Worst We Ever Had?

I am just one of a great multitude of writers to have had a locker in the hallowed halls of XXL. Some of us have been great. Some of us started out great and fell the fuck off. Others have always been the weak sauce. I won’t name any names. Until recently, I could at least say we’ve all tried.

[Blogger’s Note: Some of this man and lady boy who make a bloggings, my people go crazy for. Others... not so much.]

I am a huge proponent of the guest blogger program. Whether it’s an artist or one of our loyal readers doing the blogging, I love it when people contribute thought-provoking shit to this site. This includes blog comments, which sometimes are the best part.

The Guest List sank to an all-time low this week when Shakur—a model-slash-rapper-slash-child genius who miraculously can no longer spell or write for shit—took hold of the reigns. Ironically enough, she immediately followed Skyzoo, who had just taken the section to new heights.

I can’t even count Shakur’s points of disrespect to the site, to hip-hop, to blogging as an institution and to our readers. In fact, all I can think of is how much she makes me miss Tupac.

Her first lazy-ass offering entitled “Meet Shakur” gives all of us “nobodies” a little background on who she is. She’s the upcoming XXL’s Eye Candy “as well as an upcoming artist”, whatever that means. In a couple more paragraphs of nothingness, she also informs us that she graduated high school at age 15 and was awarded a “full ride academic scholarship” to an unnamed university—I’m guessing University of Ummmmm, Let Me Leave This Shit Blank–which she attended for an undisclosed period of time to become a “Neurologist”, which she has the audacity to define as a brain surgeon.

[Blogger’s Note: A neurologist is not a brain surgeon. But the comments make all the jokes that need made about that one. She immediately made me think of that Al-Shid song, “Fight Club”. Check that shit out if you’ve never heard it.]

Doogie [Video] Hoser obviously catches feelings in her second post about absolutely nothing but herself entitled “U Don’t Know Me”, AKA the realest shit she ever wrote. I should clarify. I mean the title, not the entry. That shit reads like a booty magazine pullout. Despite breaking some kind of record for use of the word “I”, readers still know nothing about her except that her “passion [is] still in entertainment and being in front of a camera.”

That’s cool or whatever. There’s not too much wrong with being a video girl who wants to rap and be seen. But that shit doesn’t make you a writer. It also doesn’t legitimize one as a blogger for a hip-hop website.

Put a pin in that one. We’ll come back to it.

“Nada Hoe”, Shakur’s third display of lethargy, should have just been posted to the bangers section. Instead she makes the tragic mistake of directly belittling the XXL readers she once thought she could convert into fans. The “nobodies” who only demand what we at XXL claim to provide—that being something about hip-hop on a pedestal or some shit. I forgot. They told me at orientation—respond adversely to disrespect and being treated like Twitter pr0n bot followees. It also doesn’t hurt that the song blows, as expected.

I guess the scrutiny of her nonexistent music catalog that has healed people like Michael Jackson’s affords Shakur the ability to relate to Kanye West. I bet this delusional young woman thinks she can still make fans here.

“I like going against the trend and launching new futuristic sounds that are for the world, not just domestic for the United States. U have to think outside the box when it comes to the music game. My sound is a combination of urban/pop/euro. I can’t say that I sound like anyone because I’ve created my own lane.”

–Shakur, Nada Hoe blog

That’s why the song sounds like every other miserable Top 40 attempt and is produced by Top 40 producer du jour. Way to break ground with that never before heard “urban/pop/euro” shit! Also, way to play the genre slot machine and come up with a musical identity. Too bad none of them shits landed on “hip-hop” before coming to XXL.

[Blogger’s Note: Someone who has already been subjected to the auditorture, please point out something “real” that a real nigga might recognize from “Nada Hoe”.]

In Tyler Perry’s “Why I Fell In Love With Hip-Hop”, Shakur starts out with some shit Encarta might have told you about hip-hop. After informing us that hip-hop is both a culture and a movement, she sandwiches an attempt at personalizing her hip-hop experience with the most honest sentence she’s written to date.

“Hip-Hop is a brand engine and a commodity.”

-Shakur, Why I Fell In Love With Hip-Hop

Fortunately for us, people who look at hip-hop through this lens are transparent enough to get the Showtime at the Apollo treatment when “real” niggas squint their eyes looking for something they might possibly recognize.

Shakur… are you there? I… I can’t see you!

There’s some self-promotion involved in being a recording artist and featured writer. I’m not going to sit here and pretend like there’s not. But there must be some quality content to accompany the banner. Nipsey Hussle and Skyzoo used blogging as a brand engine by using the Guest List blog for its intended purpose. Sure, they got their plugs off, but they also provided some pertinent insight along the way. Dare I say they did more of the latter than the former. Unless some hip-hop and literary miracle takes place tomorrow, Shakur’s epic fail week will exemplify everything that’s wrong with hip-hop, journalism and their oft-unfortunate combination. If the only thing you want to do is plug your bullshit, take out an ad like Really Doe and Whyte Out.

I hear he’s the new face of hip-hop.

Aspiring rapsters, take note. Save everything you’ve watched Shakur do this week for your social networking interface spam. Then… don’t even do that.

Some of you niggas must condone this shit in the outside hopes that you’d get a chance to throw on your Foot Locker uniform and make something whistle. If this guest blogger looked like Bahama—ummm, Miss Celie—and wasn’t doing all that delicious stretching and jiggling, you wouldn’t have even given this writer the time of day.

To the niggas defending Shakur by playing the quasi-feminism angle to look cool, I say this: We’ve needed female presence on this shit since forever. But that doesn’t mean we should settle for the first mawfucka who fills out an application. Martin Lawrence could have run for president. I wouldn’t have voted for the nigga. I wouldn’t vote for just any nigga. I’d have to vote for THAT nigga. Accepting Shakur’s work—if you want to call it that—just because she’s a woman is an affront to feminism. There are qualified women out there. Fucking with blogs like hers, you’ll never find them.

Some simple-ass readers consider all criticism and discontent to be “hating”, and “stopping someone’s grind”. As a blogger, the grind is to write. This is what keeps our lights on and shit. You won’t see my nigga Dallas Penn doing a sexy stretch in the new Young Money video—I hope. That’s Shakur’s grind. None of us want to fuck that up, right? So, in turn, we need to keep terrible, thoughtless writers out of our blogs.

If you are a terrible thoughtless writer who happens to fall down the XXL rabbit hole and meet stern opposition, you need to take that D. Take that D like the champion that you are. It doesn’t matter if the only thing you cared to learn about blogging beforehand was stretching your fingers. One more thing: You’re very likely surrounded by great players. Don’t go into the game looking at them as nobodies.

If you’re lucky, you just might come out of this experience having hit the Jackpot. I’m sayin.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Feeling limber yet? ron@ronmexicocity.com

P.S.: This is not how you want to be “seen”.

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  • RaWshad

    It’s be slow news today in Hip Hop. I mean there’s rumors that Beanie Sigel might diss Game, but you wrote about a guest blogger?

    I mean, Shakur had a bad start, but she took it up a notch with her latest post. But, you over here dissing her with an essay.

    If she got you that tight to wright a novel like that, then IDK what to tell you.

    You mad?

    • niggaplease

      I like how ever dumb nigga on the internet resorts to “You mad?” and “wright a novel” when they have nothing to contribute and seem to lack the comprehension skills to understand that when you want to make a good point sometimes a nigga doesn’t resort to limiting himself to twitter-character tules.

      Also, if you’re gonna throw stones, one have an opinion, two don’t defend shitty quality product and three, learn to fucking spell.

      LOL@ your life and cognition.

      • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy


        • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

          Co-sign Too: The sequel

  • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

    Excellent work!

    You managed to take what we have all been saying (and feeling) all week, put it on paper and ether her in the process.

    Shakur is lame. [RIP 2Pac]

    One of your best drops yet.

    • yoprince

      you get props for referencing Encarta alone… that shit made me spit up my coffee..

  • Around and Around

    Complete agreement, her drops have been simple/lame/insulting and very self serving.

    Basically the by product of a dime that’s had lap dogs at her ankles all her life…

    • Around and Around

      Oh ya those lap dogs even came to her defense yesterday…

      I ain’t sayin I’m sayin

  • http://nerditry.com nerditry

    I’d call ether, but her work already put me to sleep.

    • BIGNAT

      “That shit reads like a booty magazine pullout. Despite breaking some kind of record for use of the word “I”

  • Chase


  • OG Matt Herbz

    That’s what’s up, Ron. I knew I wasn’t the only one feeling that way about ol’ girl:

    She ain’t the one.


    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • Enlightened

    As Rawshad said – damn a whole essay?

    I feel you. You wasn’t really lying. But you did kind of go extra hard on the broad considering everything she took from the readers already.

    You should have trimmed that shit down a few hundred words my nigga. It made it seem a little extra. Like it’s a littler personal for you…

    but then again you are a blogger, so somebody fuckin up at that job should be personal to you, I guess

    • Cam Jones

      There was a line cut from Pulp Fiction where in the back of the cub the girl asks Bruce Willis “Did he have to kill the guy in the ring with him”. Bruce Willis responded with “A true fighter knows the risks of getting in the ring and if he doesn’t then he deserves what he gets for fucking with my sport”. She knew the job was dangerous when she took it. Should have stuck to taking that D and working on the D.

  • Nessia

    As a female I’d have to agree. If she could rap, I’d be more inclined to to support her, but she can’t. It’s just the facts. It’s cool that she wants to be in the entertainment business but right now, the only thing she appears to be good at is looking good in a skimpy uniform.

  • P. Harris

    Dayum… she’s been ripped all week long!!! LOL… this is the funniest shit ever….

    Again as others have said…. Call a spade, a spade…

  • Brown Suga

    Hey Ron I agree with everything you said. I have to speak on this cause as a woman of color we have to work VERY hard to get to wherever we want to go. We as women in the enterslavement industry are looked at first as an sex object and then when they see we are not dumb then we are heard. After Shakur’s first drop I was like whatever, I will give the first a pass. I wanted to hear who she was influenced by, maybe she could have put me on to someone. Maybe the next time she could touch on how to get into this business without having to model. She half assed the second drop, it was all over the place, so now when we do get another female guest blogger some wont even attempt to read it even though most of us are not all about “I”

    • http://www.bboycult.com www.bboycult.com

      i like you. (-<)

      • http://www.bboycult.com www.bboycult.com

        would love for you to put this into form and guest blog on my site. “enterslavement industry” is rich.

        • http://www.sylermusic.com Syler

          yo b-boy, you get my email?

  • Escobar9300

    hahaha Oh man Ronnie is cold blooded on this one. I completley co-sign this blog. That broad has been dropping consistent hot garbage, glad somebody is starting to notice. I’m here to read about hip-hop, not the long winded rhetoric of some sticky video bimbo. Keep dropping that fire Ronnie

  • render

    “Hip-Hop is a brand engine and a commodity.”

    Just read that shit now and had to do a double take.

    I was tolerating before because she damn sure aint the first rapper to be self centered and shamelessly promotional but to write that shit in a blog about why she loves hiphop is unforgivable

    Im not about to write paragraphs of hate mail in her comments…that shit is still a weak look in my book…. but that line is the epitome of why the game is all fucked the fuck up

    • Oz

      I agree. The game has come to something sad.

      She came with a worthwile topic on her last drop and even though her writing is very poor she managed to spark a discussion and recollect how we came to love hiphop (I wanna know who is giving her tips? Bol?)

      But really though, when ‘upcoming’ artists profess about how they wanna use hip-hop as a commodity or whatever through their tiring pop/euro/dogshit music and try to sell it across like that I feel really insulted.

      Like how the fuck someone gonna come on here, on a fuckin HIPHOP site and address their audience as if their writing for a bunch of 12 year old groupies. She has it in her head that the game is that dumbed down that we will not recognize the BS. Mexico hit the nail on the head with this one..

      XXL should have better standards. HipHop is dead because of tools like her.

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/EmCDL EmCDL

    Damn Ron you got into that! Fuuny ass drop! LMAO!

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Thank you!

  • Bobo D

    “If the only thing you want to do is plug your bullshit, take out an ad like Really Doe and Whyte Out.
    I hear he’s the new face of hip-hop”
    This shit right here had me choking on my own spit.

    I didn’t even bother looking at her blog today. XXL should have disclaimer stating “XXL and Harris Publications will not refund the reader time or megabytes the reader spent reading a blog (no matter how bullshitty it is).”

  • http://www.myspace.com/atlatino404 El Tico Loco

    I knew you was gonna do it Ron. Like the Apollo the audience spoke and the Sandman showed up.

    • http://www.myspace.com/atlatino404 El Tico Loco

      By the way I thought I was the only nigga up that Old Maid Billionaire shit. Ya’ll need to get familiar.

  • The Southern Comfort

    Nice Ron, everyone (bar the lapdogs) have been going hard at this wench all week but i’m glad you chimed in as well – gloves off and all. And it’s true, she’s yet to say anything of substance, she’s got delusions of grandeur and show’s a worrying lack of respect and knowledge for and of hip-hop.
    the scary thing is there’s more discussion in her posts than anywhere so she’s getting her exposure (maybe not the kind she’d like but as they say, no such thing as bad publicity) and maybe xxl are happy with it too.
    exactly what’s wrong with hip-hop – dumbed down for the masses.

  • Silly Willy

    Wow !!!!

    “To the niggas defending Shakur by playing the quasi-feminism angle to look cool, I say this: We’ve needed female presence on this shit since forever. But that doesn’t mean we should settle for the first mawfucka who fills out an application. Martin Lawrence could have run for president. I wouldn’t have voted for the nigga. I wouldn’t vote for just any nigga. I’d have to vote for THAT nigga. Accepting Shakur’s work—if you want to call it that—just because she’s a woman is an affront to feminism. There are qualified women out there. Fucking with blogs like hers, you’ll never find them.”
    THE REALEST SHIT I EVER READ THIS WEEK !!!!Spoken like a true prodigy!

    I gave her a pass first, hoping she could get better, it didn’t. She made an honest attempt on today’s drop though. Can’t be mad at that. But I won’t get my hopes up for tomorrow…..

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

    It’s mathematically impossible to argue with logic, Mex. Good shit. Nothing left to say that hasn’t already been said.

    Oh yeah, you could have really ether’d her. Kudos on the diplomacy.

  • claw

    I was just straight skippin over her joints, now i have to go get my laugh on. thx

  • http://www.myspace.com/opalellyse Opal Ellyse

    I love YOU!!! ha lmyao:) You killed it with that “Take that D” reference, ha. . . I’m really leaving a comment cuz I loved how you siad that you guys have “needed a female presence on this shit since forever”. . .that was tight, and so true. The lack of females in mainstream or even sidesteam hip hop is herendous. The fact that every other video girl “thinks she can rap” as soon as folks get tired of looking at her in the umpteenth video lets you know that the game is lacking big time. I rap myself, but even as a female listener I want to hear our side of the story represented. . .but everytime I check out a new female “signee” or close to being signee about 30 sec into their song I realize they suck! There are plenty unsigned female MCs but you have to sort through hundreds of myspace pages to find them. . .the record lables are looking for the next Trina when that ain’t even the future. It’s like you gotta choose if you want to listen to a video vixen who aint teachin shh or a dyke who goes a lil too far to the left for my tastes:) No offence to anyone but, when I was growing up I had Kim n Foxy but I also had Eve puttin down that real life relationship shh teaching life lessons. . . I could quote Queen Latifa n Salt n Peppa songs that were so strong when it came to being a woman. . . those were classics. . I still know all the words n I was a kid then. . .who do these girls have now? No freakin body. . Niki Minaj? Her fuckin name is tellin these lil girls to bring a friend along when they give up their verginity waaaay too young. Who’s gonna tell our girls it’s ok to say she “Don’t Want Dick Tonight”, “Love Is Blind”, or that “Everything is Everything”. . . .naw if a girl like’s hip hop now all she’s gona hear is “You Suckin or Not” and let your man do him cuz they all just wana “Fuck Every Girl” any damn way. Now I’m not hating on anyone becuase I own every song I just named and I like them all but if hip hopers can’t see the ploy in what is being done by eliminating women in hip hop then we got a major problem. Black women are getting advanced degrees at a rate higher then ever before, yet we can’t go to Best Buy and purchase an album with a woman spittin any of that intellegence. . .maybe you can get lucky and find an L-Boogie album but not always. . .and they have none of the old shh. . .that to me is scary. Dang didn’t mean to vent like that but ya got me goin. . .it’s a shame hip hop blogs are the only place you can find the issues that should be being discussed in the hip hop music:)

    • http://www.bboycult.com www.bboycult.com

      i like you too! (-<)

      if u can organize this rant, i’d love for you to guest blog on my site. it’s all about real shit like this.


  • Giantstepp

    My goodness! Shots FIRED from Ron Mexico! You niggas better duck down ASAP. Ok, it’s true that I didnt read a single drop by the ole girl, but I didnt have to because Ron Mex has summed it all up for me. And we all trust Ron Mex, right?…. officially ETHERED!

    Shakur blogging career, RIP!

  • Fly

    Only in hip-hop will you get hated on for writing an ‘essay’, instead of “Dat Biatch iz frontin’ like shez sumthin, but dat ho[e] iz a str8 up Officer Ricky”. Writing a few paragraphs, and you know, actually backing up your criticism is shitted on, but its ok to say shit like “Weezy f Baby is da BEST!!!!!!” Fuck this generation.

  • Sleepy Wonder

    I Saw TPAR And Detroit P Walking Out Of A Motel 6 Last Night Together… Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That.

  • Pana

    Oh shit! Lol! I’m just glad for the comments that came about because of her topic. But the blog it’s self was meh. No hate tho. Whatever.

  • Jamaican Fan

    Mex, what is the criteria for guest bloggers here? It’s not an exaggeration when I say she’s the worst I’ve ever read. Your boss shouldn’t let it happen again

  • these posts are racist


    Why such harsh anger towards her though? Why not be upset with those who made the call to let her have the same platform that you use each day to make us laugh/think and do so very well?

    I mean, can you fault her for trying to make it? Can you fault her for not being an “intellectual” or a person who can discuss Hip Hop as deeply (and as you define deeply) as you can? I’m a little shocked that you dedicated a post dissing her. The post should have been dedicated to those who let her have a guest post, not her – all she’s doing is trying to make it…

    And for those who label me/others as “lapdogs” or whatever or even dismiss me as just trying to be a fake feminist promoter…isn’t this the same dismissive language as me calling you a hater or Shakur calling you a nobody?

    I don’t think she’s a great writer and i definitly wouldnt read her blogs on a daily…since I don’t find their content appealing…but i don’t think she deserves to be called a hoe or a bitch or completely degraded as many have done in the comment section.

    And Ron, i think your beef is with XXL Mag not Shakur.

    • chitchat

      I also blame XXLMAG for her non-blog. And for the length of this essay you would think RM would at least touch upon the fact that somebody (prob his own boss!) greenlight-ed that BS. Maybe it WAS his boss and thats why he’s eerily silent on the matter. Shakur thinking she could submit poorly written blogs to a hiphop site and win fans is symptomatic of a much bigger problem in pop culture (and beyond)…one that’s an even bigger affront to feminism/gender equity/any semblance of meritocracy.

      I agree Mr. Mexico seems extra “mad”.

  • geico lizard

    It took buffalo balls to speak out about your own site, Ron. Keep doing what you want and not giving into peer pressure.

    No fishsticks@buffalo balls

  • http://happynappyhead.com Seattle Slim Is A Girl Too

    LOL Glad I didn’t read the broad’s blog then. I saw the header and that was all I needed to know.

    Girl, bye…

  • Shawty J

    Good drop, Ron!

    I didn’t know what XXL was thinking when they had her do a guest blog. If no one else was avialable they should’ve skipped the guest blogging this week.

  • capcobra


  • http://www.justice.gov.za GO-Getta’

    Nada hoe..is that even supposed 2 b’on XXL bangers section?

  • http://www.bboycult.com www.bboycult.com

    i always like reading your shit. you’re like the George Carlin of this site. you’re funny, but in a real as shit sort of way. and this was real as shit.

    it’s what i’ve been leavin as my comments all week. lettin dudes know, dont get gassed by the pretty face. beauty is blinding if you’re not used to that light. but once your eyes adjust, its just another flower in the landscape. strait up.

    substance is the lacking element in so much of what goes on now a days. its an elusive ingredient, to explain and attain, but there it is. but me personally, i just can’t accept alot of this shit from dudes and females and hear them blame it on their youth. like lil fuck up, Soldier Boy, tryin to explain his lackings on his age. sorry, but Special Ed wrote a bonafide CLASSIC when he WAS A YEAR YOUNGER than lil fuck up. now he’s the same age Big Daddy Kane when he wrote RAW. how the fuck did shit REGRESS?

    i wrote a drop on my site about the role of responsible editorial. check it when you can, in between drawing targets on these muthafuckas. i’m sure you’ll agree with my point. if not, i’d love to hear that too. cause i come from a time when you got called wack, you did what you could to get better. not get gay and say “you’re jealous of me!” like most of these dudes do. like homegirl did.

    if she got management, they need a target drawn on them too, my nigga. cause how irresponsible was it of them to let their client KEEP gettin TRASHED. no strategy, obviously no research, only an agenda. one that could’ve been reached like Whyte Out. (He’s no Milkbone, i’ll tell you that… ) poor execution on both ends. they left her like it was her day job… ass out.

    actually, she can always go back to that. cause there,
    without a shadow of a doubt,
    she can always proudly stick her chest out.

    now air out…

  • these posts are racist

    I have to step back and be completely real for a minute. i re-read her posts and re-read this one and have to change my position.

    I think i let ego get the best of me and it blinded my true sense of honest analysis. I saw a couple of cats straight dogging Shakur using unnecessary and disrespectful insults and took a position that i honestly don’t believe in…but once i was in the heat of the battle i kept going, even to the point of posting the above comment which is does not reflect an honest analysis.

    This Hip Hop thing is serious. This blogging thing is serious. And for any honest thinking person, she is taking neither seriously and has attempted to use weak rhetoric which is meant to appeal to certain emotions so that she can use Hip Hop as a commodity. This is all fine and do you…but it is an insult to the cats who take this blogging thing seriously, eat off of and challenge/entertain all of us to the fullest.

    My apologies to all for taking a position I did not truly believe in because I let my ego get in the way.

    Co-Sign Ron Mexico to the fullest.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

      ^^^Realest shit I’ve read all week. Respect earned.

    • The Southern Comfort

      Yeah man, respect for owning up to being out of position and fair enough to your situation, we’ve all stayed in fights/arguments we weren’t really feeling just because of an ego. I agree at times guys were going in hard at her but at the same time she was waaaaay disrespectful.

    • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

      Co-Sign as well

    • Around and Around

      Nice to see you’ve changed positions. (No homo)

      Of course the ones who went at her on a strictly disrespectful level is out of line…however, Mex went at her on some critique shit, not just insults.

  • http://www.divehiflylo.com PARIS PERSHUN

    FINALLY DONE WIT IT!!!!! SONGS UP FROM THE “POWER OF THE TONGUE” MIXTAPE ‘ …… YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THIS AT http://www.divehiflylo.com …..A.Dd+ LET’S GO!!!….. or http://www.myspace.com/skinnyhansel

  • Lefty


  • eddiesixes

    “We’re votin for him cause he’s black…and qualified…it’s not like we’re votin for Flavor Flav” – Chris Rock

  • ty from linden blvd

    Here come dem cap’n save em ass Negroes flying to the rescue


  • GIBZ

    TPAR, glad to see you agree with the majority. You gotta give ARRUH MEX credit for keepin it really real. No suger coatin, just let her know, but offered tips at the end. only blogs i check for is ARRUH’s blogs. great post

  • http://myspace.com/monstarrmacc Monstarr.

    Keep hip-hop people doing hip-hop blogs and you won’t have to write an essay….that I AGREE perfectly with(ENCARTA ??. LOL.)…but then again…that’s taking away your job, so please…don’t hit me with a nigga please…

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