Memph Bleek Is…

When news broke last week that Memphis Bleek would be releasing his next album The Process with Boston-based indie Mass Appeal instead of Roc-a-Fella, Roc Nation or some other Jay-Z affiliated venture the Internets proceeded to take shots. In all reality, in 2009 it seems like a major isn’t the best move for young Memph Man anyway.

The truth is, the future of Roc-a-Fella is still undefined, though I’m guessing it will continue to exist as a label under Def Jam. As far as Roc Nation goes, it doesn’t make much sense for Jay to start a new label with his same old roster. So why bring Bleek for the tag-along? Actually going indie is probably the best option for Malik. Chances are The Process won’t score a platinum plaque no matter where it’s released and you can laugh if you want, but who is really selling a million-plus these days anyway? So why not go indie where you can fully capitalize off of the fanbase you’ve been building since your 1999 debut? Even if it is only 100,000-200,000 people— as if that’s some number to sneeze at nowadays. Plus according to the press release that was sent out, Bleek’s next album will feature production from Just Blaze, NO ID, so we know it’s gonna sound right. Plus if you ask me, dude has never made a bad album. The Understanding was fucking dope and M.A.D.E. and 534 were average, but not wack by any means. It’s funny too, Memphis gets so much flack because Hov threw “Dear Summer” on his last album, but hip-hop seems to catch a case of convenient amnesia and forgot that Jay did the same thing with Bean’s debut when he included the Oliver Twist-sampling “Anything” on The Truth.

All things considered I don’t even know where all the excessive Bleek hate even stems from. Sure he isn’t the greatest lyricist, but dude has some dope records in his catalogue and not all of them have featured Jay (“Mind Right” is CRAZY). Seems like most of the hate comes from the fact that he’s Hov’s hypeman and is in Jay’s will somewhere. So what? Most of ya’ll up and coming rappers will slap your own mother to back-up Shawn Corey on stage.

I often wonder if Bleek would’ve came out on let’s say Ruff Ryders instead of the Roc, would he be more respected? He wouldn’t be more successful that’s for sure. He definitely has benefitted from being part of La Familia, but if he wasn’t under Jay’s shadow he would at least be able to escape the weed carrier rhetoric. Yeah but then again if he wasn’t under Jay’s shadow we probably wouldn’t even be talking about him anyway. Oh yeah that reminds me, has anyone seen Drag-On? – Rob The Music Ed

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  • qp

    I think another reason why peoplee hate on Bleek is because of how Jay wrote his verse for the song on I think….Reasonable Doubt….and I guess people take it that he needs a ghost writer. I for one like Bleek, he ain’t the best, but he better than most.

    I gotta admit that “Bleek Is…” by The Game was the shit…..”…I’ll leave him in parts/Arms in Brooklyn, Legs in Jersey, Head buried in Central Park…”

  • Pierzy

    The Understanding was dope? Really? I must disagree. Personally, I thought Coming Of Age was a better overall album.

    The reason Bleeks gets hated on is two-fold:

    1. He was shoved down people’s throats for 10+ years. I know a lot of people that felt ripped off by The Dynasty album – it was a Jay-Z album with only him on the cover but it was a Roc compilation album. More often than not, when you heard a Jay-Z song on a soundtrack or something, Bleek was there.

    2. Also, he was given everything and just couldn’t do anything with it. It’s like the rich kid who gets every chance and opportunity and still pisses it all away. How old was he on Reasonable Doubt? 16? So, for years he was bred to be a successful MC – taught by one of the greats – and he was still always “one hit away.” When Beanie came and, in many people’s eyes, began to outshine him, everyone began to turn on Bleek and he has yet to recover.

    • chitchat

      Cosign the whole post but number 2 hits the nail on the head. I still cant wrap my brain around him having every shot and opportunity : CONSTANT buzz(…or at least name/face recognition which is more than you can say for most rappers), good lyrics (Coming of Age 2 and It’s Alright are him, right?) and features on some of the best albums to come out in the late 90s early 00s and he still misses by a wide margin.

      Fructis comm’ls? Really Bleek? How does this happen?

      Beans is absolutley better lyrically, but beyond that he was able to get the Jay cosign and market himself as a separate act. Free and Cam (to a lesser extent) got the Jay assist and still managed to at least escape Jay’s shadow and become their own men on the Roc.

      Memph seems relegated to Lil Cease status and he’s content that way, which of course makes for a lazy punchline.

  • General

    Holy shit, Bol was right that he can’t even throw shots Bleek’s way on this site…

    XXL is goin on all out on this Jay shit…

    Now we get a blog tryin to salvage Memphis Bleek…

    I think this site is just tryin to out do RapRadar and YN for Jay love…

    Oh well, nice try…

    “Throw him a concert in madison square and watch the crowd sleep through it”-The Game “300 Bars”

  • Johnny

    I think Pierzy had it on the dot.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Can’t quote one Bleek verse………and I don’t give a fuck. He’s average, if that.

    • oskamadison

      Actually, I can: his verse on “Hand it Down”, the intro on vol. 2…which was written by Hov! Bleek was credited as a writer but come on, close your eyes, listen to that and tell me you don’t hear “Big Brother”. Damn, he even got his little brother status jacked by ‘Ye.

      • Lowedwn

        LMAO….co-sign that

    • MagGesh

      …Hahaha..damn, Jhon da Analyst you’re right. Let me see if I can quote one..*crickets chirping*. Got nothing, oh wait… Memph Bleek is..Memph Bleek is…average!

  • KF UK

    Thats crazy, i was talking with somone today about Drag-on.

    Opposite of H2O had some niiiice tunes on there

  • Federal Ranga

    Memphis Bleek is to Jay/Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam what Tony Yayo is to 50/G-Unit/Interscope. Period.

    While Bleek may have pushed more records than Yayo, I think, he is a liability within himself and a hinderance to anyone he comes into contact with. Who can name ONE artist who has worked with this nigga more than ONCE who was NOT on Roc/Def Jam?

    Memph just makes you ask why? What is his fuckin purpose in the game? As long as he’s been in the game, the nigga hasn’t found his place and as he gets older, there won’t be one…

    Tony Yayo>>>>>>Memphis Bleek. It is what it is.

    E7 up.

    • Federal Ranga

      “Tony Yayo>>>>>>Memphis Bleek”

      Bleek is horrible, but c’mon, we should just shoot ourselves for that one! Everytime we comment on here we not only sound dumber, we lose all credibility.

      • Federal Ranga

        Oh… you’re back. Well, nothing really to say to you…

        I’ll put it like this. Thoughts of a Predicate Fellow is average to just blah at best, but I’ll bump it over ANY of Bleek’s shit. Period.

        E7 up!

        • thoreauly77

          um, is your argument credible when you don’t know the name of the album?

        • Federal Ranga

          “Thoughts of a Predicate Fellow is average to just blah at best, but I’ll bump it”

          Is that what we listen to while we are alone on South Beach? Let me just ask. Are the vlogs supposed to be satire?

        • Federal Ranga


          “Thoughts of a Predicate Fellow”

          Yeah Predicate FELLOW? I know I am damn near legally retarded. Hey, you should check out my vlog if you are interested in learning about the homosexual perspective in hip hop.

          E7 is up

        • thoreauly77

          although i already made this comment earlier, yet due to xxl’s policy of refusing to pull its head out of its ass, it never posted, i will try one more time:

          dear fake federal ranga-

          the real one may be annoying sometimes, but you sir, take annoying to a whole new level. there is nothing funny, critical, or remotely satirical about being the mimic of an online commenter. here is some sound advice for you: pull his dick out of your mouth, stop cupping his sack, brush the dust off your knees, and let him do his thing.

        • Federal Ranga

          @ thoreauly77

          Bet that up for that support and defense, my nigga. I didn’t know I was annoying to you though. A thousand pardons, pimpin.

          I’ll give Bleek his respect as man, but as a rapper, I don’t fuck with him. I’ll agree that M.A.D.E. was probably one of the only albums I’ve ever heard the most of out of his catalogue, I couldn’t really get into any of his other workings.

          But onto why I made the Yayo comparison for the most part. Yayo can’t rap at ALL, but drops enough one liners on each of his tracks to keep me from skippin his shit another minute just to see if he’s a fluke. As far as Bleek’s curse of Jay thing… here’s the difference…

          While Jay may have had his hands in Bleek’s career, that kinda hindered more than helped him; whereas with Yayo 50 “engineered” his whole shit and treated Yayo like another product that with the already successful formula at the time (see: Hunger For More, Straight Outta Ca$hville, Beg For Mercy & The Documentary) would only fatten his pockets and although for G-Unit, Yayo’s shit was kind of a failure, it exceeded a lot of expectations. But tha’s just IMO.

          To be honest, while nobody wants to be in the shadow of anybody, sometimes, it’s just best to stay the fuck there which is Bleek’s problem. Pride is in his eye and in his attempts to show the world he’s more than just a Jigga co-sign/weed carrier, he’s only plunged further from the respect of his peers.

          But that’s just IMO…

          The fake me’s advertised enough for the day.

          Hope that clears everything up, thoreauly77.

        • Federal Ranga

          “dear fake federal ranga-

          the real one may be annoying sometimes, but you sir, take annoying to a whole new level. there is nothing funny, critical, or remotely satirical about being the mimic of an online commenter. here is some sound advice for you: pull his dick out of your mouth, stop cupping his sack, brush the dust off your knees, and let him do his thing.”

          My apologies if you think I was being insensitive to the gay community. I think if you simply watched the vlog you would see that I am in total support of the gay hip hop community and welcome you with open arms to join us. I know that it is not easy to take that first step, but you have done it. The goal is simple. I want to educate people on the importance of watching these vlogs so that they can hear first hand commentary that authentically represents the gay perspective of hip hop. I hope that you will continue to watch and again I welcome you thoreauly77 to our cause.

          Classic Hood Shit

        • thoreauly77

          real FR- you have a good argument about yayo. i only meant annoying with the advertisements and the commission thing.

  • EmCDL

    That MADE album is dope in my opinion, and 534 is decent as far as lyrics go.

    Last time I heard Drag-On he was on a a track with Cassidy on a mixtape I heard back at the end of ’07. Dude murdered that track! Haven’t heard from him since though…I think he’s down with Full Surface if I’m not mistaken.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Bleek blows because he came into the game like he was Jay’s kid sister or some shit. I mean, you ever listened to “Coming of Age” and just thought that the whole shit needed Bleek’s verses etched out, and “No Homo” stamped on top? At the time when I first heard Jay’s shit, I was seeing him on his level–he was skilled–but to have Jay introduce Bleek like this little rugrat ass homo obviously riding Jay’s nuts, I had to let him go.

    “A G? I’ll ride with you for free…
    …From now until death do us part.”

    I see Bleek like that kid that has rich parents and is forever dressed fresh, but not on account of his own efforts.

    The hottest shit I’ve ever heard from Bleek was the Intro to Vol. 2 Hard Knock Life…then again, I may have only liked it because of the Premier production. Actually, yeah…Premier had everything to do with it–Bleek sucks.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • Curtis75Black

      You know what OG, That’s the very reason why I never fucked with Memphis: That last split verse on Coming of Age !! When he said that exact part, I was like “Hell nah Nigga, You can’t be serious”!! I just chose to ignore him after that. Sad but true.

      • OG Matt Herbz

        That’s real. I knew I couldn’t be the only person turned off to dude because of that verse. That did it, right there.

        I recognized the skit nature of the song, but it appears that something very similar happened in actuality involving Bleek’s music career.

        If you follow F1 racing, you know that each team has 2 drivers/cars. At first, they get equal billing, but if one driver gains enough momentum and has a chance of clenching the title, the team shifts a majority of their focus to THAT driver.

        Bleek’s like the perpetual runner-up; The “Rudy” of rap:

        Small. Weak. Untalented.

        –But he’s got heart.

        –OG Matt Herbz–

  • Phlip

    The Understanding was fucking dope and M.A.D.E. and 534 were average, but not wack by any means.”

    When I read this line, this post stopped being opinion and turned WAAAAAAAY off down the road of satire to me.
    I got all 3 of those albums for free and wanted my money back just the same, just like The Matrix Revolutions.

  • 11KAP

    Memph Bleek is the shit, yo!

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Only cut I ever listen to from Bleek is “All Types Of Sh*t”. The beat gets me hype when I clean the whip.

    The curse of the Jay co-sign. Everyone who got it actually came out worse off:

    Young Chris & Neef
    UGK(they were hurting after “Big Pimpin’”)
    Talib Kweli(can’t even go penny-weight gold)
    Common(guy said he wanted to rap like you…)
    GHOSTFACE KILLAH(remember the MSG show???)

    BTW, black jewels have been out. Like titanium and ceramic.

  • capcobra

    malik is from marcy and memphis is in tennessee…malik uses memphis as an acronymn..making easy money pimpin hoes in style…which is somewhat true and even more lame…then the word “bleak” means desolately barren and often windswept..the other definition is lacking warm and cheering there you have it..memphis bleek…straight trash…you can’t fool the people champ….plus he still wearing doo rags with the fitted…come on now…that was pose to die way before auto tune…now i’m starting to think that change clothes was directed at know how jay do.

    • latino heat

      @ Capcobra

      the Bleek comes from the fact that his little sister couldn’t pronounce his name Malik. so she pronounced it Bleek.
      lol at the change clothes comment though.

    • oskamadison

      Yo, capcobra

      You know what Raekwon would say about Bleek’s career?

      “…Damn, son, You bleedin’, son, bad, son…”


    bleek sold how many records???

    not 800,000 on one CD…

    which is what yayo did…

    • http://xxlmag johnny r

      actually The Understanding his second album did around that much.

    • Chase

      The understanding sold 900,000 copies

  • Tony Grands

    I wonder if Bleek appreciates this as a genuine attempt by Rob to spread some love [||], or did Rob just gives us a free ride to hate on Memph & even provide our reasoning on doing so? How often do we get “Hey, tell me what you don’t like about him. Thats all I ask of you guys”.

    Malik will probably chime in @ the end of the day & thank us for talking about him, like Ace Hood & his twitter debacle.

    I don’t particularly like his music because I never have. Just wasn’t my cup of tea.

    • Rob the Music Ed

      LMAO it’s a little of both Grands.
      I actually like Bleek, and have gotten tons of heat for it.
      But I gotta provide ya’ll with a forum as well. LOL

  • Mr. North

    Bleek is washed.

  • http://xxlmag johnny r

    to me dude was always solid. he aint beans or jay but he dropped sum pretty good albums. and MADE wasnt average. it was probably his best album. I dont kno what 2 expect from him now tho.



    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      x100 my dude.

      This actually made me go back to “Is That Your Chick” and “Change The Game”.

      Who’s to say Jigga ain’t bless Bleek with all the beats he didn’t want for BP3 or the last 5 yrs? Maybe that’s why Memph’s got him as exec producer.

      Dude’s coming out around the time his mentor is bubbling. Show $, indie bread, we’ll probably see the shampoo commercial again.

      Cats are gonna hate, but this is the best look/hookup Bleek has had in years. Especially since it’s on his own, with his man’s help with the connects.

      I can never be mad at or hate Memphis Bleek or Tony Yayo. It’s clear these dudes knew their lane, and a rich sidekick sounds better than a broke hater. Besides dudes are witnesses to rap history. They can always get a check cut.

      But I expect this to be lost through the “F*ck Bleek” rantings.

  • Chase

    Top 5 bleek verses in no order of course:

    4 da fam

    You, Me, Him & Her

    2nd verse on Mind Right

    1st verse on Hustlers

    last verse on Regular Cat

  • DV8

    I dont believe people hate Bleek. Its just that its hard for people to get in to his music because everybody else on Rocafella Records was better then him, thats all. Now if he was a St.Lunatic he might have a much better standing in hiphop. Indie is the way to go for every rapper. Only reason anybody should want to sign a slave contract with a major is if you want to be famous.

  • Brass Tacks

    Hey Hey Hey Now!

    Drag-On spit hot fire that first album out…

    • Tony Grands

      I always thought he was too gimmicky. Like Jin.

      • Pierzy

        I thought Drag-On was garbage from day one. We get it, you spit hot fire and flames and lighter fluid and everything else. Good for you.

  • Jay

    Bleek has ruined a lot of good songs…

  • DJ Postman

    “Chances are The Process won’t score a platinum plaque no matter where it’s released and you can laugh if you want, but who is really selling a million-plus these days anyway?”

    Eminem is–that’s who.

  • Shawty J

    Memphis Bleek doesn’t really stand out. I don’t dislike him, but I’m not checking for him either. He just comes off as generic. I remember one Bleek verse and that was his verse from Twista’s “Art & Life” and I haven’t heard that song in a minute. I honestly forgot the brother existed until saw this drop.

  • http://xxlmag kev

    remember him and ja drop about the same time

  • BigRiz

    You’re all fuckin haters….How you hate on a nigga doing better than you…The understanding wasnt reasonable doubt, but it was waaaaay better than 80 percent of the shit that comes out these days, hes had just blaze, timbo, kanye on his shit. Had a crazy song with T.I and trick daddy, and just choose not to be industry and dickride the lastest nigga. Ya’ll just love jay so much,any nigga around him cant be successful When the heck did being loyal and playing you position become a bad thing? The ROC owned hip hop for a long time and he was a part of that…while ya’ll hatin, he cashing checks

  • m3LETHAL

    “spit acid..come on, with ya bullshit smash hit/git ya bullshit smashed quick”

  • Avenger XL

    Bleek has no style of his own. He is just a garden variety NY street talk rapper. With a forgetable voice and little charisma. Even if he spit the hottest 16 imaginable his subject matter is so limited it wouldn’t carry over well. Jay wanted to do one album and be a label head with bleek as the flagship but reasonable doubt was a classic. So Jigga got that taste of fame on a level him and JAZ-O never saw. So bleek became a secound thought. Jay is not a good label head, he can handle his own career great but he will all but ruin another artists career. Expect J cole to do poorly before leaving the label. Bleek was just the first artist who wasn’t A&Red properly on the roc but far from the last.

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  • chillin mayne

    to me bleeks verses are too simple, ordinary, tedious and mundane….hottest track he put out was MURDA MURDA, MARCYVILLE, MY NIGGA, U HERD WE CLAP YOU, WE PROBABLY WILL…jay wrecked that

  • Brooklyn

    bleek was nice, i liked “the understanding” and i thought that he was pretty good on “is that your chick?” too. i’m saying, bleek ain’t on anyone’s g.o.a.t. list, but he’s better than most of the artists getting heavy rotation right now, so just for that he deserves to get some props. i’ve been waiting mad long for him to come out with something new.

  • http://myspace.COMBLUBLACK blublack

    Bleek is not wack, conpaired to alot of
    hese mcs now. But needing to have Jay
    write or have a song on all his albums
    showed that he was not strong enuff to hold
    his own, so now we see what it would be like without jay.Am not suCking jay, and i hope
    Bleek sells alot of records, but like jay said, I COOK UP THE ROCK, WHY YOU AINT HOT (ALREADY)

  • megulito