Are You Ecstatic?

mos def

If you fux any kind of way with then you already know I love to give away free shit. Spreading love is the Brooklyn way. Today I have a pair of tickets for the NYC leg of the Mos Def ‘The Ecstatic’ tour (featuring Jay Electronica) to give to the person who can tell me the names of these Mos Def tracks and which albums they were recorded for.

Put your answer on the thread. First correct commenter in gets it how they live.

*This is a standing room show; there will be room along the beach to spread a blanket and a few picnic benches. Expect to be on your feet for the show. The performance starts promptly; I recommend arriving no less than thirty minutes prior to scheduled start time. Please bear in mind that if there is an opener on the bill, the opener will begin at the scheduled start time, not the lead act.*

mos def

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  • Pierzy

    I can’t make it so I will recuse myself from the competition.

    I really liked “Black on Both Sides” and most people liked “The Ecstatic,” but I really couldn’t get into it all that much. Like I wrote on the other drop, maybe I should give it another run through…

  • latino heat

    i saw these two perform at the RTB after party last year and the show was DOPE. De La Soul was there too. i obviously can’t make it tonight but if you can i suggest you try.

    hey D.P. i don’t know if you heard but i think Raekwon might be getting the Slaughterhouse treatment. i drove to a Best Buy about 15 miles from my house last night because online it said they had the album and when i got there it was sold out. i saw the spot where they had it and it looked like they only had about 5 to start with. i looked online just now and half the stores in my area don’t have it. has anybody else had this problem with the album?

  • Tok

    The Easy Spell – The New Danger
    Casa Bey – Ecstatic
    Revelations – Ecstatic
    The Beggar – The New Danger

  • these posts are racist

    I’m sure Mos Def would be receptive to your anti-Muslim/misinformed feelings about Africa…

  • capcobra

    nobody listens to mos def…we barely watch his movies…he’s famous for being famous…that’s it…find 20 guys that can recite a mos def album and i’ll give you some free giveaways…lol.

    • these posts are racist

      I listen to Mos Def and maybe if you did too…you wouldn’t be so stupid.

      • capcobra

        good for you for supporting mos def…i support him too…i just seen him perform in charlotte 2-3 weeks ago..but guess what?..nobody knew his songs except ms fat booty..umi says and the shit from blackstar 1st it’s logic behind my comment tpar…not to mention the fact that i’m disappointed by your response..i was expecting a 7 syllable 15 letter word along with a 3 paragraph explaination to why and how i’m so stupid…especially since you’re the alpha and omega online genius at xxl.

        • DM

          He’s right — just saw the show in SF, and no one knew his songs except the old blackstar and black on both sides stuff. He was banging on drums, even though he can’t drum for shit, and singing covers even though he can’t sing. A TON of people left early. Erykah Badu was a much better performance.

  • hate

    mos def is one of the great “musicians” of our time. anybody that disagree eat a dick.

    jay electronica is easily the most lyrically ahead of his time within this current new crop of rappers.

    he’s from new orleans which is crazy since all the rap that comes from there is so dumbed down and basically laughable.


    internets, y’all still think wang’s the best right? or is it drake this month?

  • Mutada/Mullah Atari

    I met Electronica at my barber shop last Saturday. Although we only had a few words he was one of the most friendly, down to earth cat I’ve come across in the industry.


    hahhaha to easy but i can not make the show so why waste my time. you should have used some of his older stuff dp. for sum reason i was expecting you to put mr. nigga out there