It’s no secret that the Internets do not buy albums. But the ‘net has never seen a musical force like Slaughterhouse. The online-favorite four-man rap band—Royce Da 5’9”, Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz and Crooked I—managed to momentarily take over Twitter yesterday, becoming a trending topic two spots above Lady Gaga. That in itself deserves a plaque.

The counterbalance, however, is that most folks who don’t compulsively check music blogs wouldn’t know Slaughterhouse from an actual slaughter house. So how will the group fare when the next week’s sales figures come back? Good, if you believe reports that various Best Buy locations were all sold out of copies of Slaughterhouse on Tuesday. But it’s also no secret that the Internet is a breeding ground for rumors.

XXL staffers tried predicting the group's first-week sales. Peep below.

Jesse: 30k
Travis: 65k
JFK: 1,000,000
Clovito: 43.6k
Rob the Music Ed: 56k
Matt Barone: 40k
Vanessa: 41k