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Whaddup doe! This is my last blog of the week. Had an interesting time on here. Shout outs to my peep at XXL for always showing me love.

A question that has been the topic of discussion frequently when I’m at the studio is about the future of the music game. The music industry, as everyone knows, has gone through a tumultuous ride these past few years. The thing that makes me apprehensive is where it’s headed. Every year, record sales are diminishing and artists are lacking motivation due to it. Our economy is consumer driven, and we are undoubtedly in a recession. A movement needs to be made to help this crisis.

Listening to music is one of people’s top outlets in their leisure hours. Music gets people through rough times, be it tragedy, death, break ups, loneliness, love, scandal…the lists goes on and on. It builds up people’s self esteem and gives them confidence. Imagine how much harder it would be going through life without real music. And because music is in a crisis and the artists are deprived of what they deserve, it’s going to cause them to stop making records. Then we’re left with a bunch of gimmick artists with records that aren’t timeless!

Ultimately it’s up to the consumer to change the future of music. What is your take on where the music industry is headed and how do you think we can change its course?

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  • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

    Hip-Hop is on a downward spiral. In the late 90′s we were wishing for the early 90′s. Now, we miss the late 90′s.

    Now it’s all about a formulaic pop sound for the radio and/or a dumbass dance. Case in point…

  • OG Matt Herbz

    So, does this broad actually think “Nada Hoe” is timeless? Does she think she is not a gimmick artist?

    Or would she agree that “Nada Hoe” is just some poppy commercial trash to get plays on the airwaves? (Satellite radio, maybe, because FM ain’t about to get down with the word “hoe” like 50 times a song.)

    I think we’re showing you with our opinions on this blog that we’ve got an eye for that bullshit. I guess that in the past, all that was needed was bomb ass and titties and an agreeable face and you could turn any Jenny from the block into a superstar. But nowadays, people aren’t fazed by that bullshit. Consumers have smartened up to the game and I’m not about to swoon over Shakur for her looks, because thus far I think she’s absent of real talent.

    I gave my opinion on that song. I didn’t like it. I thought the subject matter was played out, the lyrics were sloppy, the chorus is horrible, and the beat straight set me dozing off.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • te noh

      I see myself, some years from now, sitting on an old oak porch. I am sitting with my granddaughter, reminiscing on when I was young — the election of Obama, the Iraq War, the treason trial against Bush and Cheney. And, when my granddaughter asks, “Papi, what was the music that inspired people, that spoke to the people?” I will merely reply, “Nada Hoe, my child, Nada Hoe.”

      • HNIC

        LMAO @ te noh! That’s some funny shit!

        • Smel

          “Nada hoe, my child, nada hoe” is going to keep whispering through my mind all day, making me laugh at inopportune moments…

        • Smel

          No. I had to come back. This is some CLASSIC comedy right here!!!!!

          Best comment of 2009. Yes, I said it.

          “Nada hoe, my child, nada hoe….”

  • *BLOCK*

    BLOCK BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    YOU SAID: “Imagine how much harder it would be going through life without real music.”



    • Reemycks!

      ROFL! Thats real talk right there. Co-Sign like a muthafucka.

  • Monty B.

    We can probably change it’s course by focusing on the talented Hip-Hop artists and passing on the combination of urban/pop/euro bullshit that comes down the pike.

    Whaddup doe? Seriously?

    The fact that you get a chance to be in a recording studio laying down tracks like “Nada Hoe” is a slap in the face to the kids that studied their Hip Hop History, paid their dues, and are still considered “nobodies” because a no talent Video Hoe keeps fucking up the game.

    I won’t have to say “just go away” to you Shakur… Because you I’m quite positive you’ll never be in my line of sight again.

    Cheers and Good Luck!

  • The Southern Comfort

    Glad the irony of this girl complaining about the disappearance of timeless music ain’t wasted on anyone else – seriously Shakur?
    That said with a bit of effort there is plenty of great hip-hop (and other music) to be had out there, look at the rock the bells line up.
    Just ‘cos it’s not on mtv doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist and to be honest i won’t mind seeing the formulaic “commodity2 artists starve. i’ll still support those artists that bang and i’ll pull in to see their show has well.
    defjam ain’t seeing more of my cash for the same old shit.

  • The Southern Comfort

    my bad – “commodity”

  • Around and Around

    The music industry from an economic perspective is dead…Video killed the radio star and the download killed the money in the industry.
    As far as the music, there’s still tons of new hot shit out there, people are pushing envelopes all over….only you won’t find it on your local “radio show”

  • kart

    see, you have this strange tendency to start with something that coould prove to be interesting and then tangent off into something vague and general. typical
    oh lemme write something serious..
    oh wait, that requires intelligence and brains, i obviously don’t have that, let’s write a couple random things that couldn’t possibly be wrong, basically the blogging equivalent of someone saying
    ‘the sky is blue’
    ‘i like being happy’
    and thinking they’re being fucking deep.
    bitch, go kill yourself. your song was whack btw, and the irony of someone with a shitty song called ‘nada hoe’ complaining that there’s no more timeless music is obviously lost on you, but i find it absolutely hysterical.

  • te noh

    “Every year, record sales are diminishing and artists are lacking motivation due to it.”

    “And because music is in a crisis and the artists are deprived of what they deserve, it’s going to cause them to stop making records.”

    Due to you other idiotic posts, it should have occurred to me before that you are a Republican. After all, you dropped out of school. But, the fact escaped my attention until now. Listen, both of your quoted statements above are nonsense. Diminishing record sales haven’t diminished anything; you’re still here posting and not going away, meaning: morons will still try to make a buck. The artists are here too: Q-Tip, Elzhi, Nas all released great albums last year. So, your standard fare Fox News analysis of the hip-hop market is about as shallow, superficial and fake as your cosmetic surgery.

    Seriously, please stop making records. Go back to school. This rap shit ain’t for you.

  • FlapJack

    This was real deep yo…

    That American Boy remix should be called American Hoe. It only makes sense.

    We’ll miss you

    • http://mypsace.com/devitan Devi Gargon

      “American Slore” by Max B.

  • P. Harris

    “And because music is in a crisis and the artists are deprived of what they deserve, it’s going to cause them to stop making records. Then we’re left with a bunch of gimmick artists with records that aren’t timeless!”

    I disagree because I feel like the “gimmicky” artist are the ones who feel like they are deprived of what they so called “deserve”… I think the root of real artist from the get go was to make music, not make money… Those that do it for the money are the ones making these records that we forget next month or year or whatever… ie. you have “untimely” records… so fine if they stop making records, fuck em…

    Honestly I blame the fans as much as I blame the artist who make the music… the ones who buy and listen to the music are just as responsible….

  • Silly Willy

    Shakur, Shakur…..you’re one tough nut, lady! Like almost every commenter here, I think this post is dripping with irony. But since it’s your last day, I’ll spare the messenger. Thanks for being with us, best of luck for everything you’ll do. And though I don’t fully agree with the way you handled this temporary position, I commend you for trying.

    Now to the message. Where I come from, there’s a saying: “If the school can’t teach you, the jungle will”. I think it qualifies for pretty much anything. Example, you with the blog. The wolves got at you and you came out better,…. a little better….Same with the music. If the system in which it’s supposed to evolve, ie the enterslavement complex (word to Opall), is fucked up, natural laws will apply to set things straight. And crisis like today are needed to bring that new order.

    Music industry is dying, but music is bigger than the industry. Music has been around, even before griots started to form an elite clan of entertainers, before kings had troubadours, shit they found paintings made by cavemen, fuck a Picasso……Art is above all that. It’s a language, it’s the product of a human being’s hard work or spark of genius, something unique and that reflects an aesthetic ideal. As long as human have that imagination in him, dope music will always be around, industry or no.

    Now, close your eyes, close your mind, see with your heart……and hear that melody…..

    Best of luck, Shakur !

  • Chris Cash

    I read the blogs and comments daily but i dont always comment, but i have seen something amazing this week with Shakur. Know one liked her blogs (including me), but she had 3 times as many comments as the regular bloggers, the shit is a conspiracy. Ive seen names in the comments section Ive never seen b4.

    And OG Matt you dugg in TPAR’s ass this past week good job. Reminded me of the BLOCK and Federal Ranga battles funny shit.

  • Gab’s Gift

    Then we’re left with a bunch of gimmick artists with records that aren’t timeless! = The pot calling the Kettle black. Hopefully Akon, will put up the money for that Kanye or Timbaland feature so you can look like a “real” artist.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    So we have reached the pinnacle of your blogging week. Hope you learned something because knowledge is infinite. These comments may have been a foretelling of something waiting around the corner of your career.

    Hip hop will live on. Mainstream rap is dying. Because there are way too many people within the industry who’s love is for money ONLY, and not the craft of making quality music.

    And we the people, who are just like industry heads, HUMAN BEINGS, see thru the relentless BS promotion & sorry actions that are done for the savage pursuit of happiness.

    Best wishes in your life. Be aware of your surroundings, and don’t think your industry peers did not bear witness to what transpired here this week with your blogs.

    Regardless to what they deny. So in parting I will throw a dart at you:

    You had a chance to make a good impression when it comes to the new wave of female rappers and failed to do so. Your last 2 posts were cordial. I am not convinced that you have either a real passion or know this history of the culture of hip hop and you are abusing it in the same way many others are, therefore destroying something that many OTHERS HAVE DIED FOR.

    So be warned that when you are around your industry peers and they bring up this topic, THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT YOU.

    $ykotic Don McCaine


  • http://www.jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

    I’ve been off-line for 2 weeks due to a dead laptop. I missed Skyzoo/Shakur week (realtime) and finally caught up to date on my brother’s laptop last night.

    All I can say is …WOW!!!!

    Shakur, I wanna say that Skyzoo has a brilliant idea for his upcoming album. STORYTELLING! Real raps, no gimmicks. This might be the road for you. Didn’t hear your song because of this obsolete ol’ computer I’m temporarily using (or Skyzoo’s) but I guarantee you I’m coppin’ Skyzoo.

    I still missed a lot of other drops this past 2 weeks, but what happened to my nomination for MC Lyte to be the female guest blogger?

    Anyway, this was interesting. I didn’t see hate in these comments, Shakur. I actually saw cats in the comments section who no doubt LOVE Hip-Hop so much that they tried to educate you, guide you, and yeah, check you when you stumbled.

    Shit, I saw the Hip-Hop Community stand tall on what we believe in this past two weeks. I loved that shit!

    Where did “Fuckthecommision.com” go, by the way? THAT’S WHAT I FUCKIN’ THOUGHT! Back to the World Star comments section. Man, yall should’ve seen me cheer when yall kicked their asses back into their illiterate matrix! It’s high standard over here!

    With that said, good luck Shakur. Listen to us “nobodies” here at XXL. The commenter knowledge alone is worth WAY, WAY, WAY, WAY more than a million bucks.


    • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

      What up Mal…welcome back, kid!

    • FlapJack

      Welcome back Cottor!
      I’m pretty sporadic myself. Wish I had a job like P or Grands or Matt Herbz or whatever.
      Hard labour my peoples. Unlike someone who shall rename nameless (wrote this post tho) I work, so I ain’t home al the time, so I can’t be a regular. still, shout out to y’all. I love you commission people.


    all i’m going to say is this (comments mostly) has been the funniest shit i read everyday this week. co-sign Chris Cash, it did get a lot of comments.

  • http://www.myspace.com/atlatino404 El Tico Loco

    Damn I was reading the comments I missed on Ron’s blog, and man did they have a little group hug moment with TPAR or what? Anyway, I think this will show her and any aspiring entertainer not to fuck with the audience/listeners/readers/Commission. Is like biting the hand that feeds you, now who’s the next vic?

  • http://www.twitter.com/socialite149 Victoria Page

    Girl, I guess….

    I am sorry to break it to you, but you are the answer to your own question. You are the way that hip hop is sadly going. Lyrical content doesn’t matter anymore. Quality and original production doesn’t matter anymore. It’s all about what sells and what seems to your gimmick is the whole video girl turned rapper vibe it’s a nice try, but like someone said in one of the earlier comments Glo Velez tried that and it was an epic fail. Just know that because you have alread pigeonholed yourself you will have to be 1,000 times hotter lyrically before people may even begin to take you seriously and even then…they may not.

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

    What’s Next?

    How about Who’s Next?

    Good luck with all that, Shakur.

  • http://www.bboycult.com www.bboycult.com

    no apology? you really think nothing of us, dont you?

    i will leave your fate to you. all i can say is good luck. cause luck is what you’re gonna need. cause any inklin of good sense and skill are non existent.

    now prepare for the backlash across the internets. cause your whole time here has been bullshit. and nobody likes bullshit. it stinks.

    see ya… or not…

  • escobar9300

    Damn she may actually be related to 2pac with such incredibly deep and crisp lyrics as

    “You know that I want it boy,
    I know that you want it boy.
    You know that I want it boy.
    I know that you want it boy.”

    Fuckin a thats fire, Immortal Technique better get out of the way of this broad, she may take his crown to be the worlds best underground rapper. Oh shit, my bad. I shouldnt be smoking that much bomb before posting, I just lost my damn mind. Sorry ma, the tits and ass are on point but none of us give a shit about your awful lyrics that would easily rival any Bobby Brown song for the most ignorant ribbon. Dont quit your day job, dont worry though, lap dances will still pay the bills even in a bad economy..

    • render

      why you dissin bobby brown like that?

  • http://www.earhustling.blogspot.com joe castro

    i get it now…

    this broad’s blog ‘entries’ were submitted months in advance by her publicist or some shit; hence, none of her posts reflect the disdain for her shown in the comments.

    XXL should never market an artist in this way again.

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

    Coming soon to the Bangers section…..

    “Nada Blogga”- $ykotic & Pierzy (produced by Syler)

    “I Wouldn’t Buy a Bitch a Cheeseburger” – OG Matt Herbz (produced by OG Matt Herbz)

    “Getcha Mind Right (Then Gimme Some Head)” – BBoy Cult (produced by BBoy Cult)

    “I’m Here For You, Girl” – Silly Chilly Willy (produced by Johnny Gill)

    • Silly Chilly Willy

      LMAO !!!!

      Funny stuff, Grand$ !

    • Silly Willy

      LMAO !!!!

      Funny stuff, Tony !

      “And we’re back !!!” – Tony Grand$ (Tico Loco Production)

      • $ykotic/Don McCaine


    • http://www.bboycult.com www.bboycult.com


      thats that shit my nigga!!!!

      produced by Johnny Gill, hilarious!!!!

    • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy


  • Pana

    This week was like watching a terrible car crash; you don’t want to see it happen but you look anyway…..

  • Sleepy Wonder

    Anyone Up For Spencer Pratt Next Week?


  • abdulnasir

    tony grand$

  • http://Ivree.com Ivree

    I have to say I have followed Shakur for a short time although a short time is all I need to make a comment to her mssg. I think the fact that most people clown her is shallow when she didnt turn into a hoe herself- Yeah she may be a video hoe turn singer but it’s only because her effort to fame has limited herself – Too many females in the game do the same but this is what the game has asked for women to do many times – Dont act like you dont know why this female has limited herself to these lyrics you know why- Let it be known that Ivree in the game will change it though slowly but surly I will make sure that women can actually speak in lyrics with class and intelect without being slammed or pushed to the side for a plastic filled Rap hoe- I will clearly Define the new way of Urban Pop and bring up many people in the underground game that have more talent in there little toe than any ball carryin hoe with money– I will make history Shakur-” Me”- Ivree – No ball swinging needed just pure Talent. Check me out on myspace and be apart of change