“You Betta Learn How to Fight”

You diss me, you’ll never hear a reply for it” —Drake “Successful,” So Far Gone

“You diss me, you’ll never hear a reply for it…but when I see see you I’ma black ya eye for it” ( Me)

Yeah I said it! Men, women and children alike should learn to fight. I don’t want you all to think I’m talking about the senseless wild swinging, hair pulling, scream fest you watch on worldstarhiphop. I mean fight like box, martial arts, self defense fight!

I study hand-to-hand combat. I’m no Bruce, Chuck or MMA fighter, but I will fight until you or me die. It’s just my will. Before I studied Kung Fu, my friend Chris with whom I wrote about from art class yesterday studied it and would show me locks and grapples. I had an R.A. in college named Marvin I believe and he reminded me of Chris. Marvin was short, small and nerdy looking but he, like Chris, had supreme confidence. I wanted to know what about martial arts gave people this confidence. Shit, I saw The Last Dragon too…”Who got the power Leroy?” I wanted that glow!

Marvin like Chris was a black belt and had been studying since he was 8. Everybody on our floor was a little hesitant to lock up with him once they found that out. The fact that he knew how to fight made me want to lock up with him more (no Homo). My Homie Silo (the producer of Kryptonite) at some point realized basically our whole building (except a small few) was puss and had began to punk the entire Dubious hall campaign. He was successful lol. I however had no interest in punking (no homo) my fellow freshmen. I wanted to see if I could hang in there with a champion.

So one night when most of the dorm was asleep or hiding from Silo, me and my R.A. locked up. He spared me honestly. He didn’t throw brutal strikes but he did hit me and hard. We grappled and he joint locked; I screamed and bit (biting always works). He released and we re-engaged for over an hour. We fought, rested and fought some more. We stayed in that hall way over an hour. We gained and lost an audience and at the end of my futile endeavor to beat a champion, he and I sat on a floor looking at one another. I was exhausted from trying to impose my will on him. He was exhausted by trying to contain all he knew and not killing me while engaging me. Breathing heavy with blood shot eyes and tears streaming down my face I said to him, “I might not win, but whenever we stop you will respect me.” He responded by telling me, “Exactly” and you will respect me too.” I have learned more from that fight than my many other previous fights throughout my life.

I thought he was fighting me when actually he was teaching me through combat. I was always looking to test my skills against others to see how I measured up but that fight is always futile. There will always be some one faster, stronger, quicker than you. The only fight I had to win I had already won: the fight with fear, my own fears of being the chubby kid that got picked on, the fear of getting hit, of getting beat down, my fears of being jumped, my fears that I was not good enough on so many other levels. My true fight was with me and my fear. I had stopped being afraid long before college.

Truthfully, I had lost that “fight” by simply engaging in combat. My Sifu (instructor) called while I was typing this blog and told me, “Remember Mike, combat should be defeated before engaged.” If you have read The Art of War, you have heard this concept before. Sifu Walker is another with that “supreme confidence.” He, like Chris and Marvin, is a man small in stature, speaks upbeat and is a walking, talking, killing machine (no over-exaggeration). However, Sifu understands and is helping us, his students to understand that when you know what you know, you lower yourself by engaging in physical combat. He asks, “Is the person you engage worthy of the lesson you will give them?” He says by fighting, we are sharing our training and teaching. The person you fight, if they are without knowledge of combat teach you nothing, why waste your teaching on them? Your teaching and training allows you to say to any potential combatant, “If you put your hands on me, the price of admission is very high! Are you willing to pay that?” So when I encourage you to learn to fight, it’s not to actually engage in physical combat but to give you the wealth of knowledge that comes with that training.

Training gives you knowledge of “life and death” and how precious both are. If you know your own power over others “life and death,” it calm’s you. You will think more about the life of all not just your own. You walk with that “Supreme” confidence.

Notice on the Animal channel, predators rarely attack the strong, the alert or those that move in large packs. Same is true with humans. If you look strong, alert and travel in small groups, you are less likely to be attacked i.e. mugged, robbed, jumped, etc. That’s the easy part of fighting honestly. Train to fight in order to defeat your own fears and self-doubts and you will, as a side effect defeat matters of the physical without even trying. A fighter’s greatest assets are their spirit and mind. So I think the homie Drake was right, “You diss me, you’ll never hear a reply for it.” Cuz I already know I will kill you! Good day and God Bless. I got a few hundred kicks and punches to throw.

For those that are in Atlanta and interested in martial arts, you can check out www.walkermantisacademy.com (Sifu Terrence Walker is the instructor).
Note: His commercials are a bit hokey, lol but the spiritual, mental and physical training is the truth!
P.S. Please run and go get that Underground Atlanta this weekend. Holla back Monday. GTRG…BBB

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  • DownSouth

    Good drop. Fighting training is not a bad idea. Plus it’s good for your cardio.


  • http://www.myspace.com/atlatino404 El Tico Loco


    From the posts I read (we got internet police at my job now) you dropped a lot of knowledge beneath the surface knowledge, hopefully the younguns learn there’s more than image involved to be confidence at least get your money right and learn to kick some ass but mastering marksmanship is another skill that’s good to know, knowing you can actually hit a target makes you less apt to pull out the piece, because you know you gonna connect so you develop some discipline and confidence about yourself.

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

    Word, Mike.

    That’s grown folks talk right there. I notice a lot of younger cats have no mental/spiritual balance to their fighting. It’s about what they’ve become accustomed to from movies, songs, TV, etc; trying to knock somebody out with the first punch.

    I agree, confidence is the main goal. Not fake, shallow, non-existent swag, but one’s belief in themselves & what they are truly capable of. & the older I get, I’m noticing more & more that people are scared. You never realize what a coward truly is until you know the exact definition, not what cat’s are hollering during conflict.

    That confidence limits having to prove anything to anyone; the main point is already proven to self.
    Only thing is, & you don’t need me to tell you this, but niggas don’t fight anymore. It may have been more beneficial to teach cats how to shoulder-roll or build their own bulletproof vest, lol!

  • Killer Mike

    @ El Tico Loco

    I co-sign dat

    Tico my Man i swear i had that in there. Me and my homie talked about it but i didnt wanna get that “violent” and deep 2 quick. My dad was a Cop 4 a while in my youth so i have grown up with Guns and shooting them Since i was 12. I hit the range and am a Very good shot with 9s 45s shoot guns and various Rifles (AKs r simple shoot and sprays by the way). so Thanks 4 the extra in sight i hope all citizens take a gun safety and shoot course and learn a martial art. GTRG..BBB

    • RiZob

      “The fear that haunts ya, is the tool thats used to hunt ya! IM YA MONSTER!” Killer Mike

      one of the illest bars ever spit…real talk….

  • macdatruest

    Good ass drop, I see you goin in on all levels of self discipline. Makin your guest bloggin opportunity into something memorable for hip hop and DF/Killer Mike fans!!! Who says ya cant learn when it’s grIND time right??? lol

    I remember growing up with Martial Arts too Killa. My pops was a Marine and I know he was at least a green belt because I got my ass beat wit the green belt. I cracked my leg in two and crushed it fuckin off in these Milwaukee streets and bounced back, but i fuck wit the sweet science more now since it involves more upper body.

    Tae Kwon Do and Karate got too many kicks for me but Judo is right up my alley wit the grapples. Gung-fu and Kenpo involve a lot of strikes so I fucks wit those. But it’s something about boxing thats special to me though. When I see Floyd Mayweather’s power evasive ability and accuracy that shit look like ballet. But then again, Martial Arts are killing arts so that explains the certain level of crudeness.

    As a martial artist yourself you know- you never try to connect with a target, you aim to go through it so every strike is thrown with murderous intent. Yea, I think if more niggas knew how to fight, there would actually be less fighting, but if a fight did breakout it would be honorable and to the death! True Shit!

    • BIGNAT

      i feel you when you talking about floyd alot of people don’t like the way he fights. the fact is he is doing what boxing was made for to be hit without getting hit. counter punching . boxing does has lots of killing intent in it. tyson in his day the peekaboo style swinging and hitting square on the jaw hitting the temple. hooks to the liver and bodyblows all quick every punch a knockout hit. marvin hagler if you was not backing him up he was going knock you out. ali enough said foreman enough said. holmes enough said roy jones in his day. de la hoya before he retired to try to become ricky martin then came back. duran marciano man i could do this all day.

  • Rob the Music Ed

    Great post Killer. These are life lessons and are really bigger than rap. Thank you!

  • Killer MIke

    @ Macdatruest

    Beautiful write back bruh u jus let me know i got so much more ahead of me. Boxing was a favorite of Bruce lee to. When asked about Boxing vs Martial Arts he always complimented boxing when Ali was aske dthe same he always complimented Martial Arts. Two Warriors I huge amount of respect.

    Floyd is Fluid when he moves he makes Boxing a Dance truly. Check out MMA’s ANderson Silva The “SPider” he is loose quick agile he is a martial artist with a Boxers hands and elusiveness check out Him vs Yushin vs Okami on you tube. you will see he is a perfect hybred. Thats what a perfect mesh of the Martial Arts and Boxing could be n my eyes

    • macdatruest

      Bruce Lee emulated Ali’s movements but he took that shit to the next level punchwise, Bruce had the one-inch punch thats that blow where you stike from the distance of your finger tips to your knuckles. You know that shit that ho used on Kill Bill to break out the coffin? Bruce will knock you across the room wit that but thats a combo of Tai Chi energy harnessing and Bruce’s own Jeet Kun Do. The human body got plenty untapped potnetial real shit, we don’t use half of it. I use mine when I spit tho real shit

  • Killer Mike

    sorry 4 the tyos lol…i mean typos


    I agree with Killer Mike but if you beat a nigga down,he’ll just come back with a gun and pop caps.
    And the last time i checked,there’s no fighting moves in the world to stop bullets.
    Where i live it’s chopper city.Come around here with that Bruce Leroy shit and get your power cut off.

  • render

    good lookin out mike

    I’m only 1/4 rican so growin up in east harlem I was too black and not latino enough to NOT get my ass beat at school when I was knee high.

    I got hooked up with a boxing gym at the rec center and shit changed my life. Not only did I learn to handle myself on the street and carry myself with confidence but I also learned the value of hard work and discipline.

    the things you learn through fighting…dedication to getting better even when your lungs feel like their bout ot pop…reading your opponents movements and rhythm…taking a square shot to the chin and still going hard (nh)…are all things you can apply to every day life

    shoutout to mr. rosario and the world famous gladiator crew

  • http://quebishop.deviantart.com qp

    Question: Can we keep Killer Mike as a regular blogger on the site?

  • RiZob

    “The fear that haunts ya, is the tool thats used to hunt ya! IM YA MONSTER!”

    one of the illest bars ever spit…real talk….

  • Killer Mike

    @ Render Hey that My Name…lol and even tho i aint rican my middle name is Santiago

    @ something New this is Jus Kind Common sense but if u see a Gun Run. Side note If attcked by a knife dont run grab the hand/sleeve’coat that holds the knife and dont let go and scream fire!, help and bit the shit outta the attacker nose whatever it takes to not get stapped!


      I understand what you’re sayin,but what i’m sayin is that NOBODY THROW HANDS NO MORE.
      Everybody would rather hit a gun range than a gym.If you try walking up on someone in these times,i bet you more than likely they’ll pull out a gun than fight.
      No need to waste time learning to fight when you can learn how to shoot.It’s like there no reason to buy a cd when you can stay at the crib and download from itunes.Fighting is only useful for when you can’t get to any type of weapon.

      • BIGNAT

        i hear what you talking about nobody throws the hands no more and if they do it’s like a show. around my way when we younger if we going fight we go to the basement of the building. as we got older we went to the gym put on the gloves. as men we need to fight each other we are not women. i have made some of my best friends by fighting them first.

        now a couple weeks ago i was with my mom. going back to her house after church for some sunday grub. now in the lobby of the building these kids with “fighting”. first problem and i said it loud enough for the two fighters. along with all the people watching to hear. when we were fighting we went to the basement that way nobody is in the way. who fights in a lobby in the middle of the afternoon with barely any space. two they both were swinging but you could see they were scared to get hit. like one guy had this squat like figthing style and the other guy had a peek a boo style guard up like tyson. they were not matched up swinging and barely hitting each other and they were all these ooooo’s and ahhhh’s for nothing. they both hit a little then a girl comes out of no where saying stop fighting and then they break shake hands then leave. three really after that little show i expected someone to yell cut or something. i am there laughing like what the fuck was that. i asked one of the guys who was watching you know them. he said yeah i told him take them to gym down the street ask for the ring and have them lace up. he looked at me and said they don’t got it in them to do that. i laughed and looked at him and said the future is doomed.

  • Killer Mike

    More typos sorry. Stabbed! I can’t type i peck!

  • render

    lol damn…hell of a coincidence

    I just started usin it cause I used to graff as a kid and looked up “draw” in thesaurus for a word I could use as a tag name

  • Killer Mike

    @ Somthinnew

    I want u to you tube Krav Maga: its a Isreali form that developed in the 40′s i believe. they use a mix of evry think including Gun disarment and gun use. it may be more what u need in the Urban Jungle u prowl(SMH). Still Remeber the best Fight u can Fight is one u never do so realize the first Muscle is your mind. U just condition your body to keep up with it. Now go learn to throw a punch or bust a cap. lol. 1

    • BIGNAT

      mike that stuff is crazy but it’s water downed over here. you got to go to the source to get the real shit. i saw it on a show on the history channel human weapon. they took it over there in isreal and the style is all about stopping people. you are breaking bones if you disarm someone you should shoot them or stab them. krav maga is basically a fight system for war and (cqc) close quarters combat. check out human weapon season 1 is over i think they are going do a season 2 that show is offical.

  • Shawty J

    I used to take martial arts classes when I was in high school, though I was learning to fight long before that. My father also agrees with the idea that we all should know how to fight, and it’s definitely an idea that I’ll maintain someday when I have kids.


    @Killa Mike
    Krav Maga is the same shit that is used to train law enforcement and it doesn’t garrantee gun disarment.

    Also is that statement about living in a urban jungle a shot at me?If it is,why don’t you come down to Chicago and i’ll take you to some places where you gonna have use your Billy Blanks meets Black Belt Jones fighting bullshit.

    I don’t live in a jungle.And if you look can look around you,i don’t see niggas lining up at the dojo.I would rather go toe to toe with karate kid than a nigga with a chopper.I think you been watching too many Dolomite fight scenes.While you search for the glow and help dolomite take back the total experience nightclub (SMH)i’ll be at the range firing the A.K.

  • Killer Mike

    @somethin New. SMh no bro not a shot at u. Jus luaghed cuz i know that what the news says. But most big cities like the chi Ny and La r not Urban Jungles. They r places where a few bully a many. Vheck now as Dangerous as Atl..the Chi..N.O and many places we live r they r no Hati, Isreal, Sudan, Columbiam Favela’s and this is where our bros and sisters live and survive.

    Now i really believe Your Mind is Strong or else u would be a victim or A Gangmenber who joined for fear only (i dont object totally to gangs, blog coming soon. Im jus saying u sound Hopless and that aint accept table Your Mental merged with decent self defense skill will take u far, trust me.

    An instuctor Name Mutakabeer (spellcheck) Put an ass whooping on The Supreme team, Fat Cat and many other Queens Goons and Bandits in the 80s. Rappers only glorify the bandits making them seem invicible but this man is respected by the goons.

    He was told the odds were five to one against his students and he said thats fair, and they cleaned buildings out.

    Look at the brothers on Stoney the FOI there r fearless warriors around you who do not fear or submit to bandits and thieves right in the Chi u cannot convince me every one is afraid, not even you brother. again i apoligize if u took my lol as an insult i honor ya bro.

    keep pushing and fighting! and learn Krav Maga i dont care what u say i think it will help. peace!!! GTRG…BBB


      @Killa mike

      I just wanted to apologize for what i said in the previous post.I will look into other self defense styles to see what’s out there.

      Also i don’t want you to think i sound hopeless by saying fighting is out of style but what i see more and more nowadays is gun play instead of fighting.I had a friend who threw hands with another nigga and won and that nigga came back and did him in.Also it brings to mind when 2pac and crew jumped dude at the MGM and hours later he was shot dead.

      But i just wanted to say thanks for taking time to respond to me and i hope you accept my apologies for the previous post and I still think that people are sleeping on you and your talent because i’ve still got your latest release on rotation since it was released.May God bless you and family and keep you out of harms way.Take care

  • Killer Mike

    @Something New

    PS Try the 30/30 the 20 or 12 guage or the AR 15 bushmaster (the domestic m 16). they r far more acccurtet Than the MAK 90 (the domestic Ak)hence will not accidently kill innocent children with stray bullets.

    Now on the real 4 real

    Remember this post was not about jus the physical fight but the mental one u fight with u. whew…i feel like we been fighting real talk doe bro. to many of us with a lotta fear a AK have done more to hurt the hood than help it. an when those AK busting killers get cuaght (check first 48) theu always fold. Always. In prison the gotta go hand to hand any way so again i say Train my brother Train even Dolimate had a decent Punch…..lol

  • Silly Chilly Willy

    When I kicked someone’s ass in school, my mom would be mad at me for allegedly putting her in trouble. And when I got my ass kicked, she’d be mad because I didn’t defend myself. Black mothers, I swear! But the lesson I got from that is: handle yo business your damn self. She ended up putting me in a martial art club.

    I think one of the most interesting form of martial arts, IMHO, is AIKIDO. You don’t really fight. You use your opponent’s energy against him. The harder he hits you, the harder he get his ass handed to him. It’s really about the inner energy and balance. Since I tried it, though I ain’t a big guy, I felt that people weren’t too quick to confront me physically. No mean mugging, just like they could feel something oozing from myself that seems to impose a certain level of respect. Not fear, something else…I swear, no fantasy or anything.

    “A gentleman will walk, but never run” Sting

  • Somethin New

    @Killa Mike
    I will always use an Ak.Also i don’t want to get into too much details but there are ways to get around being caught.The First 48 exposes the sloppy killers who makes alot of mistakes when turning off someones power.
    Thanks for the tips and take care.

  • Apollo

    Thanks for this post Mike!!

    I agree with damn near everything you say, now i’m 15 and people are always talking loud but when it comes down to it theyre cowards but i feel like im the only dude in my area that see’s it, it seems like people respect the wrong shit these days. I’ve been teaching myself martial arts for a few years now, its something i’ve always been into as well as my music and art ( graffiti) it;s helped keep me outta shit, and when i got in shit it’s helped get me out. the biggest fight is truly in the mind, i used to fear these loud talking bitches, but now i know that whatever they dish out they will respect me by the end of the fight whether physical or non- physical.

    btw, i dont think guns are the answer its like in friday ” in a fight, you’s win some and you’d lose some, but you always got to fight again” ( well not everytime) but i think shootings too easy and not respectable, Also fight for a good reason!! this dude sexually harrased my dudes Gf while he was away, i couldnt let that slide, i took care of him, and afterwards i went up to him and had a conversation, he still jumps at the sight of me but the bad bloods gone, cause it’s on the sidewalk hahahaha


  • these posts are racist

    What’s poppin big homey. By the way, I’m “TPAR”, Byron Crawford called me out on the same blog he called you out on for the Pressure video…

    In any event…I feel you and co-sign! I wanted to be Leroy too, hilarious. I remember watching Sunday Kung Fu and then getting f’d up by my older brothers (I’m the youngest of 10 children…6 boys). I was obsessed with Karate, signed up for lessons at age ten and paid for it myself. Then when my pops found out i was spending 50/month…he f’d me up and made me drop out…(my karate lessons did not provide support).

    But there is something about knowing that worse comes to worse, I could either F you up or hold my own…even in a Board meeting or negotiating a multi billion dollar deal.

  • Killer Mike

    God Bless ole Bol i acually think he’s a good read. i’ve tried a couple Time to reach’em but he’s harder to find than a Trap rapper in a public library. We at any rate thank u 4reading and commenting. Cool to meet the other person Mr. Crawford got added to the no fly list with at that Blogger snitchery..lol. Get at me Bol i like ya BLOG nicca.

    • these posts are racist

      Killer Mike,

      I actually met Byron in Chicago a few weeks ago. From my meeting with him I gather he’s far more intelligent and insightful than his shockblogging lets on…plus his opinions on Palestine are on point.

      His views on Islam and black women on the other hand would make him easily mistakable for a card carrying Klansman.

  • Killer Mike

    typo: Well at any rate is what i was saying.

  • Killer Mike

    @ somthinnew

    Its all love bro. Im sorry about yo friend. i understand yo view point totally. Same thing happened to my big homie Spanky. I really appreciate yo spirit and i encourage u to live 4 ya homie and do him proud. he sould be remembered with a soldiers Honor. Peace and thanks 4 supporting the Grind! I apreciate the dialog. “Steel sharpens Steel”. GTRG…BBB

  • FlapJack

    It seems to me like trained fighters sometimes are just looking for an exuse to fuck someone up. like they won’t acually throw the first punch, but if someone does they might end up dead or in a wheelchair.

    With great power comes great responsibility, or whatnot.

    And please remember, if you are professionally trained you are considered a weapon. This one dude I know was attacked, and ended up paralyzing some guy, and since he is a trained boxer he will be doing mad years for it.

    Killer Mike! I want sunday morning massacre back! Real talk. I still bang those. Get on it my dude!

  • fatDAN

    Shit, I’ve had that glow for about 32 years now.
    If you grew up with brothers and sisters, you have a certain training in hand to hand combat that starts at young age. Nothing can better teach the art of beat down than that. Plus, I dig trenches and holes for sprinklers all day. So my forearms are fucking huge. I’ll pop a motherfuckers head open like a goddamn pimple.
    But still, I never go looking for a fight ever. My freedom is worth more to me than anything except family. But, on the other hand, I will drop out of a goddamn tree with a commando knife and gore a motherfucker. “It’s who we are, It’s what we do!”… John Rambo

  • C. Hop

    Muay Thai, BJJ and Wrestling are a good solid base to learn from. Krav Maga is great, but it takes years to be as effective as the Israelis and they use it daily for survival. You always want to avoid fights but if you can control your attacker with grappling you can end it quicker and with less mess.

    • these posts are racist

      fuck the israelis…theyre the most racist apartheid regime in the world.

  • Master CHeef

    big co-sign on dat bruce lee, ali talk. best to know some of it all. box, kick, grapple, holds, popping that canon, all that shit. the best fighters are masters of many different areas and styles. what if floyd possessed the same mastery of boxing, but also was extremely skilled in some wrestling and muay thai, and could shoot?

    mike, if you don’t stay on as a permanent blogger, you definitely gotta stay up in these comments and get down with this whole xxl movement(no homo to xxl movement).

  • Killer Mike

    @ Masta Ceef Im down with the XXL’ers homie! If they ask im here if not i’ll stay commenting and learning from u guys. Now Guy Buy My albums….so i stay relevant…lol. But 4real doe. peace. GTRG…BBB

    • these posts are racist

      Killer Mike,

      Hit me up at tpar.post@gmail.com. I’m a guy who came up from poverty and attended a top five law school and have worked at the largest and most prestigious law firms in the world…I am the bridge homey. I think we can do some things. Get at me.

  • http://www.justice.gov.za GO-Getta’

    It’s been a while since i had a hand 2 hand combat.
    I stay away from people or situations that will get me in trouble,ya dig?
    I don’t wanna lose no tooth 4 usesless things or a dirty hood b**tch,got me?
    I will still let off the trigger if ya tryna do me wrong.

  • giantstepp

    Good drop again Mike!

    I’ve been checking you out musically since you started dropping the blogs and you’ve gained another fan. Your style seems to be what I personally describe as a “gangsta conscience” rapper. Very few dudes can balance this. Teaching lessons, while “keeping it real”! KRS One said that “you must learn”, while letting us know the the nine mili still “goes bang”. Very few teacha’s that have that balance in Hip Hop Mike. Pac, Face, Chuck D, Cube are a few that come to mind, altho there are more no doubt. Most dudes are to “gangsta” and leading youngst’a blindly, or the others are too “conscience” where they only relate to a few. I can see the balance in your Music Killer Mike. When Pac passed a writer from the source or vibe (dont remember which one) said the Pac always gave some “god” with the “gangsta”…perfect balance to reach youngsta’s IMO.

  • Killer Mike

    @ Giantstep Thank u 4 lending me an ear. 1st rule of KM fandom is i have no fans only Supporters. Fans Turn off when u get cold supporters r 4ever. ie, The Fushnikins had fans the Wu Tang Clan has suppoters(OB4CL II Classcic!)

    Peace homie hope u stay supporting.!

    Thank u 4 your support. GTRB…BBB

    • giantstepp

      I stand corrected Mike and that makes sense. Either way, I wish you the best.!

  • balaramesh

    @ killer mike,

    yet another good post.