Hello XXl readers. I’m doing a blog over the next few weeks on the site talking about a range of things that constantly keep my mind busy and stirring.

If you’ve ever listened to my music, you know how I think. Being that I have a new album out September 1st called Underground Atlanta, I agreed to do this cuz I love to intelligently vent and the free promo doesn’t hurt...lol. I’m at this moment sitting on a plane with Big Kuntry King and we are our way to Las Vegas to shoot the video for my single “I’m A Fool Wit It” (Produced by Nard and B). As I soar thru the sky laughing with this silly dude (Kuntry is true comedy man), I really gotta be thankful that in spite of being slept on and at one point being written off, I’m still here and this is the beginning of another phase in my career and life.

I remember wondering when it was gonna happen for me and now I realize nothing ever really just happens by chance, things happen when you change. You must will and work a dream into existence. I have been working on the solo album that will finally wake up the sleepers and shock all the naysayers but while that develops and we await the freeing of the King (FREE TIP-mandatory rap shout out!), I decided to keep the fire burning by putting out this 31-song dual CD of nothing but classic A-Town Music. It’s a testament to my work ethic and the name of my label Grind Time, which is why I feel compelled to have some songs out circulating and I look forward to getting 3 indies out next year. I say all that get to the point that I really feel like for the first time in my career, me and my music are on course with Grand Hustle (be sure to check that “In My City” record with me and Tip- I love that organization). Along with that my constant hustle with Grind Time Official and the indie rap world has me and Big Kuntry riding over clouds headed to Sin City to shoot my 1st video off this album and that is a result of a lot of Grind Times and some serious Grand Hustles.

As the weeks go on, I promise to get more in-depth and do some socio-political and business blogs that might help to inform and entertain the XXL readers but for right now, I’m a take the next 3 hours and my Fat Boi Fly Boi compadre are gonna drink shot bottles, get at these lovely ladies on this plane and plot the next Grind Time, Bread Box, Grand Hustle takeover. Please support the GRIND. TALK to ya'll soon from the strip in Sin City...........