AYE AYE AYE WELL OK DAMN CHICKIN CHICKIN!! Whaddup doe?! Yawlready no what it i’. Issha boi Ronnie Da Blawg Mane AKA Stoochie Mane foe awl da cank stoochie out dere. Nigga been known I git dat dere. Stop hatin on a nigga cus I been had stoochie. If yeen't been knowin what it i', da prolly cuh yeen't gittin none cuz ya to bizzy hatten! BRRRR!

First, lemme tell yawl how easy dis blawgen thang i’. I’on really like the mownin new's or when my baby's be cry'n fa serial n shit, so I jus sleep threw dat shit. Roun 3 or 4 my money wake me up. It just come 2 da feet a my bed and stare at a nigga like da Geico shit wit da Micheal Jackson sawng in it. Dat’s when I know its time too wawlk my pit bulls and blow a swisha wit dat kush befo i count sum mo money! AYE! OK! AYE!

Blowggin real easy. Awl I gah-do leave Jackpot ‘nem a voy mell on dey phone line. Dey check it and jus write it over foe me. Do nigga be gittin paid fa dis? Cuz if so, dats some hussalin. AYE!

I was jus now play'n some XBOX in da studio wit Dallis Pens an dat boi Bowl. It was a brane new XBOX to. I’s da first nigga on dat thang—EVER!

Dis takin lawng and I got some shit ta do ‘roun da house so I’mma be back later foe mo’ important shit. AYE!!!

Queschins? Cawmmins? Requesses? Imma show yawl summa mah new lurrcs from me an Shawty Hi new ruckurd. rawn@rawnmecksicociddee.com