Slaughterhouse: Don’t believe the hype

I mostly just chuckled when I read the other day that one of the guys from the Smoking Section was concerned that the commercial failure of Slaughterhouse might discourage the TIs from releasing further albums by supergroups consisting of aging former major label tax write-offs. On my own site, I lamented the fact that we’ll probably never get that group album by Pitbull, Lil Mama, Memphis Bleek, and Twista. No shots at Memphis Bleek. (God forbid.)

But then I got to thinking, I should probably clarify, in case the TIs really do decide to not invest any more money in quote-unquote real hip-hop. Let’s get this straight: People who give a shit about Slaughterhouse are hardly an accurate representation of – for lack of a better term – the real hip-hop community, i.e. aging haters such as myself, who swear by Illmatic, Wu-Tang and what have you, and can’t stand the garbage discussed on Cocaine Blunts and its ilk.

I’m not sure who these kids who jock Joe Budden are, but I’m thinking there must be some sort of generation gap. I’m more or less the same age as Budden himself, and these kids must be in their late teens and early 20s, and hence not old enough to know from good rap music. Back when the Wu was at the height of its powers, in the mid to late ’90s, they were into the Teletubbies. I remember there was a controversy at the time that one of the Teletubbies was teh ghey, and it would cause an entirely generation of kids to become fruits. I’d say whoever came up with that theory is owed an apology. When I was a kid, we still had manly cartoons, like He-Man, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And look at how well I turned out.

But I digress.

Anyway, I was on Twitter just now, cracking on Aaliyah’s corpse (my bad, Dame), and I got to thinking about the fall of 2000. Up until that point, I was a pretty hardened Wu-Tang stan. Then I heard the W, and I was like, Man, these guys suck now. Then I went on with my life. I was still a teenager, but I was beyond the point where I needed to make excuses for shitty rap music. I just don’t have it in my personality to be a very big “fan” of anything other pr0nography. And that’s different, since my appreciation of pr0nography is naturally refreshed on a 12 hour cycle, even in my old age, whereas rap music is more of a youth phenomenon. Otherwise, I might have ended up one of the guys who still walk around in tattered Wu-Wear gear well into their 30s, like my cousin who lives around my corner from me. And I’m thinking, if I was a few years, maybe I would have gotten really into Joe Budden. There might also be a regional element to this. eskay is really into Joe Budden, and he’s got several years on me. Dallas Penn is even older.

However these people came to be convinced that Slaughterhouse is a good idea, the thing to keep in mind is that there aren’t very many of them. Hip-hop heads on the Internets aren’t obsessed with Slaughterhouse – just a few random idiots. The real reason Slaughterhouse the album only sold 18,000 copies is because Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz, Crooked I, and Royce the 5’9 combined only have about 18,000 fans. The dead giveaway was the fact that Joe Budden put out an album of his own the same day, and it didn’t even sell enough copies to crack the Billboard top 200, in an age when you can sell in the tens of thousands and have a number one album. I’m pretty sure even I could crack the top 200. Then again, I’m the 29th best blogger evar. Joe Budden didn’t quite make the list of the top 50 rappers.

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  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Let me find out you have throwaway blogs!

    Tell us what happened yesterday…

    • Tony Grands

      Co-sign for real.

      If I do, then I’m sure he does…

  • Phillmatic

    Aaliyah? Nah, if it’s wanking over dead girls we’re talking about then surely it has to be Left Eye every time.

    Oh, and fuck XXL. And Slaughterhouse.

  • General

    I see you chose Slaughterhouse today knowing that E1 won’t shut down your blog…

    I think Slaughterhouse is another example of (1.)Internet fanbases leads to illegal downloading of albums not sales and (2.)no matter how many times you hear hip hop fans say that want “real” hip-hop, what they are really saying is that they don’t want to admit that they only purchase whatever CD’s the latest radio/club fad single is on…

    “No shots at Memphis Bleek. (God forbid.)”

    Don’t worry Bleek may be Jay’s waterboy, but he still dont’ have the pull

    • Curtis75Black

      It’s easier to talk shit about some than others basically !! For XXL to be the last of a dying brred trying to control and manipulate what’s hot, Corporates are controling them with the almighty dollar. Sad when you have to sell your soul to stay afloat !! Peace Bol, We understand.

  • FlapJack

    I didn’t even get to read the one that got pulled.

    Can’t you just post it at your site?

    Pierzy! You need to start printscreening them shits

  • Brown Suga

    The real reason Slaughterhouse the album only sold 18,000 copies is because Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz, Crooked I, and Royce the 5′9 combined only have about 18,000 fans.


  • Enlightened

    Thanks for this blog. I said something similar in the comments section when people acted all shock that they only sold 18.

  • King Sherm

    Who ever says “whats up Pierzy”..IS GAY!..

    • Tony Grands

      Looks as if you’re the only person who said anything remotely close to that, quotation marks or not…


    You need to leave xxl ASAP!
    What they did to you yearsterday is a bitch move.
    I think gay-z will graze d cover next month and you guess why they pull the plug.
    Fucking sellout motherfuckes.I’ve cancel my suscribtion to this awful magazine.Tell your boss to suck my dog dick!

  • ipopXusemagnumXLandreadXXL

    I’m still tryin to figure out how an album with no promotion..low azz budget..minimal distrubution..FLOPPED with 18,000 in a week?!
    Hate is the New Love I guess!
    Slaughterhouse album is tha shit..go cop one if u can find it!

  • Silly Willy

    It’s all good, Bol. We know why you tread lightly.

    BTW, Slaughterhouse is pure fire!!!!

  • og bobby j

    the best part is, i dont care how many records they sold. the album is the best to drop this year…including em’s garbage album….

    • bobbygringo


  • george

    Bol is so obsessed with jay that he probably will write a similar blog within the next days dont worry. After all he is member of that fan club which also includes: Chuck, Dame, Jimmy, Joe

  • Tony Grands

    SH was an attempt to take Hip Hop back to the braggadio lyricism that we’ve been missing or awhile. A group or the purists who are tired of settling for whatever’s hot.

    Their records sales indicate that such a group is dwindling, for numerous reasons.

    But, it does show that basically you can still make noise with no-promotion (unless you count Joe the One Man Show). Maybe not success by those who live/die by sound scan, but for a relatively new, “unknown” group, they left an inaugural mark. Plus, E1 must not have had too much faith, because they undershipped, & I doubt it was any type of conspiracy.

    If they learned from what can loosely be termed “marketing mistakes”, then next go-round, they’ll do much better.

  • AZ40

    Co sign og bobby j, the album is a banger. Album sales, video and radio play are how success and worth are measured today. “Fuck album sales and who the machine markets best”- Joe Budden Microphone

  • Avenger XL

    The Taxwrite off crew= Memph Bleek,Tony Yayo,Splif star,I-20,Young Turk and that is just the starting line up. Their lead single is the Weed Carriers anthem “We hold weight for our boy”.

    Now On Slaughterhouse Bol is dead right. Dallas Penn big upped that Asher Roth trash and hand jobbed each member of slaughterhouse before and after their mediocre release. Also their sales isn’t in the can because folks downloaded the ish. There was no buzz at all on this project out side of the group BOL mentioned in his post. Then cats downlaoded it and they were probably a little disappointed like me because I was hopping these dudes got it together and did something dope. But instead they did exactly what I expected rapping ass rappers to do. Prove they can rap over and over again. Like I stated these dudes need some direction and they may be able to change their fortunes but if they stay on this path. They had all better start dating girls with Asses like Buddens chick and start eating off they broads like the OG ICE-T.

    • og bobby j

      mediocre release?

      Not sure what people want nowadays….to me, the album is pure fire. Maybe 2 or 3 less than stellar joints….but it far exceeds anything out…

      • Avenger XL

        By mediocre I mean they have already established their ability to rhyme and spit incredible punchlines. But memorable/classic songs are more than just punchlines and solid beats. They capture a thought,concept or emotion(see spirit of a time). This album just re-establishes what we already know they can rhyme well over solid beats. Also where is the character in this group what is the narrative or storyline that defines them. Oh they are each ill emcees who have experienced tough breaks and had lackluster careers. A producer who can bring out the character of each of these cats and make a cohesive project with a certain spirit like Dre did with the chronic or RZA with WU etc….

        • SbuJah

          Avenger you nailed it [II]… i recognise these dudes rhyming ability but for me they just spit for the sake of spitting… i cant even connect with them, they just lose me 2 minutes into any song… BTW GZA+MF DOOM rhyme better than than Laughter House…

        • og bobby j

          i respectfully disagree. Tracks like Cuckoo and cut you loose are examples of somewhat concept records, that are more than just spitting.

          SB – if they lose you in 2 minutes, your not the right audience. You should foces on some shawty lo or something easier to follow….

        • Avenger XL

          I hate to speak for SB but if he means lose you like cause you to loose interest then I understand. Shawty Lo is a dance artist so he is not even in their league even in a joking converstion. They suffer from the same thing that hurt Ras Kas ,Killa Priest, Chino XL. They have mad skills but outside of the fanbase that just wants to hear ill rhymes they can’t carry a song. A ill emcee that is transendent has substance,structure, style,character/charisma. They need something to bring that next level charcter/charisma out of their songs and come up with more inventive structures for their complex deliveries to better connect with the listener who is just not a rapping ass rapper fan(like myself). Cuckoo was just exchanging hot punchlines over a undercooked beat about being crazy. Now if they flipped that into a ill story like big usta do about being p niod about something you did and it is driving you cuckoo on some tell tell heart shit. Then that is a concept

  • infamous

    Hey Bol how does Hov taste…….even xxl got sick of your groupie love

  • EmCDL

    Damn why didn’t Joe release his album a month prior to the Slaughterhouse joint? That could’ve been buzz before the actual release…SMH

    And I don’t see why XXL pulled your blog Bol thats like the usual talk from you LOL

    And you can easily cop the Slaughterhouse album online at Amazon so no complaining aboout you can’t find it no where!!

  • Danny

    And I’m thinking, if I was a few years, maybe I would have gotten really into Joe Budden.

    this didnt make sense you dumb old cunt.

  • fastflipper

    Budden top 5 DOA

    • G2

      LMAO!! He’s got skills, but you can’t possibly believe that!

  • dynamik008


    He’s 45 yrs old, fat, and never had sex before.

    Joe Budden is the truth.

    INTERNET SOLDIERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • millar

    I thought this blog was probably the worst blog ive read on this website!! i like slaughterhouse for the exeption of joe budden e talks far to much shit and aint got the skills to back it up!! but crook is fire and royce joell is most of the time!!to say im an idiot cus i like them is stupid even to say i like them cus im younger is stupid you can be 19 and stil lik illmatic and 36 chambers!! but rght now there are no rappers i look forward to listen 2 exept slaughter house and saigon!! who the fuck am i suposed to lik drake do a blog about his stupid fans and why the fuck he has a buzz!!

  • drew

    Hey Bol now that you cannot comment on HOV nomore whose D you will be sucking

  • The Southern Comfort

    Hard luck about the jay blog getting pulled man, that shit was hilarious and on point. i understand it’s a job and you’ve gotta roll with the punches but fuck xxl for that man, the people that are checking for you aren’t checking for Jay anymore so where’s the problem?

    slaughterhouse is dope, i’ll def throw it on in the car but to sit still and listen to the whole thing – just rappers rapping after a while.


    “I remember there was a controversy at the time that one of the Teletubbies was teh ghey, and it would cause an entirely generation of kids to become fruits. I’d say whoever came up with that theory is owed an apology”
    true so true what happened yesterday bol where is this phantom blog. is it on your personal site


    Glad its only one man’s opinion. Does your xxl blog even matter..Im a fan of good music and the grind and hustle that goes with it. I truly believe Slaughterhouse represents a huge segment of hip hop fans who truly love great music and hard punchlines. Wether they buy the album from walmart or hit it off Limewire The fact remains that its still being heard. Now its up to radio to pick up on it and stop the madness forcing us to listen to garbage and destroying our Psyche…Joell Ortizz has the hardest verse of the year on THE ONE…I just copped Joe Budden Album and im impresessed..Cant say the same about Beanie Sigel though—So sad..So very sad

  • Cool Breeze

    That 18,000 fans comment kind falls flat on its face when you remember Budden’s album that he dropped back in March did 13,400 first week. Maybe Crook/Royce/Joell only muster up another 4600, i don’t know.

    • Chris S

      he was exaggerating idiot.

      and i would like to see the numbers (if possible) on the illegal downloads of the album. it was a poorly advertised album, but who cares! there goal was to make an entire album of straight lyrical murder (a la Wu Tang, just obviously not to the extent). i bought a copy and i love it. lyrics are sick and beats are good enough to compliment the rhymes

  • blue

    if you had any integrity whatsoever you would quit!!! You have no heart. Jay-z took you out without even opening his mouth. You were born as a man but you live as a b*tch pretenting to be a man. All that sh*t talk about jay and now what no comment what a little b*tch. Scared of missing your petty check equivalent of food stamp

  • eazy

    Crawford needs to study his topics more because joe budden released an ep his album The Great Escape comes out in October

  • randon

    slaughterhouse only has 18,000 fans combined?

    please. you think every fan bought a copy? I’d be willing to bet less then half of the slaughter fans purchased the CD.

  • EFFeX

    This is the lamest blog ever, why are you so concerned with sales?

    The music is on point and that’s all that matters to me.

    It’s not like your getting your pay check from E1, so why do you care if they sold 10 copies or 1,000,000. Grow up.

  • Matt

    I think its funny this blog is suppose to be about SLAUGHTERHOUSE but through the whole thing you out Joe Budden…

    Im sure Im one of the few but Ive always liked Budden since before Def Jam drop doing freestyles with FABOLOUS over the NBA beat… With that being said…

    Sales, whatever man, Eminem rocked sales, I like him too, but his album is far from his best, definitely better than Encore though…

    They are a under financed album, no TV spots, their only single was barely promoted, 18000 off anything they have on the net aint bad…

    Then to say basically they are a come and go thing is bs… they have solid tracks, the album is fire, take away the skits and “Killas” in my opinion itd be top notch… Although this in my opinion is the best album this year is going to see


  • BOSS D.R.E.

    Boi you wrong as hell. I don’t know how they didnt have any promotion XXL and everybody else in the world was talkin about it, including you Boi. The Aaliyah wasn’t funny, and if you given up on Lyrical Hip Hop then don’t write anymore blogs.

  • GO-Getta’

    That line “I lamented the fact that we’ll probably never get that group album by Pitbull, Lil Mama, Memphis Bleek, and Twista. No shots at Memphis Bleek.”

    Was that a shot @ jay.Ur days @ XXL are numbered cuz jay gonna b’ on the next mag cover

    No wonder u have throw-away blogs,what really happened,Bol?

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  • parks mcfly

    Damn bol, jay – z murked u.

    18,000 with no major or other promo?

    Shit, they could break at least half a mill with good backing. Why wouldnt a label take them? ….mmmm

    Eminem just got dissed by another white rapper

  • alderman j

    This is a wack article, put the album in and shut up haters, im not a fan of any of these cats individually, (royce is pretty good) but collectively they do there thing, not a dull moment on the album, and you dont have to skip any songs, the production is top notch, they did a good job picking beats, they have some nice concepts, not a classic but best album of the year so far!! Joe budden cant ruin it even with his lil sneak disses to method man. This album hits like those mid nineties albums, when the wu and nas was running hip hop!!! It dont have to sell, i dont give a damn if im the only one that copped it.

  • oskamadison

    As far as Joe Budden goes: ill spit is ill spit. I’m 30- something and I think dude is nice with his, despite the stupid shit he says.

    As far as Slaughterhouse goes: All 4 of them are sick. I’m fiendin’ to cop the joint, I haven’t listened to not one download yet. But like everyone else in America, things are tight for a dude right now. Anyway, if you’re not T.I., Wayne, or Em, do you really expect to move any units? At what point did everyone start living and dying by Billboard?

    • Tony Grands

      “At what point did everyone start living and dying by Billboard?”

      When 50 Cent made it official.

      • DV8

        “When 50 Cent made it official.”


        I bet 50 would love to take those words back now. Billboard is for label execs to stress out over, not artist and fans.

  • heflys

    SMH @ Byron Crawford. Ya done fell off big homie.

  • jesus

    yea i know this a year later but who cares i stumbled over this bullshit article …xxl a place where they promote rick ross gucci man young jeezy….dude why you hate so much is that wat cant so me 10 wack verses from neither of them n you hate? just dont understand great songs great lyrics wordplay punchlines story plots deep shit everything you want…n u still hate? hilarious fuk record sales judge the music

    • Anonymous

      youre a faggot