Whaddup doe! This is my last blog of the week. Had an interesting time on here. Shout outs to my peep at XXL for always showing me love.

A question that has been the topic of discussion frequently when I'm at the studio is about the future of the music game. The music industry, as everyone knows, has gone through a tumultuous ride these past few years. The thing that makes me apprehensive is where it's headed. Every year, record sales are diminishing and artists are lacking motivation due to it. Our economy is consumer driven, and we are undoubtedly in a recession. A movement needs to be made to help this crisis.

Listening to music is one of people's top outlets in their leisure hours. Music gets people through rough times, be it tragedy, death, break ups, loneliness, love, scandal...the lists goes on and on. It builds up people's self esteem and gives them confidence. Imagine how much harder it would be going through life without real music. And because music is in a crisis and the artists are deprived of what they deserve, it's going to cause them to stop making records. Then we're left with a bunch of gimmick artists with records that aren't timeless!

Ultimately it's up to the consumer to change the future of music. What is your take on where the music industry is headed and how do you think we can change its course?