Another freshman flunks out

Lost in the hoopla re: last week’s Billboard albums chart was the fact that Kid Cudi’s album did so well.

When I saw the results last week, I was more concerned with the fact that the Blueprint 3 continued to do so well, and M.O.P.’s Foundation did so poorly.

The Jay-Z album sold an additional damn near 300,000 more copies, which is more than pretty much any rapper these days could hope to sell their first week out, and enough to land it in the number one spot for the second week in a row. I know the beginning of the fall is a big time of the year for album releases. I wonder if the Blueprint 3 beat out some other, non-rap album that was released.

It’s hard to get an idea how rap album sales compare to album sales overall, from the dumbass album sales rundowns XXL pays some kid to do – not to mention the reports on how much rap albums are projected to sell, the ones where people who work for XXL predict how an album might sell, the videos where random-ass people on the street predict how an album might sell, so on and so forth.

That M.O.P. album, meanwhile, only sold 2,100 copies. I’m not even sure how to go about categorizing such poor album sales. I can’t think of another example of an album by a prominent rap group selling so poorly. Even that Clipse album on Koch Graveyard, where it was just garbage from their last few mixtapes, somehow made even worse, sold more copies than that.

In a widely disseminated update on Twitter last week, I made it a point to compare M.O.P.’s disappointing album sales to the fact that Kid Cudi’s Man on the Moon: The End of Day somehow managed to sell 104,000 copies its first week out, i.e. damn near 50 times as many as the M.O.P. The comparison seemed especially fascinating to me, in that I can hardly think of two rap groups that are more diametrically opposed. M.O.P. are old and badass. Kid Cudi is young and suspect. Kid Cudi is like the anti-M.O.P.

I didn’t even realize people were checking for Kid Cudi like that. In the past few weeks, all I’ve heard about on Twitter re: Kid Cudi is how people who stumbled upon a leaked copy of his album were surprised at how much they didn’t like it. And keep in mind, these weren’t aging haters such as myself. These were people you’d think might like a Kid Cudi album.

Then I saw where Cudi deleted both his Twitter and his blog, which was considered by the late, great (er, zombified?) Vibe magazine as one of the best hip-hop blogs evar – probably several spots ahead of my own blog, which I’ve been updating since back when Kid Cudi was having his first homosexual experiences, in middle school. What a waste. Whether or not the harsh criticism of his album and Cudi retreating from the Internets were related, I’m not sure.

I’ll give credit where credit is due – the hype re: Kid Cudi seemed a lot more genuine to me than the hype surrounding a lot of these other beta male rappers. “Day N’ Nite” and “Make Her Say” were both big singles. “Make Her Say,” which is Kanye at his lecherous best, and perhaps a foreshadowing of the incident at this years VMAs, is my shit. And I’m not gonna lie – when I’m on my way home from the BGM and one of those teh ghey techno remixes of “Day N’ Nite” comes on Sirius, I’ll let that shit ride. Kid Cudi supposedly wrote both of the songs people actually like from the last Kanye West album, and he’s featured on the new Jay-Z album.

If you would have told me that Kid Cudi, rather than Drake, had received a groundbreaking $2 million contract, I might have actually believed you. What has Drake really done, by comparison? Before I mentioned that the Kid Cudi album sold way better than the M.O.P. album, I saw where it was projected to sell way better than the retail version of Drake’s So Far Gone. This seemed odd to me, and I said as much on Twitter. A few people responded that the Drake album was just a bowdlerized, $8 version of a free mixtape. Which might be true, but I doubt the people who gave Drake $2 million give a shit. Why did Drake put out a retail version of a mixtape last week, as opposed to an album? It’s not like “Best I Ever Had” is getting any newer. And people are obviously (inexplicably) back buying CDs.

Alas, it looks like last week’s strong album sales could end up being the peak of Kid Cudi’s career, rather than the promising beginning. This week, Man on the Moon slid 13 spots on Billboard’s albums chart, selling about 28,000 copies, i.e. only a little more than a fourth of what he sold last week. So Far Gone: The Version That Has Less Songs and Costs Money outsold it by about 8,000 copies, which was enough to land it in the top 10. Let me guess – the 100,000 people who copped Man on the Moon its first week out hated it, just like the people I follow on Twitter, and they spread the word. Otherwise, who knows how well it would be doing right now. In fact, advance negative word on the Internets may have even hampered those first week sales. Man on the Moon possibly could have even given the two week old Blueprint 3 a run for its money.

It’s not like I give a shit whether or not Kid Cudi album does well. As I stated at the outset, that’s just not my cup of tea. I was much more concerned with how poorly the M.O.P. album sold. But the Kid Cudi album is fascinating to me, in that I can hardly think of a rapper in a better position to blow. What’s happened in the past week or so with Man on the Moon is like what happened with Cudi’s Freshman 10 cohort (and touring partner) Asher Roth earlier this year all over again. They both had the full force of the industry behind them, but they could only ever make but so many people give a shit.

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  • these posts are racist

    After your disrespectful post yesterday, i refuse to even read your drop. I ask that you issue an apology.

    I ask other loyal XXL readers to demand the same. Don’t read the substantive of this or any other BOL drop until he issues a real apology.

    • Bol

      My bad for having a point of view.

      Or should I be apologizing for expressing my point of view?

      Let’s put it like this – I’m sorry my parents fucked at some point in 1980.

      • these posts are racist


        Don’t insult my intelligence and play stupid. I know you, you’re a smart guy. You may “express your opinion” and of course, i will express mine – and that’s the beauty of discourse.

        Your post however, is not expressing a point of view. What was your point of view? How is making disgusting references to the kids skull being smashed and poking fun at him for not running away from his attackers “expressing a point of view”? Be real, for once.

        Let’s put it like this – you insulted this boy and made fun of his tragedy so you could get hits. You presented no objective point of view or opinion and are hiding behind these broad principles of freedom of speech and market place of ideas because you know you’re wrong.


      I read your prior comments in the last post and i agree with you on some of the things you wrote but asking Bryon to issue an apology is like asking a crackhead to pay you back .It’s never going to happen.

      He gets a kick out of firing people up.That’s why he talks wreckless most of the time because that’s the only way people will read his shit.I know he can do better but that’s not what people want to read.Just like in hip hop,people don’t want skills and thought,they want it dumbed all the way the fuck down.That’s why the dumb shit sells and the real shit suffers.

      Also he has a right to write anything he wants.If you don’t agree with it,then respect his opinion and move on.Why do you keep reading his blogs knowing how he writes.You’re just wasting time and amusing him by complaining.

  • newyawka631

    Look at his fucking jeans…………But on a positive note,the two radio songs were aight.

  • Federal Ranga

    Damn!!! hahahahaha!!!

  • tronthadon

    these posts are racist-this fat walrus piece of shit only cares about skinny as white girls and cheeseburgers a boy dying in the Chi doesn’t get his dick hard so he gives no fuck

  • Frank

    TPAR – Nobody cares, get over it.

    • giantstepp

      Not true. I chose not to comment on the drop yesterday because I thought it was kinda in bad taste. I understands Bol’s “style” of writing and I actually enjoy his blog which is why I continue to read it. But any 16 year old brother getting beat to death in the streets is not anything to make light of. Even Bol should’ve exercised a more thoughtful drop. I am sure plenty here actually does care.

      • these posts are racist

        Good lookin Giantstepp.

        Frank…get over what? What am i hung up on that I should “get over”?

        • Tony Grands

          It was a little distasteful, but no worse than his drops pertaining to DJ AM, Michael Jackson, or Dolla.

          Bol is Bol.

        • giantstepp

          Very true Tony Grands. There have been numerous post where he has pushed maybe a lil too far for my taste. I think that Bol is a very, very, good writer and I enjoy his blogs. But sometimes FOR MY TASTE (no fishsticks..word to Bol), things get a lil edgy on what should be sensitive topics. Bol’s my dude tho.

          @TPAR, I got you bruh! How in the hell does nobody care about that?? C’mon Frank!

        • These posts are racist

          There’s a difference…while he has his share of bad taste posts, this boy is a non-public figure underage kid – hence its more disgusting and rises to the level of pathetic.

        • Tony Grands

          I hear you, giant.

          I’ve noticed something about Byron, though. He
          has an undeniable talent to get people talking, be it good or bad. That’s his gift, because by his own admission, it’s not looks or personality.

          That said, I think we all read his posts for that small place in our minds where we can not feel guilty about some shit we wouldn’t dare say aloud, but slyly snicker @ if someone else does. Because, no matter the title or topic, we all know where this dude is going with it.

          Plus, I can only put so much stock in what someone says. No matter how off-color it is. Yesterday, what may have started off as a bunch of unnecessary one-liners eventually had brothers of all backgrounds discussing the major issues @ hand, & even possible ways that we, as a community can make things better in our respective communities.

          Not that that’s a proper trade-off for being slightly amiss to what that family’s going through, but I guess sometimes we need a wake-up from “one of our own” to make certain realities more tangible.

          & he’s loving this discussion right now. Probably rubbing one out between reading the comments & glancing @ a picture of himself on the computer desk.

        • giantstepp

          I agree again TG and I’ve never really believed that the views he put forth in his blogs are his personal views. No doubt that Bol has a method to his madness. No doubt that he says things to generate dialouge from his readers. I get those things, but at times the timing is a lil insensitive. Bol is like a charcter now, the same as an actor or your favorite rapper. When he’s writing, he’s in the charcter of basement dwelling, under employed, white girl loving alcoholic! It’s probably some truth to those things, but he exaggerates them IMO!

        • These posts are racist

          If BOL said “I wrote this disrespectul/tasteless post about an unfamous non public figure underage kid in order to create shock response and garner hits…” I wouldn’t respond. But he doesn’t, he tries to have his cake and eat it too. He fronts like he’s writing this and expressing his “point of view” or whatever and hides behind the principles of freedome of speech and honest discourse. When you claim these principles then you must be held accountable when you don’t follow the rules.

  • these posts are racist

    Dear XXL Commenters,

    I ask that each of you drop a comment on this post explaining why Byron did not “express a point of view” in his previous post and why what he said was not legitimate discourse, but rather vulgar and disgusting mocking of a tragic murder.

    • General

      I understand that your upset about his post yesterday, but please don’t try assigning us all homework on here…


      Dude, it’s his opinion.He has a right to one.If this issue is so important to you then go call or boycott XXLmag.Or go to the streets of Chicago and get involved.What’s crying on a comment section going to do to make things better?

      Stop crying.If this was Showtime At the Apollo,the Sandman would’ve came out from the side with his broom by now and swept your sorry ass off the stage.Go get involved with the youth and mentor them or shut up.

  • DetroitDraper

    Great post today, yesterday, and tomorrow(I kinda feel the need to put a no homo here lol). Bol and Ronny Mex are the only reason I stop by everyday during my long day at work. Keep it interesting and funny. Peace.


  • Incilin

    I disliked his album a lot too when I first heard it. And I also went on Twitter saying so. BUt as time went by, I realized how dope his album was. It just takes some time to grow on you. I wouldnt be surprised if his album holds steady and continues to sell, albeit slowly.

  • Worley

    Those two Cudi singles were good but I had reservations about buying the album. I knew it would be some sh*t I could only listen to for the sake of getting some cooch later that night so I asked a couple lady friends what they thought. When they told me the album was meh, I knew the dude was finished. You can get broads to buy into anything full of bright lights and bullsh*t. Somehow Cudi got it all wrong.

  • Tony Grands

    Haven’t heard it yet, & had no real intentions on doing so unless by accidient. But, folks bought it for a reason. Maybe I’ll check it out.

    Anybody cop that Cannibus & Keith Murray “The Undergods” joint?

  • Max

    Apology or not, yesterday’s post lacked a “point of view”.

  • tstiffy

    I demand in jest that TPAR apologize….for being sanctimonious.

    All kidding aside, yesterday’s post was eff’d the eff up, but it was vintage Bol. He has no limits to the depths of depravity he will go to attempt to entertain himself and us. You can’t boycott Bol, he’s the human car wreck—you can try not to look, but you always will in case you might miss something.

    I’m sure the real life Bol (you know, Hi-Pitch Byron), didn’t relish in seeing a young man slaughtered, but the event made for interesting, if not in bad taste, commentary.

    Stretching for a positive, maybe the horrific nature of the events (and the subsequent commentary by jackasses like Bol) will shed some light on the socio-economic issues faced by the children involved. Most of America can’t conceptualize that this kind of ish happens–when obviously it does, but this time someone was there to film.

  • Brooklyn

    i think bol did express a point in the last post, and that was that homeboy should have ran away from the crazy motherfuckers wielding 2×4′s instead of walking into the fray. i’m not condoning what he said or how he said it, i’m just showing what his point was, or what i got out of the blog. he says this shit because people read it and respond. it’s like that kid in high school that used to always say stupid shit, he did it because it brought either positive or negative response. bol probably didn’t get much attention when he was a kid and it’s apparent that he don’t get much attention from the opposite sex, so he writes shit like that to get the attention that he craves, and the more you post showing your anger about what he said in the last post, the more you’re feeding him. i don’t think that you’re going to get him to apologize because that’s who he is, he isn’t going to change. he was talking shit about dolla the day after he got killed and he was talking shit about dj am the day after he died, bol’s just that kind of nigga.

    now, about kid cudi. he’s an alright artist, not really my type of music, but didn’t he sell more than asher roth did? i’m saying, in this day and age, selling 100k in your first week ain’t nothing to sneeze at. i was disappointed that raekwon didn’t do that good, because his album was a banger, and i was speechless about mop. that album was crack cocaine, niggas slept on it for really really. i had said in another post though, mop didn’t get much promotion for this album. i knew about it because i be on the internet, but a lot of dudes in the street didn’t even know that they were dropping another album. you hear about artists switching labels for some stupid shit, that’s a reason to leave your label. 2,000 in your first week when you’re a motherfucking legendary group? that’s ridiculous.

    • jbird

      MOP ain’t shlt!!! Only strong song they had was Ante Up like 10 years ago. Rae ain’t doin much without his Wu counterparts. Ghostface is the only one that can stand on his own 2 behind Method Man. Where’s my late 90′s NY rappers been(not JayZ). Jay Z ain’t been shlt since Roc La Familia. That was probly his last great album. . Jay only ridin high cuz he got a gang of d*ck riders now. He needs to hang it up cuz I ain’t his shlt.

  • Tiiz

    The shots in Bol posts > Any Diss Song! lol

  • General

    I’m actually suprised that Cudi did the numbers he did. I didn’t think he would sell 100k in his first 2 months let alone first 2 weeks…

  • Max

    Post-mortem advice isn’t a point of view.

    • chitchat

      Yeah I think folks may be reaching on the “point of view” thing. That’s like telling ppl who died in the Twin Towers: “Next time, dont get squashed.” Not so much a perspective as a cheap joke, which is probably all Bol was going for.

  • Brooklyn

    @max, post-mortem advice or not, that was what the point of his blog was. he said it in the beginning and he reiterated it at the end. he felt that the kid should have ran from the group, that’s his pov, whether it’s right or wrong. clearly he didn’t condone what happened to the kid, but his opinion was that the kid should have ran away from the huge crowd that was wildin’ out.

    • Around and Around

      If you think that was his actual pov and wasn’t written strictly to get some sort of reaction then Brooklyn sit the fuck down.

      • Brooklyn

        did i say that was his actual pov, or did i say that was what he expressed in the blog? the issue was that his blog had no pov and i pointed out that it did have a pov. i don’t know how the nigga genuinely feels about what happened in chi-town and i don’t give a fuck about how he feels about it. i’m just saying that he wrote a blog titled “untimely, unsolicted advice for derrion albert” and that right there was the point, for him to provide untimely and unsolicited advice, which he did. so the blog did have a point, the point was, if you see a gang war, go in the other direction. and if you read my earlier post you’d have seen that i did acknowledge that he writes shit for attention. he could have said don’t walk into a gang war without going in detail about how he heard that you could hear the kid’s head crack and about how he watched it anticipating that shit, but bol’s a dick, we get that. y’all niggas is acting all brand new like y’all have never read a post by him before. and for all the disgust y’all had about what he posted yesterday, y’all are back on here today putting in your 2 cents, so obviously y’all weren’t that put off.

  • Master CHeef

    byron had a valid point. i would’ve booked it in the other direction as well. it’s not that we’re not sympathetic to the situation, but at the same time, i think bol is giving good advice to the youngsters: if you see two gangs going to war, don’t get too close. Try to avoid it at all costs. I even think byron tried his best (for him) to be innocuous.

  • Max

    @Brooklyn – Point taken on Bol’s acknowledgement that it was untimely, unsolicted advice, but he defended his post by saying it was his point of view. Other than distastefully stating the obvious he had no real point of view….unless of course he literally meant his point of view from his computer chair from which he was looping that shit, checking for “white meat”.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Bol, it was too early. Real talk.

    I think I’ll pass on Cudi.

  • Mutada/Mullah Atari

    The post yesterday was fucked up and in poor taste. That was a child. Period.

    This post is funny as hell. You made me LOL, with the “first homosexual experiance in school”. Cudi is a fruit cake

  • Escobar9300

    Honestly, Bol’s post yesterday didn’t offend me because I know thats his MO. Bol is going to blog about stuff that is either going to have you agreeing with him, or wanting to bust his head, but either way you’re going to read his column, which is his reason for doing it in the first place. I’m still completley disgusted with what happened to lil man in the Chi, but I’m not angry at Bol for being a controversial blogger. Its just what he does.

  • boozec

    I can’t believe this jig tpar just derailed a Bol post. rofl.

  • http://xxl All Dae

    day n night is hot.
    it’s hard for me to accept but 90s style NY hip hop is played out. nobody wants that. Jay-Z is kicking NY style hip hop but it’s modern and fresh plus interesting.
    BP3 is getting heavy rotation in my player.

    Bols post are sarcastic and I wouldn’t have it any other way. insulting as some of hit one liners r i don’t feel him being mean…just an ass.

  • Mutada/Mullah Atari

    @All Dae

    “it’s hard for me to accept but 90s style NY hip hop is played out”.

    Glad someone had the balls to admit it. We went through the same thing out here in the west after everyone starting poping up with high pitch synths, funky basslines and fuckadelic samples.We had to let the claps go and move one to somthing new.

  • these posts are racist

    OK, fine, ill play ball.

    Let’s look at Byron’s post. He said if it were him, he would have ran the other day. Byron, you weigh about 600 pounds. Let’s say you ran, how for would you get? Not far at all…they kids wouldve laughed at you as you “ran” away, i.e. walked at a slow pace in normal size people terms. Then as they beat you on the ground, i have an image of whole chickens popping out of your mouth and a number of other animals coming out of your ass. You would look like a big pinaita with random food, candy, bones and other objects flying of your about to be deceased body.

    Then, when you’re dead, it would probably require a tow truck to come move your wale like corpse off of the road…the amount of waste that would be left over from your beaten huge body would require the city to expend 10s of thousands of dollars in waste management.

    So, i guess were lucky it wasn’t you.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      “You would look like a big pinaita(piñata) with random food, candy, bones and other objects flying of your about to be deceased body.”


      Wow. TPAR said whole chickens popping out of your mouth, Bol.

    • SickMind

      Co-sign with you TPAR all the way, I just read yesterdays blog, didnt have time yesterday….. Too disresectful….

  • these posts are racist

    OK, fine, ill play ball.

    Let’s look at Byron’s post. He said if it were him, he would have ran the other day. Byron, you weigh about 600 pounds. Let’s say you ran, how for would you get? Not far at all…they kids wouldve laughed at you as you “ran” away, i.e. walked at a slow pace in normal size people terms. Then as they beat you on the ground, i have an image of whole chickens popping out of your mouth and a number of other animals coming out of your ass. You would look like a big pinaita with random food, candy, bones and other objects flying of your about to be deceased body.

    Then, when you’re dead, it would probably require a tow truck to come move your wale like corpse off of the road…the amount of waste that would be left over from your beaten huge body would require the city to expend 10s of thousands of dollars in waste management../

    • BlackBoy

      what do we owe you for your outrage about this? it’s DEAD already. let it go… move on no one’s saying “sorry”…

    • Smel

      This isn’t really playing ball since making fat jokes about a living grown man isn’t quite the same as making jokes about a deceased little boy.

      You might have to insult his Mama or something.

      So first Sonic the Hedgehog decreasing his online presence, now Cudi??? What’s really goin on? They got this marketing shit BACKWARDS.

  • Gorrilah

    Hahahahahaha Byron wheighs 600 pounds. The stupid fuck has been writing stupid blogs for a long time now.XXl please fire this stupid faggot and let him go work at Mcdonalds. Faggot.

  • caino

    l dont think Bol should apologise, freedom of speech and all that, he brought up a subject he wronte a blog about ‘said’ subject, even if peeps thought it in bad taste, l actually agreed with Bol , in that the lil dude should of sensed or seen the trouble and walked/ran the other way not walk right in the middle of it!

    On another note, l like Kid Cudi’s singles l cant listen to the album tho.

  • abdulnasir

    Any1 notice Bol wrote, “in that I can hardly think of a rapper in a better position to blow.” “BLOW”. That’s suspect, Bol!

    Co-sign on Caino, Kid Cudi got some great singles, but the album could’ve done without the excessive sad songs! Other than that, Man On The Moon is perhaps the most ecclectic album of the year so far.

  • Wallman

    That “soundtrack 2 my life” was the best song on that album, hate when he tries to sing though, other then on hooks that is.

  • mr okene

    word most of u peeps will be tripping, do you really think bol be fat,this dudes are writing under their pseudoym[cant spell it].we never knew billy x sunday was dallas penn till he lost a fam member.bol be writing shit to make dudes like tpar to react like the way they are doing, beside we have not confirmed if tpar is the end bol makes extra cheese and we lose money becos time is money

  • chillin mayne

    epiphany….bol is TPAR…he drops more clues than 2pac in various blogs affirming this

  • valdez

    i have to co-sign tpar on this one.

    as far as cudi is concerned, i haven’t heard his album. i did, however, really like the man on the moon mixtape. he came across as really happy on that. i heard his album is nothing like the mixtape. i heard he comes across as tormented on the album, which would make sense because i believe cudi, like many before him, has sold his soul for fame.

    if u really listen to the lyrics of “day N nite” he is speaking about it…

  • GmanMusic

    Kid Cudi’s album is the best album ever.Its like your really in his dreams.Every song is the best.Cant wait for Man On The Moon II:The Legend Of Mr. Rager Cause you really have to listen to the album to understand it.Listened to it like 500 times from start to finish. AWESOME

  • dtg bullet

    up coming time go through just before message

  • screen t shirts

    that is what will happen just about every time I try that