BLOG: Too Much Music

Hip-hop fans have an insatiable appetite for music that’s free-99, that’s no surprise. We want what we want when we want it, way before it drops. But personally, I’ve become spoiled. Maybe you can relate. Whereas last year I would discover a new song and hit the download button immediately, wait 45 seconds for that zshare window – the modern day 56K modem – to load and eventually listen, now it’s just too damn much.

As a music critic and genuine fan, it’s hard to completely digest the excessive amount of rap songs released daily. Truthfully, I miss the days when it was just the radio, mixtapes and word of mouth that would put you on to dope tracks. At this point, I gravitate to sites with streaming audio as opposed to download links, just to avoid terrible songs taking up room on my hard drive. My patience to download so many songs a day has waned, and I wonder if other people are feeling the same way.

The music marketplace has gotten to a point where it seems like the supply is much higher than demand. Maybe at first the Internet was creating high demand for new music, but now that we’re settled into a Web groove, do we still? Personally, I love Krispy Kreme, but after awhile of eating a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts a day for an entire week, I wouldn’t ever wanna see a Krispy Kreme donut again. I wonder if today’s artists are releasing too much music that fans either can’t digest or simply don’t care. Rappers are still doing a freestyle a day and several mixtapes a month and have yet to drop an official album?

The good news is that the excess has made it so that the consumer has a much wider selection and thus more power than ever to download what they like and discard what they don’t. The bad news is that in an effort to be the next Lil Wayne (read: oversaturated), artists of today might be lessening their potential impact. Isn’t there a point when you get too much of an artist? Do you really need a freestyle a day? Are you still downloading songs or do you prefer streaming? -clovito

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  • abdulnasir

    FIRST… I prefer downloading, but not every free shit i see availiable!

  • Moving Sideways

    That’s just basic economics. Supply for new music is so high that the price has fallen to zero or near zero. Everyone with a computer, Pro Tools and a microphone can produce a song.

    Consequently, most music produced is just as throwaway as the price would lead you to believe.

  • Pierzy

    This is so funny. I was just thinking about this last night. I was flipping through my 160GB iPod and thinking to myself that albums don’t have the impact that they used to. And I asked myself, Why? Ultimately, I decided that it was because I have 100,000 other songs to choose from so if I didn’t like Blueprint 3 at first, I could immediately go back to Reasonable Doubt or if I wasn’t completely sold on Cuban Linx II, instead of giving it more time, I would just go back to the Purple Tape.

    Last night I decided to go back to being a more conservative fan and listener and not just try to accumulate everything. In the end, I think I will be much happier with the quality of the product instead of simply the quantity.



  • AZ40

    I stream then I may download even if it is one of my fav artist your right that shit takes up too much space on my computer. I think artist release so much music in an attempt to garnier a solid fan base but it just ends up as oversaturation. I much perfer a good album but how many good albums are actually being put out these days…I enjoyed the joell ortiz album and the last styles p album just to name two

  • General

    I’m wit you. I stream all the shit before I even thinkin about downloadin it…

    As far as overexposure. I completely agree. We don’t need a freestyle or a new mixtape track from these artists everyday or every other day, because in the end they become disposable…

    If they want to make an impact that spend time actually crafting something that can stand the test of time…We all still listen to tracks that are 1, 2, 5 or even 15 or 20 years old, because of the quality of the track…

    They are too focused on constantly keeping their name out there instead of focusing on makin good product

  • capcobra

    absence increase respect…why you think everybody talking about ob4cl2 and bp3?…you don’t need mixtapes and freestyles when you can dissappear and come back with an album that people been waiting for…as for the new artists..they need 1-3 hit singles..they should focus on that instead of trying to rhyme on everyone else beat..and nah i don’t download songs..i listen to ‘em and keep moving..i’m old school..i still buy cd’s..both bootleg and official.

  • David HussleSoft

    I have been saying the same thing for over a year now. I think there is alot of great music still out there. But damn I do not have the time to listen to it all or dig passed the bullshit. And it seems like every time I get into an album or mixtape something new comes along I have to hear.

    A perfect example is I have been listening to the new Nipsey Mixtape and the kid Donnis but now I got that new purple tape (cd) and a month from now the Clipse will drop. In between that time I know someone will drop a decent mixtape. Fucking sensory overload!

    • David HussleSoft

      I am wondering how many people actually got Purple Tape 2? and what do you think it will sell? I know for a fact it got undershipped.

      • Pierzy

        It’s so good…and people are buzzing about it. I saw that FYE only had 2 copies left on the front shelf but if it undershipped, it won’t matter. (Slaughterhouse ‘undershipped’ too)

  • latino heat

    cosign Capcobra

    i mentioned this same topic 2 weeks ago. i haven’t heard a mixtape in about 2 years because i have no interest in them anymore. it’s way too much too soon from these dudes. you used to drop 1 or 2 tapes to get a buzz for your album then drop the album. now you drop endless tapes and freestyles for a album that never even comes. and if it does come out i don’t know if that’s your official album or another tape or a “street album”. whatever that is.

    i was at Best Buy last night to get BP3 and OBFCL2 and i was in the rap section for the 1st time in a long time and there was so much bs on the shelf. just endless “mixtapes” and other random bs by so and so that i never heard of before. if i wouldn’t d/l for free why would i go pay $14.99 for it?

  • EmCDL

    Like Clovito mentioned, I also prefer back in the days when you had to either listen to the radio to listen to new shit or cop a mixtape of the artist…at least back then, when an artist came out on a mixtape or you heard them on the radio, you knew something was up with them and an album was coming out from them soon. The internet is a great tool as well, but its just too much nowadays; I barely download all of this free music nowadays, and I do actually prefer streaming believe it or not.
    The internet should be used for promotions and for people to check out your music, let them know about that you have an album coming out and let folks stream it to listen to some of it, snippets of tracks even…just to give them a taste of whats to come. Use the mixtape mantra to get buzz up for yourself, but don’t overload the internets with two or three mixtapes a month…let folks marinate of your first effort. I think its better to just make tracks and have them streaming on your website, then when you finally have some sort of deal in the works, come out with the mixtape. Thats just my opinion though…

  • Jamal7Mile


  • Gloveson

    Personally i listen to a track before i download it and if its a leak from an album from an artist that like i’ll prob still cop that shit, did it with Relapse and will do it with BP3 and Man On The Moon

  • Ceedat

    I definitely prefer streaming, there are at least 20 albums sitting in my iTunes that I haven’t had the time to listen too. It’s too much.

  • Tony Grands

    We went from “hip hop is dead” to overkill.

    Everybody releases mixtape after mixtape, then wonders why they don’t blow up when an official album is released. I’d say it’s good for those artists who have a genuine, cult-like fan base, but the average rapper doesn’t need to prove they can churn out average song after mediocre anthem in hopes that they’ll convince us they’re good.

    As for as the stream, nothing is better than a sample. Ask McDonalds. They dish out appetizers of their new menu items, that way you don’t waste time or money on a product you don’t want. A stream is the same thing, that way I’ll decide if I have the extra memory to download it, or even the few precious seconds of my life it takes to do so.

    But it still goes back to far too many songs being available. It’s mathematically impossible to keep my interest if you stay in my face.

    DP had a drop on talking about this a couple weeks back. Co-sign capcobra; give me an opportunity to WANT to hear you.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    OOOOOH! Actually 2 good drops today!

    Too many good comments to co-sign. We all agree the music has suffered from the greedy economics of the entertainment conglomerates. It has to be scaled down or it will suffer from asphyxiation(no room to breathe. Shouts to DOWNTOWN SCIENCE).

    I will still purchase CD’s, mainly to complete other catalogs in that format, but I will DL a CRT or someone’s project to see IF IT’S WORTHY to get my dough.

    BTW, Cuban Linx 2 is f***ing FIRE! You gotta listen from beginning to end.

    But there’s a song that’s not on it, “Walk With Me”, that SHOULD HAVE BEEN #22. I saw the video early this morning, it is FLAMES.

    Styles P tore it up on his part. I never heard Styles on that type of current. He knew he was on a classic project and delivered. GZA came through with a heater too. THAT ASON JONES SONG MAKES U WANNA SHED A TEAR!

    Now BP3 is good for it’s lane, but it ain’t in Cuban Linx 2′s.

  • Incilin

    I HATE streaming and don’t know how it became cool. And what’s the big deal if I download a song? If it sucks, then I delete it ASAP.

    Is there too much music? Yes. Do we need a freestyle a day? Nope. But if you suck, I’ll just ignore you. I only download new songs from artists I already fucks with or artists I been hearing a lot about and want to check out.

    I don’t miss the radio days (fuck does radio know about good music?).

  • John Cauner

    I agree with this post. It’s just too much sometimes. I even had to take a break from this site(& other sites as well) for a month just to chill out from all the music. The mediocre music far outweighs quality material being released lately. But like any rap fiend, I had to check out what’s been going on here of late. I rather just hear streaming music than downloading. Actually, I don’t download anything. Just tracks I’ve bought off of iTunes, and even then, I haven’t done that since the beginning of the year. Man, I rather go to Amoeba(or any record store) and buy vinyl, CDs, and cassettes. Maybe, I’m just old now.

  • Worley

    Way too much music out there. Every wack n*gga and his mama can cop ProTools and “record” an “album.” Dare I say it was better when a dude had to make a name for himself, rock the chitlin circuit and come up the hard way. N*gga that didn’t have the skill or the heart fell by the wayside. You go back to the early 90′s and almost every act was bringing it. Nowadays you got MC Wack and his crew uploading videos and putting out mixtapes. Develop your talent. The people will find you.

    • Gloveson


      “Develop your talent. The people will find you”

      Co Sign All Day!!!

  • HNIC

    Since I pride myself on having a great ear for music, I don’t mind the quantity of rap music that’s being produced & churned out, over the internets, on a regular basis. Granted, I don’t download everything and I too, gravitate towards the sites that allow you to stream the new tracks versus downloading them, before listening. It helps to weed out the mediocre from the prime selections much, much quicker.


    well because of those mixtape drops you did jackpot i got about 10 mixtapes on my desktop i got to listen to. i got rae on deck and jay man i never run out of shit to listen to. i only check out stuff based on if i heard the person before and liked them. it’s like baseball if i heard you 3 times and you sucked i am not going check for your 4th song.

  • Ali

    it’s kind of the opposite for me….I agree supply is way more then demand right now, I don’t even feel like checkin’ out every single track……at the same time tho, I love days when I put alot of new stuff I KNOW ima listen to on my iPod (OB4CL2, BP3….my demand for stuff I WANNA hear from people I already know is still high…it’s just that there’s way too many dudes makin’ new stuff I never heard of, I don’t even feel like checkin’ them out it’s weird

  • bfears

    i prefer streaming. & if i like a song i then cn DL it

  • music marketplace

    i am surprised by knowing about the music marketplace that it has gotten to a point where it seems like the supply is much higher than demand. can you explain it more ? thank you.