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REVIEW: Kid Cudi, Man on the Moon:The End of Day

Kid Cudi
Man On The Moon: The End Of The Day
(Universal Motown)

Beats: L
Lyrics: L
Originality: XL

In terms of hip-hop, the only artists of note to emerge out of Cleveland, Ohio are Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. Although he sings as well as he raps, Kid Cudi has a sound all his own. Thrust into the national spotlight by last year’s smoker’s anthem “Day ‘N’ Nite (Nightmare),” the rap rookie gained the attention of Kanye West and wound up contributing to the platinum rapper/producer’s auto-tuned fueled 808’s & Heartbreak. Now Cudi’s ready to hit a high note of his own with his debut, Man On The Moon: The End Of The Day.

Broken into five acts and narrated by Common, the album takes listeners on an emotional rollercoaster ride through Cudi’s mind. The journey begins with the melancholy “Soundtrack 2 My Life,” where he confesses, “I was close to trying some coke/And a happy ending would be slitting my throat.” The downtrodden diatribes continue on the eerie Emile production “Mr. Solo Dolo (Nightmare),” before Cudi pops an upper, which results in slightly more uplifting tracks like “Heart of a Lion (Kid Cudi Theme Music)” and “Sky Might Fall.”

It’s not until the tail end of the third act that Cudi sees the silver lining to his perpetual dark cloud, as “Enter Galactic (Love Connection Pt. 1)” finds him willingly embracing happiness. “Make Her Say” also displays a cuddlier Cudi as he teams up with Common and Kanye for an infectious radio-ready single.

While depressing undertones dominate, Man On The Moon is not all doom and gloom as the folksy “Up Up & Away (The Wake & Bake Song)” illustrates. In true stoner fashion, Cudi delivers an album of uppers and downers that make for some high times. —Anslem Samuel

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  • Bryan

    “This album has a lot of depressing songs, and some not depressing songs.”

    This review has a lot of non-information on the quality of this album, and some information on the quality of this album.

    • MO


      • Anonymous

        mos def estatic boy ic back

  • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

    No rating?

    I have this but haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet. I’m sure it’s a breath of fresh hip-hop air full of clever and insightful lyrics, which means it’ll probably get an “M” unfortunately.

    • Detroit P

      Nah man, I wouldn’t call any of the lyrics on here clever or insightful…the lyrics are more about Themes than actual Topics…when he does actually talk about something in depth he only touches on it briefly to keep the song going then he goes right back to his musings about the Theme of the song. You might get what I’m saying when you hear it. Like “Soundtrack to my Life” is about how nobody knows how depressed he is…But he never really talks about Why he’s depressed. At the beggining of the second verse he mentions that his dad died, but he never mentions anything else about that and just moves on to talking about how depressed he is.

  • abdulnasir

    Actually Pierzy it’s a good album, just take away a couple of depressing songs and it’s A-okay. I just wish he didn’t make that many sad songs. The 3rd act/part of the album, is definitely the best from Enter Galactica (The Love Connection Pt. 1) all the way through. I like that he used Common as a narrator, tho I heard somewhere b4 he wanted Shia LaBeouf to do it, but thank God he went wiv Com Sense.

    Standout tracks: CuDi Zone, The Pursuit of Happiness (Possibly my favourite), Soundtrack 2 my life, Simple as that, Hyyer, Up up and away. And the obvious Day N Nite. I accidently deleted my Crookers version 2day, DAMN!

  • Detroit P


    This Review Sucks, somebody send this guy back to the mail room.

  • abdulnasir

    I honesty think I wrote a better review of the album. One thing the album definitely deserves is a”XL” for originality.

    I hated the beat on “Solo Dolo”, it made it unbearable to listen to, plus it was one of cudi’s too numerous sad songs! Yeah dude we feel for you, but limit the sadness

  • General

    Kid Cudi’s and Wale’s new CD’s are two debuts I’m definitely going to cop…

    The tracks I have heard are a little different vibe than everybody else, but so far its sounds like he has a solid debut…

  • John cochran

    I just cant get into this guy for the life of me. I know Im supposed to like him because he’s ” a breathe of fresh air” but none of his lyircs Ive ever heard really impressed me. The cover art is sick though, if that means anything.

  • Mr. North

    These ratings are full of sh*t. An XL if so I would be bumping the album. I got it and I still haven’t been on it as I went through all of the tracks. Beanie Sigel gets a L I don’t think so. I’m not hating but this album is not an XL if so than what will BP3 with get what then? XXL? and Rae prob a XL, huh? Man on the Moon equal to OB4CL2 and/or BP3? I don’t thinks so.

  • westcostaggie

    So no one is going to point out that the person who does headlines for XXLmag.com spelled “Moon” wrong?

  • daydeezy

    Sorry to Bust Your bubble Mr Norte’ lol But Beans nor raekwon will ever reach the status of Jay-Z so you cant really put a fight up because “men lie women lie and numbers dont” and thats a fact, you cant be the best with no stats…..you have to have a good Resume’ and we all Know jigga has that hands down..I Like your enthusiasm about wanting the underground to some how some way get the same Publicity, But thats It nothing else, they have to stay in there but its ok to be on the same freeway, but jigga in the car pool and he is by himself and cops will not give him a ticket beans and raekwon cant do that ya digggggg….matter of fact they going to jail bruh…lol
    Now that do not mean beans or raekwon is wack its just they dont have that “IT” when you have that “IT” you can get away with shit and some rappers that have the “IT” or wack to but they have that “It that makes up for the wackness…….

    • kedordu

      rap album of the yr is raekwons .anything else u saying is bullhockey

  • Jesus Martinez

    Speaking of Cleveland, whatever happened to Ray Cash?

    • Young History in the Making

      good question..

    • Enlightened

      My guess is when he finally woke up and remembered he was from the Midwest, and not the South, his true fans probably wasn’t there no more, and he never picked up enough crossover fans to last.

      Dude was on the South’s dick way too much

  • john

    the album is dope, one of the best albums of 09 with jay-z and rick ross.
    This review sucks



  • http://j-mace.deviantart.com Shawty J

    I’ve listened to his mixtape several times over the past few days to decide whether I’d cop the album or not. I decided that I will be getting it. From what I heard on the mixtape, this review and rating is exactly what I was expecting from XXL. Cudi isn’t the most lyrical rapper in the world, but his originality makes up for that.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com 14snipez

    XXL y’all reviews ain’t makin any fuckin sense. Now I love the new Kid Cudi record, he’s vastly talented and original sure. But he severly lacks the lyricism to hold up an entire album, hence the end result is a very melodic sing-songy record. I mean I like it alot i went an copped it today, but you guys arent makin any sense you gave the new Beanie Sigel record an L when he had been rated an XL for lyrics, L for production, L for Originality. Rite? So why is it that Kid Cudi recieved an XL for an L an Lyrics, L in Production, XL in originality. And the same can go for the Fabolous record you guys snubbed last issue L in Production, L in Originality, XL in lyrics. You guys even gave Raekwon an XL rating why????? Because it was too long. GTFOH, back in 2005 your magazine granted XXL status to Kanye West’s Late Registration. An album that came to a grand total of 22 tracks long, and i would not take back his classic status for that album i’m just sayin it had more flaws than just being to long, the filler skits being another. I’m suprised you guys came off you impossibly high standards for a moment and granted Wale the XL

  • http://www.justice.gov.za GO-Getta’

    Both Wale & Kid Cudi r talented,different & original.
    But they lack major personality & that will cost them a lotta sales 1st week.

  • Emperor Doom

    Didn’t know 5th graders wrote reviews these days at XXL. Regardless, I have the album and I liked it a lot. Good job Cudi

  • RD

    Good Debut, but the album feels a little too much Kanye for me, overall this one’s pretty good but Raekwon, Wale, and KRS and Buckshot are the Top 3 this year

  • Anonymous

    Detroit P the whole album is about self-alienation, its a serious medical problem that a lot of people suffer from dumb fuck.

  • carioca

    I rarely listen to rap. I came across this cd at work, gave it a try.
    Vow! what an album, really blew me away , Grammy all the way.
    Everything about this album is original. Finally a rapper who’s
    not boasting throught twelve tracks to tell you his the king of
    Jungle . This album is gold. Good job Cudi! There is some good
    rap music out there.

  • http://yahoo.com julian2234

    kid cudi is the best rapper ive ever heard in awhile ppl say hes not goo but if you listen to the lyrics and listen to the mixtapes like stoner charm a kid named cudi not all the songs are sad some are happy and make you wanna like dance its just awsome

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  • yaboy

    This album came out a couple years back,
    people say this shit is sad, but its real.
    people go through this shit all the time, and he wrote his diary in his music. This shit is relatable to every1, the people that knock it are listening for the wrong shit. get off the mainstream and listen to real music.

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