In 2009, the way we listen to music is a whole new ball game. Sure it’s got a lot to do with iTunes— the fact that I can buy a straight up album cut for 99 cents RIGHT NOW is pretty bugged out if you think about it. But I’m getting ahead of myself. What I’m trying to say is that in this day and age it’s easier than ever to create your own versions of albums, the way you think albums are supposed to sound.

Two weeks ago when the new Jay album dropped, or leaked, or whatever, you know everyone in the office was spewing their opinion on how it let them down, or whatnot. My response, “my version of the album is dope— I give it an XL.” You wanna know why, cause my joint has 11 songs. My joint has no wack Timbaland beats. My BP3 doesn’t have that ridiculous “Hater” track that sounded like it took Kanye five seconds to loop. The level of energy on my copy stays high when I want to and dips when I want it to dip.

Now this isn’t the first tailor made album I’ve cut and sewn and put back together. Back in the day when Nas dropped the double disc, Street’s Disciple, I had to take that to the cleaners, too. That double disc shrunk fast, into a much slimmer package that I must say, also deserved another XL.

I have to say there are albums out there, that I love, that have shown up at my door looking a little disheveled – a couple of strands of hair out of place here, some scuffs on the kicks, maybe a missing button on their shirt— but I always know how to fix ‘em up.

I’m sure I’m not the only tailor out there. What are some of you guys’ favorite albums, that looked a lot better after you were done with 'em? -Jesse Gissen