What a crazy weekend for the Whoomizer! I just got back from Peru with 50 Cent then to my home in Hawaii then to NY Saturday. I knocked out my crazy satellite radio show for 5 hours on Sirius/XM (Shade 45) with Hollywood guests all day! My twin brother Marlon Wayans came thru with Channing Tatum beefing with 50 Cent! Chris Kattan, Dr Ken and Juliette Lewis also swang thru! [Peep the pictures below] It was fucking hilarious! My Brother Mandog kept killing Brisco all day! If you missed these interviews you can watch them on Radioplanet.tv or XXLMag.com-POW!

Then finally, after the show I slept for 15 hours 'til Sunday evening! Now (Monday) I'm refreshed and ready for another busy ass week! I woke up and worked out a bit - got head from Olivia, met up with the owners of KRSP about a club tour, picked up my usual free KIDROBOT tees and now I'm driving 1 hour to Banks' house to mix down his Vol. 5 mixtape! I called Nojo to start work on the cover! I will have the final color choices and Banks mixtape update on my next blog! -DJ Whoo Kid