I hit the studio again today. I was in til 6 in the AM. I put in major work too! Did about eight songs, but I listened through about 60 tracks or better.

Shout out to all the producers out there submitting beats to the kid, ya’ll sending in some major heat. Keep it coming! Oh yeah, and shout out to Chubby Baby and all the producers who stopped by the studio to kick it with Young Juice. And to XBOX – they came through to interview me and let me test out the new limited edition game system.

I got to demo and new game for them too. Can’t say too much about it though, but it’s serious! I created a player that looked just like me! We did the interview at like 2:30 in the AM too. Those bright camera lights ain’t no joke at 2:30 in the morning. I started getting sleepy as hell with those bright ass lights! But it’s all love to XBOX, I’m a gamer shawty.

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  • Pierzy

    This is the fascinating, insightful and hard-hitting commentary that we’ve all come to expect from “the kid.”


    • Grimey G

      Seriously the kid can’t do any better than that? I mean I know he’s stupid cuz I’ve heard him talk but my sister is in 1st grade and she writes longer papers than that about her dog. This asshole is basically saying “I don’t give a fuck anout xxl or their readers but I want some free publicity.” Its disrespectful

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      Related Stories:

      “The Biggest Problem In Rap Music Right Now Are The Rappers Themselves”


      XXL knows what they’re doing…

      • El Tico Loco

        You peeped that too right?

  • epinz

    Damn ngga, u just dropped the most un-interesting blog I’ve EVER read! Step the blog AND rap game up ngga.

  • Syler


    Good lord, you gotta be kidding me…

  • GO-Getta’

    2day hit the comment section aye…aye….

    Aye sum juice any1? aye….
    (nada hoe part 2 special offer on the menu list 2day)

    Is this supposed 2 b’ a blog
    Step ur s**t up aye aye….

    Next blog how 2 pronounce aye..aye!!!



  • Syler

    Vanessa, what is the point of having this guy drop these worthless tweets that he is pawning off as blogs? Does anyone want to read what this guy had for breakfast, when he took a nap, what video games he’s playing? Come on, what is the point of a guest blogger if they are going to write garbage like this?

  • Silly Chilly Willy

    This here is like a very sophisticated joke…you know…like a social commentary or something…

    I thought you were “outta here like last year”, man. Why you keep coming back ? The game is over!

    Yep!…..the game is really over!!!!

  • HNIC

    BOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! If this wasn’t free, I’d demand my money back…

    Well, since I’ve never purchased any of OJ Da Juiceman’s music, nor do I plan on doing so in the future, I guess that we’ll call it even.

  • General

    I thought this was truly an insightful piece from OJ. Its good to see these young artists take these oppurtunities that they are given seriously and truly show the respect to their craft as well as to the hip hop culture at large. OJ, sir, you are beacon of light in these dark times of hip hop. Continue to lead the way.

    • Hanch

      U must be fucking Joking, right? Please tell me that was a joke!!!

      • dronkmunk

        …yes, it was a joke.

    • Silly Chilly Willy

      Dear General,

      I got serious skills to decipher subtle sarcastic situations (try that 5 times faster with a lisp).

      Which is great because otherwise, I would have hung myself with a rusty barbwire. Yeah, I know, $ykotic makes drano shake but that shit looks too much like “juice” and, well… you know….

  • P. Harris

    I can’t believe I read this shit…


    this some ol bullshit

  • OG Matt Herbz

    What a lazy sack of shit. This muthafucka states that his “eyes don’t blink” before 3pm and yet, less than 10 hours later he’s getting sleepy at 2:30 am?

    If you left at 6, that means you put in at least 4 hours of recording with your ass half-asleep–that ought to be some banger shit right there. I like my Hip Hop sounding like it’s 5 blunts past stupid, 3 drinks past pissed-yourself, and wearing shades indoors because your eyes have died from all the nocturnal living.

    The fuck is wrong with you?

    No, seriously, fam…what the FUCK is wrong with you?

    Bitch ass muthafucka wasting studio time–let me tell you something: Those Limited Edition pieces play the same as the originals, and if it ain’t a PS3, then you’re working with sub-standard equipment, homey. Fuck an XBox and fuck a rapper who’d rather do XBox interviews than rep for the cause. You’re here today, and you probably won’t be gone tomorrow, but one thing is for sure, the longer you keep making music, the fewer fans you’ll have left.

    I guarantee that.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • Silly Chilly Willy

      “Those Limited Edition pieces play the same as the originals, and if it ain’t a PS3, then you’re working with sub-standard equipment, homey.”

      And the church say amen….

    • chillin mayne

      yo silly chilly, while i was into that 2nd paragraph of OGs comment i thought the same thing i saw that you had typed after i read OGs whole comment…

      AMEN….PREAAAAAACH…cuz thats some of the realist black ink ive ever layed eyes upon on a computer screen

  • ThaLeftCoast

    OG Matt Herbs— Co-sign all day.

  • Federal Ranga

    Well, since I’ve never purchased any of OJ Da Juiceman’s music, nor do I plan on doing so in the future, I guess that we’ll call it even.
    Co-Sign to the fullest

    @ General
    OJ, sir, you are beacon of light in these dark times of hip hop.

    Dude… You can’t be serious. I can respect what he’s saying only in the realm that must rappers aren’t doing shit else besides rapping. As far as the XBOX shit… who the fuck still plays those things?

    E8 up!!!
    New Freestyles up!!!

    • General

      What up Fed?

      It was sarcasm.

  • Phlip

    This is quite the captivating post!

    Yester evening, we were treated to the delight of the plights of “Bruiser” and “Killer,” who would ‘put the business on yo ass’ as he so succinctly put it, and were invited into his foray into the American dream of home ownership. All this from someone whose “eyes don’t blink before 3pm — unless it’s da money callin’”

    Today, we’re invited into the tales of a studio session that could have started within an hour or 2 of his wakeup time, but we will be generous and call it a primetime start, say 9pm?
    A few hours into this session, he has listened to 60 beats and somehow managed to record “about eight songs,” yet still had time to interview with “XBOX” at 2:30am with another 3.5 hours left in his studio session, tired as hell the whole time.

    This story is HEARTWARMING!!!
    I especially liked the part where he went off into space with Manny Ramirez, where the two of them made snow cones and doodled pictures of unicorns and ate cupcakes.

    No mention of anything specifically interesting to the readers of this site took place. Who the fuck wants to read this fucking idiot talk in non-specifics about a game he apparently shouldn’t be talking about when he COULD be talking about his music that no one reading his retardation would care about anyway.

    I am getting sick and fucking tired of rappers these days. They’re beginning to treat success in the industry like the podium at the Special Olympics — where everyone gets a gold medal so as to not upset anyone and cause a bout of tard rage.
    Why is it that Pac, Biggie, Big L and several others had to die in still unsolved murders, but we have to have this fucking retarded midget jammed down our collective throats?

    • GIBZ

      damn, couldn’t have said, errr I mean typed it any better. SMH at this dude’s blog. His first blog, he states he is tired so he wont write much, and this is what we get as his second??? wtf??? wow. The martyrs of this rap shit are turning in their graves. Vanessa WTF is wrong wit u?

  • Mutada/Mullah Atari

    Juice is living the life most of you 9-5 niggaz dreamed of but gave up on long ago. I aint mad at the dude, if that’s what his life consist of, cool. I think its pretty dope that **MICROSOFT** came down to a studio in Atlanta, to interview him and demo a new system at 2:30 in the morning. Doing 8 song in a night shows his work ethic is far beyond, most of you “blog battle MC’s”. Get the preconceived notions of what he is out of you head and look at it from another perspective. This dude is supporting his family, probably his mother etc, from the music that he makes. Can your blogging ass say the same?

    Naw, I’m just joking this nigga is garbage. LOL

    • Ayre

      Actually there’s truth in your words. While I don’t listen to Joo-mans music what the fuck are you all doing? Masturbating right? Dude is getting his no matter what time he goes to sleep or what gaming console he plays.

      • Enlightened

        So if the New York Giants signed me to a contract tomorrow, it’s not a problem? Even if I haven’t played organized football since high school?

        “Stop hatin. Don’t be mad cause the Giants signed that nigga. He got his fuckin neck broke on the third day of practice but at least he gettin his money.”

      • Enlightened

        So if the New York Giants signed me to a contract tomorrow, it’s not a problem? Even if I haven’t played organized football since high school?

        “Stop hatin. Don’t be mad cause the Giants signed that nigga. He got his fuckin neck broke on the third day of practice but at least he gettin his money.”

        • Ayre

          That was a terrible analogy. Wow.

        • Enlightened

          Explain to me how it was a terrible analogy.

          I have no fuckin business with a contract on the New York Giants because I didn’t train myself to be a professional football player.

          He has no fuckin business being signed to a major label as a rapper because he didn’t train himself to be a professional rapper.

          Pop music (which now includes hip-hop) is the only industry in the world where you can have zero talent in that field, and still be given a job in that field.

          I don’t give a fuck how much you love sports, you can not get on a football, basketball, baseball or any sports roster unless you are one of THE best in the world.

          Maybe that explains it to you a little better

    • J.C.

      Best comment of the week goes too…

  • Curtis75Black

    Ya’ll should made your comments as long as his rant today. Don’t give him too much credibility !!

  • Tony Grands

    XXL could have used this blog spot (no dot com) to dicuss poignant social issues… how the Saints ass-raped the Raiders back to back this weekend without Reggie Bush, which gives some insight as to the possible season ahead for both squads. Hell, HE could have dropped on that, for that matter. It would’ve been truck loads more entertaining than him defecating on my common sense.

    Oran “Juice” Jones>> OJ da Juice Man. I would love to see this dude walking in the rain. During a thunderstorm. Holding one of those Ben Franklin kites. Aye!, indeed.

    I’m waiting on a rap dude to hit the scene named “Citrus Punch the Beverage Guy”. Maybe he’ll do rap some justice.

    • Capital G

      MC Sunny Delight… What the fuck did everyone just read? This was a blog? SMH… Like the dude above said, I would want my money back if this wasn’t free. Well FUCK THAT! I do want money back. Whatever chump change could’ve been made during the time it took to read this should be mailed out to everyone promptly. The Skyzoo blogs had something to say, this was hot garbage at best. Who’s idea was it to get someone illiterate to guest write a blog?

  • Phlip

    Do the guest bloggers have some kinda deal where they’re not allowed to dialogue with the commenters telling them just how fucking stupid they are?
    I mean, because I would personally love to see the fallout of a certain Atlanta rapper attempting to defend his ignorance.

    • Tony Grands


      “I mean, because I would personally love to see the fallout of a certain Atlanta rapper attempting to defend his ignorance.”

      He’s not going to respond. Can you imagining the amount of eggshells he’d have no choice but to walk on, unless of course he’s responding to this guy;

      “Fuck the haters! You be making this nigga blush buying a new crib…”-King Dom |||

      Otherwise, it would be the equivalent of a man with no arms & legs rolling over, looking up @ you & growling, “the fuck you just say to me?!?!”

      Poor defenseless creature.

      • GIBZ

        Got damn u Tony for makin me laugh out loud literally at 4am at the re-iteration of King Dom’s comment lmaoooo

  • Shawty J

    OJ Da Juiceman guest blogging = fail.

  • EmCDL

    I read his blog and my eyes started tearing up from reading it….from laughing so damn much! The comments on here are getting way more shine I bet…

    But come on XXL what are yall doing? If yall gonna get someone from the south grab up Killer Mike, or Ludacris, or just somebody with some sense. But I’ll admit, with him blogging this week I get a good laugh in the mornings LMAO

    I felt like I was reading a skit off of Mad TV or something…

  • latino heat

    XXL i hope he paid you for this guest blogger spot and not the other way around. cause if you paid for these “blogs” your getting robbed.

  • abdulnasir

    Nessa, seriously WTF?

  • thoreauly77

    aye aye aye everyone! just woke up and had some motherfucking oatmeal and that shit had raisins and brown sugar all up in it. took me 4 minutes to make it too! okay?!

    i called bank of america and got a zero percent interest payment plan; shit is off the chain, aye aye aye! on some straight trill government protection shit. gangsta!

    gonna take a crazy beer shit in a little bit and then go skateboarding at menlo park. yo but i’m sayin, i’m still sleepy as fuck! aye! okay!

    * see vanessa, anyone can do it. *

    • EmCDL

      LMFAO!!!! That shit was funny as hell! See, these guest bloggers are good for something!

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Otis Jr’s blog=hot bubbling diarrhea juice

  • gavin m

    i think oj on here is fantastic

  • these posts are racist

    What up $yk, saw you on the DP blog…I didn’t write that F the Commission comment.

    In all honesty, this is fun and so I’m glad that people like Juiceman drop posts…the comments are all hysterical. I hope they get Spencer Pratt, aka Juiceman’s biggest fan to post next.

  • these posts are racist

    Let me be real for a minute.

    Since Juiceman is here, i want to give him some of my thoughts. Juiceman, for me, your music represents all that is wrong with the music industry. It is made with little care for the actual art form and with little regard for how it effects a 14 yr old in the hood looking to escape. Many of those who comment on XXL, including myself are “real Hip Hop heads”. We know our hip hop. We know the history and are pretty intelligent and insightful. We don’t fall for the fake rhetoric and are not impressed with the same bragging statements and how poorly you and other Trap Rappers represent wealth. We think it is silly, immature and see it for what it is: a lie and manipulation meant to make you and record execs rich at any cost.

    So when you come on here and type a few comments that are as deep and insightful as your “raps” which usually consist of a series of statements about how large your rims are, how many bags of crack you sold and how many big booty girls you banged, those of us who love Hip Hop and view it as art on the same level as Van Gogh react accordingly.

    Daniel Barenboim (please google him) recently said in a Financial Times interview that his son produces Hip Hop music and that he and his son have a mutual respect for each others craft and form of expression. You have a guy like Barenboim who views Hip Hop on the same level as his music! That’s huge. Wait, that’s huge if you really care about Hip Hop, the people it represents and the form of expression it really is for many of us.

    You and your quarter brick half a brick…whatever and total disregard for how your music really translates and fits into the progression of our communities the progression of humanity as a whole is the reason you will dogged every day you post your drops on this web site.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      THIS is tpar!

      If any other blogger did what him, Whoo Kid, and Nada Hoe dropped on here, they would be unemployed. Imagine DP, Bol or Mexx doing this bullsh*t.

      These “stars” GET NO PASS.

      Killer Mike would have been MUCH better. Music wise, and dude comments with the people.


    • Redd

      ^^^pwned wow…..

      I thought Juiceman was only made for pill poppers? thats the only time that shit makes any sense.

  • DJ YS

    did he get self conscious and leave out the Aye’s, Brrr’s, and OK’s??? NO!!!!!!!!

  • Enlightened

    These niggas should be ashamed to say they do 8 songs in one day.
    The first nigga I remember hearing say that was Lil’ Flip. Nuff said.
    That’s the problem my nig!
    Slow your ass down and focus on dropping one tight verse.

    Remember hearing stories about 2Pac’s legendary work ethic and how many songs he would do in a day.
    Remember how many they said?
    And that was unheard of back then

    • Phlip

      HELL yeah!!!

      The fact that Pac recorded ONE song EVERY day (or tried like hell to) was amazing, and knocking out three in a day was ridiculous output.
      These days, the only rappers that go in and try to record a bunch of songs in one session are either broke rappers (“3 songs/1 session, this econo rap” -Sean Price) or shitty rappers who make bullshit anyway.
      … or a combination of those elements.

      • Tony Grands

        “8 songs in one day”…..

        Say word! You actually write that shit down?

    • Ayre

      How many songs you have out? Hmmm…

      • Tony Grands

        Probably the same amount as you.

        But, unlike “celebrities”, I’m not the focal point of public attention. Therefore, my life isn’t a looking glass & a magnet for everyone’s opinion.

        Since I don’t claim to be a public figure, what I have is irrelevant, except to people who have nothing better to do than ask pointless questions out of misguided curiosity.

        It’s good to see there are still individuals of the world who fight the useless fight, though. Good luck with that.

  • Escobar9300

    HAHAHA Man I honestly didnt think it would be possibly to trump the Epic fail that was Shakur’s XXL Blogs. I stand corrected as fuck because atleast mami had some titties. All OJ did was hand Ronnie Mexico a full clip of ammo to clown on him with. Step your EVERYTHING game up. Your music is garbage, your blogs are extra hot garbage, your industry mates such as Soulja, Cucci Mayne, and Shawty Ho are……you guessed it homeboy….GARBAGE! Apparently wack blogs and terrible music make the trap say AYYYE too. Time to wash my eyes out with visine after reading the abortion that was this blog.

  • giantstepp

    Ok, I warned tha Juice Man not to show back up with another blog to prevent him from getting killed by us regulars. He didnt heed my advice, so get’em fellas!

  • Dr Flav


  • 3rd eye clear

    I’m dumber for having waisted the 2 second it took to scan this text message posing as a blog!!
    I’m out for real this time see ya’ll next week!

  • chillin mayne

    ayo ENLIGHTENED, i herd when flip was braggin bout that shit…talkin bout “i dont even write my rhymes”…i was like “that explains everything”..

  • chillin mayne

    ayo ENLIGHTENED, i herd when flip was braggin bout that shit…talkin bout “i dont even write my rhymes”…mmmhhhmm i had to agree with him, and immediatly thought “that explains everything”..


  • Brooklyn

    it’s easy to do 8 songs when you’re not actually saying shit. average oj da juiceman song, “quarter brick, half a brick, whole brick aye! oodles and noodles, ramen noodles, big booty hoes, aye! oj da juiceman’s aye ok!”

    i can respect the fact that you’re making legitimate money and no longer have to deal drugs but–fuck it, let me put it in a way that you’d understand oj: it’s all good that you making that legal paper shawty, that’s aye ok! but before you go up in that studio pimpin, take a merriam-webster dictionary with you. you know, that big ass book that your uncle cleotus uses to keep his broken chair steady? take that and try and improve your lyrics young’n, cuz my baby sister can write a better rhyme than you without the “aye’s.”

    i’m waiting on the rapper orange drank and his weed carrier tang.

  • capcobra

    y oj y

  • DJ Postman

    This made me physically ill. If Slick Rick could see this now…

  • sATaLyte

    Man you better be soooo happy Gucci is your boy, cuz if he wasn’t yo ass would be a straight bum with a fat white slore somewhere rotting in an East Atl tenament.

  • Frank

    Straight shots to head, fuck some Juice mane!

  • fatDAN

    That’s exactly why I don’t fuck with X -box.

  • Ali

    haha these guest bloggers are getting roasted! lol I’m lovin’ it

  • Jhon da Analyst

    I hate these ignorant ass dumb fucks. Damn, brothers elevate yourselves!!

  • P. Harris

    I was at a party in Fayetteville this weekend and ran into J. Cole… I was like the only muhfucter that knew it was him. I dapped him up, told him his music was dope, keep doing his thing. He was mad cool and down to earth (probably because no one knew who he was) Nigga was tall too, I’m 6’0 so he had to be like 6’4.

    But anyway my point is an ignorant fuck like Juiceman could have ran up in the same party and muhfucters would have been pissing on themselves.


    Juiceman, nigga we know you sold rock, you moved weight, you get high, you make money, you fucking hoes, you got pit bulls, you sold rock, you moved weight, you get high, you make money, you fucking hoes, you make em say AYE! or Aye Curumba or WTFeva, you sold rock, you moved weight, you get high, you make money, you fucking hoes…. yo, if you are tired of reading that, then welcome to the fucking club! Because that’s what your blogs and music are… the same shit over and over again with a new line somewhere in between…

    Honestly, I don’t even blame you, I blame the muhfucters who buy and listen to your shit… so… (in Rick James voice ((RIP))”FUCK YOUR FANS NIGGA”

  • balaramesh

    this guy is a COMPLETE INSULT to the rap game.

    i almost lose my sanity when someone calls this guy or his homies “hip hop”.

    lets call it for what is worth: ghetto trash

  • OfficialDeejayW

    Wow… Save this for your Twitter updates dude haha I mean it’s cool you played video games today, but… We don’t really care. How was Gucci in bed that night? Haha

  • BioBasics

    Could you message me with any hints & tips on how you made your website look this good , I would be appreciative!

  • mieszkania gdansk

    Nice one ! Thatnks

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  • Brady Wiederstein

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