Rebuilding Newark, Brick By Brick…


I have a special connection to Newark, New Jersey. I feel this city as if it were my home. The architecture of downtown Newark is so familiar to me. This was how NYC looked before all the steel and glass mirrors started to hide the fact that NYC had lost its sould sometime around the GIULIANI regime. Newark was like Detroit to me because it still retained it height and magnificence even through its depression.

The Newark Museum of Art was the first museum to embrace the Internets Celebrities. They cited our film ‘Bodega’ during their prestigious if not overcrowded Paul Robeson Awards ceremony. Newark retains a blue collar aesthetic the same way Philadelphia does. It is small wonder to me then that Dice Raw of the legendary, hardest working band of all time Roots crew was tabbed to compose the theme to the Sundance Channel’s documentary about the rebuilding city’s inner struggle.

Dice Raw & Khari Mateen – ‘Brick By Brick’

The Brick City documentary mini-series features some of Newark’s soldiers from the young mayor CORY BOOKER, to the police chief to Blood and Crip and Blood gang members who are on the frontlines of the poverty and desperation within Newark’s ghettos. I’m hype for this program as the alternative to all the talk that ‘The Wire’ had generated in examining and exposing the urban phenomena created by capitalism over the past 40 years. Since the murder of MARTIN LUTHER KING Jr. the urban center has been abandoned by industry and the government. The story of Brick City is no different than that of Philadelphia, Baltimore, East St.Louis, Detroit and ALL of Ohio.

Those of us born into the full threshold of urban decay are now old enough and strong enough to progressively change our environs. The process is lengthy and arduous but we must rebuild our cities with our own hands. Brick by brick…

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    I ain’t been to Newark in years, but the last time I was there that shit was grimey. Dude tried to sell me the smallest, wackest 20 bag I had ever seen in my life.

    • Mr. North

      When I lived in Newark they used to have them nics on deck all day!!!

      • Capital G

        I spent two years living in East Orange, that shit was hell on Earth. Just like Newark but way poorer. And this is coming from a dude who grew up in Jersey City and lived in Camden. Come to think of it, alot of Jersey is fucked the fuck up.

  • thoreauly77

    that picture reminds me of oakland..

  • noz

    weird that they didn’t get a newark rapper, but this looks dope.

  • http:/ Tony Grands

    Reminds me of Watts, Compton & small, sanctioned off areas in L.A.

    & to think, folks are fighting about healthcare. What’s “good” health if one’s stuck in bad environments?

  • capcobra

    it all starts with the people…but the people thinks it start with the government or some until people get that first part figured out the only thing to do is take care of you and yours…because one thing i learned is niguz is good at tearing up the hood but lack the skills to organize and rebuild it.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    dP I thought Gov Hugh Carey & Mayor Ed Koch killed NY.

    And Guiliani was the DA/Mayor that locked us up.

    That theatre reminds me of the DUFFIELD & LOEWS that were there in downtown Bklyn.

  • sublicon

    Jersey: We Go Hard!

    • BOSS D.R.E

      Yes We Do! Southside P-Ville/ Killa Hill ALL DAY!!!

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine


    Check this out. Realest drop on the game I have seen in a minute:

    • Tony Grands


      That link was either shallow & in poor, attention-getting taste or it was a very sincere farewell.

      I’m more apt to think the latter.


      • $ykotic/Don McCaine

        My dude I felt the latter. Dudes don’t want a part of this buffoonery anymore. It’s outta control right now.

        If cats who do this rap thing as a hobby don’t wanna even do that, you know it’s in dire straits.

        The passion is gone. And from my experiences in the game, what Nino is saying is relevant and relative. Remember I moved thousands of miles away on some hermit sh*t.


  • oskamadison

    Been in NC since ’98 and I’m from Jersey City (14B, what’s up?) but my moms been living in Newark for the past few years. Newark is the only place I’ve ever seen where it’s dark even when the sun’s out. People mention New Orleans, Detroit or Baltimore as the grimiest cities but you gotta throe Brick City in there, too.

  • oskamadison

    throw…pardon the typo.

  • Tony Grands


    Hold your head, playboy. Stay strong & don’t let the small shit do you in…

    DP needs some prayer y’all. Anybody who has an inkling who God is, say a prayer for the big homie.

    • Worley


      The post over at your spot sounded a little suicidal in areas so here’s the love: the internets loves ya my dude. I know we don’t pay your bills but we can check for any blogger on the internets yet we still fux with you on the regulack (as evidenced by my familiarity with your slango).

      Take as much time as you need to get your sh*t in order. The internets will still be here to soak up, hate and debate your point of view.

      Keep it pimpin’.


  • SilkCityP

    I’m glad to see Jiwe doing his thing, and redirecting the energy & focus about this whole issue. Fact is whether niggas wanna admit it or not, this whole Blood/Crip phenomenon is played the fuck out… You got brothas in South Central that have been bred into this culture b/c 40 years ago, the young brothas who started this shit had suspended animation, and it traveled from father to son to cousin to grandkids…and thats been the nature of the beast. However this shit on the east coast is about 25 years late. LA bangers have no respect for East Coast red/blue bandanas, b/c its not the same struggle…and since NY/NJ has rose with all this Blood/Crip shit over the last 10 years it has gotten to point now where its become epidemic, and I personally would like to see the LA cats come out east and set the record straight!