Breaking News: Kanye West Didn’t Kill Anybody!

Whew! I was worried. I was under the impression that Kanye West had finally gone on a nationwide murder spree. I always got the impression Kanye was the type to one day snap and strangle 25 teenage white girls with Louis Vuitton shoelaces.

Fortunately, Niggapoleon’s “Big Brother” who was Big’s brother and used to be Dame and Biggs’ brother has set the record straight.

Sure. Kanye West’s interruption of Taylor Swift’s VMA acceptance has gotten entirely too much press. Did we really need to know what Barack Obama thought of the matter? We most certainly do not when niggas still have to pour the ‘Tussin onto broken legs and shit.

Harm is relative, Jay-Z. And, no. Kanye “didn’t kill anybody.” But, sheeeeit. By this logic, when he finally does it’ll be, “It’s not like he killed a whole bunch of people! It was just one little Mexican. This shit shouldn’t be front page news.”

Instead of killing anyone, Mr. West picked on a young girl he absolutely knew would not slap him in the mouth. Let’s play out a few scenarios in our heads for discussion’s sake:

Scenario 1: Kanye West approaches the podium as Jay-Z accepts his Best Male Video award and says, “I’m really happy for you, Hov’. And, I’mma let you finish. But, Raekwon had one of the best videos of all time for ‘Walk With Me’. One of the best videos of all time!”

Scenario 2: The Manolo’s on the other foot. Jay-Z’s beautiful beeeeeeeitch is accepting her Best Female Video award for the cinematic masterpiece that is “Single Ladies”. Kanye West interrupts Beyonce for Taylor Swift’s glory. “I’m really happy for you, Bee. And, I’mma let you finish. But Taylor Dane had one of the best black voices on a white woman ever of all time! One of the best black voices on a white woman of all time!”

I’m sure neither would merely be a matter of Kanye’s honesty and generally being a “super-passionate” guy.

Passionate or not, that shit was inappropriate. That same evening one Mama, Little appeared “super-passionate” about “Empire State of Mind”. Jay-Z slapped that space cadet across her little baby nuts and told her to fall the fuck back—as he should have.

I understand there’s a vested interest in West’s public image whereas Jay-Z wishes the public were already “off that”. Put passion and even correctness aside. West wasn’t just rude. He was completely out of line. If people let this kind of thing slide, you couldn’t ever have an awards show. As for the almighty Hova, one’s opinion should be withheld when you’re the man’s boss and/or have a personal relationship with him. Not to say it doesn’t mean anything. The shit’s just inadmissible and doesn’t really help anyone.

That’s kinda like C-Murder’s sister coming to his defense. Ironically enough, Barack was asked to weigh on that shit too.

Besides, the backlash isn’t completely unwarranted. Fuck you expect? He’s got a history! Both Jay and Kanye should be breathing this shit in like antihistamines.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Ain’t gonna hurt nobody? Just dancin’ now?

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  • biggamike

    Is Kanye the Floyd Mayweather of this rap shit? Them niggas are similar in the fact that they both think they’re the best, thier opinions trump those of everybody else’s and come off *Pause* “slighty” insecure. Can’t knock either’s talent.

    • http://xxl gside

      Floyd is the best don’t forget it .

  • sankofa

    divas and the games they play

  • Pierzy

    It’s not like he raped anyone either. Seriously, Jay…by that rationale what about Un? I mean, that dude leaked your CD and/or took Charli “My Skin Is Lighter Than Pierzy’s” Baltimore from you and you (a/k/a one of your boys) stabbed him. Maybe Lil’ Cease should’ve said, “It’s not like he tried to stab anyone. Jay, on the other hand…”

  • Detroit P

    Mr. West picked on a young girl he absolutely knew would not slap him in the mouth.
    Fuck outta Here Ron, Kanye did the same shit to a couple of GROWN ASS white men not too long ago…this the same dude who on “Punk’d”, when he thought the police were tryna shut down his video and confiscate his material, he snatched the shit right out the policemen’s hands and ran with it…sure what he did was rude, but don’t start tryna spread this propaganda that Kanye West is a bully and only picks on people he knows won’t do anything back, this the dude that got at George Bush on National TV…that was during Cheney era, not this weak sauce Obama era, Nigga Please

    • Detroit P

      To add on to that, Kanye’s interruption had little to do with Taylor swift, His drunk ass would came out there if ANYBODY BUT BEYONCE woulda won, all those other nominees woulda had it coming too.

      • yoprince

        but i still think Pink would’ve two-pieced kanye on spot… and Gaga would’ve at least quipped something funny and finished her acceptance speech.. which is was that other little white girl should’ve done.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      HA! I remember that “Punk’d” episode.

      So isn’t what ‘Ye did, in the hood, considered to be “riding for his peeps”? Why the enormous double standard now?

      Don’t dudes, like Jay, know their boys did something, yet still stand up for them? Why is Jay a hypocrite now???

    • yoprince

      @ Detroit P

      that’s a good point. ‘ye is just kind of a wild dude.

    • DetroitDraper

      Yea Ye’ is wild and shit almost anyone would say fuck the police if you know what tey’re trying to do is absolutely wrong. I understand where your coming frombut Im pretty sure YOU know Kanye wouyldnt have stepped to a BLACK guy that way. At all..


  • AZ40

    kayne west doesn’t care about white people…notice he’s only done this to white people let that nigga try and pull that shit on some real ass niggas like at a source award(I know they don’t have those anymore), Im just sayin’

  • Worley

    “Kanyé stop acting like a bitch.” Everything else Jay says to that guy is not entirely the truth.

  • beaver

    hahah dat shit was hilarious
    “jay-Z slapped that space cadet across her little baby nuts and told her to fall the fuck back—as he should have.”hahahaaaaaaaa..
    great post ha..

  • Pana

    I agree with Detroit P. That’s why the other females (Pink & Katy Perry) blasted Kanye on Twitter. They knew he would do the same to them. I don’t like Pink’s music, never have. But I think homegirl wouldve beat his ass! Ha!

  • John Brown

    I’m really happy for you, Ron. And, I’mma let you finish. But, Bol had one of the best blogs of all time with ‘The wizard of telling on people’. One of the best blogs of all time!





  • Shawty J

    Good drop, Ron, but I gotta say this has been blown out of proportion. Apparently Taylor Swift agrees, I just read an article on MTV about it, where she’s talking about how she didn’t expect the incident to be taken as a big deal and how she’s trying to get past it, but people won’t let her.

  • ChiTown

    yea kanye was wrong but he owned up to it but the media more worried bout what kanye did and what obama said about Kanye than whats goin on in the world like the recession. Our society is fuckin backwards

  • KF UK

    “kanye west dont care about white people”


  • chillin mayne

    jajajaj, soon as i read the title and subtitle on the bloggers main page i was laughin…u on point with the humor AND the content kanye jus wild though

  • Smel

    “We most certainly do not when niggas still have to pour the ‘Tussin onto broken legs and shit.”

    That’s some real shit right there. Damn tussin.