I hit the studio again today. I was in til 6 in the AM. I put in major work too! Did about eight songs, but I listened through about 60 tracks or better.

Shout out to all the producers out there submitting beats to the kid, ya’ll sending in some major heat. Keep it coming! Oh yeah, and shout out to Chubby Baby and all the producers who stopped by the studio to kick it with Young Juice. And to XBOX – they came through to interview me and let me test out the new limited edition game system.

I got to demo and new game for them too. Can’t say too much about it though, but it’s serious! I created a player that looked just like me! We did the interview at like 2:30 in the AM too. Those bright camera lights ain’t no joke at 2:30 in the morning. I started getting sleepy as hell with those bright ass lights! But it’s all love to XBOX, I’m a gamer shawty.