You know when your shit takes off for outerspace? When Hot97 gets behind your project.

In the city where Hip-Hop is given the parentage credit on its birth certificate there is ONE station that is synonymous with the music of the artistic movement. NYC's Hot97 is that place. It's like getting a chance to work Carnegie Hall. You aren't just legitimate now. You are uber-legit. The scene outside of NYC nightspot Canal Room was palpable to the event they hosting. The hottest four man group in the game right now was going to have their album release party. It was like a victory lap for these four dudes that rap.

We debated this shit from the moment the first single leaked onto the web way back 10 years ago (I know but internets time is crazy like that). It seems like we had mad ups and downs along the path to this point. The saga continues along with the journey. I don't see the journey ending either. These four dudes who have no business being on a song together fought upstream enough to make an album. That kind of momentum and strength doesn't dissipate quickly. I'm already waiting for the next SlaughterHouse song.

That is, after they have taken their victory laps in Jersey City, Detroit and L.A.