Soulja Boy does something ignorant, apologizes

Remember Soulja Boy’s “Rich Nigga Shit” series of videos? There was that one where he blew his nose with some money and tossed it in a Louis Vuitton trash can, and that one where he gave one of his weed carriers $10,000 to down a fifth of Patron. I featured pretty much all of them on my blog. It could very well end up being the only thing Soulja Boy does that I like, unless he uses some of that immense fortune of his to produce some pr0n, like Drake has.

Alas, Soulja Boy had to put the series on hold, after some goons realized what nouveau riche housing development he lived in and promptly ran up in his crib. I consulted the Google just now, to see if I really did once witness something so ignorant, and I see the original series of videos have all been removed from YouTube. And if you notice, this new one was filmed in a hotel room. Damn.

Just like that townhouse he used to live in, the hotel room in the new Rich Nigga Shit is surprisingly not very nice. The one I had this past one – one of those extended stay joints with its own kitchen and what have you (my parents paid, natch) – was way nicer. The TV in Soulja Boy’s room looks like the one my parents had back in the late ’80s/early ’90s, i.e around the time Soulja Boy was born.

His room does have a jacuzzi though. I wonder if he specifically requested that, to bang broads in. Nah, right? It’s probably because he’s in a motel, aka a sleep n’ fuck. If you notice, there’s never any women in these Soulja Boy videos, just guys. If I was 19, and I had millions of dollars to just throw away, there’d be hoo-ers all over the place. I’d have a hoo-er I’d pay to follow me around with a bucket of fried chicken, in case I get hungry.

But I digress.

The real focal point of the new Rich Nigga Shit is Soulja Boy’s new chain, with a diamond studded remote control Lamborghini medallion. He sets it down and drives it along the edge of the jacuzzi, to show that it really is a remote control car. Then he hops down into the jacuzzi and realizes there’s already a little bit of water in it. Or was that something else?

I guess people gave him a lot of shit about it on Twitter or whatever (I’ve been out of the office for like five days straight, so who knows), so he struck back with a lengthy, butthurt blog post. I found it over on Teh Gyant’s new blog, Gyant Unemployed, and there’s no link to where he found it, so I’m assuming Soulja Boy sent it to him exclusively. I’ll also take this as further evidence Soulja Boy is a closet case.

An excerpt, for your reading pleasure, and for the sake of not working very hard:

1ST OF ALL. I didn’t pay ANYTHING for my black Lamborghini chain I got it FREE as a birthday present from my jeweler when I turned 19 on July 28!

2ND OF ALL. Even if I did pay for it who are you to judge me on what I purchase with MY money?

3RD OF ALL. Why do the media blow up the things that they think will make me look stupid or ignorant. Why not publicize or put me in the spotlight when I do positive things?

The third point goes on and on and on, about how the media never mentions when he gives money and food to poor people, how no one stepped in when Ice T threatened to sic the Crips on him, and how his ignorance should be excused, because he never lived in a nice neighborhood until he was 16, especially that last part.

Soulja Boy says the reason he flaunts his lifestyle so much is because he had such an impoverished upbringing, i.e. the Asher Roth theory of black conspicuous consumption, but you get the idea it goes way deeper than that. If I had that kind of money to throw away, I could give a rat’s ass if anyone knew about it, but I could also give a rat’s ass if people were salty about me balling during a recession. I thought the whole point of these videos was to make people feel jealous?

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  • Oz


  • Vakuru Chaivo

    Another post to prove the stupidity and worthlessness of this hip hop shit

    • DetroitDraper

      WTF are you doing in a hip hop site if you consider it worthless?

  • NotTheOne002

    “If I was 19, and I had millions of dollars to just throw away, there’d be hoo-ers all over the place. I’d have a hoo-er I’d pay to follow me around with a bucket of fried chicken, in case I get hungry”

    DAMN, why didn’t I think of that!!

  • Worley

    “I’d have a hoo-er I’d pay to follow me around with a bucket of fried chicken, in case I get hungry.”


  • General

    Some of these idiots in the game are too sensitive…

    And your dead on with your point about him never havin any broads in these video’s, WTF???

  • Bobo D

    *If you notice, there’s never any women in these Soulja Boy videos
    *I’ll also take this as further evidence Soulja Boy is a closet case.
    I thought dude was ghey, I remeber seeing this video on some site (maybe illseed) around a yearago where Soulja Boy was dry humping his homie *vomits in mouth*

    • yoprince

      like soulja boy was the first high-school age boy to do something like that..

      i worked in a HS.. and i went to HS.. and niggas were always playing around with each other like that..

      and don’t even get me started on white boys.. they do that shit well into college and adulthood.

      either way, it doesn’t make you gay.

      • Bobo D

        Not at my HS, I remeber 1st year they had some rule about no physical contact. I guess it was a way of keeping the guys (sometimes girls) from not fighting and also a way of no PDA, maybe it was because they caught some students have sex in the bathroom.

      • Tony Grand$


        It may not make you gay, but it’s close enough to me. I never played “Grab Ass” or “Cup Check”. WTF? It’s too many girls running around for me to be molesting my homie for the sake of comedy.

        As far as Souja Boy, dude needs a few things.

        1) A hug & a stern, man-to-man talk from his Dad (or uncle, fatherly figure, grandpa, etc). That might change his perspective on his actions & how the world perceives them. @ the very least, maybe it should give him a thicker skin, in case he refuses to see the light.

        2) A girlfriend. Cats respect a nigga who @ least appears to be doing “grown man” shit. Instead of bufooning around, then getting homotional about the backlash, give the world (who is privy to all aspects of your private life) a reason not to talk about chicken dances, homoerotic behaviors & witless purchases. If nothing else, turn off the goddamn video camera & log off the computer.

        3) Get over it. Rich or poor, fuck what people think. If his upbringing was as bad as he would have us believe, then he knows about being teased &/or beat up for insignificant differences. He’s sounding less like an underpriviliged mil-ticket & more like a coddled, rich brat who NEEDS to feel loved by all. No Dice. Fuck what people think, or give them something other to think about.

        He’s young, so I don’t fault him completely, but by the time I was 19, I knew the difference between having fun & embarassing myself.

    • Enlightened

      Yeah, we seeing eye to eye. That’s the part that caught my attention to.
      I thought back and there never is any girls in his shit.

      Then I thought back to the crib I had with my potnas in college when I was 18. We had broads over there every day and we was broke as a muthafucka.

      It ain’t even always that we was hitting any of ‘em – a lot of times we wasn’t, but if we was gon’ be smoking and drinking, it might as well be with them.

      • 1hunid

        Look at ALL of these rappers youtube videos or WSHH bullshits. ALL of them seem to be around a bunch of ‘hard legs’.You would think they get the money to trick on they dudes. Like @Enlightened said, back in my day when we hung out we had at least 4 girls at the least around us, whether they were fuckin somethin or not. This new generation is funny styled.

  • Stan-Layy

    “If I was 19, and I had millions of dollars to just throw away, there’d be hoo-ers all over the place. I’d have a hoo-er I’d pay to follow me around with a bucket of fried chicken, in case I get hungry”————
    F’fin Right, but not that greasy KFC Ish

  • Brooklyn

    of course there ain’t no chicks in his videos, it’s obvious where his preference lies. nevertheless…”Even if I did pay for it who are you to judge me on what I purchase with MY money?”

    well, when you make a series of videos wherein you show people what happens when you give an 18 yr old nigga with no class a bunch of money, they tend to form opinions. if you don’t want nobody to judge you on what you spend your money on, stop making videos where you show off what you spent your money on. that’s some dumb nigga shit right there. in the words of uncle ruckus “looks like what happens when you throw a million dollars into the monkey cage.”


    “If I was 19, and I had millions of dollars to just throw away, there’d be hoo-ers all over the place. I’d have a hoo-er I’d pay to follow me around with a bucket of fried chicken, in case I get hungry.”
    that is funny as hell bol and i spoke enough about sb on ron’s joint.

  • nicholasdelorejo

    While I’m not a fan of Soulja Boy, I’ve got to say I do give him respect in terms of how he manages to handle the immense hate he receives. Yes his music is not innovative for the amount of fame he has achieved, the fact that he has defended himself against the hate by the likes of Gza, Ice T, and the pretty much everyone with a hobby to hate has enable me to respect him.

    While folks tend to hate on SB for being just plain ignorant with his money, it’s the same haters that never seem to come to Soulja Boy and try to mentor him in becoming a better artist (if that’s possible) or a better business person. And I think that’s one of my biggest problems in rap. It’s the fact that you have individuals that will criticize you for whatever shit an artist makes make, whether out of jealousy or to somehow promote their so called respect for hip hop, yet damn if they can’t be found to help the hated artist work out or at least understand the flaws that particular artist may possess.

    If I was Soulja boy, I too would use my financial status to defend myself if the amount of hate I was given was based on general principle. While soulja boy has done these ignorant acts by his own volition, nobody ever took the time to tell dude to just be more responsible with his money or image. Instead dudes like Ice T and Gza, folks that actually have years of experience in the music industry, do nothing but insult a kid that rose to stardom due his ability to capitalize off a catchy song and an immense hatred for being a part of hip hop.

    So instead of practicing your “I hate Soulja boy” rants let’s just ask these entrepreneurs, icons, or any of these leaders in rap to ask them to try and provide guidance to Soulja Boy if his ignorance is so irritating to your daily lives. At least that’s more productive than to spend your efforts wishing for Soulja Boy’s end. And maybe by doing this Soulja Boy could not only be a better rapper and person, but also a better motivator to these young kids that may emulate him (crank dat batman, anyone?)

    But that’s my 2 cents on the matter. What I will say is that Bol hit the nail on using Soulja boy not using his millions to attract broads as my company. Shit, if I had Soulja boy’s money, I’d hire a chick like Cubana Lust to do nothing but utilize the gift God has given her for my pleasure but that’s just me.

    Also Detroit D, don’t let Vakuru Chaivo upset you. In fact I find that shit to be hilarious. I personally love the haters of hip hop mainly because their usually frustrated at the fact that a genre that gets a shit load of hatred thrown at it manages to produce millions where as their choice of music is often ignored by the music industry. Whether it is from albums sales, digital downloads, endorsements, or whatever hip hop still produces millions in the music industry even when with criticism of it not being music. And the funny thing is Rap is the closest form of music that can actually survive without the need of the music industry. You actually believe the record industry finds a venue that managed to produce roughly 300 million dollars in a recession useless? No. Do you think the executives at these major labels give a fuck about supporting the virtue of musicianship? No. I’m not in any way disregarding its value, but if people truly respected musicianship over rap music, then rap would have been dropped years ago. Instead hip hop still manages to top billboard charts and is still alive in mainstream entertainment simple because there is a demographic of individuals in this world who are unlike you and find hip hop entertaining.

    If you don’t like rap then fine. But don’t wave your musical distaste for it as some sort of indicator of being a better person when you probably never took the time to study and formulate a thorough opinion as to why rap is worthless. I actually listen to and respect all types of music as opposed to generalizing an entire genre as “worthless” because it doesn’t appeal to me.

    • Tony Grands

      “it’s the same haters that never seem to come to Soulja Boy and try to mentor him in becoming a better artist (if that’s possible) or a better business person.”

      ^^I can appreciate your sentiment, but you’re asking an awful lot of people. On a general level, rapper or otherwise, the average person has a hard enough time keeping their own affairs in order, much less coming to the aid of an individual who’s old enough to know not to blow his nose with currency.

      Real life doesn’t come with a tutorial, or hand-holding program to ease you through the rough spots. He’s got to walk through the same fires as the rest of us humans. That cat’s @ an age where he’s his own responsibilty, & @ the most, his parents. So, before you condemn the previous generation(s) of artists for not lending a helping hand, I suggest you send his mom & dad a memo.

      Perhaps somewhere along the supposedly hard life he lived, some aspects of their family value system weren’t imposed, or simply neglected. Also, he’s done numerous things that can easily be deemed disrespectful or dishonorable towards the Hip Hop culture, so what legend is going to be so quick to offer support to a kid who’s not even smart enough to appreciate the very reason he’s able to jump on the ‘Net & eat diamond encrusted dog shit, or whatever it is that he’s doing these days.

      Granted, it is a lot of hate geared towards him, but hate is part of life. Our grandparents called it jealousy. If he was a janitor, the other janitors would be talking about his pushbroom. Same difference. But, if he had a shiny pushbroom, & painted racing stripes on it, & rode it around school like a witch, then he’d deserve whatever ridicule & mockery came his way. That, by no means, is the fault of the spectator. He asked for that attention.

      I even feel that it’s less hate, & more frustration. People get annoyed by blatant idiocy. If I truly thought he was a retard, it wouldn’t be a problem, but that’s not the case. SB is capable of cognizant, logical action & money has nothing to do with the functionality of his brain.

      Until he digests what’s happening to him, in the public’s opinion, it will continue to happen.

  • Shawty J

    I said on Ron Mexico’s thread and I’ll say it again here. If Soulja Boy wants people to stop thinking he’s so damn ignorant he’s stop filming himself doing ignorant shit and putting it online for the world to see. Furthermore, if he wants people to see him in a positive light he should do something positive!

  • -poeticDeAtH-

    LEAVE the little nigga alone he`ll grow… some day

  • CelphCentered

    Wut up fam.. checkin in from Honozulu.. jus wanted to say sup to the commission good lookin out.. Pierzy been peepin your post u got mad love for hip hop.. same goes for the rest of the commision.. KEEP DOIN WUT U DO! ONE



  • http://xxl All Dae

    Those videos are made to generate jeoulosy and why not? Part of the hip hop lifestyle if yr rich is being gaudy and flashy above and beyond. Slick Rick and Rakim were blinging hard back in the day so it makes sense this is what we’ve become…iced out remote control cars.

    I think the car is the best piece of bling since Young Bergs classic Transformer chain. I wounder what became of it.

    I side with the idea that its his money and he can spend it however he wants.

    other commenters on here beat me to the punch but that bucket of chicken line is a masterstroke. co-sizzzign


    MANG Listen!… I like the RICH NIGGA SHIT SERIES!… And the Chain Was HOT!, cant even deny da nigga that.. the Shit was HOT!… There are So Many of us that if we had the Money and the Creative thinkin would DEF Get a REMOTE CONTROL Chain, Just to say So and talk HELLA SHIT About it!…

    The Only time I really Like Soldier Boy is on the Rich Nigga Shit series so I’m rockin wit him on this one.. The media should Buff a Nut and leave the kid & HIS Millions ALONE and stop blowing up negativity!, they make it Worse than it Really is with all their Negative comments!…

    If they mad at him wait till I get my Millions, SHIIIIIT!… Then you’ll KNOW what its really Like to be a HATER, cause you wont be able to help it!



  • geico lizard

    I dont know about the chick with a bucket of chicken Bol, How would she keep it warm? The crispy skin would get all soggy. Ill pass on that idea but she could hang around to give me a fresh blowjob. That would get my mind off the hunger for awhile.

  • EvolvePeople

    “If I was 19, and I had millions of dollars to just throw away, there’d be hoo-ers all over the place. I’d have a hoo-er I’d pay to follow me around with a bucket of fried chicken, in case I get hungry.”

    Oh, so you’re assuming he’s gay based solely on that? Ahhh….the masculinity/hetero stereotype. A teenager has to be surrounded by a ton of women whom he treats like worthless trash to be deemed straight? This is a ridiculously dangerous, not to mention ignorant way of thinking.