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The Boot Camp Clik performed their ‘A Tribute To Classics’ show on Wednesday night in Brower Park. In the heart of Crown Heights they did classics from ‘Enta Da Stage’ and ‘Dah Shinin’. This is the the very neighborhood that birthed these artists. I can’t imagine any other place that this show would be more like a homecoming. We’d have to be on the Franklin Avenue shuttle maybe. I don’t know how we’d get the whole band on the train though.

The Boot Camp Clik is what backpacker rap is all about for me. My Jansport knapsack with the sueded bottom held my Sony walkman cassette player, my Garcia y Vegas, and a boxcutter for whatever whatever. The Boot Camp Clik defines that era succinctly. Even to this day they remain independent artists that haven’t sold their souls, or their publishing, out to the lowest bidders. The Boot Camp Clik has taken the high road in Hip-Hop(literally and figuratively) and this is why they are so important as artistic role models.

Salute these brothers when you see them on the streets.

Videos from the event…

BlackMoon: A Tribute To Classics…

Smif-N-Wessun: A Tribute To Classics…

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  • P. Harris

    One of my favorite groups of all time… I’ve been a fan since black moon dropped through Leflah Leflah Eskoshkah and up until the formula… I’ll always fuct with BCC…

    I listen to “How many MC’s” atleast once daily… it’s like a fuctin vitamin…

  • capcobra

    bcc might be the tuffest nyc crew since the native tongue movement…those black moon remixes and b-sides still knock…not to mention sean price might be runner up to weezy for most improved rapper.


    “i’m cleva cause i wear my leatha in da winta…”bcc-90′s hip hop forever.Enta da stage, definitely set that grimey brooklyn/street sound.Tims w/everything son.

  • Pierzy

    “And So…” is one of my favorite songs of all time.

    Boot Camp is a movement. Has been for years.

    “Wu-Tang Ain’t Nothin To Fuck Wit/Boot Camp Clik Ain’t Nothin To Wu-Tang”

    • P. Harris

      co-sign Pierzy

      “And So” was dope…

      “Sean Price the nicest to write poems / I never say the same thing twice like Mike Jones”

      I read your comment now I’m listening to Jesus Price at work… *SMH at myself*

  • General

    Boot Camp Clik is epitome of grindin…

    These cats have been probably the most consistent camp over the past 15 years

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    BTW DP that Raekwon drop I saw you in is official issue.

    A true Internets Celebrity.

    BCC 4eva!

  • Phlip

    Ironic, I listened to Monkey Barz yesterday and D.I.R.T. today on the way in to the plantation. I love how consistent these cats have been, I been listening since high school and it is rare they drop something I can’t like.


    “boomin’through your speakers with my hundred dollar sneakers…napsack and my beeper”.”Who got da props”man that beat was ill!Anybody saw “Notorious”when Lil kim is rhyming to that shit and Biggie schools her on her flow/delivery?That joint made everyone get hype back in the day until today!

  • Tony Grands

    “Tre pound blast thru ya bubble vest, y’all. Yes, yes y’all.”

    They were the perfect segue from backpack rap to gangsta music.

    I miss the ’90′s.

    • Phlip

      Whatup Grands, you KNOW how much I miss the 09s.

      • Phlip

        Perhaps even the 90s

  • Dallas Penn

    What up man? Good looks.

    Pierzy, Grand$, General,
    Boot Camp Clik was my younger dunns that did it in the streets and then put it on wax. They are some of the realest cats ever in the music business. That is why they never went pop.

    • Tony Grands


      Man, I emulated those cats so much back then. I’ve always had an affinity for the East Coast life/music anyway, so it wasn’t nothing to rock my jansport (suede bottom, of course), timbs with EVERYTHING (word to ROBOT), & anything camou, with Enta Da Stage, Dah Shinin’ or Nocturnal banging in the sony headphones.

      Them niggas did music one better; sold a lifestyle.


      Hahaha! I know what you meant though. & you know this, maaaaaan…

      • Pierzy

        Word. Even dudes that don’t really like BCC’s music still respect the fcuk out of them. That’s real.

  • Brooklyn

    bcc is the shit man, they’ve been for years. i remember when i was a kid they were doing real big things back during the early 90′s, and they still holding it down.

  • EmCDL

    BCC is the truth no doubt about that, them dudes been grinding since I was in 1st grade and they still pumping heat! I’m still catching up on their catalog as we speak.

  • DocZeus

    I was at that show. Buckshot killed it. No doubt.

    But man… is he tiny?

  • latino heat

    i asked this question last time D.P. did a drop about BCC but i got no answer so i’ll ask again. where is 5 FT.? dead, in jail, back with the group? help me out somebody.

    i saw Buckshot and KRS One perform together the other day at RTB and they ripped it. before that i was so so about there album but now that i’ve seen the chemistry the two have i’m really looking forward to it. that and Slaughterhouse dropping less than a month apart? i guess there really is real hip hop still coming out.

  • Dallas Penn

    Back in them days you needed to watch out for a lil’ nigga like Buck or 5F.T.

    Them lil’ niggas would get in your pockets while the big dudes would hold them down in case any vics got froggy.

    Punks jump up… and you already know the rest.

  • Pana

    It would be nice if he came back to C.I. Tho. This is where he really came from. Peace to Crown Heights tho, cause I was born there. Lol.

  • Dallas Penn

    5F.T. was in the show this time. I don’t know where sun be at but he is a real Brooklyn cat so you can assume that he is O.T. or doing a bid for some shit.

  • latino heat

    thanks for the info D.P.