“Put Me Up on that New New!”

Yo yo yo, I’m bored. I ain’t been put onto anything new in a while. I’m listening to all the same music the rest of Best Buy shoppers are (pick up that Underground Atlanta by the way). I’m watching the same movies (black women will drag yo ass to any Tyler Perry flick). I’m going to the same places: Museum, Borders Books, weed man, strip club, rapper clubs and I’m bored. I need ya’ll to put me onto some New New. Whatever hobby, music, place to travel or just a new way of doing something I want you to share on this post.

As I’m writing this, I’m surfing the web and looking for a speed boat to rent at Lake Lanier or a house boat for fishing. I’m just bored and sick of the city. The country boy in me is calling. So this weekend I’ma go fishing. I got shows at the ADIDAS store and I open for Slaughterhouse but by the time I get off stage, I’m headed to West Point, Sweet Water Creek or Lake Lanier to fish. Even though I grew up fishing it’s been so long it’s gonna feel new again. RIP to Grand Pa. Thanks 4 the memories Pappa.

So that’s it homies ya’ll got homework. Put Mike Bigga onto some new sh*t and I’m0a check it out and blog about it. I encourage all ya’ll who’ve never fished to give it a try. Take ya son or nephew and do some New New sh*t. Talk to ya’ll Monday. Hopefully I will have a “fish story” to talk about! Enjoy the weekend and please post up those New New suggestions. Please note going to Hypebeast and telling me what the hundreds are releasing this spring does not count! Lol. Ok now send me those ideas and suggestions.

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  • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77

    alright mike, i have some travel suggestions. since youre in georgia, i suggest you take a brief trip down to the panhandle of florida and stay in destin. it is located in between panama city beach and pensacola, has white sand and clear water (and surely good fishing).

    if traveling abroad, you MUST go to cinqueterra, italy. cinqueterra means five lands; five towns, running along the coast, all connected by vineyards and rocky, craggy cliffs. you can walk a trail through vineyards and watch the ocean below you for all five towns. now, its wonderful to stay in any town in cinqueterra, but the most spectacular and most chill is vernazza. and vernazza is where hemingway used to kick it in italy and write in a cafe called the blue marlin.

    good luck.

  • fatDAN

    How about a good old mescaline trip? That will take up a good chunk of time.

  • http://www.myspace.com/atlatino El Tico Loco

    Pick up a creative loafing see what they got. Honestly is the same ol, not that is bad but you’re right time to think outside the box. Maybe I’ll have Sportsline – Red Train night. Yeah right!!

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    That fishing time will ease the mind. Real talk.

    Snatch up that XV mixtape online. Shorty from Kansas has some good, refreshing music.

    While @ adidas refresh your shell-toes. They’re making a comeback. Might as well cop a whole suit while you’re at it.

    Got one of your homies on the mind? Let them roll with you this weekend. You can vibe off of each other & it will help you both to stay grounded.

    I’m reading Zecharia Sitchin’s “The Lost Realms”. Good insight on the history of South America & Mexico(2012).

    Be blessed & stay safe.

  • scoobsnax

    So I have a few hobbies none of my friends are into, cuz it’s “White People Shit.” But try paintballing. It’s fun as hell, and can get you thru about a whole day before you know it.

    And in wintertime, I snowboard. No joke, I’m the only nigga on the snow, but that’s one of my favorite things to do (when I can afford it).

    • giantstepp

      Ayo scoobsnax, me and baby moms use to go on ski trips back in the day. The homies thought I was crazy but I thank her for introducing me to that.

      Mike Bigga, Im in DC so when I need a change of pace I hit the road to NC to visit fam that I dont see enough. We cookout, thro some drink back, and generally reminise (<spelling) about the family history etc. That usually re-up my spirit to get back on the daily grind. So my suggesstion is to visit some family/friends that you dont see enough and just enjoy that company.

  • Casey

    Peep the new MOP album

  • dex

    yo….listen to some Max B…start with “The Greatest” that nigga is a tru artist

  • Kornphlake

    Geocaching, disc golf, croquet, beer pong, football games. You could go learn to fly, it’s not like you don’t have the time and money. Or maybe go parachuting. Buy a small island or deserted oil rig and start your own country. Then you can give yourself any title you want, sir, king, president, whatever. Go to a rock concert and watch a bunch of white people “mosh”. Or maybe you could spend your time and resources making the world a better place.

  • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

    I don’t really have any suggestions since I don’t really have much of a life myself (school and working full time is a bitch!). You could go to one of those mom-and-pop record stores and find some ol school hip hop…or just find a new artist to listen to while your at it. You might be surprised with what you listen to.

  • Brahsef

    Buy some dank golf clubs and go golf the robert jones trail. A tour of 11 beautiful ass golf courses in your neighboring Alabama. Supposed to be the shit.

  • Caino

    Shit, if its travel then, Vietnam is awesome, Nha Trang has a great beach, whereas Hanoi is quite frenchy and Saigon is mental.

    Or go nuts in Amsterdam, legal to smoke tha herb and you try weed from all over tha world.And then well the night life is awesome!

    Or you can come to my neck of the woods, Glasgow, Scotland where you can get watch stupid 18 yr olds drink way to much, fight then be sick on the street…….(good times)

    • chillin mayne

      AY MATE!!…ya frae glasgow??..my pops is scottish(moms dominican) and i stayed in glasgow for bout 4 years….. regardless, mike, go to church(seventh day adventist(my personal recommendation, nobody get offended please)), read the bible, find out about the REAL truth, about God, its amazing..

  • Caino

    or Mario Kart on line for the Wii, nuthing better than blowing up some Japannese super player with a blue shell, then taking 1st place. Muahahahahha

  • http://myspace.com/BluBlack BLUBLACK

    Well this is that new shit am putting you on,
    an up incoming New Artist that has the what it takes to Bring you real HipHop coming out of
    the home of HIPHOP, New York City , THE BRONX.
    HIS Name, BluBlack, his mixture of Spirtally,
    LYRICAL,Street,Sexy way with words, come across, bold new and fresh. Killer concepts, sick hooks, is the foundation of these new wave of hot artist coming to bring respect back io its home.
    Check him out on MYSPACE.COM/BluBlack

  • capcobra

    get a chick to put e in her butt..that’s the new shit.

    • http://jango.com/blublack blublack


      • capcobra

        how is it homo when i said a chick?..and how was i hating?..what i wrote was on some lil boosie/wshh shit..but maybe you ain’t know..next time think before you type..plus your response remind of nas..”yesterday you begged for a deal and today you tuff guys”…you the man…promote and network.

        • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77

          also, blublack, your name is already being used. and he’s dope too. check out asheru and blue black. they used to be part of seven heads with j-live. not sure whats up these days with the whole seven heads crew, but they put out some nice records about five years ago, including one by el da sensai.

  • king blair

    come to DC and kick it wit ya boy I got the Madden 10, beer, mad strippers and clubs in the area. And make some music at my cuz studio where we do that go-go shit

    • http://jango.com/blublack BLUBLACK

      yo thats whats up, that gogo music is still
      hot,am on crutches till nov, after that its all good, keep in touch, BluBlack

      • king blair

        Fa sho

  • Sleepy Wonder

    Take Yo Ass To The Beach, That’s What I Did ALL Summer.


    i could think of alot movies for you to check out if you have not seen them. i really fuck with movies mike they are mostly volent ones but have good stories. i will throw out alot most i think you have not seen.
    revolver, bankjob, mystic river, green street hooligans(the only movie other than sin city i like elijah wood in). wasabi (overseas movie funny as hell has jean reno in it). the crimson rivers ( another overseas movie with jean reno joint is good). shaun of the dead and hot fuzz (watch them back to back). crash, american history x (ed norton was the man in that movie) 25th hour. equilibrium, man on fire, 28days later, hunted, collateral. death to smoochy (ed norton in this one again the movie is kinda strange but good). snatch, run lola run (overseas movie)office space. spiritual kung fu (old school jackie chan movie). high tension, matchstick men, lord of war. lord of war is good because the story is true and shows how fucked up the goverment is.

    running scared, pan’s labyrinth (it’s in spanish subbed in english a good movie). superbad, eastern promises, enemy at the gates, L4yer cake, burn before reading. taken, traitor and momento ( a crazy ass movie. i could do this all day. i left out the usual movies hit me back with some you think i should watch. most likely i have seen it already

    • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77

      nice selections man. heres some others:

      -observe and report. the trailers make it look all goofy, but its actually funny, sharp, and really disturbing. think “taxi driver” meets “mallrats”.

      - let the right one in. best vampire film made in the last twenty years, easily.

      - vicky christina barcelona. woody allen writes, and stars scarlet johanssen and penelope cruz. nuff said.

  • Jake Steed

    Music – J.Cole – The Warm-Up Mixtape

    Place – Iguazu Falls – Argentina & Brazil

    Hobby – Golf – smooth & relaxing

    Entertainment – English Premier League Soccer (Arsenal)

    TV – Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia & Curb Your Enthusiasm

  • Brooklyn

    for travel, the top 3 is definately trinidad, the dominican republic, and brazil, all three places got some bad ass broads man, and they come in all different flavors, from them india arie looking bitches to them kim kardashian looking ones. musically, i’m tapping into the old old school, like motown, aretha, wilson pickett, sam cooke, jimi hendrix and those folks that my grandparents used to get down to. most of my recent reading has been school related, but if you’re into history, “from columbus to castro: the history of the caribbean 1492-1969″ is a good book, i had to read that shit for my caribbean history class, and that percieval everett book “erasure” was good too, i had to read that for my english class.

    • chillin mayne

      good looks, and all truth, dominican republic is THE spot, ete dominicano is biased though…yo, the caribbean got a LOT of history…how deep does that book go into the Trujillo rule and his assassination though??.. u should check out “the feast of the goat” by mario vargas llosa…its fictional but based on real dates/events/people…just adds some imagination AND its a great book…you might should check it out to@ Mike Bigga…it got a lil twist, and da way the book is laid out is actually quite original

      • Brooklyn

        yeah, it touches on trujillo and it also talks about cuba and castro too. i think it also talked about the parsley massacre, but i don’t remember if i read it there or if i read it somewhere else. caribbean history is mad deep and it’s interesting as hell too. also @ mike bigga, “manchild in the promise land” by claude brown is also a good book if you haven’t read it, and “down these mean streets” by piri thomas is too.

  • Apollo

    Yo Mike, If you wanna travel the best place to go is LEBANON, my background is lebanese and it is honestly one of the most beautiful places in the world, it has an amazing blend of great night life in the city, and the most amazing natural wonders in the world. also, come down to halifax, nova scotia next summer and do a few shows!! as well theirs great fishing down here!! as for musici;ve been listening to rappers around the world, im getting into dizee rascal, he’s british, search up the track ” just a rascal”, also me and my crew/fam are putting together a hot mixtape you oughta look out for it

    Hopefully my suggestions help out
    Peace– Apollo

    P.s Learn about some different cultures and such, Try meditation and make a collection of some sort that way youre always on the look for something new!!

  • Apollo

    And check out these movies:

    The Warriors

    Kill Bill vol 1 and 2

    City Of god ( amazing foreign film)

    He got game

    Blood and Bone

    Afro Samurai ( A tv show)

    Saw 1 2 3 4 and 5

    Che ( film about Che guevarra the cuban revolutionary)

  • http://www.smokingsection.net Gotty™

    Shafiq Husayn – En’ A Free Ka

    ^ on repeat while you kick up your feet fam.

  • Technique

    Hey Big Mike what up!? Playa I been reading your shit since u been posting and i just wanna say…. you the mutha fuckin maaan!

    Anyway man I’m sure you know who tech n9ne is, but if u haven’t heard too much, play any record dude has. you’re sure to find somethin you like.


    Do like me, take it to the Ice! I put on my Hockey Pads, Helmet, Bladez, and Hit da Puck! its like Football on Ice! pure fun, pure Energy!


    As for Music, get ya some Cobrastarship, and that Ghostface New selection, oh don’t forget Melanie Fiona, while you at it, Get that Fall Out Boy! One more, Pink.

  • harmen

    yo mike u need to hit that vaporiser!! its the purest way of extracting thc from marijuana, it’ll run u bout 700 but TRUST me, it’s intense shit

  • http://blaquekatinc.com Xlrg

    Mike on the movie tip check out Brick, the dialogue is crazy

    do some things with ya family

    go on ebay and just bid on stuff u used to like as a kid

    music wise listen to BOSS ( the female that was on def jam)
    organized konfusions Equinox
    google Who is Chris Flake
    and check out blaquekatinc.com

  • 11KAP

    study the mystics.

  • dj2morrow

    This has to be the most diverse group of comments ive ever seen online. I dont know if your into it but video games are a fun easy way to pass time and you can do it even when your on tour. You can play with your friends or just by urself and there are always a shitload of good games out there.

    Also how you seem like a smart dude maybe you could take some online classes for a college or whatever you like to do. It definitely would be a good feeling to put in the time and get that degree when your done.

    I would also try visiting places that not everyone goes to just to see what its like. Places like Venezuela, Portugal, Czech Republic, Philippines, Argentina, Trinidad, Panama, Virgin Islands, etc. Your going to find hot girls wherever you go and itll be a different flavor of women. I would just check to see if people know how to speak English there as well as how they react to Americans. Also what type of illness people might get how traveling to different places can get you sick.

    I think trying to find new hobbies is good too. You could learn a different language, how to cook certain types of food, you rap so maybe you might like reading old poetry, and maybe study acting because that might be another thing you could pursue.

    Music wise I like Cory Gunz because lyrically hes on another planet. I co-sign XV because hes been under the radar but hes sick. I would check out Freeway, Jakk Frost, and Hollywood Playboi. Their all Philly artists that are cool with each other and should be on Free Money the label Freeway is gettin on Cash Money. Id also check out Houston and the history of hip hop they have. I think your probably familiar with Atlanta but Houston also has a really long History and its a mix of different artists.

  • jojo

    - Stop shopping at Borders and start going to used bookstores, especially those that are renowned for large collections. I recently found “Six Essays on Military Affairs” by Mao, as well as a book on Economic Development in South India. This is stuff that you would not find on shelves at Barnes and Nobles, and it’s much cheaper.

    - Make a documentary. I’ve seen many of your interviews and you discuss many poignant topics. There are many films that have been made that lack the hip-hop perspective. Maybe a movie about the relationship between religion and the Republican Party. Maybe a movie on Non-Black commercial enterprises in impoverished areas (Starbucks, Asian/South Asian/Middle Eastern/Jewish cornerstores, liquor/gun stores, cheque cashing spots, the abundance of easily-attainable cheap but unhealthy food).

    - Watch “The Cove”. It is about Dolphin fishing in Japan and the deformities that are arising as a result to the Japanese children. Profound and provocative stuff.

  • http://www.divehiflylo.com PARIS PERSHUN


    A.Dd+ …. http://www.divehiflylo.com …OR CLICK MY NAME

  • Domjel

    Hey Bigga,

    if you never listened to Dear Science by TV on the Radio, or Santigold, or Radiohead give’em a try. Books, The Power Now and Celestine Prophecy.

  • AvengerXL

    Check out Robert Frank “The Americans” this is a incredible photo collection by a master photographer who saw the rich as gargoyles and the american common man as holy. He is one of the pillars of the bohemian movement.

    Check out Bayou by Chris Love it can be found on the online comic book reader Zuda. It is incredible southern mythology based in it’s cruel history.

    How about you use your muscle to cultivate some real R&B and sign it to your label because the queit storm is dead and now we are left with these rap singers.

  • chillin mayne

    u should check out myspace.com/dominoflowconnection and watch out for the dudes wordplay

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