SlaughterHouse Album Release Party: No Panties Allowed…


You know when your shit takes off for outerspace? When Hot97 gets behind your project.

In the city where Hip-Hop is given the parentage credit on its birth certificate there is ONE station that is synonymous with the music of the artistic movement. NYC’s Hot97 is that place. It’s like getting a chance to work Carnegie Hall. You aren’t just legitimate now. You are uber-legit. The scene outside of NYC nightspot Canal Room was palpable to the event they hosting. The hottest four man group in the game right now was going to have their album release party. It was like a victory lap for these four dudes that rap.

We debated this shit from the moment the first single leaked onto the web way back 10 years ago (I know but internets time is crazy like that). It seems like we had mad ups and downs along the path to this point. The saga continues along with the journey. I don’t see the journey ending either. These four dudes who have no business being on a song together fought upstream enough to make an album. That kind of momentum and strength doesn’t dissipate quickly. I’m already waiting for the next SlaughterHouse song.

That is, after they have taken their victory laps in Jersey City, Detroit and L.A.

Slaughterhouse, for the mother effing win.

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  • Jhon da Analyst

    Pierzy!! SlaughterHouse!!!

  • El Tico Loco

    How about releasing the album in the South, I just came back from Best Buy lookin for it, and I really doubt they sold out not around these parts.

  • Pierzy

    I was talking to someone that is an exec at Best Buy and he said that E1 really made a mistake – not only undershipping the album but also not shipping enough to certain areas…

    • Chris Cash

      I stay in the South and they probably didnt expect it to do numbers here, but I stay in a major city (Dallas).

      I dont get paid till 2morrow, so when I walk into Best Buy to get my copy if they dont have it Ima be HEATED and not because its 100 degrees out.

      I didnt even download the shit offline cause I wanted it to be a natural experience when I coped the CD. I also havent even listened to the random songs from the album posted on the net, so the shits all new to me. I wanna feel like a fan again besides a critic.

      • daz_oc

        whats up chris……Nice to see more folk from dallas on here. I went to best buy by irving mall the morning it came out and they had some. From what I saw it wasnt much, hell they didnt even have it in the new release section. and i do the same, I dont listen to any leaks from the album i wait till it drops

      • chillin mayne

        real talk sonnn…houston texas in the spot, best buy round my way aint had da album, i was maaaaaad as a mug…but cash, i agree with you one hundred, i been seein all these random songs, i said “UH UH”.. ima wait for the album..i got 2 more weeks to wait, jus ordered it online…fucc goin around lookin for it, thats just gone be frustation…SLAUGHTERHOUSE need to come perform down here son…real talk

  • Sincere

    With u DP i already need new music from these guys.. But i can rock with this till Street Hop

  • Incilin

    DUDE WTF?!?! This post is bullshit. I thought you hated all radio for their payola playing ways! Didn’t you call it Shot 97 like two weeks ago? The second they get behind a project you fuck with, now you ride for them? What happens next week when they doing shows for Wayne or Soulja Boy or whoever. Will it be right back to hating? I’m confused over here.

    I agree that Hot 97 is a big part of hip hop, but you were always at odds with them in the past. I don’t get why you riding with them now.

    • Detroit P

      co-sign….dude is a flip flop…one day he condemns Jay-Z because he sold drugs…the next day he dickrides rappers like Joel Ortiz and Crooked I, who have also professed to selling doesn’t make sense

  • JC

    At my local best buy in southern california, they only had 60 copies shipped to them. This is a store that normally gets 1000+ copies of major releases.

    • EmCDL

      Damn I hope they have it at the Best Buy here out in the valley….either that or either Freakbeat or Second Spin. You think maybe Amoeba may have it?

  • Federal Ranga


    37,750 units… I called it, don’t say I didn’t warn ya. Episode 5 up…

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  • j

    Fuckin Fuck Yeah

  • latino heat

    i posted last night that 5 of the 6 Bay Area stores don’t have the album in stock and dosen’t even have the album in there data base. so by next week when they get them in stock people ain’t gonna buy it cause it will be $17.99 instead of $9.99. somebody owes these 4 dudes a serious explanation.

    • DetroitDraper

      I love em and I plan on supporting them but if I miss the 9.99 and they raise it to anything higher I WILL be downloading it. I wanna support my artist but them and their parent companies need to realize that people like me who actually buy cd’s are very few and if you wanna keep us you need to lower the prices even lower than 10$. 8$ is better than 0$ and a limewire download.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Now cats can’t say they’re only an internet group.

    One of the biggest Clear Channel stations nationwide is behind the project. That’s what DP is saying.

  • epinz


    Fuck what u talkin bout. That heading was funny as fuck!!!!!!!! How many bitches was out there ngga?


    Stop over amping this project like a member of there street team stanely. These cats have a solid project with limited depth and shelf life shorter than an open condemn. I hope that the secound album is better. But this gets an L rating for the lyrics alone and the beats were just solid. Now as far as mainstream really carrying these cats like that I doubt it cause none of them have that cross over drake cakes nick/Disney love. Hot 97 are whores so they probably got some serious payola to even touch this record cause it’s not like that fat jerk Flex gives a ish.

  • Johhny P

    Federal Ranga your an idiot man, with your shameless promotion. Slaughterhouse was undershipped and not promoted enough. E1 should release more cd’s next week, morans.

    • Federal Ranga

      @ Johhny P

      Call me what you will, but I have voiced my opinion on SH numerous times over the past few weeks. I don’t really care for the group. As with all artist, I hope they succeed, but since I know better I call it how I see it. I, and a shitload of others aren’t really checking for them like that and thats ok.

      So in the meantime, I took time to plug something I actually give a shit about more than SH. Episode 5 of my vlog. Commission!!!

  • Polotron

    WTF is an open condemn?

    Oh that! My bad, I just use aluminum foil…I’m Cuckooooo!



    • latino heat

      @ Polotron
      i got a homie that used cling wrap one time cause he was out of condoms. yes i’m dead fuckin serous.

  • shawnb

    I GUESS I WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND WHY U GUYS PRAISE THESE 4 PARTICULAR RAPPERS ALL.THE.DAMN.TIME…..seriously there are other cats out there….how van even call these bums a supergroup after one album that hasnt even been out a week(not including the leakage….are we talking about the same guys here…one tried to fuck over eminem(royce)..another didnt ever ever never ever have a career before the group(joell)…the other guy (crooked) i didnt even know about until the group and dat Buddens-ass Buddens niggas whole career is totally overlooked and ethered by tahirys ass *drooling*

  • shawnb

    OH WATCHU THOUGHT IT WAS OVER….my point is that if u put lipstick on a pig its still jus 4 thirty year old mediocre ass niggas who got lucky enuff to find eachother on stephon marbury)*…..dnt git me wrong they sound great together(no Bol) but did any of u niggas seriously like these cats’ solo careers(smh to all of u)u should be ashamed of urselfs for even putting them in the same sentence as wu tang
    -sincerely Shawnb the secretary of state for the U.S. HATERS CLUB OF AMERICA

    *pleez tell me yall saw dis nigga dancin(lol)

    • that nigga

      Thats some funny shit but you dead wrong.

  • 3rd eye clear

    The c.d. is simply ill! But why did i have to go to the military base to buy it, (and it was the only copy left) when i know i live in a target city?

  • brand-new

    i copped this one just off gp, because that nigga joell ortiz is the fucking truth, not to say the rest of slaughterhouse ain’t holdin it down, but joell represents my mother state of n.y. better than anyone right now!

  • Master Cheef

    budden said in one of those videos that he hurt his shoulder “bobbing and weaving” in the confrontation, and i noticed his arm was in a sling in the above video.

    what’s he gonna do if raekwon decides to take him up on his offer?

    • Avenger XL

      He is going to get f’ed the eff up. On top of that rappers are stupid. How are you seriously going to go on camera and challenge a dude to a street fight. If you want to get it in like that holla at the MMA folks and make it interesting. That way nobody gets charged with battery and no henchmen can jump in or change the story. If fools want to fight it out and make a big deal out of it I say televise the ish so that there is no more back and forth after the beating occurs. He is just doing that cause he knows you can’t do that.

      Joey Crack and Cuban link just met up in the park and got it in.

  • latino heat

    @ Avenger XL
    they got it in recently? i heard about that hotel fight a few years ago but not about this. who won? my money’s on Joe.

  • Truth

    These cats just sound like a bunch of mad rappers who can really rap actually but can’t sell 20 records…so now they want to build a career trying to shit on rappers who are getting money…Just like everything on our planet hip-hop has evolved and 80′s n 90′s style rap wouldn’t survive in todays age..perhaps if they put more time into there solo projects they could sell some record… I understand the need for substance in music but sometimes people don’t wann think that hard sometimes people just want to wild nver hear white folks shitting on each other about “skinny leg jeans” and dance tracks its not the rap business its the “Entertainment Business” they keepin it real alright …real broke!!!!!!

  • chillin mayne

    “sometimes people dont want to think that hard”…and this is ok with you??..ah yes, ignorance reigns supreme! u should always be thinking, apparently you just want to wash your brain with idiotic things…no hate, just by your comment your showing me that though… you actin as if these lyrics gotta make you get out a sheet of paper and have to calculate the words spit by these emcees…cmon

    the lyrical it is the better…that way the song never gets old…youll b hearin it later and might catch some real nice line that you aint fully comprehend before, or some wordplay, or metaphor that you aint catch, etc..