Make Da Blawg Say AYE!!!

AYE AYE AYE WELL OK DAMN CHICKIN CHICKIN!! Whaddup doe?! Yawlready no what it i’. Issha boi Ronnie Da Blawg Mane AKA Stoochie Mane foe awl da cank stoochie out dere. Nigga been known I git dat dere. Stop hatin on a nigga cus I been had stoochie. If yeen’t been knowin what it i’, da prolly cuh yeen’t gittin none cuz ya to bizzy hatten! BRRRR!

First, lemme tell yawl how easy dis blawgen thang i’. I’on really like the mownin new’s or when my baby’s be cry’n fa serial n shit, so I jus sleep threw dat shit. Roun 3 or 4 my money wake me up. It just come 2 da feet a my bed and stare at a nigga like da Geico shit wit da Micheal Jackson sawng in it. Dat’s when I know its time too wawlk my pit bulls and blow a swisha wit dat kush befo i count sum mo money! AYE! OK! AYE!

Blowggin real easy. Awl I gah-do leave Jackpot ‘nem a voy mell on dey phone line. Dey check it and jus write it over foe me. Do nigga be gittin paid fa dis? Cuz if so, dats some hussalin. AYE!

I was jus now play’n some XBOX in da studio wit Dallis Pens an dat boi Bowl. It was a brane new XBOX to. I’s da first nigga on dat thang—EVER!

Dis takin lawng and I got some shit ta do ‘roun da house so I’mma be back later foe mo’ important shit. AYE!!!

Queschins? Cawmmins? Requesses? Imma show yawl summa mah new lurrcs from me an Shawty Hi new ruckurd.

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  • these posts are racist

    Greatest drop ever.

  • General

    Thank you

    That shit had me laughin so fuckin hard

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Watchouwnah o killa an bruisa gon put dat biznezz on ya! nahmean?!

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • Silly Chilly Willy


  • Pierzy

    Brilliance. Straight brilliance. Well done.

  • Hanch

    By Far the best post Ever, that shit had me rolling Mex! lmfao

  • Moving Sideways

    Queschin: While writing this did the Microsoft spell check suggest you go fuck yourself after trying to fix your OJ slangauge?

    Cawmmin: Funny as hell.

    Requess: Do a translation of this into Shakespearean English.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      Or Bible Latin.

      Mexx you’re ill for this one!

    • The Mighty Fisto


    • hippa>>hoppa

      cosign on the shakespearean english/ bible latin lmao….

  • Tony Grands

    Hilarious, Mex. That Geico shit was fucking funny as hell. Those commercials always get me cracking up.

    *douchebag alert*
    That’s a Rockwell song, not MJ.

    • Phlip

      In all fairness, Grands, MJ was on the song.

      I have been waiting on JUST this post to take place since I got home yesterday and saw that Yung Ju Mang was this week’s guest blogger. This was fucking hilarious.

      • Tony Grands

        Thanks, sir. Makes sense.

    • dronkmunk

      Yeah, but would Juiceman know that?

      • Tony Grands



        Highly unlikely. He probably thought it was Justin Timberlake.

  • Enlightened

    Usually I be getting at you and saying that’s some bullshit when you write like that, but in this case, that shit is more than appropriate and definitely on point.

  • DocZeus

    This is too much genius to last any longer than 5 minutes on this site.

  • Detroit P

    I could consider this being funny if I had never seen a blog written by O.J. and if this was an impersonation of what O.J. would sound like blogging…….But i have read an OJ blog, and his blogs read nothing like this….shit like this rubs me the wrong way….it’s more than you just hating for the sake of humor, I get that(whether I agree with it or not)….this right here though…I don’t know…I think you got some real serious mental issues regarding race and region…it’s Deeper Than Rap

    • Detroit P

      Despite that, there were some nice lines in this, but that’s a given concerning your stuff, and therefore inconsequential to what I’m tryna say

  • Escobar9300

    HAHAHA! Ronnie spit a mouthful of Ether into Oj’s face with this one. Keep merkin’ em Ronnie!

  • Y.O.

    ooh man mex
    toughh post…soo jokes

    that cank stoochie line always kills me ahahah

  • tronthadon

    Mex i see u gotta lotta ball guzzlers this shit wasnt funny at all..what a waste of time

  • Dr Flav

    September 1st, 2009
    at 2:15 pm

    Detroit P says:

    “But i have read an OJ blog, and his blogs read nothing like this….shit like this rubs me the wrong way….it’s more than you just hating for the sake of humor, I get that(whether I agree with it or not)….this right here though…I don’t know…I think you got some real serious mental issues regarding race and region…it’s Deeper Than Rap”

    This is exactly how I feel, this shit was hot garbage. This guy doesn’t really realize he’s tapdancing for bigots and got the nerve to tell other muthafuckas “nigga please.” Son you will never be Bol stature as far as the writing goes, that nigga keeps the lights on as far as XXL blogs go, I wish Dallas/Sunday wouldn’t have fallen back, because you wouldn’t even have acquired a lane here.

    That shit is offensive to me as a person who lives in the south, because you are spreading a stereotype about the way we articulate ourselves and indirectly our intelligence.

    These southern rappers are feeding your ass, like I’ve said many times on here, matter of fact I bet you can’t produce two weeks of blogs without a reference to those guys, especially Solja Boy, hatin on that lil nigga been keeping you alive for a minute.

    Bottom line, your shit is getting stale and some of your co-signers are just as big a buster as you are.

    • these posts are racist

      Dr. Flav,

      I have to disagree with you. He is directly mocking OJ Da Juiceman whose blog was filled with nonsensical garbage that is only appealing to 14 yr old’s who think acting completely oblivious to common sense is cool…sprinkled with weird ad libs. Moreover, Ron has a vested interest – He is a Blogger and respects the craft and takes his satire to a high level. So for Juiceman to have the same platform and use it to spread bull and hate (No Homo???) in his short post yesterday is insulting to Mex and others who take the time to write something worth reading.

  • Dr Flav

    I sure hope my original post goes up, but in summary, cosign Detroit P this shit is garbage and Mex gets more and more stale every day. Byron Crawford keeps the lights on in the XXLmag blog dept, you wouldn’t even have a lane if Dallas/Sunday had not fallen back on blogging, you can’t go two weeks without saying Soljah Boy (who once again you should kiss his Yum sneakers for giving you a means to eat through hating on him) and you are a tapdancin show monkey for the bigoted bastards in your comment section. “Nigga Please”

    • GIBZ

      sorry TPAR but I cannot be as respectful when responding to this idiot Dr. Flav.

      Dr. Flav are you a fucking imbecile?? Or just an OJ da Juicman follower???

      As TPAR already mentioned, Ron Mex was basically showing how ignorant and disrespectful, the two posts from OJ da Juicman were.

      Nurse Flav, where the FUCK were you when OJ da Juiceman made his blog posts??? U didn’t comment on his first two poor excuses for blogs, but yet come on here and say that R. Mex is “offensive to me as a person who lives in the south”

      And OJ da Juiceman isn’t???? You need to re-evaluate what you find offensive, ‘cus if OJ’s posts didn’t “rile” you up, then we are truly heading backwards, and the “elite” are laughing it up. SMMFH

      • El Tico Loco

        Bottom line is OJ does not speak for the whole South or Atlanta for that matter, Outkast, Ludacris, Killer Mike, T.I. and many others have set the bar real high down here for this cat, gucci, and SB to come and fuck all the props we used to get accross the nation, as matter of fact he reminds me of the Braves new bullpen which is garbage compared to the bullpens from 6 years or longer ago, but hey those new pitchers are young and they getting their money and maybe I’m just hating? right? Nah nigga I’m not gonna make excuses for ignorance

  • alderman j

    Im from the south and i understand what the dude is talking about, you clowns are haters because the south is all over the place and yall cant stand it!!! and i guarantee that i have a more extensive vocabulary than any of you cats and im sure im alot more articulate than any of these iliterates that get on here and blog a bunch of crap. Bottom line is its not as bad as you clowns make it out to be!! Nobody jumped on mobb deep when they was speaking the DUNN language in honor of there homey that died that had a speech impediment and he couldnt say anthing that started with an ‘s’ so he replaced the ‘s’ with a ‘d’, so whats wrong with this???? and once again its alot more coherent than most of the feces that you clowns put out here! AYE!AYE!AYE!

    • Pierzy

      “and i guarantee that i have a more extensive vocabulary than any of you cats and im sure im alot more articulate than any of these iliterates that get on here and blog a bunch of crap.”

      Does that include your repeated misspelling of words, lack of proper punctuation and incorrect use of homophones (they’re/their/there)? I’m just wondering……

      • Hanch

        P, you hit the nail on the head! I have a feeling this guy does not even know what half of the words he is saying means. Maybe, he should also learn sentence structure.

    • Silly Chilly Willy

      Well OK !!!

      I’ll break it down to you, dear mr Alderman:

      We don’t clown OJ da Juiceman because he’s from the south. That’s not how I roll, at least.

      We clown OJ da Should-not-even-have-his-picture-on-a-milkbox-aye-man because he is a dumbass. AYEAYE!!

      End of story.BRRRR!!!Well OK!!!

      With that being said, I’m sure this is not how the whole south looks or sounds like. I know that because I have a thing called sound judgment.

      If you allow me, I just have to give this little piece of advice: if you’re from Atlanta, I love you all,… but you should seriously put deadbolts and electrified barbwire around the zoo, because one of those monkeys got out and now he’s spilling juice all over the place…..

      Peace !

      • Brooklyn

        co-sign completely, @ alderman, instead of defending oj you should be the angriest at him because he’s making the entire south look bad by perpetuating ignorance and playing up the stereotype of the uneducated black inner city male. furthermore, you said you understand him, that’s because you’re from the south, he’s speaking your vernacular, and someone that isn’t from the south and don’t have relatives from down there won’t understand what the hell he’s saying.

        you compared oj’s slang to mobb deep’s. i’ll admit, i didn’t understand “dunn” either, and i grew up in the next damned borough, but at the same time, trying to compare oj da juiceman and mobb deep is like trying to compare michael jordan and josh boone, there is no comparison.

        the south is all over the place, but at what cost? for every oukast, goodie mobb, geto boys, ludacris, ti, and ugk y’all have a lil boosie, shawty lo, oj da juiceman, soulja boy, dj unk, and gucci mane. you support these inferior artists because they’re from the south when they’re doing nothing but making the south look ignorant. i’m from ny, but you’ll never catch me bumping “chicken noodle soup” or “aunt jackie”, and i’ll be damned if i’d buy lil mama’s album, and she’s from my old hood. support artists based on skill, not on region.

        • chillin mayne

          REALIST COMMENT u ever posted!!…100 percent fortified rectitude

    • Shawty J

      Yo, alderman, the hell you so mad for? Ron isn’t clowning the south, he’s clowning OJ. While OJ may not type his words like that he sure as hell speaks like that. I’m from the south too and I though this was hilarious.


    I peed a little.

  • EmCDL

    Gotdayum Ron you a fool! LMFAO!!!!!!

    You should dress like OJ and do a youtube video talking just like this! Shit would be hillarious!!!

  • Young History in the Making

    Stupid lol…Ron you did it again…aye! (no homo) lol


    “I was jus now play’n some XBOX in da studio wit Dallis Pens an dat boi Bowl. It was a brane new XBOX to. I’s da first nigga on dat thang—EVER!”
    ron ron has done it again i was dying homie good job

  • Pana

    So it’s official. There is a pattern of dumb/smart/dumb guest bloggers. And I’m not even counting whoo kid. Smdh.

  • Jamal7Mile

    GET ‘EM MEX!!!

    I saw this one coming, too. Anyone would be heated if someone came along and made a mockery of something they love doing.

    Professional models hate it when rappers/singers take up ad spots in fashion advertisements.

    Actors hate it when untrained music artists get good roles and fuck up an otherwise good movie.

    EMCEES hate these no-talent assholes running around calling themselves rappers. As a regular joe-blow fan of Hip-Hop Music, why in the fuck can I rap better than 90% of these dorks??? Shit’s not fair!

    Big 3 automakers hate it when China builds BULLSHIT, sells it to us cheap, but overtax our HIGHER QUALITY exports.

    I DARE one of yall call OJ’s drop a HIGH QUALITY blog! He had it coming…

  • capcobra

    ronnie the blawg mane aka sean coonery.

  • Master CHeef

    i was gonna say that there wasn’t one misspelled word in the blog, but then I remembered the part where ron mex said jackpot transcribed over the phone.

  • Shawty J

    Good drop, Ron. I damn near fell out of my seat laughing at this one.

  • Quan

    . Bingo .

    .. i hope the rappers read these blogs. .

  • FlapJack

    my lord. best post ever. I just hop the jew mane can read

  • Che

    The entire Blueprint 3 is on Facezook .com, all the lyrics and everything, this leak is crazy, it’s gonna affect his album sales in a huge way.

  • latino heat

    funniest blog ever. ’nuff said.

  • Brass Tacks

    Damn… Dude just got buried…

  • Brooklyn ‘Lo

    Laughed ’til I cried. If this was a skit on somebodies CD I’d buy ten, just to hear somebody say this dumb shit.

  • BOSS D.R.E.

    Ya’ll niggaz can read this?