It’s a recession Rapper Man. Meaning if you are a rapper man or a man dressed like a rapper man (pricey King Johnny jewelry, custom cars and cycles, etc.) you are a walking ATM. Now as a Rapper Man or a dude that dresses like a Rapper man, u got to be aware baby. You gotta not only look out 4 the Jack Boys (Robbers) u gotta keep ya eyes on the women, bruh.

Last weekend 4 Nashville Tenn. robber chicas used their feminine charms to “set it off” by working their way into a hotel room and escaping with jewels and a computer. Damn those hi-tech hoe’s! Tenn. is cut throat 4real. Man I have been reading the blogs and as usual comments just went in on Ricky R0$$ (who is cold on the mic I don’t care what ya’ll say) and his former job as a C.O. Meanwhile men all across America are suffering the same shame and embarrassment too. The shame of knowing PPM has struck again! Having been a working stiff, D-boy and Rapper Man in my 30 or so years I happened to have a certain amount of expertise in this realm. Yup I been got…lol. PPPM is a man’s kryptonite if you’re a white guy replace the M with a C and you got Eliot Spitzer. The Promise of P mixed with the haze will cause a lack of focus and u will slip and get got.

I’m not saying don’t indulge in a lil smoke and poke trickery, just play the game fair. Put the jewels and money in the hotel safe; the one in your room or the front desk (it’s the best). Call the homie who never gets ass (becuz he’s staying true to his girl…um yeah right) and have him hold the goods. Hell, make security do their job and put they big ass at the door of the 3-star hotel room and hold them hoe’s ID, but never indulge in a 3-way with the Mary J and a pro hoe, this will only lead to Rapper Disaster.

Weed is a thieving hoe’s best accomplice. So Rapper Man’s and men that dress like rapper man’s beware PPPM is out there with bad intentions of smoking, sexing and robbing the sh*t outta u!

P.S. I left a lil dedication link 4 all the homies that ever woke up without they wallet, keys, bankroll or zip of bubble kushy. The song is called “Delilah” from my Sunday Morning Massacre series and it’s also on the Underground Atlanta album disk 2, titled “So Fly”. Be warned and enjoy. GTRG…BBB. It’s Bigga!