There’s a scene in the movie Deep Cover where Larry Fishburne’s character and others are asked the difference between a “nigger” and a “black man.” I loved the answer Fishburne’s character gave, “Only a nigger would answer that question.”

Moving right along to Tyson Beckford. When asked “if you had to spend a night with a man, who would it be and why?” Tyson Beckford answered, “President Barak Obama.” OMG! Tyson just publicly came out the closet in the most stupid and minstrel of ways possible, in front of a white male that may be gay. Real Atlanta Housewife and hitmaker, Kandi, who just moments earlier was slobbering over him shirtless,  was wise enough to giggle and hurry the convo along, after the host dropped the ball (pun intended) on doing so. I know the successful sister Kandi was thinking, “damn another DL brother. I can’t win in Atlanta”…sigh.

WTF is up with the homie Tyson? He cooned for that question like only a nigger would do. Even dragging the married Will Smith’s name up and making suggestive faces like homophobes and DL brothers acting homophobic do. Honest to God I wouldn’t care if Mr. Beckford is gay. I’m sorry for those that do it just doesn’t matter all that much to me. His homosexuality is his and his lover’s affair.

However to suggest that you would engage in a homosexual affair with the country’s married President of any color is deplorable. To be African-American, a product of the hip-hop generation and suggest that not only would you engage in an affair with our country’s Pres, but that you would make the leader of the free world and the first black President your “bottom” should merit a firing squad. Yeah nigga, a firing squad! I would’ve said lynched but being a black male does not allow me to speak such hate. I only wish your blackness would’ve prevented you from speaking such fucking buffoonery.

Tyson, I’m a Polo collector, an MC and a fast car loving black man. So as a fan of your Polo days, your Source modeling days and your speed TV show, I’ma say if you ever asked a question that could put straight and gay brothers in such a crude, perverse, and distasteful light, please just STFU.

Please note I do not care who is and ain’t gay. Gay people have been and will be here until the end of days. In the African-American community, it’s time we wake up to that fact and accept some of our greatest writers, actors, leaders, scholars, models and rappers have been and are homosexuals. Along with that fact, the African-American family was here first and will be here always. We cannot allow the joking and overall coonery chip away at the image of the black family. In his race to become President, Obama’s loyalty to his wife, patriotism and sexual orientation were all attacked. Marriages is hard enough without the antics you displayed. “Michelle will be holding the camera,” disgusting! The Obamas, the Smiths and all married women and couples deserve the same respect and advocacy we afford our gay brothers and sisters.

A black man holds the highest office in all the land and a black family is the face of America. We shouldn’t cheapen that by suggesting any affair, hetero or homo. Ask Bill Clinton how one affair can become a stain and forever blight an otherwise pristine legacy. Brother Tyson we have to be more wise. I love u my brother (no homo, smile).

Tyson, you are a shining ray of hope for our people in the fashion and TV world; let’s not let that be used as a huge spotlight to cheapen or devalue an American President and African-American brother. To all my brothers and sistas, to gay and straight, let’s all do better. We have a world to conquer together. It’s “Bigga.”

Hit me on Twitter “Killer_Mike” (the bigga address is coming soon). I wanna know what ya’ll thinking about this topic as the day goes.

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  • tronthadon

    Fuck that shit that nigga gay..cmon Mike how you side with this pantie pants ass nigga?…you even said in ur raps that Atl was dope boy city before these niggas went gay..i really hate what the world has become but in the same token more bitches for me

  • Don Rico

    Bigga – I think your giving Tyson too much credit “We have to be more wise” – if you have ever heard Beckford talk he isnt wise at all and never seems to have much thought about anything – All he has ever had to do is look good, so for him to say something so DUMB about The President doenst surprise me at all

  • qp

    I agree with you. He should have just passed that question, or atleast thought about his answer and addressed it differently. I know that whole situation was probably in good fun (bullshit) but there are some things that you shouldn’t say.

    I never really understood the negative vibe from the black community towards homosexuality. Like you stated some of our most influential figures were homosexual, like James Baldwin, Lorraine Hansberry and Langston Hughes (Im sure if he was but from what I heard and read it seems that he was) and in some sense with they had some affect on the Hip-Hop movement. I guess it’s the whole fear what you don’t know.

  • Tony Grands

    I know Tyson was just kidding around, but it’s easy to circumnavigate such idiocy.

    NaS was asked whether or not he was supposed to be on Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind”, & Nasir said, “next question…”.

    Tyson should’ve taken the same diplomatic stance, in my opinion, knowing that right now, sexuality & race are hot topics. Any little bit of nothingness the media can put a spin on will surely find rotation. & this void of an actual story is a perfect example. I’ve seen this commented about in more publications, on or off line, than the story of the 4 boys who beat that 16 year old kid to death using railroad equipment. Or the story of the 4 year old kid who was killed out here in Van Nuys, CA with a shotgun by a “rival gang member”s bad aim.

    The flip side of that, though is that sometimes America takes itself to seriously. Granted, I couldn’t imagine Hugh Jackman saying he’d ass-pirate George Bush, but I’m sure Tyson regrets that distasteful joke now.

    In a couple of days, it’ll be as forgotten as Wayne kissing Baby(?).

  • Disgusted

    I completely agree Mike. Thank you Tyson Beckford for continuing to enforce male model stereotypes. The problem with too much media is that no-one has morals anymore. The more competition there is, the lower people will sink. God help this world

  • won1

    oh yea he a fruitcake alrite..i say him & kanye should get together for some fishsticks

  • AvengerXL

    Good point about the coonery and dancing on the coach Tyson did was truely coontastic. That was a perfect example of a question you should avoid black,white or orange. But one point you miss mike is the fact Tyson is human and humans tend to do stupid things from time to time accross ethnic lines. Many times we let our ethnicities out way our humanity which plays into the hands of various power brokers around the world. It would be helpful if our entertainers presented themselves in a classier manor on screen since they are often how many kids still define all blacks. But it is hard to ask someone who is wealthy,getting mad trim and have access to whatever high you want to behave. Not to mention the extent of celebrity whorship in this country.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Damn…he should have said someone like Wendy Williams. Best case scenario she’s got a pussy, worst case scenario…eh, well at least her audience believes she’s a woman.

    But Obama? Unless it’s Michelle’s milkshake, there’s no way.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    The word had been out that dude is a two-headed nickel…

  • giantstepp

    He had too much “fun” with that question. As a straight male, I just couldn’t bring myself to answer that. Period. And to have fun with it in the manner that he did screams SUSPECT!!! at the very least….if not an all out indictment. Especially since all of the rumors about the dude being a fruit and all.

  • kato

    First of all, it might be a good idea for you to get your grammar and punctuation in order. Just because it’s a blog for XXL Magazine, an “urban publication,” it doesn’t mean that the standards for what passes as proper English should be lowered. I guess the editor doesn’t check these blogs for errors.

    Now, as far as your criticism of Tyson Beckford, for (what could be considered) the questionable response that he gave, I understand where you were TRYING to go with it, but it fell way short of the mark.

    While I’d, personally, never dignify such a question with an answer, doing so wouldn’t merit accusations of being “homophobic.” That’s a contradiction that escaped you. Also worth noting is that Kandi actually said “That’s a good answer,” in response to Tyson, and only stepped in to “hurry the convo along” when the HOST used the word “sodomized.”

    Now, as off-base as that part of your rant was, it was your OTHER criticism which was puzzling, and unnecessary. You referred to his behavior as “coonery” and “bafoonery(sic).” Buffoonery (as it’s actually spelled) is one thing, because, by its very definition, it refers to foolish behavior or playful behavior. A case can be made for that ‘charge’ against Tyson, in that particular interview, but the same can be said for the host, and many of the other guests that have appeared on that segment. But, PLEASE explain what makes him a “coon,” or a “nigger,” for that (by the way, putting an asterisk in place of the ‘i’ doesn’t lessen the impact of the accusation). Is it because President Obama is an African-American? Is it because Tyson Beckford, himself, is an African-American, making an odd statement in reference to the President? What does race, or anything remotely linked to the issue of race, have to do with this? When Lance Bass was on the show, with Kim Zolciak (who are both Caucasian), and they hammed it up with silly answers and playful banter, what did that make THEM?

    According to you, Tyson is a ‘homophobic-DL-coon’, and you have formed this muddled, and unfair, characterization of him from one ‘off-the-cuff’ interview. Yet, you then ‘cyber-embrace’ him by saying what a “shining ray of hope” he is, and saying that you love him. Huh?! Pick a stance, stay with it, and make a clear and valid point.

    Comedians make jokes about people, including Presidents, ALL THE TIME. They reference things that have ACTUALLY happened, like Clinton’s infidelities, and it doesn’t “cheapen” the President’s term in office. If anything, the indiscretions of the individual stain their legacy, not the jokes told in reference to it. Honestly, Tyson Beckford’s just not funny, but that doesn’t make him ‘The Slayer of Presidential Legacies’. Trust me, President Obama’s press secretary, and the rest of his Cabinet, are not scrambling to put together a statement in defense of his manhood, or to refute Beckford’s comments. Nor will people suddenly think that President Obama is a homosexual, or that his marriage to the First Lady is not legitimate, because of some dumb answer that Tyson Beckford gave on Bravo’s late-night TV programming.

    Questionable answer to a viewer’s question? Yes. Bad humor? Yes. “Cooning”? I don’t get that. I wish that people would stop using race as the gasoline to fuel arguments where race is not, or should not be, an issue. There are plenty other battles to be fought, where such accusations truly apply. This one? Not so much.

    • Hanch

      You do know you can use periods, right? Maybe you should learn proper sentence structure

      • thoreauly77

        indeed. it’s very important to use commas in their proper grammatical context, such as at the end of sentences that use the word “structure”.


    Word to James Baldwin!!!!!

  • Smel

    When he said the First Lady would be holding the camera, I thought that was way out of line. She’s the freakin FIRST LADY.

  • Mike Bigga

    @ Every body thanks 4 the responses.

    @ Kato the “Like only a Nigger would do” Line is a reference to the opening “Deep Cover” and the question Fishburn wa asked.

    I was stating 2 things as an American its in poor tatse to say you’d bend the prez over and have “all the power”. The 2cd thing is As an African American its in poor taste to do that to a Black Family (1st lady Obama was mentioned as a camera holder)

    Grammar is the fualt of My publisist (sorry Miko, My XXL Editor and The Public School system Thanks Ronnie Regan) Sorry but i will be taking more writing classes this winter.

    Also Bruh its only my opinion, but where in from THE SOUTH we called what he did and most of what we see on RAHW and other Bravo show Cooery and Bafoonery… Please excuse Grammar and Typo’s…lol peace. thank u 4 your opinion Bruh.

  • capcobra

    imagine a dude going on tv and saying he’d **** you in the ass and have your wife hold the camera…WOW!!! imagine you got 2 imagine you the president of the united states…yeah…mr beckford is under special investigation right now…you only can imagine what barack said after seeing the clip.

    • EmCDL

      Fuck that he had better hope Obama didn’t hear that! I doubt he’d get into much perspective about it all like Tyson did.

  • GIBZ

    Kato, I think Bigga had a good drop. He is right on so many levels.

    My question to you, Kato, is where were you when the dumbest of the dumb, OJ the Juiceman, was doing his blogs??? You talkin about Bigga’s punctuation??? This brother has brought some really good blog postings this past 2 weeks, and you want to get on his case about punctuation??? DID YOU SEE OJ’s blogs 2 weeks ago?? Where the fuck were u then?? Cut him some slack, anyways, blogs are opintions and he is entitled to his, just as you’re entitled to your dumb ass comments.

    • kato

      Everyone’s opinion is to be respected, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not up for debate. The purpose of posting a blog, and allowing comments, is to state one’s opinion, and to invite others to do the same.

      I came across this particular blog, through a link that was posted elsewhere. I don’t know who “OJ” is, and I personally don’t care. So, most likely, to answer your question of where I was, I was somewhere doing something better than reading a blog that even YOU think was ignorant.

      When I come across things that move me to respond, whether good or bad, I gladly take that opportunity. Pointing out the grammatical errors was not the crux of my response, but those errors stand out when I’m reading ANYTHING that’s backed by a published, reputable media outlet.

      So, you can be angry at me all you want, “GIBZ.” Curse me out if it makes you feel good. I’m not fazed, in the least, by your misdirected anger. But, while you’re at it, try and comprehend what I’ve said in my original post, as a WHOLE, and understand that I’m addressing an actual topic, and not just spitting venom at Mike for the hell of it, the way you are at me.

      I think that Mike is a brilliant artist, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t be bothered by grammatical errors, or disagree with his choice of words or characterizations. There’s a certain responsibility that comes along with sharing one’s writing in such a public forum, especially when you’re doing so under the heading of a major publication. It’s about how you choose to represent yourself.

      “Cutting people slack” is what often hinders growth and educational development, so I don’t believe in it, in an instance such as this. If someone accidentally spills something on me, yeah, I can “cut them some slack” because I know that they didn’t mean to do it.

      I’m not calling him dumb, I’m just not enamored with the idea of sacrificing accuracy (grammatical, contextual, factual, or otherwise) for the sake of making public statements of any kind. I’d even be willing to proofread! I WANT our voices to be heard, but I also want people to respect the WAY that we represent ourselves, intellectually.

      I hope these “dumb ass” comments make some sense to you, “GIBZ,” and I also hope that you find something (or someone) else more appropriate at which to aim your venom.

      • Smel

        You think that Mike is a brilliant artist, but you don’t even know that OJ exists?

        Things that make ya go hmm…

        • kato

          Yeah, as in, “hmmm… what’s your point?”

          Because I think Killer Mike is a brilliant lyricist, I have to know who OJ the Juiceman is??

        • Smel

          Why so defensive? I just found it interesting. No OJ stan over here lol

        • kato

          “Defensive” and puzzled are two entirely different things. I guess you thought that my question was rhetorical. I really would like to know what point you were trying to make with your initial comment.

          Why should I know who “OJ” is?

        • kato

          “Defensive” and puzzled are two different things, altogether.

          I guess you thought that my question was rhetorical. I really would like to know what point you were trying to make with your initial comment.

          Why should I know who “OJ” is?

        • Smel

          What question of yours are you referring to?

          “What’s your point?”
          -My point was to highlight 2 facts I found interesting.

          “Because I think Killer Mike is a brilliant lyricist, I have to know who OJ the Juiceman is??”
          -You certainly don’t have to know who OJ is.

  • http://xxl All Dae

    tysons stoopid for that. yeah even if the Kato definition don’t fit exacly homie was straight coonin.

  • Shawty J

    I can’t believe he answered that question. People really have to learn when to say “no comment” or “next question.” Based on how quickly he answered and how long he played on it, it was apparently something he actually put thought into, how disturbing… If he was going to answer he could’ve left out the parts about “being in control” and “Michelle holding the camera” that was just tasteless.

  • Mutada/Mullah Atari

    Man I did not even click on that shit when I saw the WSHH video. Not desire at all to watch that video.

    Mike I’d like you to do a blog on those black students who beat the other black student to death. Something is wrong with our youth man….

    • anutha_level


  • anutha_level

    nice drop homie. and i agree, it was truly a damn shame.

  • paychexx

    why would even answer that question even if you just playing around. that dude…man i knew somethin was funny bout dude, when i seen him in raekwon ice cream video doing that fag ass head nod…check youtube…

  • Mike Bigga

    @Kato Email me umma take u up on that offer to proof read the blogs. i want my shit to be official. Thanks or Killer_Mike on twitter.

    • kato

      Bet. I’d gladly do that, so I’m definitely going to contact you.

      I’ll go more in depth, in my email to you, but I have to say publicly that I have tremendous respect for the way that you handled this exchange. It was never a personal issue with you, as a man, and I appreciate the fact that you didn’t RESPOND with a personal attack, either.

  • Mike Bigga

    ewwww i jus read the Blog to and im sorry that was the edit! LOL…i went to Publik Skool but the was, was , was fiasco around the Khandi sentence was not what i wrote…lol. Sorry again and Thanks KATO.

  • balaramesh

    @ mick,

    another grant post.

    tyson beckford is the reason why chicks do like like the “pretty” dudes like tyson. they’ll settle for a lil wayne’s or warren sapp’s with fame and cash anyday of the week.

  • balaramesh

    sorry Mike, a brother is speed typing …. at work.

    be easy

  • Mike Bigga

    LOL being a lil Warren Sappish about the waist and having a woman with a Bueatiful face and fat Azz! I would like to thank brother beckford and all the pretty boyz like him….lol


    i didn’t think i would be saying this when you was doing a guest spot mike. i don’t agree with you with what you gotta say about tyson.

    i feel like he was just playing around with the question. did he go a little to far with the bottom stuff yes. to say it is coonery and all those other things no. would you rather he would have sat there and got mad at the question. or he just didn’t play along that would have made the show boring. how would you have replied to that question mike? tyson also said that if he had a talk show. he would have girls going up and down on a stripper poles behind him. sounds like my kinda talk show.

    the show comes on late no little kids up to see it shit i don’t even see it. the host is gay that is no question he looks like he shits rainbows in the morning hahahhaha.


  • Mike Bigga

    @Avenger XL great point. Celebrity worship is a real plauge and i had not thought of it in that context.

  • Mike Bigga

    @ Kato in regards to your observation of my post:

    According to you, Tyson is a ‘homophobic-DL-coon’, and you have formed this muddled, and unfair, characterization of him from one ‘off-the-cuff’ interview. Yet, you then ‘cyber-embrace’ him by saying what a “shining ray of hope” he is, and saying that you love him. Huh?! Pick a stance, stay with it, and make a clear and valid point.

    Kato I hated on him and embraced him becuz he is my Brother. Also note i said was acting “LIKE” these things (Homophobe and DLs) although i called him Nigger lol sorry i ment dat one. As Angry as his words and actions made me and as venom filled as the 1st half of this post was resolution is always the best solution. I wanted Him and all bruhs to know my rants are from a place of love. Bad Grammar and all.

  • Mike Bigga

    @ BigNat

    Im glad we dont always agree. that would defeat my purpose of creating true dialog. the problem i have and why i chose such a harsh description is this: Tyson Beckford is a wordly brother who is better Traveled than all of us, he has met with Diplomats Heads of state, Business and Political leaders he has been media trained and is a nearly 20 year vet in the entertainment field. He aint jus a rap nigga. He understands the politics of proper protocol.

    This Man was the Face Of Ralph Luaren. He had to pick up some class and tact along the way. I think that he Cooned! Im from THE SOUTH and here cooning means u dumbed down past step and fetch and be came a jester of sorts. Some one who is luaghed at not with, a minstrel. Denzel wouldnt have dignified that question nor would Sam Jackson and many other Hollywood brothers.

    so im glad u diagree thats creates great dialog but im sticking buy my guns!


      You said in the south you call it cooning when you dumb down past step and fetch,right?
      Then explain Soulja Boy and all the other sorry coon ass bitch made rap niggas from the A who are doing just about the same shit right now?


        Also wanted to add that the leaning and snapping dance is the same as gay men vogueing.Does that make Atlanta rap groups such as D4L and Dem Franchise Boys and coutless other groups gay?

        • OG Matt Herbz

          D4L as a group, no. Fabo, yes.

          He’s a fucking faggot. And I don’t mean that he’s simply a homosexual. Look how he carries himself and you’ll see the proof in the pudding.

          –OG Matt Herbz–

  • Mike Bigga

    @ Something NEW….That’s called dancing now the post Dance interviews um that is usually cooning!
    lol. I made a point to say that as a southerner thats cooning cuz like youe post thats the usual tag we get.

    Dance Hall, Go Go and that God Awful Harlem Shake never get that. Thanks for shedding further light that coonery is none geographic.


      @Mike Bigga
      So you admit to leanin and snappin right?
      O.k,if people saw that and started writing in columns about questioning your manhood over something so small,how would you feel?

      The brother made a response to a fucked up joke.No need to take it further by going all out on him by saying shit like up above.To say one is a homosexual,you have to present proof.For an example,you’ve seen him fuck another dude,kiss on another dude,etc.

      It’s a shame that Blacks love to keep that division line up among us over petty and useless shit.I can expect this from Fox news,but if you watch the clip,dude wasn’t serious.Why don’t you talk about how record labels won’t sign or promote artist saying something positive or constructive but are quick to put out the coon ass artist living life in the club and selling drugs.It’s to feed the masses knowledge and truth,not this shit that doesn’t even matter as we speak.

  • Mike Bigga

    @ SOmething new I also agree snapp dance’n falls under vouge’n and im ashamed to have done it once…lol. I Fuuging Love ya’ll XXL’ers…lol….lol.vouge’n, fugging amazing. Hood niggas Vouge’n…

  • GO-Getta’

    I would neva fuug a dude even if Brad Pitt had Angelina Jolie on bed with him.

    Probably would beat the shit outta him & let Angie suck my manhood with those lips of hers.

  • Eric

    shits crazy! shout out to Mike for the blog. shout out to Kato for not succumbing to the pressure from you internet thugs. homie put in work on you dudes that was trying to clown him. another shout out to Mike for not berating the dude kato for criticizing the article. shows you how down to earth Mike is.

    anyway, tyson’s little remarks only make it worse for all the pretty boy models out there. now they are going to seem more suspect than ever.

  • caino

    It is strange the whole homophobia in hiphop when most of the west has accepted it , it aint the 1960s anymore!

    Especially America who seem to still have a major problem with gays………tho most lesbians are accepted…unless they are ugly! lol

  • BGZ

    Well written blog again Mike, I knew you a smart dude.

    And for Tyson, he’s the black Derek Zoolander.
    What he said is not just dumb but also disrespectful to Pres. Obama and all those who came before him and made it possible for him to become president.
    I don’t know/care about his sexuality, but dude is at least confused, having thoughts like that.

    That white guy reacted like a fruit, too; Kandi, on the other hand, can still get it.

  • ms thang

    @kato STFU!!!!

  • Brooklyn

    well, someone told me that dude was gay, they said that he and big tigga was getting it on, but i don’t know whether that’s true or not and i really don’t care. in a way he was cooning, because he was doing things to entertain that white and probably homo host of the show that he was on, i.e. taking off his shirt and shit. i feel you mike, on that he should have carried himself with more class considering the fact that he has been in the business for so long, he’s not some dumb kid from the streets, this nigga been in the industry for a minute.

    furthermore, he probably shouldn’t have answered that question because niggas already think that dude is suspect, so any answer he gave would have fucked up his credibility. i think that chick that asked that question set him up, because why else would a female want to know some shit like that? she probably was at home with her girlfriends speculating over his sexuality and they dared her to call and ask him that question and like a dumbass, he took the bait.

    and saying that he’d do it with the president was a little disrespectful to the station of the president, but the other shit he said took it to another level. he could have just said that he’d get with obama and then moved on to the next question. the fact that he had to talk about all that excess shit made it even worse and made him look even more suspect because he elaborated on what was in effect a simple question. and saying that mrs. obama could hold the camera merited him getting the shit knocked out of him, especially if that was my wife. it’s one thing to say that you’d fuck a nigga, but to drag his wife in it was uncalled for.

  • Jodee Orkin

    Good piece of writing, well crafted I have to admit.

    • Mike Bigga

      thank u sir.

  • Pearle Dolgas

    Can be blogengine better than wordpress somehow? Should be as it’s more and more popluar recently.