Serves her right

A question for the guys (as if any girls read this): What if one of your friends died, and his wife then dedicated her life to talking shit about him and throwing him under a bus, and then she ran out of money and had to move, with his kids, into a homeless shelter?

It’s a trickier situation than you’d think. The natural tendency would be to go get the poor bastard’s kids, before some homeless guy exposes himself to them, but it’s not like you’d be able to. As a man, it’s hard enough getting custody of your own kids, even if you’re a millionaire and your wife’s a crackhead. Word to Busta Rhymes. You guys know I was pre-med anyway, but I’m at a loss for how you could help the kids without also helping the wife.

This is more or less the situation Fat Joe finds himself in as we speak. Big Pun’s wife, who let him beat the crap out of her, because he was a rich and famous rapper, has spent the past 8 years or so (really?) throwing his huge corpse under under a bus. She put out that great DVD with security footage of him pistol whipping her because she wouldn’t bring him a sandwich (used to be you could watch the entire thing on YouTube – you might still be able), and then there was that story in the late, great Vibe magazine in which some woman tried to take it and extrapolate this entire epidemic in the hip-hop community, rather than, say, the latino community. Now she’s broke and living in a homeless shelter with his kids. And of course she’s on World Star today trying to act like it’s Fat Joe’s fault.

She claims she’s received $160,000 in royalties from Pun’s albums, which is about as much as I’ll make in the next 13 years, but it’s all been spent paying down the mortgage (you could buy my house three times over with that) and taking care of the kids. No word on whether or not she’s been working, or bringing in any income otherwise, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she hasn’t.

Fat Joe issued a response, in which he explained how much he’s already done for Pun’s ungrateful bitch of a wife and that she doesn’t have anything else coming from him. I wish he would have provided some exact figures, but it sounds like he’s gone above and beyond the call of duty, perhaps a lot more so than she’s claiming. He’s a better man than I am. He says he gave her the entire advance on the Endangered Species album, some of which he should have been entitled to, plus his share of the advance he received from Pun’s publishing company. And he’s got papers that show he hasn’t made jack schitt off of Pun since he died.

Pun’s wife argument is not so much that Joe is caking off Pun’s corpse, Diddy-style, and not sharing in the wealth, but that Joe should feel obligated to take care of Pun’s kids. He probably made enough money from that garbage “I Won’t Tell” alone to put them up in one of the foreclosures up the street from here, where they aren’t at (as much) risk of getting raped. It’s a hard argument to just dismiss. I’ve got friends with kids, and I’d feel like a douch if their widows had to move into a homeless shelter and I didn’t even at least go down there and break them off with some change, even though I wouldn’t have much choice in the matter. I could let them move in with me, but obviously I’m not gonna let a woman live in my house, free of charge, unless I get to have sex with her at least once a day. And you know how these women are – they’re not gonna do the right thing, just to prevent their kids from getting raped.

Which brings us back to Big Pun’s wife. Even now that she needs Fat Joe in order to be able to live indoors, she can’t come up with one good thing to say about him. You wonder if she’d be able to show a man a modicum of respect, if her life depended on it. Obviously she couldn’t bring Pun that sandwich. If I were Fat Joe, I wouldn’t give her any money, if only because she doesn’t have the sense to do the right thing with it. Those kids might be fucked, regardless.

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  • Ayre

    You’re a fucked up funny dude Bol!

    • geico lizard


  • Mutada/Mullah Atari

    Soon as I saw that video I knew Bol would go in. Why no metion of Shakur? I know you’ve kept your eye on her guest blog and comments.

  • Tony Grands

    *fuck that dollar sign*

    It is quite the precarious situation. Although Joe was Pun’s ace, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s supposed to foot the bill for them. Unless she’s handicapped & I’m not aware. Even then, she should be getting SSI.

    I’m sure Joe’s pissed that she waited until the man was dead to get all “liberated”. She should’ve left if their arrangement was so detrimental, as opposed to desecrating a dead man who can’t even speak in his own defense. She should’ve cut him, like a normal latino would do.

    Dare I say, get a job…?

    • Silly Willy

      Saddest part is, while she’s not entitled to anything from Joey, she can’t even ask nicely.

      I’d feel bad if I don’t try to do something for a homie’s widow. But fuck that if she’s gonna bark at me saying it ain’t enough when I try my best. I might just ask for a sandwich on the sole purpose of unsheathing ye olde pistol !!


    Sad but knowing how women are they should have gave the money to pun’s lawyer to invest in social security or some shit to take care of the children.
    The woman should get a fucking job

  • fastflipper

    BOL = G.O.A.T. !!!

  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    Bol you one sick puppy. But nah Joey don’t owe them shit, him and pun made bread together and that’s that.Pun didn’t invest,allocate,save or whatever his bread for the future and now his seeds gotta work at the Bodega sweeping the sidewalk.It sound funny but shit I don’t knock no way a nigga make his money unless he all Six Degrees of Seperation style wit’ his.

  • Phillmatic

    “throwing his huge corpse under under a bus.”

    Simple, but genius.

  • P. Harris

    How long has Pun been dead? (R.I.P.)

    Like regardless, the money is not going to last forever…

    Some proper planning should have been done, should have went to school with the money or something? Buy some houses and rent them out or something??? IDK… something!!!

  • Antwonomous

    He is a funny dude. I like it when he gets away from his point/loses his train of thought and then just suddenly comes back to it, like he did at the start of the last paragraph.

    • SASHA


  • General

    Everybody has a relative or a friend just like this. You know that person that is never responsible with their money. Everytime they come up on some money, instead of paying for essential shit like a house, food, or electricity they spend it on a HD TV or a chain, or rims…

    Then they come to you sayin they need to borrow money or they are gonna be homeless or their kids won’t eat or some shit…

    Of course when you wise up to the fact that the money you give them just goes to more bullshit instead of bills they call you out your name because you won’t give them any more money…

    I used to have this cat that would stop at my crib everytime he seen us hangin out front and ask for money to buy something for him to eat, but as soon as I offered to give him some food from my house instead of money he would walk off…

    If Fat Joe has given her everything that she was entitled to from Big Pun’s earnings then I don’t see how it is his fault…I’m all for lookin out for people, but sometimes you can only do so much for people who don’t look out for themselves

    • Tony Grands


      What it do, homie?!

      Co-sign all day.

      That dude probably leaves your house, then heads to mine only to get the exact same treatment. & Don’t let a “homeless” person ask me for change because they’re hungry. I’ll walk into the nearest place with food & buy them food.

      I have some in-laws like that, & their irresponsibility isn’t my fault or concern. If you’re an adult like me, there’s no excuse for a lack on stability. I don’t ask anyone for shit, even if I do need it.

      I refuse to believe God will turn His back on me because I’m smart enough not to pour money down a rabbit hole.

      • General

        Whats good Tony?

        Thats what I’m talkin about. People need to understand that you need to have a roof over your head and electricity that is paid for if you want to play that XBOX in high def and sure as hell need a full belly first to keep that energy up to clown them cats on some Madden

        • $ykotic/Don McCaine

          We used to call them “Begging Billy(ies)”.


          @general @$ychotic @Tony Grands


          let cash start floatin’ around. just a couple dollas. niggas be quick to swear part of that BELONGS to them. for no other reason than that they KNOW you.

          i don’t know how much i gotta get on here and say that these chicks need some guidance in their lives! i swear. because a properly coached female in a CLEARLY advantageous position is capital all day. in other words, if she was under the proper guidance,
          a phone call to Joe
          to explain the situation
          to suggest a solution in the form of
          a) a mixtape
          b) a reissue of Capital Punishment or
          c) a remix album with the cats that used to fuck wit Pun from producers to rappers, to be sold,
          that says on it “to support Big Pun and his widow and his children”
          would’ve been a SOLUTION. instead she’s chosen, and Latinos forgive me if i type it wrong, BONCHINCHE. thats gossip, slander, like in a slimy way. and at the one sureshot solution she got to her current dilemma.

          i sure hope she ain’t thinkin “book”. cause abuse and abandonment are played out. Oprah don’t even book that shit no more. and as much as i love Pun, his impact is not that far reaching to secure big numbers. WE love him. but i don’t think the abused and abandoned bitch in Des Moines is gonna give a fuck. so what a Latino man beat his wife? they were raised to think they wasn’t shit from first of all.

          what kills me is the seemingly universal concept that women have of going against the grain. and then expecting men to respect how they make decisions. (?) cause anybody that attacks their ally in the face of battle that they’re losing is a FOOL. i mean no disrespect to Pun’s widow. this is somethin i see a LOT of women do. and a lot will STILL have the nerve to ask you for help AFTER THEY ARE FINISHED ATTACKING YOU. as if nothing happened. it’s in those times is when i thank my dad for the genetic material he passed on that enables me to grab a good portion of myself whereas to demonstrate what can be done with a mouth like that.

          death is always a sad issue. i’ve been to 56 funerals in my life between Philly and New York. one thing that i know, and i don’t mean to sound callous, but if you gonna get some money outta niggas for the family of the deceased, do it fast. cause niggas WILL forget. and as the grief fades away like daylight when the night comes, folks tend to get back to what matters to THEM. and Pun matters to people. so her solution is to SPOIL that memory in the minds of people? and then expect to collect on that legacy? i don’t see where you can say you really thought that out.

          i wrote an entry on my site called “Who’s The Mack?” detailing my theory of where this mindstate originates in women. cause any woman that catch an ass whoopin wit a gun butt and wake up in the same house with that nigga the next day has ACCEPTED that treatment in her life. stop making men the root of all yall problems because that ONE man, your daddy, didnt perform HIS duty. and perform yours.

          cause the kids are blameless. and they gotta eat. whether it be poyo, or pizza in the middle of little Italy…

        • Tony Grands


  • these posts are racist

    Wow Byron,

    I never met anyone recieve so much joy from others misfortunes as you do…especially when it is a woman of color suffering.

    • og bobby j

      nevermind that she is ungrateful….nevermind that she isnt doing anything to help herself….she is just a colored person suffering and deserves our sympathy?

      Not mine…

      • these posts are racist

        “…a colored person.” You better hope our President gets his health care plan passed…perhaps BG Bobby J Jr. can get the much needed treatment his bum father has been unable to provide him over the past few years.

        • Hanch

          Now politics, GTFOH do you really think this Healthcare plan is going to be Free? LMFAO Look at England? Canada? Anyplace with socialized healthcare for that matter. It doesnt work. We have that now called Medicare and Medicaid! I hope none of the women you care so much about gets a lump in her breast, cause if we have this stupid ass socialized, rationing, bureaucratic fucking healthcare then most likely she wont get the treatment she needs in time to survive. You dont believe me look at the stats Bruh, In America Breast Cancer is not a life Threatening Disease as long as the woman gets her Mammograms like they should. In England its a KILLER most women who get it die cause the Bureacratic asshole wont let her have the meds needed to cure it dumbfuck. So if you want that here then by all means but dont ever say its going to be free. Cause I and all the other working ppl on here will be paying for it like always…Taxpayers will be paying for it, but i know he said only the millionaires will be taxed and thats where it will start and then the upper middle class and then trickly down to everybody else who works. Also I hope your grandmother dont need a Hip Replacement when she is like 80years old cause guess what She wont Get it they will give her an Oxycontin and let her live the rest of her life in pain fuckboy you will get old one day too and then you wont like whats going to happen when you need medical care that some government official deems not medically necessary and wont give you the treatment you need.

        • latino heat

          @ Hanch
          co-sign all day. ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. us tax payers pay for enough government giveaways for people that are too lazy to work. just like Pun’s wife.

    • Hanch

      Seriously Bro, Now your going to defend somebdoy who has had 10years to get a job or do something with the money she had coming to her. Seriously? This woman had all the chances in the world to make something of herself after Pun passed but instead she blew it on BS and now wants Fat Job to pay for her more money but yet cant say a nice thing about him…WTF is wrong with you Bro. That is not a lady of color suffering that is what we call a Bitch who deserves all the misfortune she has coming to her. If you care so much dickweed then why dont you go down to that homeless shelter and buy her a new house or better yet marry her so she can come live in your basement apartment with you.

      again i will say you sound like the dude from!!!

      • og bobby j

        @ Hanch & Latino..
        co sign all day.

        just so you know, this TBAG is going to get worked up like his father did that time his mother unveiled her face at the market.

        You better hope your boy Obama doesnt continue down this road he has been on…he can only blame bush for so long

    • kart

      grow a pair, and stop making everything about race. this is not about race, this is about you being a fag.

  • Worley

    “No word on whether or not she’s been working, or bringing in any income otherwise”

    And that is the bottome line. If there is anything else Joe could have done it would have been buying a house and then signing it over to her instead of giving her the money outright. My grandmother always said that a fool and his/her money are soon parted. Well Ms. Rios, look at you now.

  • escobar9300

    Joey Crack dosnt owe this broad a dime. Like it or not, Pun died almost a decade ago, the money is going to eventually run dry, even if he did plan for the future (which he may have). But just because Pun was is a celebrated rapper dosnt mean that she is entitled to a free ride the rest of her life after he dies. Hey lady, get your ass to a job fair, find some work and get an apartment to keep your kids from sleeping next to Jim the frisky hobo from 29th st. Use your head, not working = no money = living in a homeless shelter. Cause and effect people, cause and effect. Joey dosnt owe this broad squat, but I do feel bad that Puns kids have to suffer for the fact this this broad dosnt know how to manage her (I use that term loosley as she probably didnt work for any of it) money.

  • John Cauner

    Damn, she could at least try to get a job, or go back to school. Do something…You would think she would be try to be a good example for the kids, considering what she went through. Show those kids it doesn’t have to play out like this.

  • DJ Postman

    I feel Fat Joe has gone above and beyond for Pun (R.I.P.) and his family. Especially since he gave Pun’s wife the entire advance on the “Endangered Species” album. You can say what you want about Fat Joe, but the fact is he put Big Pun on. It goes without saying that Pun was the better lyricist, but Joe had the business sense to know Pun was going to blow up and he had to get him signed.

    “…not so much that Joe is caking off Pun’s corpse, Diddy-style, and not sharing in the wealth…” Too true. Classic.

    This woman probably never even got a job and just squandered away all the money she received. As a result, look where she is now. Good things come to those who work hard for them, but it’s just too bad his kids have to suffer because of it.

  • Sleeze $

    Remember when Pun’s wife was trying to whore out her own son as a rapper, along with Benzino’s kid? Get a job, bitch.

  • LB

    $12,307 a year? Really? Tsh, at least you won’t have to worry about any gold-digging “ungrateful bitches”. No woman is going to “let” you beat her down and have “sex with her at least once a day” (domestic rape anybody?) for that change.

    You’d almost be offensive if you weren’t so laughably ignorant.

  • giantstepp

    No disrespect to Pun (rip) his family, fans and friends…but he couldnt have been worth money in death say like a Tupac. It’s been 10 years and the Pun money has to be long gone. Fat Joe couldnt have been getting too much off of Pun. Ive never heard of anyone speak of Pun’s extensise catalog where folks was gonna be eating long after his death. She needs to realize that the money just aint there. None of us knows for sure but I think Fat Joe probably tried to do the right thing while she had a since of entittlement.

  • Curtis75Black

    Damn , I don’t have to say shit !! I will say this though, as celebrated as Pun was why is she acting like Joe was his only Homeboy ? What happend to the Full of Clips crew of Triple Seis and Cuban link ? Shit, Did Remy give some $’s up since she was discovered by Pun ?

    • latino heat

      @ Curtis75
      because Fat Joe is the only one of those people you mentioned that’s actually eatin. the rest of them are probably in the same situation as her if not then probably close to it.

      • $ykotic/Don McCaine

        @ C75B

        Triple Seis is on forbezdvd talking about the same thing.

        • Curtis75Black

          @ Don McCaine,
          What is Triple Seis actually saying ? I always found it funny right after Pun’s passing both Cuban and Seis breakout from the Terror Squad, saying all types of foul shit like they was only riding with Pun and really wasn’t down with Joe. I mean personally if I don’t like someone, I’m not fuckin’ with him period, even if that means not being featured on The Terror Squad cd.

        • $ykotic/Don McCaine

          Basically the same thing. “I’m struggling, Joey ain’t peeling, Pun’s wife & kids are starving…”

          $ changes people.

          I bet dudes never even thought that maybe Joe KNEW how they felt.
          And don’t forget Linx caught a smiley face for his actions.

          When I used to do my thing, I would go back to the room, order the super entree from room service, burn, sip, and eat. Then next day Western Union that bread to wifey. Even write down the amounts and double check when my statement came to make sure wifey’s greedy ass wasn’t dipping.

          Basically ALL of them thought that the money would never dry up. The proof is in the pudding.

          So if they want bread like that, give me SSN’s for dependent tax $, and y’all gonna have to work for it. People let the man do it to you, why not me? At least I’ma teach you something…

  • latino heat

    @ Sleeze $
    i was just about to say that. this woman has done everything to avoid getting a real job. get her son to rap, put out a dvd about Pun and a live concert dvd too. i remember not too long after Pun died she was in the Source for something else also, something about powerful women in hip hop or some shit like that. anything to avoid getting a real job though.

  • capcobra

    it’s 10 yrs later….if she in a shelter then that’s her fault…she should’ve found a new man by now.

    • General

      Somebody should really holla at her with Bol’s e-mail address…

      She may not be white enough, but it could work out, LOL

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine




  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Oh yeah,


  • Brooklyn

    hell, didn’t she get paid for that E! true hollywood interview she did where she talked about how pun beat her ass up and down the boogie down and then how he died in her arms or some shit like that? that bitch is stupid, simply because of the fact that pun was making some pretty good bread back in the day and when he died she probably did what a lot of women do and spent it on a bunch of frivolous shit that she didn’t really need but wanted because it looked cute. so, she probably got the bomb hair style, nails done, ass clad in designer clothes, and sleeping on benches along grand concourse with her three bambinos. if joe gave her anything she should have been thankful because joe ain’t her man, brother, cousin, or no kinda of kin to her other than her late husband’s friend. and she probably played on that shit from the time pun died, making joe feel bad about her not being able to jet-set like she was some kind of model or something. i wish my mother had some nigga giving her advance money from his album when i was growing up, my moms did what she had to do, worked her ass off, went to school, got her bachelors, and took care of her three kids. that bitch need to do the same.

  • El Tico Loco

    Good points all around and yes those kids are paying for this woman’s poor decision makin and piss poor planning. TPAR as somebody who claims that came up through hard work it shocks me, that you even took up for her suffering, true enough she is suffering but I didn’t see as feeling joy over her misfortunes, but more as doing his job to keep himself out of the shelter and this happen to be his (bol’s) hustle. Is humpday I understand I’ve been trying give away settlements all day so I’m never in a hoe saving mood ever, I have to detect bullshitters all day and she was full of shit with that one.


    man fellas you guys went in not much left to say. the facts are she got money from pun after he died and joe gave her more than what she was suppose to get. 10 years later her and the kids are homeless.
    now when you know no more money is coming in at what point do you stop spending? when you see the bank account down to 10k? you might wanna start thinking about a job to maintain your lifestyle or move into a smaller place. she is a adult and going at joe now and only reaching out now that she is broke is really fucked up. the things she said about pun only after he died were really fucked up as well. spoil the man’s legacy spit on his name she might even have his own kids hating him.
    i hope pun’s fam reaches out and helps the kids out. or joe sends some help for the kids because they should not have to suffer because of her mistakes.

  • Rx

    I agree with the lady on this one. And Bol, you doing your thing, clever on this one I know you feel her struggle on the joke tip.

    But on the real, why are these children suffering? If anything only she should be on the streets and those kids should be straight. There is gonna be hell to pay for Fat Slob unless he cleans this up he gonna lose his physical life not just his chips.

    Breaking somebody off with chips is not enough. You gotta do more than that for these kids and the moms. You gotta hook them up with the same situation you got. If you too above that, then you are gonna go vegan hood style.

    • Tony Grands


      Dude, are you one of the kids?

      That whole statement sounds like you have no idea what real life entails.

      Maybe the comments didn’t tip you off [||], but folks don’t generally support other adults. True, it’s sad that the kids have to be collateral damage, but those aren’t Joe’s kids. Even if he was there godfather, which I don’t doubt, Mrs Rios is their mother. It’s her responsibility first & foremost to maintain her kids’ stability.

      If that means the great Mrs. Punisher has to (wo)man up & work for Pizza Hut or K-Mart (whaddup Bol!), then so be it.

      No one is going to do anything to Joe just because he’s not supporting another man’s family, dead or alive.

      Wise up, kid.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      Again Joe ain’t responsible for them, their mom is.

      From all the reports it seems like she ran thru at least a quarter mil.

      Now maybe Joe would have been checking in & sending some change, but she burned that bridge already.

      Pun’s music is not in heavy rotation. I don’t see anyone who he knew re-doing anything from his catalog to get $ to the family like they do J-Dilla & Pimp C. Radio DJ’s can still spin it and get them royalties collected.

      And home girl has been loafing. She could have even got down with that battered wives thing. Got on a board somewhere and collected a check for speaking, being active instead of with your hand out looking for charity.

      And how can you get $ off of a legacy that you bash and tear down?

      I can see somewhat why Joe moved. You get tired of everyone asking for bread and dissing you when you say no.

  • Escobar9300

    Man RX what are you talking about? You’re saying Joey should be obligated to take care of her and the kids? Sad story or not, thats NOT his wife, and those are NOT his kids. He dosnt owe them shit, they are not his financial responsibility no matter how tight him and Pun were.

  • D-Thorn

    I dont really care about this story either way,I just wanted to say I dont think women let men beat the crap out of them.Good thing this blog isnt that popular or xxl would have all kinds of womens groups complaining about this posting.

  • David HussleSoft

    Shit is sad it seems like cats is condoning a woman being beat, and verbally and emotionally abused that shit is just wrong to me.
    As far as Fat Joe I would not trust anything he said everybody he has worked says dude is shady and for people that follow hip-hop everyone knows him and Pun had disputes about money.
    I not saying its kool for her not to get a job but it is a known that Pun would not let her go back to school or get a job, so its difficult to start your life over at damn near thirty.
    I think the whole scenario is just fucked the fuck up

  • JD

    I’m a woman and I think she needs to get a job. After 8 years its time to stand on your own two and handle your business if nothing else than to stop looking weak to your damn kids.

    And to those idiots shouting about her getting the latest hairdo and shit thats no worse than a nigga thats going out and spending stupid amounts of money on cash and cars.

    Nobody is exempt from doing dumb shit with money. This ain’t about all women. Just Pun’s lazy ass wife.

  • newyakwa631



    …and if she spent the money Joe gave her on the mortgage…

    why the fuck is she homeless?

    • chitchat

      You can get you house taken for failure to pay property tax too

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    I’m gonna play devil’s advocate here and while I think she’s a low-life who squandered the money, You can’t blame a woman for having ill feelings about someone who beat the shit out of her. Bottom line is that she was abused and I don’t care how much of a “groupie” she was at the beginning to get into the relationship, no one deserves to be beat the shit out of.

    It was obvious that he didn’t respect her, so you can’t be mad that she didn’t respect him.

    As for the Joey situation … he doesnt’ owe her nada. The first thing she should have done was get a financial advisor and figure out how she was going to live off that money forever if she was too lazy to get a 9-5.

  • Yo

    I find it ironic that any comments that I’ve ever made that are critical of your blog don’t ever seem to make it up on the boards. Show’s that you are truly a coward and not looking for anything but satisfaction of your ego whilst writing filth.

  • sasha

    funny, how men think that its all about the money…i work at a shelter for abused women and abuse is abuse no matter how rich he is…if she put out that tape then, good for her…if shes asking fat joe for money, good for her…pun wasnt a good rapper anyway!!!
    even his own kids are happy hes dead…smh…
    who gives a fuck if she doesnt work or not half of the men posting on here dont work either they hussle, trap, rap,got production companies,(ha!) nice cars but still live with their moms, or living off their baby mommas, ( no telling how many those are)…living a unrealistic existence….and have the nerve to talk about this chick and her family issues…get a FUCKING JOB!!!!!!

    • i mean business

      Your exboyfriend turned out to be gay and you have herpes and you’re mad because no one can ever value you fully, isn’t that true Sasha? we all know the truth about you…

    • Brooklyn

      no one is saying that pun was a saint, denying that he abused her, or condoning his abuse of her. the fact of the matter is, whether you consider him to be a good rapper or not, he made money back in the day that she inherited when he died. she had a duty to safeguard that money for her children, put it to a postive use, and make sure that they had a place to live and perhaps even a college fund. she failed to do that. who gives a fuck if she works? her kids do, because her not working is the reason why they’re homeless. and even if half the niggas writing on here do live with their mothers, that’s more than mrs. pun can say, and much more than her kids can say. i’m sorry if some man did you wrong and turned you into donna the dyke, but just because she was an abused women does not mean that she’s infallible. if she’s asking joe for money, she’s a lazy ass bitch. joe wasn’t the father of her children, joe was no relative of hers, joe gave money because he felt compelled to based on his friendship with pun. don’t protect her because she was abused, she can’t hide behind that forever, who’s beating on her now, to prevent her from working?