Dear Rapper,

I just wanted to send you this letter. I know shit is hard out here, seems like there are more MCs than ever and fewer outlets for you to actually be heard. I encourage you to be the best that you can be. I only want you to win. It kills me when folks talk about the decline of hip-hop and how the new generation of MCs aren’t as dope as they previous era. I don’t buy that, I try to support and do my part to help cultivate the next crop of artists. Rob the Music Ed cares if don’t nobody else care. Still on this day, Thursday August 27, I do have to make one simple request: Please NO “FOREVER” FREESTYLES!

Last night while I was out listening to the Kid CuDi album (Plain Pat what up?!?), the most exciting song of 2009 leaked. Seemingly out of nowhere, Drake released “Forever” featuring Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Eminem. We can argue all day about who had the best verse; right now I think Em got it, but my opinion may change because the truth is they all came off. With that being said, I don’t want this particular moment tainted with 500 “Forever” freestyles. It’s not that I’m hating, I’m just saying, let’s let this one live. I fully appreciated last year’s “A Milli” movement, it seems like everyone touched that beat and it was dope because we all posted up by the blogs downloading every single version.

But today, in regards to “Forever” let’s all just act like fans again. Don’t try to rap over this beat, because the truth is no one was trying to freestyle over the original version when it just featured Wayne and Nut the Kid. Please my ears beg you. Thanks. Good talk! – Rob The Music Ed