P***y P***y P***y Marijuana

It’s a recession Rapper Man. Meaning if you are a rapper man or a man dressed like a rapper man (pricey King Johnny jewelry, custom cars and cycles, etc.) you are a walking ATM. Now as a Rapper Man or a dude that dresses like a Rapper man, u got to be aware baby. You gotta not only look out 4 the Jack Boys (Robbers) u gotta keep ya eyes on the women, bruh.

Last weekend 4 Nashville Tenn. robber chicas used their feminine charms to “set it off” by working their way into a hotel room and escaping with jewels and a computer. Damn those hi-tech hoe’s! Tenn. is cut throat 4real. Man I have been reading the blogs and as usual comments just went in on Ricky R0$$ (who is cold on the mic I don’t care what ya’ll say) and his former job as a C.O. Meanwhile men all across America are suffering the same shame and embarrassment too. The shame of knowing PPM has struck again! Having been a working stiff, D-boy and Rapper Man in my 30 or so years I happened to have a certain amount of expertise in this realm. Yup I been got…lol. PPPM is a man’s kryptonite if you’re a white guy replace the M with a C and you got Eliot Spitzer. The Promise of P mixed with the haze will cause a lack of focus and u will slip and get got.

I’m not saying don’t indulge in a lil smoke and poke trickery, just play the game fair. Put the jewels and money in the hotel safe; the one in your room or the front desk (it’s the best). Call the homie who never gets ass (becuz he’s staying true to his girl…um yeah right) and have him hold the goods. Hell, make security do their job and put they big ass at the door of the 3-star hotel room and hold them hoe’s ID, but never indulge in a 3-way with the Mary J and a pro hoe, this will only lead to Rapper Disaster.

Weed is a thieving hoe’s best accomplice. So Rapper Man’s and men that dress like rapper man’s beware PPPM is out there with bad intentions of smoking, sexing and robbing the sh*t outta u!

P.S. I left a lil dedication link 4 all the homies that ever woke up without they wallet, keys, bankroll or zip of bubble kushy. The song is called “Delilah” from my Sunday Morning Massacre series and it’s also on the Underground Atlanta album disk 2, titled “So Fly”. Be warned and enjoy. GTRG…BBB. It’s Bigga!

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  • G2

    Yeah, I’ve been caught out there before, tho I hate to admit it. I smoked with a chick, and she got away my chain. It wasn’t all iced out or anything, but it held sentimental value. Never saw that chick again.

    • Detroit P

      “Then I lost her number, Never seen again”-Gucci

      you just reminded me of that line

  • http://www.myspace.com/atlatino404 El Tico Loco

    I can’t say I’ve been juxed by a broad but that combination (PPM) sure clouds your judgement and stunts your productivity and growth, even plants that produce fruits or vegetables can’t grow correctly if there’s to many weeds in the soil. That analogy applies to us Men rapper or whatever, but I know first hand what happens when you find that out of town connect or that fine wet wet, so moderation is the key.

    • http://www.myspace.com/atlatino404 El Tico Loco

      By the way Killer Mike XXL must be cutting them nice checks.

      • Master CHeef

        the problem with that analogy, El Tico Loco, is that marijuana is a plant, not an actual weed.

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

    When I did blaze with broads, that was when I made sure I had that good smoke. So, I was entirely too paranoid for them to even be able to get near my shit of value. Plus, I don’t trust anybody further than I can throw them.

    Company of any kinds calls for belongings to be put away, out of clear sight. Fuck letting my guard down, & I’m not a rapper man, rapper man’s less expensive stunt double or anything close. But, I do know that hunger & thirst come in all shapes/sizes/colors. Thiefs don’t discriminate, especially the ones you utilize the power of the ‘tang.

    I think a broad stole my weed once though. Jawbone game was crazy, so I just charged it as an even exchage.

    • Hanch

      I hear ya on that one homie! I never let my guard down anymore at all. Thats always been my motto “I dont trust anybody farther than i can throw they ass”! Yo Grands that shit on the other article with them fools asking what you do in your personal life was freaking hilarious! I am still trying to figure out why they care, or why it’s any of their business what the fuck it is you do to make your money. Hell or how you spend your free time. Freaking Hilarious though! Way to Get flip it on Em Bro!

    • DV8

      “When I did blaze with broads, that was when I made sure I had that good smoke. So, I was entirely too paranoid for them to even be able to get near my shit of value. Plus, I don’t trust anybody further than I can throw them. ”

      LMAO and concur with that shit.

      • BIGNAT

        i have had bad luck smoking weed with chicks everyone i smoked with. even if they smoke like that they stay holding the blunt. you always got to remind they ass pass that shit. plus they wanna go to the store and get something and act like i am giving you them the change to. chick i gave you a 50$ where my change at. i am never that high to forget about my money.

        • $ykotic/Don McCaine

          “Take 2 and pass…”-Gangstarr

          Rules on tour:

          1. Fukk that bottle & liquor cabinet. BRING YOUR OWN. THE ENTOURAGE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE TREE CONNECTS.

          2. Put that extra room on the tab. That’s the party room, not your suite.

          3. SCRUTINIZE THEM BROADS. Can’t tell a bird from a giddy fan? You need to have a “Pay them hoes to SHHHHH” trust fund.

          4. The entourage are your “workers”. Make it so, number 1.

          5. Co-sign Mike. Put the jewels & laptop in the MANAGER’S SAFE. You’re in the short stay, you’re a target from day 1. They know you’re there before you check in.

          6. US & YOU don’t smoke together. Playa you are asking for some tainted sh*t to happen.


    • OG Matt Herbz

      I know what you mean about trusting people. I didn’t smoke with anyone that didn’t bring their own shit unless I was trying to spread a little bird that didn’t smoke like that. The pothead culture is all about openness and sharing, but fuck that, I was stingy with my shit. You didn’t get smoked out unless I really liked you. So that ruled out most dudes. Dudes had to go in half–bring their own shit and we’ll break off a couple nugs and put it to the pipe. The girls could take a couple of hits, then snuggle up to me and everything would be lovely–I liked the company. You got to know how to pick them, mang…no skeezers.

      –OG Matt Herbz–

  • Mutada/Mullah Atari

    Closes I came to some shit like this a bitch trying to have me pick her up in Nickerson Gardens in Wattz CA. SMH

    Met her at a club in LA, and as Ghetto as she was, the bitch was BAD! First she’s saying come pick me up and lets go back to your place.

    Then I get half way there and she’s talking bout park outside and wait for me. I’ll come get you… Shiiiiiiiit. I aint get no pussy that night lol

    • westcoastaggie

      NOTE: Never mess with them WATTS Project h0es!

  • DV8

    Hey XXL yall need to make Killa Kill a permenant blogger. He would be a great addition to Penn, Bol, and Ron Mex.

    Its all about balance, baby!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

    I smoked weed once and that was back in high school with my cousin…then my mom caught me and put the fear of GOD in my ass…so naw, I don’t got no stories to compare with yall. The most I smoke now is cigarettes and I’m tryna quit that!

  • GIBZ

    Mike Bigga this post was on point. U have GOT to be careful nowadays. Shit even past-a-days, but even more now cus she will look sweet and innocent and weigh about 95LBS, and will still run out wit your shit!!! DEF A GOOD READ


  • caino

    You always gotta have your guard up when puffing tha green leaf. usually cos the good shit make you so paranoid!

    But l aint never had no girl rob me when sharing a blunt and a fuck. Must be lucky l guess! lol

  • Moving Sideways

    I only have two words for everyone.

    College Chicks

    The answer to all of your weed-smoking, dirty-sexing, hedonism minus the fear of getting got.

  • giantstepp

    Im naturally cautious when it comes to broads that I really dont know. Especially if you’re getting lifted. I take my wallet, keys and cash and put them in the safe spot at the crib because you have to earn my trust. But everytime I’ve done that it makes me think that she probably should be there if I have to hide my shit in my place!

  • GIFT

    I don’t, can’t, and will not trust any broad. To be honest, if I don’t really know you, I ain’t trying to blaze up wit you anyway. I like smokin wit chicks once I feel em out or find out that they smoke, but I don’t let them see no cash, jewels, or any of my shit. I actually roll the blunt b4 hand, so she can’t see the weed. I haven’t been took by a female yet, and I fucks wit the music tough, so we always on our p’s and q’s anyway. Again, ain’t trustin em. PEACE!!!GOOD SHIT MR BIGGA!!!!

  • P. Harris

    All the chicks I smoked with, were in college with me, or at some college. I never had to worry about it. I quit when I got out of school haven’t puffed since. Rumor has it down here in Raleigh, that shit happened to Ja Rule back in 2000… LOL… Fucting with the Plum Crazy and Iguana’s hoes… SMH…

  • tronthadon

    Yall niggas trippin lmao…you get off that mid grade and give that hoe sum killa kush she’ll be too fuckin high to even think of gettin you then..roll up a dutch cuz that shit burn tha slowest pack it with that killa and shell be on anotha cloud ..if all else fails give her that shit they sell at a sex shop you know tha shit that look like weed but itll have you on sum acid type shit thatll scare her shell never wonna smoke with you again and u can just pipe her down from then on out..lmao dont ask me how i know dis


    the shit you talking about going get a nigga 5 to 10. acid laced blunts wtf

    • tronthadon

      5 to ten for sum shit they sell at starship..shut tha fuck up illiterate ass nigga

  • Brooklyn

    i’m a paranoid dude when i’m not smoking, so when i am i’m like crackhead paranoid. furthermore, i don’t bring no chick back to my crib anyway because i don’t like nobody knowing where i live. that same skeezer you meet in the club and take back to your crib can then later bring her brothers, cousins, niggas, or whoever back to your crib with guns and kick down your door and rob your ass blind. when i’m with a chick, we going to her place, and if we can’t go to her place, we going half on a hotel room. and i fuck with my chain and rosary on, i just turn them shits around so that the crosses are against my back and not slapping her in the titties. and when we done, we shower together so that i can watch that bitch.