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  • General

    I still can’t see how he can’t get a CD released with all the garbage that does get released though…

    This ain’t the tightest joint, but the bars do go hard on here, and honestly I ain’t that annoyed with the auto tune on this joint…

    It does sound like a joint Just Blaze did for TI or Jay and it got passed on so he threw a bone down to Sai…

  • damestatus

    From the tweets to the street!

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  • http://xxl All Dae

    Noone since Biggie has blended the lyrics and g-talk as good as Saigon. I’ve been feeling his mixtapes and album cuts since day one but also felt the sting of his fuck ups. Such as punching Prodigy like a child for nothing more than ego trippin. Those words don’t hurt but it hurt seeing Saigons album being deaded. Prodigy has released two albums since then and many solo tracks and is writing from prison. Saigon not so much.

    To me this guys already dope as fuck but needs to drop that offical shit…to let the industry know he got fans. The streets already know Saigons a beast.

    • Federal Ranga


      By the way check out my new vlog I recorded at South Beach which is a very special place for me. That is where I met my boyfriend. If you want to see him check out my youtube video of “Turn My Rap On”

      This shit is classic


  • Pierzy

    I’ve liked Saigon for years and I really thought that being on Entourage would finally give him the push that he needed. Unfortunately, like championship teams, most artists have a small window to hit the scene and capture the public’s attention. I think Sai’s window may be closed…

  • Slimm

    Im at work at a real job like Sai needs to be…he is going to have to start off on floor detail like me, now im washing lettuce, next i will be on fries, in 2 years i will be assistant manager and thats when the big buck$ start rollin’ in!!!! Welcome to McDowells…

    Sai career highlights (in no particular order)

    1) Come on Baby- Jay-Z did a favor for Just Blaze…

    2) Punching Prodigy (then he ran or walked?!!!)

    3) Joe Budden battle (i just woke up from that)

    4) ??????

    Sai, come put in an app at McDowell’s…I can hook u up…he been better off signing with WU Records or BME….LOL

  • Tony Grands

    I had high hopes for dude. Good backstory, gangsta intellect & when I got wind of his buzz, I downloaded as much music as I could.

    Funny how the industry isolates certain dudes, with legitimate talent, yet idolizes so many duck sauce rappers. By the time his legalities are straightened out, nobody will be checking for a “Saigon”.

    Too bad to, because he may actually be the greatest rapper [we] never heard.

    • Capital G

      It’s a damn shame this dude never took off. He actually has something to say unlike…(insert whoever the fuck here).




  • DBlock

    that’s just blaze on the hook. i’d almost put money on it.

  • Incilin

    Worst… photoshop…. evar…..

    I thought you liked the autotune? The voice correcter or whatever.

  • Parsifal

    Saigon has no one to blame but himself for how his career went. From dissing Atlantic to threatneing to beat down a woman on national radio when your drunk. Then retireingbecuse it’s “the media” that makes you look bad Saigon will go down in the has been that never was hall of fame for all the opritunites he blew. Let’s not forget the fact that his first single was Pain In My Life dopesongbut depressingwherein the middleofa rescion and youwant to put out asong about clergy molastation, Alcaholism, Suicide, and Veneral Desease? What are you thinking

  • hate

    this song got leaked madd long ago. months b4 jays d.o.a. dropped. i heard a half assed mixdown of this on some bum mixtape. it is just blaze on the hook. i guarantee there will be no auto-tune on his album now, if it ever drops

  • Brooklyn

    i heard somewhere that saigon was gonna try to make a crossover joint with the hopes that it would finally get him the attention that he deserves. i guess this is it. that nigga can spit fire, i’ve been saying that for years, and i always felt that he wasn’t given the credit that he’s due.

  • E


  • Fall of Saigon

    I defy any of ya’ll to listen to Saigon’s cut on the Stoupe “Decalogue” and tell me he isn’t the wackest, weakest wannabe savior since… whenever.

    Ig’nant, sexist (even by hip-hop standards), cliche sodden– all in one song!

    If Statik Selektah didn’t make him sound somehat not retarded this guy would that much closer to getting a real job.

    No offense to Dallas but as long as New York pretends Saigon or Papoose are worth more than Eastern Parkway dogshit on the bottom of its collective Timz is as long as New York stays losing.

    Saigon = BOMB, interpret that any way ya’ll like but he’ll never never move worst Busta #s.

  • Federal Ranga

    This is ok… 3/5. I fux with Saigon. He’s the Joe Budden of New York if you ask me. Sick, but problematic.

    E6 up, nigga!

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine


    3/5 *

    LOL @ the photoshop.

  • trey

    This song was released on this website spring of 08. The song is called ” Gotta Believe It” and its Just Blaze on the hook, going by the name Redd Five. They wanted to have T-Pain on the hook but felt he was charging them way too much for what he is worth. This song leak a year and a half ago on this website how can you not remember that shit.

  • WestPhillyPolo

    This song is mad old. This joint was out last year around this time. Too little too late. I liked it last year though. Saigons dope, but like most of yall said. It’s pretty much done with. Sai been grinding for over ten and still hasn’t blown. Time to review other options


    saigon has a classic unheard by the masses album with just blaze behind him. he got mad at how things went so he went with his other options which was good. the only problem when somebody talks to him about why the album never came out he points fingers in all directions. i never once heard him say man i fucked up and i going bring try my best to bring it out to the fans. he talks more along the lines i should leak the joint myself. i don’t want him to do that i want him to release it and even if it fails. if it is good as the people who heard it said it was. he will at least have that to grow on and show us and his peers in the game. that he derseves respect if he really has a classic under his belt. if the album is never going surface he need to stop talking about it and make some more material.

  • kdot bdot

    These XXL bloggers need to start doing their homework before just making remarks… this joint “Believe It” is a Just Blaze production made way back and leaked around March/April ’08. This isn’t some new single he just came out with. Notice how similar it is to T.I’s “Dead & Gone” and Maino’s joint “All The Above”. I think it’s actually Just singing on the Saigon joint. But Saigon’s ish didnt pop and Just capitalized on the sound.
    I think he’s just throwing this on the “Warning Shots 2″ mixtape since it leaked already.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine


    Just noticed the school lunch sized milk…

  • Shawty J

    This song is old, and that’s Just Blaze singing the hook.

  • Shawty J

    This song is old. And that’s Just Blaze singing the hook.

  • GO-Getta’

    Just like Papoose..Sai window of opportunity is firmly closed.

  • Dallas Penn

    So the verdict is that the Saigon verse is a year old and that is Just Blaze on the vocoder.

    Mystery solved, case closed.

    *puts .mp3 in the “round” file*

  • Antihate

    I’m feeling the song a lot. It’s real. Genuine. Saigon can still do it. If he keeps pushing like it was his first day getting in ‘the game.’

  • latino heat

    Saigon reminds me of Cormega. N.Y. street cat with mad underground props and a classic unreleased 1st album. hopefully he’ll take the ‘Mega route and go independent and at least satisfy the underground following he already has. i think the time for main stream success is gone. he needs to realize that. if the Entourage shit didn’t put his name out there than it’s time to move on. maybe one day he can afford the rights to his 1st album and put it out a few years down the road like ‘Mega did with The Testament. that shit was a bootleg classic for years before it “officailly” saw the light of day.

  • Master Cheef

    he killed your boy sean price on “critically acclaimed” bangers section july 29