Doggy After Dark, I should have known the gloves were off. This nigga would do any dance asked of him for some short’nin bread.

One of the only two monikers more fitting than Niggarachi is Niggerachi—as Snoop has long since ceased being my nigga and clearly will do everything in his power to make us all look like porch monkeeeeeeys. The only moniker more fitting than Niggerachi would be Niggerace, which is both a joke visited by Chris Rock when he edited Vibe and the appropriate spelling of a play on Liberace. Otherwise he’s more calling himself a black mariachi, and I don’t think that’s what he means.

[Blogger’s Note: I originally had a typo for “moniker”. I spelled the shit “monkier”, which would actually be appropriate still.]

Over the years Snoop Dogg has gradually given away everything that made him special in the early nineties on records like The Chronic and his own classic debut, Doggystyle. We all knew the nigga liked to get blazed. Shit, many of us do from time to time. I mean, there’s only so much time left in this crazy world, right? But Snoop has apparently lost all desire to be a serious recording artist, going several steps beyond being a stoner icon respected for his talent.

Today Niggarachi—I’ll call the man by the name of his choosing, like Muhummad Ali—is now nothing more than a running joke in every way possible. People associate him with being baked beyond all cognitive ability and the entertainment that comes with a junkie’s charm. He’s made marijuana look like heroin, simultaneously justifying the Reagan era’s drug policies and any legislation intent on keeping black people from being equal members of American society.

Niggarachi is a big reason people think blacks shouldn’t be allowed in public places without leashes–like white toddlers.

[Blogger's Note: Don't act like you don't be seein those baby harnesses at the local shopping center!]

I guess the real question is, does Niggarachi know how much of a coon he is? Not that his intentions matter that much to me. Either way, I got the rope right ‘chea!

Questions? Comments? Requizzles, my nizzle?

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    i still fux w/ Snoop (cuz i’m a stoner & all). but he has been doing some wierd shit lately. did anybody see the video on WSHH of him smoking w/ Soulja Boy talking some shit like ‘we should respect Soulja’s craft’ or some bullshit.?

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      Twice today SAT!

      Souljah looked like he didn’t want the el anymore.

      “being a stoner icon respected for his talent.”

      That’s a perfect way to describe what Snoop REALLY IS.


        “being a stoner icon respected for his talent.”

        ^^co-sign. & he’s rich as fuck off of it.

        & yea he’d had enough, lol. no way can Soulja hang w/ the big dawg smokers, Snoop, B-Real, etc… & Soulja better watch it, i saw him in a video w/ Jeezy @ the A.M.W. Tour. his ‘mentor’ Gucci may not like that too much.

        • Ron Mexico

          what’s the price for your dignity.

          his acceptance of a handsome reward in its place is a big part of what makes it all a minstrel show.

        • yoprince

          along those lines, that boosie ad is offensive.

  • Tony Grands

    Welcome to NAME. THAT. SNOOOOP!!!

    Oldie Loc-a nod to his potna whom he defecated on years back, & a play on his 4th decade on Earth.

    Oww-Wee Man- He’s the only nigga that still says that shit.

    Cali Crippin’ Cal- Yeah, that sounds about right, cuh.

    Snoop Doggy Chong- Self explanatory.

    Tha Bongfather- See above

    Nevano Cataraccz- Never no cataracts.

    Smoke weed everyday…..

  • Pierzy

    What up fam?!

    Damn, people talk about Jay but isn’t this like seeing Penny Hardaway limp around on one leg? I mean, this dude was a superstar. He was the biggest thing in hip-hop, one of the biggest things in music period, and basically was the co-creator of two all-time classics (along with Dre and D.O.C.). And now look at him…

    Damn. Seriously…damn.

    • Tony Grands

      I know a lot of cats that blaze herb. A lot. Even the ones that I’m positive have smoked themselves into an undeniable stooper don’t behave as eradically as Snizzle.

      I wouldn’t be caught off guard a’tall if this dude, @ some point between “Deep Cover” & “Malice in Wonderland”, allowed weed to actually be his gateway drug.

      All that doe, & he never gains ANY weight? No skinny dude hate, but seems like I gain a pound a month.

      I bet if he got a haircut, & let go of that wack, dookie braid pony-tail, he’d be aight.

      • Pierzy

        I also like the dichotomy between he and Dre. In the Deep Cover video, Dre is chubby and Snoop has a fade. When Doggystyle hit, Snoop had the braids/’fro and Dre kept getting bigger.

        But, at some point, Dre decided to get into shape while Snoop literally lost his sharpness and became a role model for some “This Is Your Brain On Drugs” commercials…

        • Tony Grands

          Word, Dre hasn’t been working Detox because he’s been too busy bench pressing Volkswagon’s. Him & Timbaland should arm wrestle on pay-per-view to see who produces Magoo’s next album.

        • Pierzy


          Magoo. Or, as everyone I know calls him, “That dude that I first thought was Q-Tip when I said to myself, ‘Damn, Q-Tip sucks now!’”

          When Timbaland & Missy can’t help you, it’s probably time to start selling insurance.

      • Superstar Extraordinaire

        no lie homie…..snoop must be on sum other shit…..since i started forest fires….i’ve gained like 20-30 pounds ihn just like 4 yrs

  • Enlightened

    Is Snoop the P.O.A.T. (Popular…uh-est of All Time)

    I know, I guess it would be MPOAT.

    That’s a legit question. Snoop might be the most popular rapper of all time considering how old people and babies know who he is.

    • Ron Mexico

      i think that is a great question. if he’s not #1 he’s gotta be in the top 5.

      the question within the question though… what’s he famous for? for the past decade and change, i wouldn’t say rapping.

      • Enlightened

        I guess that’s what makes him different. For that past decade, he was able to be famous for being Snoop Dogg.
        The character. I can’t think of another rapper who could do that to the point where the quality of his latest songs don’t really affect how popular he is.

        For the record though, he still had some shit for a while. To me, The Last Meal might be one of the most slept on CDs ever period.

        I put it up there as just under classic.

  • AZ40

    That nigga started fallin’ off the minute he started coppin’ pleas from soulja boy and workin’ wit gucci mane, that nigga out chea

  • tronthadon

    Refresh my memory…what makes him a coon?

    • Ron Mexico

      reader’s digest version: doggy after dark… inability to complete sentences… lack of cognitive fortitude… general ass-ignorant behavior whenever possible… these things being the basis of his relevance instead of talent… his embracing of such things being the basis of his relevance instead of talent.

      • Silly Chilly Willy

        So basically, it’s just the hip hop/black version of rockstar (the real ones, see Gene Simmons, Alice Cooper, Ozzy etc)
        Correct ?

      • BIGNAT

        ron ron i usually never disagree with you but i think snoop won. he made mainstream society except him as a pop smoking crip walking pimp talking rapper. he always gets in trouble for smoking weed and getting detained but he never goes to jail. snoops shows be funny as hell the snoop dogg telelvizzle whatever else it was called was funny. i only seen one of those doggy after dark shows. it was snoop chilling sipping on the henny talking to fine ass keri hilson people dancing and having a good time. snoop chilling he don’t have nothing to prove no more let the man enjoy his time

  • Deuce53

    snoop sucks now, no denying that, i cant blame the dro for that, he just got comfortable…now he is just a spectacle, i actually see him goin the route of flavor flav, meaning “once respected hip hop superstar becomes something to point at and laugh and is the butt of alotta jokes” but i still got love for him, bein a legend and all…but SMH at some of his actions

    • Ron Mexico

      it’s like what happened to method man and redman, but 15 times concentrated. sure.

    • BIGNAT

      Deuce53 flavor flav to me was really not a rapper more like a super hypeman.

  • latino heat

    i think Nas showed us last year that no record label is gonna let you put a album on store shelves with any variation of the n word on the front cover.

  • latino heat

    everybody can hate on Snoop and say he fell off but Blue Carpet Treatment came out fairly recently (late 2006) and was bangin front to back. so i think Snoop still has some heat left in him. can i get any cosigns on that?

    • Silly Chilly Willy

      Co sign on Blue Carpet ! That was dope! It was a nice year for seasoned vets, after all…with HHID and KC (I know, right?)…

    • 313Dawg

      Yes you can!! I was dug that myself!!But dang there was only one O.D.B.!! Maybe Snoop wants that spot?

      • BIGNAT

        nobody can take O.D.B’s spot he was more real than life

    • nicholasdelorejo

      Not only that but if i’m not mistaken Snoop or niggaraci crafted the track “gangbaning 101″ which is probably better than anything Dre might be able to craft now at this time. Also Ego trippin was the shit too so I don’t see how anyone can say Snoop fell off. In fact I’m willing to say that he is in the same position as Jay is now. Not as fresh as his early youth but can use his status to venture into different avenues in rap.

  • Mutada/Mullah Atari

    Come the fuck on man. You I guess Ron Mexico has the market cornered on who’s a coon and who’s not. The moniker is no more over the top than hundreds of other rap Aka’s. He’s done some questionable deals and endorsements, but that’s why his kids live comfortably and don’t have to worry about someone shooting them. And who gives a fuck how much weed he smokes? Those are his lungs, if he wants to die a painful death. Let him. Bob Marley, Willie Nelson anyone?

    Ron I usually fux with you…. But I’m not sure about this one.
    Why don’t you post a real picture of yourself? List all of your “non coon” accomplishments; (I’m sure you’ve had a successful entertainment career since 1992, have stared in two MTV shows (No VH1), and can be recognized by a 70 year old white Grandmother in Idaho). Let’s hear some audio so we can hear how eloquently you speak the kings English. Since you’re the arbitrator of who’s a coon and who’s not.

    • Silly Chilly Willy

      Actually, Bob Marley died of cancer due to a leg injury he got after playing with France soccer team, and he didn’t want go to the doctor because of his belief, so it evolved to a cancer.

      Cosign on the first paragraph, though. He’s not that bad after all. I mean, the guy has been known to be special since the beginning. Not only because of his talent, but also the whole charisma he had that made him arguably the most universally-known face of hip hop worldwide. Like a hiphop version of a Hendrix that got the chance to get old and keep making what he wants. Though I don’t condone it most of the time, his antics, for me, don’t outshine his musical and cultural legacy. If it was, like it’s the case for say a Grapejuice or whatever the fuck was damn-burr-man’s name, I’d agree on the coontastic qualifications.

  • miles archer

    @latino heat

    Good point.

    Damn, Ron, you WENT IN(pause)
    Can’t say I really disagree though. Ever since he got found “Not Guilty” the flashes of brilliance have been few and far between.
    I just said to my boy the other day that if you’da told me in 1993 that in 15 yrs… Ice Cube will be making Disney movies, Ice-T will be playing a cop on what will be the longest running franchise on network TV, Snoop will be doing commercials with Lee Iacocca, and, mainstream white America will embrace all three… I woulda smacked off your Starter hat, taken my blunt back and given you the gasface.

    Who woulda known…?

    • Tony Grands

      “I woulda smacked off your Starter hat, taken my blunt back and given you the gasface.”

      You forgot “as I stood in front of the TV while Rap City was on”.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      Good point miles.

      Could we say because of the regional influence? The West has Hollywood, the East has radio & TV.

  • giantstepp

    “He’s made marijuana look like heroin, simultaneously justifying the Reagan era’s drug policies and any legislation intent on keeping black people from being equal members of American society.”

    Strong words Mex. IDK, Snoop as always come across as a lil ignorant to me. No disrespect intended either. Sure he can rap and is a legend but I really never expected anymore of Snoop then the things we see from him. Never thought he had leader qualities at all.


    Snoop did show his role model side on that E! show FatherHood. but since then…

  • Brooklyn

    snoop used to be the shit, but i haven’t fucked with him musically for years, ever since the early 00′s. i guess it depends on what type of weed you smoke, my pops smoked weed for 40-odd years but he never acted crazy until he did the sherm or until he did a few lines. maybe snoop’s putting some dust in his weed. anyway, snoop’s gone through so many phases in his career, maybe this is one of them. maybe like the pimp thing he’ll realize how ridiculous it is and then he’ll drop it.

  • Shawty J

    Anyone who puts Nigga in their name is a moron.

    “Shit. Some women call me “Jesus, Ronnie! Hold The Fuck On! That’s My Fucking Cervix!” But you’ve never heard anything about me considering a name change.”


  • GIBZ

    damn Ron u right on with this one. I’ve BEEN sayin Snoop fell off but I feel like ppl dont care cus he been in the game for so long.

    For me personally it was after Doggfather. That album to me was garbage, and his lyrical content was as well. He just seemed to have lost his touch. He would say shit that had me just smh like “wtf?” Plus, when he started doin reality tv, thats when it was a rap. Only washed up, has beens do that shit. I have to admit some shit he still do is funny, but as far as the ill rapper he was, that shit is gone

  • caino

    Everyone has some love for Snoop, wether its because we can remember the Chronic or doggstyle album, or because you just need a stoner icon! The dude done well to get mainstream recognition, but he hasnt done nothing musically thats half decent in a long long long time!

  • BGZ

    Liberace died of AIDS that was the end of his chapter…

    The Priority Records thing (despite the whole same-as-Jay-as-Def-Jam-prez/figurehead-scenario) is a good look for Snoop, though IMO.

  • General

    Nothing Snoop does suprises me anymore. This is the same dude that went around with Don Juan as his mascot for several years. Snoop has the same problem so many successful people have in that he has too many yes men around him…

    Yes he is successful, but at what price? To me he is cartoon anymore. I respect his early work and yes he has had a few moments of quality work, but it has far been overshadowed by very subpar music. In his defense, it was always gonna be tough to stay on the level of The Chronic and Doggystyle, but damn, atleast he could have still put some time in his rhymes. Everything he raps on sounds like some 7th grader wrote it in about 2 minutes.

    When Dre left Death Row that was the end of Snoop actually crafting rhymes.

  • AD

    I thought that this new moniker for Snoop was just for producing purposes. It was some other guy and Snoop. Is he actually putting out an album under this name?

  • Wallman

    Why is rap infected with bad,bad,BAD! names, if everybody would call themselves their birth names more people would be taking this music seriously,
    Niggarachi? snoop dogg (the name) is corny enough, BUT NIGGARACHI!?

  • Escobar9300

    Ah man, Ronnie I usually co-sign most of your blogs but I can’t agree with this one. Snoop isnt the broken down dope fiend corner hobo as youre making him out to be. Is he as crisp as he used to be? Ofcourse not. But I’m sure anyone whos smoked up as many acres as Snoop has would have that problem too. I don’t see any difference with Snoop having a stupid alter ego name than Kanye wanting to be called Martin Louis The King Jr or 50 Cent with his Pimpin Curly escapades. Snoop made his own lane as is still far far far from getting no sales or doing LL Cool J numbers. Snoop may not be the Dogfather of old, but he is still someone who people love whether youre from the street or burbs.

  • L-Y, NawfWestSide

    P.e.a.c.e. G – I overstood where ur comin’ from Mex, b.u.t. aside frm whut Snoop doez personaLLy, has anyone ever thought why all of a sudden, the Caucasian Powerz that be, would start a movement to keep PeopLe frm saying the word nigga? Word to Pac’s album “StrictLy 4 My Niggaz”. Since when do they have Black FoLk best interest in mind, over their generaL desires as a peopLe? I feel itz a lil’ deeper than surface LeveL. I suggest that ya’LL do some research on the Kundalini Spirit of hue-mans and the Earth – the Nagas – Global warming, the Sirius Star and how it is getting closer to the Earth and what is the REAL reason its getting hotter every summer solstice in relation to these things/subjects. BTW the Sun we cee is a reflection of the Sirius Star outiside of Earth’s atmosphere. P.e.a.c.e./Hotep -