There’s something about the late, great Pimp C that makes me feel like I’m in junior high school again. You see the Pimp had a great gift; the man had the other worldly ability to make an ordinary rap phrase sound dirtier than a used tampon.

When the Pimp spoke in his long, drawn out Southern twang about sex, I got the same reaction—and shocked, disgusted and I might add pleased smirk—as when I first heard Andrew Dice Clay’s stand up, or the first time I saw the video for 2 Live Crew’s “Pop That Coochie.” What I’m trying to say is dude is just that raunchy; he makes you feel like you’re doing something wrong.

This is no small feat as every rapper curses and talks about sex, but when Pimp C does it, it’s like it’s no one is doing it right. I mean listen to this song (NSFW)

Dude is a potty-mouthed genius. I know it’s not his birthday or the anniversary of his death, but I don’t care. Respect due. R.I.P. No one is as nasty as the Pimp. And I mean no one, not Too Short, Uncle Luke, Necro, none of ‘em. Chime in people, share some of your favorite, filthy Pimp C lines... –Jesse Gissen