He Can Run But He Can’t Rap!

Pound for pound Floyd “Money” Mayweather is the best boxer ever. No time to argue with my fellow fight pundits, 49-0 is enough proof. Bar for bar William “Ricky Ro$$” Roberts is one of the coldest rappers ever, no time to argue with my fellow rap pundits- three #1 albums is enough proof. Talking sh*t like boxing is a sport. If the bet’s are being waged on who’s gonna win this war of words put ya money on the fat outta shape guy with the cheap tats and gaudy jewelry not the slender in shape guy with no tats and gaudy jewelry.

I’m sure athlete’s love rap music. Rap unlike most musical art forms ain’t 4 p*ssy’s (well as of late that’s debatable). It’s a competition set to beats. Rappers are verbal pugilist. I can see why Rap appeals to the basic competitive instincts to many athletes. I know for a fact, rappers admire athletes. Names like Jordan, Kobe, Lebron, Tyson, Jones, Mayweather, Baseball caps and throw backs (remember that fad) all have become staples in the culture and lingo of Rap.

Now I don’t know when the lines got crossed for my “fast running 360 degree basket ball dunking” brothers, but ya’ll need to get the fuck off the “Rap Field”. This ain’t to say you guys have no place in Hip Hop I think you do actually. I think your place is right in the stands cheering 4 rappers or playing team owner and bank rolling a 4profit studios, pub companies or real indie labels, not stepping on raps playing field.

Rappers understand I am not 6’6”, I am not MJ I cannot dunk and my jumper sucks. Akinyele even wrote “No Exercise” solidifying that fact. Athletes however don’t seem to get that. Their wordplay usually sucks and they can’t ride a beat to save their life. There are exceptions: Nelly is an amazing athlete, Ali was an amazing rapper, but for every Nelly there are a dozen Sticky Fingers (couldn’t fight 4 shit & lost a fight to a pro skate boarder on MTV) and for every Ali there are a dozen Kobe’s (can’t rap a xmas gifts to save his life & snitched on Shaq who is an honorary rapper, BASTARD).

I am sick of watching ESPN and Fox’s Jason Whitlock hearing how Hip Hop (code word 4 n*gger) culture is ruining sports. I’m sick of seeing guys who can afford real security shoot them damn selves, MVPs who cheat and sexually batter, drunk driving murderers and dog fighting financers have the always reliable loophole of allowing Hip Hop (n*gger) music to share the blame. If you are over 6’5” or have muscles on yo muscles you don’t have to wear gaudy monkey jewelry (n*gga we see yo tall ass) in the club.

It’s time we give Mr. Stern and Mr. Goodell what they want. They want there boys back, humble incredibly gifted “running, jumping 360-degree dunking” freaks of nature. Rappers need you too. We need you on the court to inspire lyrics, not in court becoming punch lines in them. As a rapper I promise we will big up guys and make sure your name lives in music immortality but this ain’t the playing field 4 you. In rap, cheaters are celebrated and foul play tolerated. These verbal pugilist have no rules or code of conduct. Your friends family and finance records will not be safe and even if you got more than the rap guy, he’s gonna talk way slicker and his boastful words over Toomp beats are better than you cursing a capella.

I love sports and I love athletes but we need more Bill Russell’s and Jim Brown’s and less of you “Chain rocking, shoot blocking, bottle popping n*ggas.” Steph please get back to selling kids affordable shoes (noble my brother) and get the f*ck off my laptop. You cooning dog, not cool. When rappers leave the club they write songs to chronicle that bullsh*t life and they get paid 4 that. When athletes leave the club bad things happen and they stop getting paid that ain’t good dog, ask Pac Man, Marcus Vick or Plexico. Hey, we tried but Hip Hop & athlete “job swap” experiment is a wash like a Shaq bringing the Fu Schnickens back.

For the last 20 years rapper and athletes have had a good relationship “sharing” the spotlight. Athletes do dope sh*t, rappers rap about it. The streets and sports corporations benefit, ask Nike bout the Jordan and AF1 money, Adidas and New Era too. Rappers never jump on the field of play except maybe Massa P. Those that can buy into teams; those that can’t buy tickets and watch.
Athletes should take notes from Bob Whitfield, the former Atlanta Falcon O lineman that owns Patchwerk Recording studios. He invested in the rap early by building a real studio. It did pretty good for him too. OutKast, Tip, Jeezy, and Baby all recorded platinum albums there. He lets people (what up Curt) who know what they are doing run it and he turns a profit. He plays the game like an owner not an employee. Take notes fellas the money and longevity is on the owner’s side. And unlike sports, rap pay typically sucks.

Also, stop letting rap managers be yo agents. Agents should be short guys with an incredible amount or stat knowledge, not failed pro ballers who can rap and make ‘em say ugghhhh, ask Ricky Williams. My oldest son has a baseball game 2morrow. Umma go watch Malik be the athlete I never was (word to Massa P). Peace. GTRG…BBB

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  • Vakuru Chaivo

    My man usain bolt got a new mixtape out this october! Thanks to you it might never get serious attention

  • Vakuru Chaivo

    That being said usain bolt’s mixtape is out this october!

  • G2

    “Michael, Michael, Michael you my nigga!”

    I hope Mr. Artest heeds your advice big Mike…that brother should run from the mic like D-Boys from police.

  • ty

    that was some truth right there… and wtf? usain bolt mixtape??? ok

  • Ali

    I know you don’t wanna argue lol but i HAVE TO bring it up……..Money Mayweather the best ever!?!?!? The fuck outta here!!! Muhammad Ali is the best ever……………..of course that has nothing to do with the purpose of this post, which I agree with btw lol

  • capcobra

    wasn’t it a hip hop/nba collabo tape or some shit?…they had some videos/commercials back in the early days on that ahmad rashad show..i think they had gary payton and cedric ceballos rapping too..good post…and i hope lamar odom read this too..because he should never ever ever rap and he gotta stop investing in ali vegas..that kid kwame brown before kwame brown.

  • latino heat

    @ Capcobra

    i think your talking about the album, B-Balls Best Kept Secret. it had a bunch of NBA dudes rapping. that shit was WACK.

    i like your posts Mike, but calling Rick Ross one of the coldest rappers ever is a joke. i know he has 3 number one albums but so does Puffy and i don’t hear anyone calling him one of the coldest ever. having a strong corporate machine push your music and actually being cold on the mic are 2 totally different things.

  • macdatruest

    Good drop Mike, and as a long time XXL blogger (what up Commission) I just want to tell you that you just started something with the Rick Ross statement. I personally agree with you- Rick Ross is way under rated lyrically he is one of the best out as far as new era niggas (everybody that dropped after the last Kast album) and his albums are all top notch lyrically and production-wise. I think nigas personally sleeping on Yung La too and Trife Da God from Theodore Unit. The post was valid, and as you can see by the post fight UNWARRANTED ATTACK ON A SUCCESSFUL BACK MAN’s CHARACTER after he put tips on Marquez, Floyd is our generation’s Ali! True shit!!

  • http://www.justice.gov.za GO-Getta’

    Only athlete that had a ral shot @ rap was Shaq but it was still clear hip-hop was’nt 4 him.

    Same goes 2 Master P (sharp businessman) & his son when they tryna do basketball professionally(sucks).

    I have 2 co-sign KM on that rappers must leave sports alone unlike if u wanna own a piece of shares like say Jigga.

    And athletes must leave the mic alone,likewise.

    PS:Did ya’ll watch a verbal confrontration between Mayweather & Shane Mosley last Weekend?
    Looking forward 2 the fight its gonna be bloody if it happens……

  • thaFace

    Floyd “owes money” Mayweather is NOT the greatest fighter of all time…maybe top 20…since he jumped to 140 and 147 he hasn’t fought anybody that was a real threat to him and he knew it which is why he picked these guys…now he was a monster at 130 / 135 but until he fights the real big boys at 147 then he aint shit…Mosely, Margarito, Cintron, Clottey, P Will, Berto and Pacman are some names Floyd needs to fight, considering he has 4 more fights on his contract with Golden Boy…and he is NOT 49-0, he is 40-0…Rocky Marciano was 49-0

  • fatDAN

    Obviously you guys aint heard Tony Parkers album he put out a couple of years ago. That french fry can rap, I just don’t know what the fuck he’s saying. But it’s probably about scoring smoke in Paris. Shaq-Fu for life fuckaz!

  • Killer Mike

    Preciate all the Comments. Still think Pretty Boy and Ricky Ross r Greats at what they do! I also think XXL has the smartest commentors on the web. thanks 4 reading guys. GTRG…BBB

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      MIKE BIGGA????!!!!

      OK I can roll with that family. Now get that machine working!

  • chillin mayne

    i disagree bout rick ross…i can only stand so much talk about seafood…or may-b he seems basic to me, cuz i stay jammin chino xl, talib kweli, common, nas, joell ortiz, slaughterhouse, pharoae monch, mos, chamill, lupe fiasco…his song concepts just seem so unattractive, basic and unimportant…im jus sayin,

  • Brooklyn

    i didn’t think that iverson was that bad at rapping, in hindsight he’s a hell of a lot better than some niggas out right now.

  • Killer Mike

    Brooklyn LOL….LOL. Indeed…bro indeed.

  • http://tonygrands@blogspot.com Tony Grands

    Rap & sports = oil & water. Ironically, most successful rap dudes have B-ball courts in their backyards. Snoop can play pretty good though, so can The Game.

    I think someone who took heed to the fact that they’re two different worlds was Lil Romeo. Perhaps it was his father’s attempts to buy his way into the league, but he realized that a sacrifice had to be made. He chose wisely.

    You made some real good, clever points, Mike Bigga. Good shit.

  • DV8

    To bad Bob Whitfield couldnt get Ras Kass to get his shit together.


    killa most players need to learn how to handle there money and grow up. they also need to learn to stay in there lane like you said.