Miami Dunk Music…

miami sb

When someone asked me if I liked ‘Dunk Music’ I said hell yeah thinking that shit had something to do with Nike Dunks, which are the G.O.A.T. Hip-Hop sneaker after cheese Timberlands, but the Dunk music I was about to get put onto wasn’t about the rubber on the bottom of leather. This is music for the rubber that rings 26inch steel wheels. This is music for dunk riding in a tricked out Chevy Impala.

Does General Motors still make Chevrolet cars? Give credit to folks from Miami and all parts of the south that can keep a car rolling for longer than anybody else. It must be that Cuban connection. Fools down south can take a thirty year old whip and put the candy paint and rims on that joint and float around like it ain’t nothing to it. Miami gets a bit exclusive sometimes but when you go into the cut of Broward and Dade you see how people really get it in.

As I was listening to the new trick Daddy album I was reminiscing on some of my crazy adventures down South. My homey Vice and I flew to Miami for him to buy a whip from some auctioneer. Then we drove it from Miami to New York making a bee-line into the ‘A’ to partake in the Freaknic festivities. I’m sure you’ve heard the legendary stories of how scandalous the Peachtree streets would be. Atlanta will forever be Freaknic in my mind.

Trick Daddy – I Can Tell

The real down south freakfest was at the Black Biker Weekend in South Carolina’s Atlantic Beach. That shit was nothing to fux with. I haven’t wilded out that hardbody on U.S. property as I did at that event. Cars, hos, alcohol and yeah, motorcycles. This is where Trick Daddy’s new disk ‘Finally Famous’ speaks to me. I had to dig out my Black Biker Weekend photo album to reminisce on how shit popped off that weekend.

Trick Daddy featuring Ice “Billion” Berg – Chevy

miami sb miami sb miami sb miami sb miami sb miami sb miami sb miami sb miami sb

Shouts to all the historically Black colleges and universities that taught these girls how to ride motorcycles.

And other things.

Trick Daddy – That’s How We Do It

miami sb miami sb miami sb miami sb miami sb miami sb miami sb miami sb miami sb miami sb

Trick Daddy featuring Ice Berg & Fella – Gangsta Music

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  • abdulnasir


    Ass and mo ass!!!

  • Pierzy


    I thought dunk music was what they played during All-Star Weekend…

  • GO-Getta’

    How ya’ll doing?

    Sorry DP i was barely able 2 finish reading the whole thing just 2 many assess 2 stare @ & they wonder y bikes r the biggest cause of road accidents and rage.

    PS:This Blog = Parental Guide Status XXX..

  • OG Matt Herbz

    You got it right there, DP. Miami, Atlanta, and Myrtle Beach for Biker Week. So many caramel colored phat asses in tight G-strings made me wanna walk around with my dick out and plug it into some of those sockets, nahmean?! I was too little to attend Freaknik (and too white) but it was pretty much accepted that if you weren’t black, you stayed out of downtown on that weekend.

    Anybody remember that Luke song: “Captain D coming, Trick coming, Captain D coming, Trick coming, Herb coming, Captain D coming, Santa Clause coming, Santa Clause coming, Pocahontas coming, FREE WILLY!”

    Something like that…real fast paced song–that was my jam back then.

    –OG Matt Herbz–







    hells yea. i was too young for freaknik back then too. i have memories, but not ones that i should have. niggaz used to wild out that weekend.

  • Dallas Penn


    The pics that I held back are the real crack. If you think these are XXX then your sensibilities aren’t ready for the raw pics.

  • Tony Grands

    Hind quarters FTW!

    They tried to start a Freaknic out here in LA, late 90′s, but that shit was duck sauce….

    Word on the street was it was going to be the same type atmosphere. No Dice. A bunch of stuck up light skinned girls who must’ve got lost on the way to UCLA. Best part of that lame “picnic” was getting high with my dudes & throwing eggs & bottles @ them broads.

  • avon

    the greatest hip hop sneaker of all time is not the nike dunk its the adida superstar

    • Phlip

      COSIGN!!! Shelltop Adidas, it gets no better.

      And it is “donk” not “dunk,” regional differences in pronunciation don’t change it from being what it is…
      Those damned things caught on here in NC about 6-7ish years or so ago, and it seems that friends that I have had since elementary school — the same cats with whom I trekked to black bike week in SC — are all over that shit nowadays.
      And I can’t fucking STAND them.
      This post makes me wish that I could afford digital photography back in school in the 90′s, before I just got tired of going to SC and witnessing the coonin’.

  • Apollo Moses

    Myrtle Beach, Atlantic Beach stand up!!! S.C. State!

  • AvengerXL

    Man Daytona black college weekend was the truth back in the day. Before cats ruined everything by trying to grab every piece of ass they saw like it is going to be their last. Rule of thumb to guys who attend these things. Play it cool and freaks will give you some real footage. These events bring out the freaks whodini said only come out at night and tempt everyday broads to try to get a little attention by flying their freak flag a bit. But the good time gets ruined when a gang a fools run up on said girls like a pack of released convicts. Also these are the best events to nail that around the way jump off you been flirting with for a while. Don’t bother with the street freaks they are their to do tricks for the camera and be seen. When it is time to get it is best to know some broads who are already going separatly and start laying the grown work for some action on some vegas weekend shit.

    trust me

    • BIGNAT

      i hear you on the goon grab squad they fucked up the p.r. parade. i was doing carnival in st thomas and i was in this chill spot. then a drunken crew of white boys came in trying to dry hump. every female in the joint runied my fucking nite.

      when a girl is going to event like that. just because she not letting it all hang out there doesn’t mean she not freaky. a lady in the street and a freak in the bed. give her a couple drinks take her away from the crowd. i have been to vegas all i can say it’s to easy. you get women from all around the world and fine chicks from cali who just wanna have fun.

  • capcobra

    i dropped outta myrtle beach to attend south day weekend in the MIA is serious…plus i live in charlotte so myrtle is a lil’ too close for comfort.{no ted knight or monroe)

    • capcobra

      i forgot to say J7M…my fault champ…1

      • Worley

        Oh yeah, I hit Memorial Wknd at South Beach every year. A n*gga never fails to get sad as the plane leaves out of MIA international. Makes me never want to come home.

        DP hit us with the uncensored flicks over at your spot.

  • Federal Ranga

    Oh, and those Miami Dolphins Dunks? Gotta get me a pair of those…

  • General


    Thanks for pics DP…

    Damn, to be a motorcycle seat…

  • bongo

    dam looks like myrtle beach! nice post!

    and also i wanted to say thanks for puttin me on to tonygrand. halfway thru the latest post and i’m literally laughing out loud

    shout out to tonygrand

    • Tony Grands

      Whaddup bongo!?

      Good looks, mayne…

  • Federal Ranga

    Man, DP, why my comments wont post?

    E10 up!!!

  • El Tico Loco

    Daam! I had to scroll fast as hell since people walk up on my me at work. But the memories bruh, the memories!

  • Federal Ranga

    Born N Raised in the county of Dade!!!! Fuck South Beach. You wanna get down on Memorial Day Weekend? Everybody knows you gotta hit Haulover Park and Marina. We shut shit DOWN.

    E10 up!!!


      Fed, what’chu know about that Haulover?


      • Federal Ranga

        What’s poppin, Nawledge?

        Man, I’m a Dade County nigga til I die… if I don’t know anything else about my shit, it’s 3 things…

        1. Nobody’s fair is bigger or better than the Dade County Youth Fair.
        2. Haulover is da spot for Memorial Day weekend ESPECIALLY on Saturday (cops can’t watch or catch us all)
        3. When the Super Bowl arrives back in Miami in 2010?! IT’S OVER!!!! You already know how we get down… no other city’s hosted it more. Chuuuch

        E10 up!!! 2 more videos after that!


        • NAWLEDGE

          What’s good Fed?

          I just WISH they could keep the Youth Fair down here at least 3-4 more months. That shit would be poppin every day! But knowing how niggas from Carol Ridge and Liberty City are, it’ll get shut down every day also. HA!

          Can’t wait till that Super Bowl get down here.


    yo dp cool pics but what is up with shorty pulling the skirt back down. that looks uninvitied like a muthafucker (OH NIGGA DON’T DO THAT THATS 5 TO 10)

  • Karim

    I Went to Emory and got to ATL in 93!!!!!!!! For those who KNOW. NUFF Said. yo DP. me and your mans Twerk had the Chrysler Lebaron Drop top on the strip as FreshMEN SHUN………..still cant talk about all of what went on. shouts to the 30 and overs who really saw FREAKNIK…………

    • DV8

      im 29 and I saw that shit (FREAKNIK) didnt participate (middle schooler) but I seen a gang of shit.

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