Hip-hop fans have an insatiable appetite for music that’s free-99, that’s no surprise. We want what we want when we want it, way before it drops. But personally, I’ve become spoiled. Maybe you can relate. Whereas last year I would discover a new song and hit the download button immediately, wait 45 seconds for that zshare window - the modern day 56K modem – to load and eventually listen, now it’s just too damn much.

As a music critic and genuine fan, it’s hard to completely digest the excessive amount of rap songs released daily. Truthfully, I miss the days when it was just the radio, mixtapes and word of mouth that would put you on to dope tracks. At this point, I gravitate to sites with streaming audio as opposed to download links, just to avoid terrible songs taking up room on my hard drive. My patience to download so many songs a day has waned, and I wonder if other people are feeling the same way.

The music marketplace has gotten to a point where it seems like the supply is much higher than demand. Maybe at first the Internet was creating high demand for new music, but now that we’re settled into a Web groove, do we still? Personally, I love Krispy Kreme, but after awhile of eating a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts a day for an entire week, I wouldn’t ever wanna see a Krispy Kreme donut again. I wonder if today’s artists are releasing too much music that fans either can't digest or simply don’t care. Rappers are still doing a freestyle a day and several mixtapes a month and have yet to drop an official album?

The good news is that the excess has made it so that the consumer has a much wider selection and thus more power than ever to download what they like and discard what they don’t. The bad news is that in an effort to be the next Lil Wayne (read: oversaturated), artists of today might be lessening their potential impact. Isn’t there a point when you get too much of an artist? Do you really need a freestyle a day? Are you still downloading songs or do you prefer streaming? -clovito