BLOG: Rule #3489 – Don’t Diss Your Boss

As a rapper, Drake is pretty sorry. Sure, his rhymes are strong, but I’m losing count of all his apologies in just the past two months. There was the BET Awards fiasco, the Kanye West-directed soft-core music video and most recently, the regret expressed to Sylvia Rhone for jabbing her on “Say What’s Real,” Drake’s rendition of 808 & Heartbreaks’s “Say You Will.” ’Ye sure is a bad influence.

You see, what Drake didn’t realize at the time he recorded the freestyle is that Sylvia would eventually become his executive superior. In the big hoopla about which label Drake would be signing with, he prematurely announced that he was riding with Universal Republic and badmouthed Motown, only to rescind everything after word got out that “Motown” will appear at the top of his checks. He said the comments were “emotionally charged.” Sigh. Is it time for “D.O.E. (Death Of Emo),” already?

Save yourselves the sorrypalooza, rappers. Don’t throw your potential employer under the bus on a record. Especially if they’re not rappers, as well–that’s just plain childish. Put on a suit and call a meeting, or something. Sheesh.

Drake isn’t the only one to fall into the trap of leaking the boardroom onto beats. Peep these nine other cases of hip-hop execs getting snubbed in song. –JFK

50 Cent – “Smile (I’m Leavin)”

Victim: Jimmy Iovine
“I told Jimmy Iovine ass to shut the fuck up/Got Dre callin’ Shady sayin Em what’s up?

DMX – “We In Here”

Victim: Antonio “LA” Reid
“With Chinese slippers and silk scarves on / Nigga out here tryin’ to get his bark on, wonder why the dog gone… And for the record, what you gonna do to fill up my spot? / I ain’t gon’ front, that “Pon De Replay” shit, was kinda hot / Not!”

Game – “Runnin’”

Victim: Kevin Liles, Sylvia Rhone
“Sylvia Rhone and Kevin Liles slept, cool / Jimmy Iovine was the best move.”

Ja Rule – “Loose Change”

Victim: Chris Lighty
“And these Fed’s can’t discuss ‘em / Cause Lighty’s “Violatin” us, using his powerpuff / cryin bitch to Russell like… They shootin’, ah Chris ya shook”

LL Cool J – “Queens”

Victim: Antonio “LA” Reid, Jay-Z
“I wish Ricky Russell was back, I miss the old Def Jam / Cuz them new monkey’s act like they don’t know who I am! / The promotion and marketing wasn’t worth a damn / Now they on the balls again, cuz 50 my man? / It’s a Queens thing doofy this is how we do / We rep our hood goofy, how bout you?”

Memphis Bleek Jay-Z “Dear Summer”

Victim: Lance “Un” Rivera
“I ain’t no fronter / I don’t talk shit, I just flip it, Un ya / Sorry Lance, I’m just tryin’ to advance my quotes / I ain’t making you the butt of my jokes”

Royce Da 5’9” – “Death Day”

Victim: Steve Stoute
“He’s back to clean house so shut the fuck up / Steve Stoute said I was wack he bout to shut the fuck up”

50 Cent Feat. G-Unit – “Southside”

Victim: Jimmy Iovine (again!)
“Niggas think Jimmy Iovine’s my boss, nigga, fuck Jimmy Iovine, nigga! I’m from 134th street, nigga! I ain’t got no motherfuckin boss”

Nas – “Ether”

Victim: Damon Dash
“Is he Dame Diddy, Dame Daddy or Dame Dummy? / Oh, I get it, you Biggie and he’s Puffy (Eww!)”

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  • Pierzy

    When keeping it real goes wrong…

    You should only do something like this when you’re in the position that it won’t hurt you. People like LL and Budden kept complaining about Jay not marketing them (and maybe they were right), but do you think taking it public will make it better?

    Dissing your boss = grabbing a shovel and digging your own grave

    • Curtis75Black

      @ Pierzy,
      I disagree. Whether or not the fans like it, a emcee has the right to speak his mind especially if he feels like shit ain’t up to par with the label. As far as LL goes, this wasn’t the 1st time he threw Def Jam under the bus. Maybe you didn’t listen to The G.O.A.T. cd but his track “Farmers” did the same thing and he got his catalog out of it, something only a few if any emcees can say.

      • Pierzy

        What up Curtis…

        I think I mixed two thoughts in one sentence. LL has the career and the ability to go anywhere so when Def Jam stopped promoting him (the way he wanted them to), he has the history behind him to do something else.

        My point was that if you’re trying to get the right push or support, you shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds you.

        I appreciate honestly on wax. I think the best songs are the ones in which the artist opens up in front of the mic. However, at the same time, you have to be ready to deal with the consequences that come from your words.

        LL was in a different situation. He wasn’t ripping Def Jam before his debut album dropped the way Drake is.

        Hopefully I cleared up my sentiments.

        • Curtis75Black

          ‘My point was that if you’re trying to get the right push or support, you shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds you.’ – Pierzy

          No doubt man, especially if you’re a new artist with no weight only a Buzz that can fade away faster than Kwame and them fuckin’ Pokadots.

      • Silly Willy

        Nah, Curtis. I think there’s a difference. Speaking your mind is hiphop, no doubt. So you gotta stand your ground. However, dissing your boss on wax is just airing out dirty laundry. It should’ve been handled inside, and making a point to prove to the public that you work for a worthless piece of shit boss doesn’t make you any better. He should speak his mind, but directly to the boss. Otherwise, it’s a bitch move.

        Of course, some of those emcees didn’t know that their target wold soon be the one signing their checks. And if that’s not a bitch move, at very least it’s a very bad move business wise…

        • Curtis75Black

          Who said that wasn’t the case-Him going to them personally and inquiring ? It’s the same situation with Ice Cube and his money back when he was with NWA. These new emcees are cut from a different cloth than the Vets of yesteryear !! Back then, it was praised, now it’s hated on which is Bullshit. This is nothing new, difference is the climate has changed and everyone knows when shit is poppin’ before they even know !! Sometimes you speak too fast and it hurts you, NO DOUBT but it’s when you don’t speak that it kills you even more.

        • Silly Willy

          I see you Curtis! And you’re right, completely.

          It could kill you more if you don’t speak. The problem is not speaking, it is how you speak. LL made his point when he said on interviews and everywhere that Jay was doing a great job only for Jay, and that he couldn’t get what he deserved. But was it necessary for him to go on wax and call his bosses monkey ? Monkey, really?

          LL has a large fanbase who could buy his CD, promotion is really for people who wasn’t all that into him mostly. But moves like this further alienates your own fans who didn’t think you are that hot lately but were willing to buy your shit out of loyalty for their fav emcee.

          Ego and business don’t make a good mix, and sometimes, apology or moderation goes a long way. On wax, you battle. In the business, you negotiate, that means talking.

          A real man should never run, but he’s allowed to consider walking when necessary. If that’s not keeping it real, then I prefer keeping it smart.

        • Curtis75Black

          LL made his point when he said on interviews and everywhere that Jay was doing a great job only for Jay, and that he couldn’t get what he deserved. But was it necessary for him to go on wax and call his bosses monkey ? Monkey, really? – Silly Willy

          See that’s where the problem is. Fans like yourself took it as LL Vs. Jay-Z the rapper. No, It’s LL vs. Jay-Z and LA Reid CEO !! Def Jam could’ve had a monsterous 2years if they did those artists justice with their releases. I brought every release: Redman,Method Man,The Roots, Ghostface and LL’s. These cd’s weren’t bad at all. The problem was the push of who was now the New Generation or who was co-signed by Jay:Jeezy and Rick Ross,Ne-yo and Rihanna. Didn’t it seem fishy that Redman, Method Man and The Roots had no videos and the only video from Ghostface had Ne-yo on the hook ? Out of all those artists, LL was the only one to speak up – The eldest on the label. Shit, this isn’t Rocafella anymore where you are the Cash Cow and everyone Sucks dick and falls back. Everyone had careers before Jay’s solo debut in 96. Why should that stop for your new cd after “retirement” ?

        • Curtis75Black

          @ Silly Willy,
          See that’s where the problem is, people took it as LL vs. Jay the rapper. No, It’s LL vs. Jay and LA The CEO. Def Jam could’ve had a Monterous 2 years if they did those artists justice but they only saw the new Generation or Jeezy and Ross, Neyo and Rhianna co-signed by Jay-Z. I picked up every Hip Hop release from Def Jam and those weren’t bad at all. Wasn’t it fishy that Meth and Red didn’t have a video for their solo’s and the only single for Ghost had Neyo on the Hook ? Everyone of those artists had careers before Jay’s solo debut in 96. Why should that stop for your post “Retirement” cd ?

        • Silly Willy

          I get your point, homie.

          But it’s not me the fan viewing it as Jay vs LL. I’m a big fan of all those guys, and I think Game Theory was the best album that year.And if they did a video for You Got Me, Clock With No Hands at least could have the same impact if they really thought the whole vibe of the album was too dark to get a video. The Champ is a great video material.

          I’m not siding with anyone about this, shit I could give a rat’s ass about their arguments, they don’t bring food on my table. Musically I’m a fan, but that’s about it. Now the quibble is about how you handle your business when shit happens. Having a comment section on a drop means XXL is asking our opinions, so I thought, well, I don’t condone LL’s behavior. Because as I say, ego should not get the best of you when you negotiate and calling your boss (Jay, LA, DefJam as a whole) monkeys is not the best way to get shit done your way.

          Just my 2 cents.


    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      “My point was that if you’re trying to get the right push or support, you shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds you.”

      “Dissing your boss = grabbing a shovel and digging your own grave”

      Co-sign. The moral of the story.

      Sorry to break up the round table…

    • LEO

      Co-sign…Grown Men should be able to talk about business privately…bringin it out can make them look stupid down the line…


      DMX shouldve said: that Rick Ross/Rihana/ Ne-yo/ Jeezy/ Ace Hood/ The Dream/ and all the R&B bullshit dats going on at Def Jam was kinda hot…NOT!!!!!

  • Silly Willy

    Keeping it real, alright…..Having a boss is so unniggaly…..

    If you got something to say, meet the boss, don’t whine on wax like a bitch and end up saying shit you can’t take back, cause you know….those songs…they record ‘em!!!

  • Around and Around

    What’s up with that picutre???

    Oh he came up on the rough side of Degrassi…tough guy

  • GO-Getta’


    1 Always wear a red underwear on top of ur pants like superman

    2 B’ a nerd like Steve Urkell”did i do that”

    3 Fucc 1 of his/her next of kin

    4 B loud & popular with the opposite sex during conference meetings

    5 Say Yes & No all the time & never ever agree/disagree

  • tray hova

    LA HA! D.O.E indeed. Eff a sorry can I get some slaughterrrr?


  • General

    I agree that shit should be handled behind the scenes, but all too often the artists are the ones get raped behind the scene and takin the heat in the public…

    For example when a label doesn’t do shit to promote a CD, and then when it doesn’t do the numbers the artist takes the heat for it not selling like everyone thought it should…

    I know its a business and everyone is about “what have you done for me lately?”, but in LL’s case, he helped build Def Jam into what it is and Def Jam should be goin all out for him on GP…

    Your right it almost never works out for an artist to go public with beef with their labels, but at the same time you gotta stand up for your principles, but also be ready to deal with the consequences…

    Besides in Drake’s case I doubt Motown is gonna take too personally what he said when in end they know they have a truly bankable artist that they have a chance to make some real money off of…

    He apologized and moved on and I’m sure Motown has too, so now its time that we all do the same…

  • capcobra

    drake stay losing outside of the booth.

    • P. Harris

      LOL… co-sign!!!

  • Around and Around

    On a side note…Ether is classic

  • Tony Grands

    If you do diss your boss, make sure you know exactly what your talking about. The toes you step on today may be attached to the ass you have to kiss tomorrow.

    & in Hip Hop, one only gets an “ass kiss pass” no more than twice before you start to look suspicious. Drake is a perfect example of this.

    Artistic expression is rife with emotion, but so is everything else in life, & that “I was emotional @ the time” excuse only works for PMS-ing wives, not adults who know what they were saying @ the time. Being a rapper means speaking your mind, so do that. It makes for better entertainment, but you can’t go apologizing after it’s mastered & released to the public. Makes you look soft.

    @ the very least, apologize behind closed doors. Try & save face, don’t let the world know you don’t have the integrity to stick by your opinion.

  • P. Harris

    In the words of Kanye…

    “Don’t ever fix your lips like collagen
    And say something when you gon end up apologen”

    Yo, honestly, I would have been like, “Yeah, I said it, you heard the mix tape right???” Fuck an apology… you can’t take it back now… and regardless, the fact that you made the comment is still there… you meant it right?… well then wear it….

    SMH – Is thinking before you talk a lost art?

  • Federal Ranga

    It’s like Mr. Magic said on “Down For My Niggaz”

    “Believe me/I’ll never bite the hand that feeds me…”

    The music industry’s world is way way way smaller than most these niggaz know. Too many connections and not even knowledge of them. Shut the fuck up rappers… save your careers.

    E5 up, niggaz!


    • Federal Ranga

      Of course if any of you have any common sense you wouldn’t be listening to me anyway, because I’m an idiot.

      And please don’t waste your time watching the new vlog. Nobody else will.


      • Federal Ranga

        What up, clone? Still up on ya bullshit, I see…

        Let me catch you up on what ya missed while you were away planning your pathetic comeback….

        1. My vlog is stronger than ever.
        2. The Sweet Release came out after the Power of the Tongue Mixtape.
        3. Keva had an abortion.
        4. I divorced your moms
        5. You still haven’t found a way to stop any of it…
        6. I’m secretly annoying the fuck outta you by calling you on your bullshit.
        7. You, in the span of one month, became the last of a dying (and soon to be extinct) breed. And I’m laughing at you (no Cam’ron)…

        Take it from my boys A.Dd+ and Lookout, biiiiiiiiiiiitch!!!!!

        • Federal Ranga

          “1. My vlog is stronger than ever.”

          If by stronger than ever you mean that 15 people watch it a week than you are probably right, lol

          “4. I divorced your moms”

          Shit you couldn’t afford to divorce my mom with your gas attendant job, lol

          “5. You still haven’t found a way to stop any of it…”

          Stop it? Shit your too funny to watch to want to stop it. Its like watching Perez Hilton try to be hard and talk about hip hop, the shit is too funny

          “Take it from my boys A.Dd+ and Lookout, biiiiiiiiiiiitch!!!!!”

          Yes we are all trembeling in fear, no wait thats laughter, nevermind

        • Federal Ranga

          Man… you have joke written all over your face. By you admitting that you even watched Perez Hilton do anything at all gives me the clearance to not take you serious AND to classify you as a hater. Shiiiiiiiit, the only thing you can do is try and slander me by posting under my name. Been there, done that… doesn’t work.

          And for the millionth time… Shell is my weekend shit. Tutoring is my main hustle. *BLOCK* got it, how did you miss it?

          E6, Monday @ noon. Commission!!!

        • Federal Ranga

          “And for the millionth time… Shell is my weekend shit. Tutoring is my main hustle.”

          You really are a joke. You can’t even man up and stand by your job. Tutoring? I feel sorry for those people. What are we teaching? Gas Pumping 101. Or perhaps how you can use XXL’s name to promote you vlog and still have it go unwatched.

          I know Tony Stan$, Paris, and probably 2 other people from the grand Commission network probably watch it. I admit I find it quite entertaining to watch Will I A.m’s gay stepchild rant about hip hop while running a cash register at a gas station. I find it interesting that this vlog doesn’t take place in the streets of Miami, but instead inside an enclosed Shell counter. Whats the matter? Your mom won’t let you record in the house? Not aloud out on the streets by yourself? Next time I stop in I’ll just laugh to myself as I watch you ring up the gas I just put in my Escalade again.




    Jay-Z “Dear Summer”
    that one song is the best one on that album funny thing is. he is on it by himself and it’s not even jay-z’s album mwhahahha

  • miles archer

    When was Dame Dash ever Nas’ boss????????

    • murK

      lol, I was thinking the same thing. C’mon XXL!!

      • JFK

        List was about hip-hop execs/potential employers getting dissed on wax.

  • jojo

    The funniest shit about the X line on L.A. was the explanation he gave in Vibe magazine. To paraphrase X, he stated “L.A. walked in with sandals and a robe, and the way the wind was blowing the robe made him look like a f***got. I would never rock sandals without socks, even if im at the beach”

    PLEASE SOMEONE FIND THE EXACT QUOTE, i remember laughing my ass off when i first read it

  • witze

    Nas did hit him wit that line hahaha ether was hot as hell i remember the hype that fuelled the beef and now he sometime do tracks wit Jay hahaha oops did Jay mean beef or employ.?

  • Whitey Does It Again

    XXL is nothing but junk and gossip. Probably because they have a fat bitch named Vanessa Satten as head. Bitch, you and your sorry Team Satten company is trying to get promoted. SHUT THE FUCK UP!

  • Pana

    I diss my boss all the time! That butch can’t tell me nothin cause she be fuckin up. I come in late, take xtra long breaks and even longer lunches. I’m always on my iPhone and I leave early and come in whenever I want. But she won’t fire my ass cause I got too much dirt on her! (insert evil laughter here)

  • betrott

    “i’m sorry to fans, but them crackers weren’t playing fair @ jive.”
    -pusha t

    barry weiss

  • Hip Hop Has No Age Limit!

    I think XXL has a lil’ thing against Nas, cause every time there is somthin’ negative to be said, Nas’ name always comes up, why? Do y’all niggas got somethin’ against the God Mc?

  • james dean

    For the record… That was the best line on that song to me…..Drake shouldn’t have apologized for that…. It’s like if your a struggling football team and you draft the #1 QB and he starts saying something about management you’re not going to DROP him… He is the future…..Drizzy Rogers isn’t the future tho………….

    Let’s get Curren$y onto a MAJOR!!!!

  • that nigga

    Dame Dash was never NaS’ boss.

    • that nigga

      And niether was Jay Z. Jay himself said it was a partnership. Def Jam/The Jones Experience.