Sales Predictions: Slaughterhouse

It’s no secret that the Internets do not buy albums. But the ‘net has never seen a musical force like Slaughterhouse. The online-favorite four-man rap band—Royce Da 5’9”, Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz and Crooked I—managed to momentarily take over Twitter yesterday, becoming a trending topic two spots above Lady Gaga. That in itself deserves a plaque.

The counterbalance, however, is that most folks who don’t compulsively check music blogs wouldn’t know Slaughterhouse from an actual slaughter house. So how will the group fare when the next week’s sales figures come back? Good, if you believe reports that various Best Buy locations were all sold out of copies of Slaughterhouse on Tuesday. But it’s also no secret that the Internet is a breeding ground for rumors.

XXL staffers tried predicting the group’s first-week sales. Peep below.


Jesse: 30k
Travis: 65k
JFK: 1,000,000
Clovito: 43.6k
Rob the Music Ed: 56k
Matt Barone: 40k
Vanessa: 41k

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  • Pierzy

    I forget what I wrote on Dallas Penn’s blog but I’ll say 54,000

    • $ykotic

      Yeah P XXL ain’t giving away a watch for our trouble!


    • Stuey

      13,000!!! 20,000 is the highest it will go.

  • CEO254
  • MrFinMan

    But if you take into consideration how much niggas hate joe budden then they’ll probably sell 23k

  • candy fade

    i don’t know if they undershipped these cats or what but i scooped the last copy at the best buy in my town. not only that but the stupid fucks at best buy had it shelved under rock. i found my copy behind a row of slayer cd’s. SMFH

  • General

    I predicted 42500 on DP’s blog and I still stand with that number…

    I guess we will see. I already got my copies and regardless of the numbers the CD is as good as any I’ve heard yet this year, which is all I was lookin for…

  • Federal Ranga


    What up, niggaz? JFK, you’re way way way the fuck off, homey!!! Lal… but I’m going to accept the watch when I win the contest for DP… I’m saying like 37,570. Kill that noise.

    Episode 5 of the vlog is up! Pierzy Co-Produced!!!

  • the real gangster

    50k. wont go past 100k in second weak but need to!!!its real hip-hop.

  • kmb24

    E1 only shipped about 35k units

  • Incilin

    I’m going with 25K. Love the album, but hey even I didn’t buy it.

  • El Tico Loco

    The closest estimate gets a XXL card worth 1,000 Commission bucks. (that’s right we got currensy bitches!)

    All I can say is that anybody that posts on this blog better buy a copy, who cares what everyone else does, we know better.

    With that said 100k

    • $ykotic

      “All I can say is that anybody that posts on this blog better buy a copy, who cares what everyone else does, we know better.”

      Co-shizzle x100! I even DL’d Joey’s solo.

  • Ben

    Word El Tico, word.

  • Jay Black

    Im guna go for 70,000. After word gets out about how amazin this cd is this week, more and more people will buy it. If you are lookin for grade A lyrical shit, this is the best cd to buy this year HANDS DOWN

  • AZ40

    They should do good…but seeing as they have mainly a huge net following im gonna say about 30k…niggas say they gon’ cop but they download that shit.

  • JpDaKid

    Like Kmb said..they only shipped 35k
    Jesse is the only one with a reasonable answer
    Smh @ E1..they could’ve sold more if they shipped more, word is that in the tri-state stores are selling out of em

  • BA

    Incillin, why even say its a tight album if you do not support the artist. You are the epitome of a contradictory hip hop fan and you should cease your responses from here on out.

  • Marty McFly

    Easily best album for the year. I don’t see anyone having a better album, esp not Jay. But realisticly speaking these cats are the outcasts and shelved mc’s of the industry. There is no machine backing them and the internets will only support by posting comments, not purchasing albums. I’m thinking 25k tops. They have already stated its not about the money, so hopefully we’ll get another joint from them.



  • Yessir

    I’m a BIG FAN of all four rappers. But the album is over hyped.

    The album is all a lyrical anslaight with not concept.

    I have to feel the music when I listen to it.

  • Yessir

    I’m a BIG FAN of all four rappers. But the album is over hyped.

    The album is all a lyrical anslaight with not concept.

    I have to feel the music when I listen to it.

    I Heard the album and I’m not buying it.

    • D-Block

      u fail at life then

  • Tony Grands

    I’ll say 30,000.

    If they do a lot better, they need to throw Joe Budden a pizza party. He’s going hard for their publicity.

    The real question should be how many copies of his “Escape Route” will be purchased, especially since it came out on the same day, yet I’ve heard/read nothing about it except him plugging it between threats & taunts.

    • General

      They ain’t really hyped any of the digital releases that they had comin…

      Joey’s is only a digital release, same as Royce’s that dropped earlier last month. Crooked and Ortiz were supposed to drop digital only releases too, but they never materialized…

  • sb


  • Qvella

    album is sickkkk, but i didn’t buy it, and i think most of their fans probly got it on the illegal download tip 10 days ago when i got mine.
    im saying 23,000

  • geico lizard


  • G2

    I avoided the empty shelves by copping mine pretty early in the day. Altho, I haven’t heard them on the radio hear (Detroit), so I’m not sure how big their buzz is in the streets. I think most of you guys were on point with the 30k-45k units moved guesses. JFK is gotta be fucking with us!.

  • John Cauner


  • L.a Vet

    if they not on def jam or universal they will sale 30 k or less…

  • Future

    40000 the first week the album is fire hopefully they can go gold by the end of the year slaughterhouse!!!

  • Foshiggadale

    hitsdailydouble has it at 23-25K, which is right around where I would have predicted…..if anything, Budden’s presence in the group may have hurt sales

  • mazemayhim

    The Best Buy near my house was sold out. But, they only had 2 copies to begin with smh chalk somethin!

  • Derek

    It will sell 60k in Cd’s But will also prob get A lot of sales online ( I-tunes and such )

  • Generalzod


  • latino heat

    i forget exactly what i said last week but i know it was around 32,000 or less. too bad to. the album is fire and there live show is hot too. hopefully they will make some money touring because it sounds like there label did them dirty with the amount of units they shipped.

  • latino heat

    i just checked the Best Buy website and they only have the album at 1 of the 6 stores in the Bay Area. i checked the Target website and they don’t even have the album listed in there database. this is a damn shame. fuck E1, Koch, whatever they call themselves.

  • janklow

    i was stunned to find only one copy of this album remaining in my local Best Buy on Wednesday (which i then bought). but i just assumed they only had about three total copies to sell on Tuesday.

  • Ali

    I say they surprise people…………70K

  • Curtis75Black

    I copped mine off Itunes !! Bonus tracks and 2 intrumentals. I will go to BestBuy and check out the shelves and get one for my lazy Cousin.

  • thaFace

    100k…then it will fall 50% next week…already got my copy but will gladly go to the store and get my official

  • beaver

    shit idk wat they will sell..
    cuz not many people know bout them..
    lik da only reason most of us knows slaughterhouse is over da internet..mainly cuz of rap websites..
    not many people really check rap websites.
    so i’m gonna say 30k..dats wat sounds lik a good number 4 a group not many people heard of..
    Slaughterhouse is dope..
    i lik em..

    they need more promotion then they’LL sell lik 100k at most..

  • Avenger XL

    Expect the Asher Roth excuse when they sale tripple ply wood. 10,000 and that is being generous. There is no Buzz ion this outside the stan community.

  • DJ Postman

    I got the last copy from the Best Buy in my area. They didn’t even have it shelved in the new release section, fools. I fear that E1 Entertainment (AKA Koch) didn’t expect all this hype and undershipped Asher Roth-style.

  • chillin mayne

    mayneeeeeeeeee, FUCC best buy…i went to try cop my copy and couldnt cope with these Copenhagen tobacco chewin complete lack of copious customer serice cop look alikes, a.k.a pigs….mutha fuckas had NOBODY in the music seciton i stood by the computer for a good 10 minutes, i said fucc it…i aint gone walk round the store lookin for a mu fucca, so i bounced….slaughterhouse bout to get bootlegged, u want u money go to best buy and get it from dem slackers in slacks….target aint cum throo for me either(they customer service was on point tho)….i was really tryna cop to…i mite still buy online tho

  • Jason Graziano

    This group is the most overrated group in hip hop right now.