There’s a scene in the movie Deep Cover where Larry Fishburne’s character and others are asked the difference between a “nigger” and a “black man.” I loved the answer Fishburne’s character gave, “Only a nigger would answer that question.”

Moving right along to Tyson Beckford. When asked "if you had to spend a night with a man, who would it be and why?" Tyson Beckford answered, “President Barak Obama.” OMG! Tyson just publicly came out the closet in the most stupid and minstrel of ways possible, in front of a white male that may be gay. Real Atlanta Housewife and hitmaker, Kandi, who just moments earlier was slobbering over him shirtless,  was wise enough to giggle and hurry the convo along, after the host dropped the ball (pun intended) on doing so. I know the successful sister Kandi was thinking, “damn another DL brother. I can’t win in Atlanta”…sigh.

WTF is up with the homie Tyson? He cooned for that question like only a nigger would do. Even dragging the married Will Smith’s name up and making suggestive faces like homophobes and DL brothers acting homophobic do. Honest to God I wouldn’t care if Mr. Beckford is gay. I’m sorry for those that do it just doesn’t matter all that much to me. His homosexuality is his and his lover’s affair.

However to suggest that you would engage in a homosexual affair with the country’s married President of any color is deplorable. To be African-American, a product of the hip-hop generation and suggest that not only would you engage in an affair with our country’s Pres, but that you would make the leader of the free world and the first black President your “bottom” should merit a firing squad. Yeah nigga, a firing squad! I would’ve said lynched but being a black male does not allow me to speak such hate. I only wish your blackness would’ve prevented you from speaking such fucking buffoonery.

Tyson, I’m a Polo collector, an MC and a fast car loving black man. So as a fan of your Polo days, your Source modeling days and your speed TV show, I’ma say if you ever asked a question that could put straight and gay brothers in such a crude, perverse, and distasteful light, please just STFU.

Please note I do not care who is and ain’t gay. Gay people have been and will be here until the end of days. In the African-American community, it’s time we wake up to that fact and accept some of our greatest writers, actors, leaders, scholars, models and rappers have been and are homosexuals. Along with that fact, the African-American family was here first and will be here always. We cannot allow the joking and overall coonery chip away at the image of the black family. In his race to become President, Obama’s loyalty to his wife, patriotism and sexual orientation were all attacked. Marriages is hard enough without the antics you displayed. “Michelle will be holding the camera,” disgusting! The Obamas, the Smiths and all married women and couples deserve the same respect and advocacy we afford our gay brothers and sisters.

A black man holds the highest office in all the land and a black family is the face of America. We shouldn’t cheapen that by suggesting any affair, hetero or homo. Ask Bill Clinton how one affair can become a stain and forever blight an otherwise pristine legacy. Brother Tyson we have to be more wise. I love u my brother (no homo, smile).

Tyson, you are a shining ray of hope for our people in the fashion and TV world; let’s not let that be used as a huge spotlight to cheapen or devalue an American President and African-American brother. To all my brothers and sistas, to gay and straight, let’s all do better. We have a world to conquer together. It’s “Bigga.”

Hit me on Twitter “Killer_Mike” (the bigga address is coming soon). I wanna know what ya’ll thinking about this topic as the day goes.