Mama Juiceman

Another relaxed day for Young Juice. I went by my mom’s house. I always visit her every other day. I kick it with her and make sure she’s got everything she needs and wants. Mom’s is my homey. Whenever I leave her spot, I always try to swing through Gresham and visit my partnas. Today, I went by Big Ed’s Barbershop on Bouldercrest and kicked it real hard (no homo) with the boys. That’s one thing I love after always being on the road…chilling with my people. I’m back at the house now, about to sit down and eat this tuna casserole for dinner. Gonna box me up some to eat on the plane tomorrow too. You ain’t neva too rich for leftovers! Aye aye aye ok! Damn! And there it is!

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  • Silly Chilly Willy

    “You ain’t neva too rich for leftovers!”
    Nor should you be for books……

  • Pierzy


    Thank Rakim It’s Friday and your week is over.

    OJ – thanks for your one paragraph contributions and overall terribleness. We all appreciate it.

  • yoprince

    tuna casserole?? that’s some whitey shit lol.

  • P. Harris

    I lost brain cells reading this nigga’s shit this week…

  • tronthadon

    Shout to Gresham Rd..Flat Shaols..Candler Covington..Panola..Edgewood and cant forget about reppin my hood but please step tha bars up!!

  • Federal Ranga

    Aight…. all ya’ll niggaz pay up.

    Nobody here believed me when I told you he would ACTUALLY make it through the week… we’ve all suffered because of it, but he made it.
    What have we learned this week, fellaz?

    1. The other 25 letters of the alphabet elude him. AYE AYE AYE!!!
    2. Barbershops are still dangerous.
    3. Family and friends are important.
    4. Juiceman is clearly anemic. BRRR!

    Aight… cough it up, niggaz.

    E8 up!


  • Silly Chilly Willy

    “Gonna box me up some to eat on the plane tomorrow too.”
    Thought he said airport security is a bitch….Or am I makin this shit up ??

    • capcobra

      lmao..he don’t wanna bring shopping bags of new clothes onboard but he’ll definitely bring some tuna casserole.

      • Silly Chilly Willy

        I guess there’s a moniker discrimination at the airport.

        Juice can’t bring new clothes, he can only bring food since he’s, you know, juice. And Gucci Mane can’t bring food, he can only bring new clothes since- you get the point.

        Is the name Japanese Prostitute Mane already taken ?

  • redd

    if i had his money i would eat nothing but the finest of krabmeats. (No Bol)

  • redd

    and who the fuck eats dinner this early??????

  • latino heat

    i had the same question as Redd. this is posted at 9:48 A.M. (no crackhead) and he’s talking about breakfast already? he must be so thoughtless and lazy that he wrote this last night and just sent it in this morning.

    thanks for nothing OJ and XXL. let’s step our game up next week.

  • Harajuku Barbie

    He must write his “blogs” (compilation of twitter updates) like the night before it gets posted on XXL?? Cuz I swear the day before yesterday he said he woke up at 3pm and the thing was posted at 9am, now today he’s saying he’s eating tuna casserole for dinner and yet it’s posted at 9am :S Otherwise maybe he’s just mad retarded and thinks dinner is the first meal of the day, who knows lol

  • The Fedz

    I think this is just some impersonater, thats aint as accurate as Ron Mex. Cause I could of swore yesterday he was in CT chillin with 50 gettin ready to do a black face show at Yale.

    Somehow he managed to make it back to ATL, kick with the homies, get another haircut (he did that yesterday to), eat at moms and have dinner before 9:30. With a grind like that no wonder he got the trap boomin and bunkin, and still serving junkies.

  • General

    Thanks for nothin OJ





    • Syler

      Because it’s like a massive car accident on the side of the road….you can’t help but look.

  • Tony Grands

    It’s good to see that, while he may be too good to us, he’s not too good for tuna casserole-to-go.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if him & Shakur become rap’s next power couple.

    I’m excited about next week’s possibilities. Maybe MC Eiht. Or Tim Dog.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Damn. I only fuck with this post (no homo) cause I’m hungrier than a muthafucka right now (no homo) and wish I had some cold tuna casserole to smack around (no homo). And I want everybody on this mutha to know that I’m gonna get my haircut this weekend (no security team) and I’m a be kickin it real hard (no homo) with a special young lady all day Saturday, Sunday, and Monday (no 9-5).

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • ChiquitaB

    They say you can find the silver lining in anything. TODAY,is my silver lining because it signals the end of your GUEST BLOG CAREER (I can only hope). Who said the sun doesn’t shine on a dogs ass at least twice a day!

  • Phlip

    Is this shit finally over?
    I am betting that XXL will invite this fucking coon back for another week since he has had the most responses out of any of the guest bloggers.

    Seriously, on what planet do they let you bring anything other than baby food on a plane, and even then only with a baby in tow? I can understand the time disparities, he “wrote” this shit last night and someone he knows sent it to someone to post this morning, because he is too busy sleeping til 3 and only waking up for the money to actually learn to do what it might take to post it himself.

    I am working on a screenplay right now, named “Dumber than the average runaway,” that I would like to cast OJ as the lead in, but I worry that while his diction dumbs him down enough to play a runaway slave, his light skin might leave it unbelievable.
    Dammit to hell, what good IS this motherfucker?

  • giantstepp

    Is this dude really rich? Da fucks has he done to become rich? Ok, Ok, I know he is affilated with Gucci Mayne, and as hard as it is to believe, Gucci getting money no doubt. But when has the back up dude(s) really become rich? Memph Bleek, Lil Cease, the hole PSC, D12, bravehearts, Wu Affilates, Outlaws, tha Ruff Ryders,…yall get my drift. Other than them G-Unit dudes, and Tha Dogg pound, I don’t know many bench warmers that have become rich, as quick as he’s claiming it.

  • GIBZ

    Damn, even a topic like visiting momdukes doesn’t generate more than a paragraph, not even a cple sentences. He mentions her, then keeps it moving, to talk about how he stood around loitering with his boys “real hard”.

    I find it funny how “kickin it real hard” merits a no homo, but yesterday, when telling 50 cent that “he’s coming!!!” that gets nothing.

    SMH this dude is the biggest clown. Thank God its over, please XXL get someone with a little more substance next go round.

  • EmCDL

    Damn my ish wouldn’t post…anyway, like I was saying…

    “Aye aye aye ok! Damn! And there it is!”


    But seriously, I’m glad this guest blog is over

  • Victoria Page

    This whole guest blog series gets two thumbs down from me. Who is in charge of the selection?????

  • ChinCheka

    Next week we get Bubba Sparxxx!

    • BIGNAT

      that would be cool only if he is willing to talk about his seocnd album.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    We’ll probably get Arab next week!!!


    I would love to have Budden come thru…

  • Bobo D

    I say it’s probably Boosie or Joe Budden next week. Better yet I think it’s Tahiry.

    We’ve had a blogger without any posts, a nada hoe, and blogger who just copy’s and past stuff from twitter, it can’t be any worse (but I have been proven wrong).

  • Brooklyn

    i wouldn’t be suprised if jay-z don’t get it next week, he is on the cover for this month. oj, reading your blog has killed more of my brain cells than smoking 4 blunts a day for the past seven years has. thanks for making me a little more retarded.