Tailor Made

In 2009, the way we listen to music is a whole new ball game. Sure it’s got a lot to do with iTunes— the fact that I can buy a straight up album cut for 99 cents RIGHT NOW is pretty bugged out if you think about it. But I’m getting ahead of myself. What I’m trying to say is that in this day and age it’s easier than ever to create your own versions of albums, the way you think albums are supposed to sound.

Two weeks ago when the new Jay album dropped, or leaked, or whatever, you know everyone in the office was spewing their opinion on how it let them down, or whatnot. My response, “my version of the album is dope— I give it an XL.” You wanna know why, cause my joint has 11 songs. My joint has no wack Timbaland beats. My BP3 doesn’t have that ridiculous “Hater” track that sounded like it took Kanye five seconds to loop. The level of energy on my copy stays high when I want to and dips when I want it to dip.

Now this isn’t the first tailor made album I’ve cut and sewn and put back together. Back in the day when Nas dropped the double disc, Street’s Disciple, I had to take that to the cleaners, too. That double disc shrunk fast, into a much slimmer package that I must say, also deserved another XL.

I have to say there are albums out there, that I love, that have shown up at my door looking a little disheveled – a couple of strands of hair out of place here, some scuffs on the kicks, maybe a missing button on their shirt— but I always know how to fix ‘em up.

I’m sure I’m not the only tailor out there. What are some of you guys’ favorite albums, that looked a lot better after you were done with ‘em? -Jesse Gissen

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  • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

    Jay knew he did the same with BP2, hence the need for BP2.1.

    Last week, $ykotic mentioned that he made a mixture of Cuban Linx 2 and Blood On Chef’s Apron and it was even better than the album.

    Personally, there were some Slaughterhouse tracks that didn’t make the album that I would’ve thrown on there if I were to have my own mastering session [II].

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      Good looking my dude.

      Beauty, Cocaine Blunts, Cake Baking, Whips & Kicks, & Criminology 2 sound good on Linx 2.

  • casey

    I did that with Slaughterhouse. Subbed tracks in and out.

    Plus meth’s tical 2000 is exponentially better minus the skits

    • Rob the Music Ed

      I agree. Tical 2000 was all over the place. If they would’ve eliminated some joints Meth would’ve had a banger.

  • General

    Co-sign Pierzy on the Slaughterhouse…I thought the CD was excellent, but I added “Move On” and “Wack Mc’s”, which to me made the CD even better…

    As far as other Cd’s i’ve redone for my ipod or burned CD copy, Encore I cut that down along with adding some of the bonus cuts and mixtape Shady cuts from that time and it actually made it one of his better CD’s…

    Jadakiss’s last CD I mixed by cutting about half the tracks and adding from the “Kiss My Ass” mixtape and made it a hell of a lot better…

    I do agree with the BP3 as well, some of the songs dropped the level of the project as well as many were “same song, different beat and hook”. I didn’t need to hear 6 versions of the same song telling me that you think your the greatest, you have a shitload of money, and you have done so much for rap music and don’t understand why they hate you…


    I’ve been on that since 98, when nas’ I am got bootlegged/leaked. I took the good shit from the retail that wasn’t on the bootleg(nas is like, NY state of mind II and others), and the good shit from the bootleg (blaze a 50, drunk by myself and others) that wasn’t on the retail. Then I took the wack songs off, and had a CLASSIC album that I still rock to this day.

  • jonny bizness

    How about pacs all eyes on me if u get rid of whatz ya phone,thug passion,when we ride,and the last three joints off disc 2 it would have been 1 of the greatest albums of all time.life after death was more rounded and is the greatest double album of all time………

    • dex

      NO…you’re very wrong

    • Enlightened

      I agree with a lot of that.

      Although, “When We Ride” is the shit to me, and I still say All Eyez On Me is the best hip-hop double album of all time.

      I have to always give it a couple bonus points for Pac being the first to do it and having EVERY OTHER muthafucka in the industry who thought they was somebody have to go make one.

      On some real shit though, I like 8-Ball’s Lost double disc better than Life After Death.

    • DV8

      say what?

      If you dont understand/ dig “Whats your phone #?” something has got to be wrong with you. Only thing that could possibly be wrong with that track is that the skit dtug the song out a tad bit to long. It would have been more enjoyable if he just let the music play.

      When We Ride- dope

      Thug Passion and Run The Streets- West Coast Shit, if youre not from the west. I can see how you probably couldnt relate.

      Last 3 tracks “We Aint Hard To Find” that was a message to certain people (listen to it) Heaven Aint Hard to find was cool too.

      Also if you wasnt a teenager or older at the time All Eyes On Me dropped you wouldnt understand just how big Pac was. All Eyes On Me was a album you could just push play and let that bitch spin.

  • scoobsnax

    I really hate when songs have skits on the same track, so I use WavePad to cut them out. So like Biggie’s Kick in the Door, I cut off that Mad Rapper bullshit, and now it just goes straight to the track.

  • http://myspace.com/niyemortalofthegodspeed Niyemortal

    I did that to a ton of 50 Cent mixtapes from back in the day

  • Theo Huxtable

    Jammin on the one,bitch

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

    I alway thought that would be so time consuming, but I’m going to try that.

    Hell, my older cats know we did the same thing on the pause mixes (shout out to TDK & Maxell) back in the day.

    Funny how history always seems to repeat itself in one form or another.

  • Enlightened

    The Massacre!

    People always talk about how 50 Cent didn’t follow up GRODT the right way, but that shit had about 23 songs on it!

    When I’m playing Madden, that shit is saved in my XBox and I only play about the 11-12 songs I really like, and I promise if he picked only the best 12, that shit is only a hair under GRODT, if not equal.

  • http://www.incilin.blogspot.com Incilin

    I agree totally. I’ve done that to so many albums. But when you make an album and I cut so much that I only have 5 tracks left, you made a real shitty album.

  • http://www.incilin.blogspot.com Incilin

    The real lesson here is that few hip hop album should to exceed 13 tracks. If rappers would just just the bottom 5 worst songs on all of their albums, hip hop as a whole would improve like crazy.

  • http://j-mace.deviantart.com Shawty J

    I’ve done this a few times.

    I did this with T.I. Vs. T.I.P, by redistributing the tracks it’s more balanced, but manages to tell a similar story.

    Before that I did it to LAX. I dropped several of the songs and all of the skits, bumped up “Camera Phone” and “Big Dreams” to the main album. I downloaded “Superman” and put that back on. I still gotta find the original version of “Hard Liquor” and put that on there. I also moved around several of the tracks, putting “My Life” toward the end, and pushing “Dope Boys” near the beginning.

    Just two days ago I did it to the Blueprint 2. I was just gonna jack the track listing for Blueprint 2.1 but a few joints I liked were absent so I created The Blueprint 2.2 (I know it sounds corny). I also moved around several of the tracks, I brought some of the more pop-ish tracks forward and pushed the darker tracks to the back.

    If I cop Blueprint 3, I’m definitely ditching “D.O.A.”, “On To The Next One”, “Hate”, and “Young Forever”

    I’m planning on re-arranging Tha Carter III and putting a few of leaked songs back on it.

    I’m also gonna download “I’m Going In” and “Fear” and drop a few tracks from So Far Gone like “Just A Little Bit”, “Bria’s Interlude” and the Outro.


    last joint i did a total rehaul of was nas’s last album put that 10 minute cut on there. moved songs around joint came out then times better it had more energy when i was done.

  • Ali

    I don’t do it that much cuz I’m the type that still buys CD’s so as long as it’s a song, I’ll prolly keep it………Most skits are annoying to me tho even if they’re funny, who cares, just a waste of a track so I cut those out…..Except off of the new Raekwon……they fit the album & they’re not really skits, they have beats & some raps on ‘em I kept everything……I gotta admit tho I never even thought about cutting tracks & replacing them & stuff like that…..interesting


    You know I actually keep the BP3 cd as is except i just dont listen to Reminder.
    Games LAX I took out that song Jelly ROll did and replaced it with Big Dreams, took out the Luda Song and the Toomp song and honestly shits fire.

  • http://www.justice.gov.za GO-Getta’

    I flushed about 3 songs in the toilet from Ma$e debut “Harlem World” & make it in2 a classic.

    “Eminem show” also got the same treatment, took it 2 the gym & after about sum hours & 4 songs kilos lose ,it was all good.

    “B.O.M.B” by Busta get constant radio-play in my home after sum nice trimming @ the barber-shop.

  • abdulnasir

    If Asher Roth had added some songs from his greenhouse effect vol. 1 mixtape (the lounge, cartoon chicks) onto “asleep in the bread aisle”, he would’ve had a better debut, especially with “the lounge” as a debut single, then “i love college”.

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