Let’s Get Ready To Rumble. Again…

I haven’t spoken to the nonsense that took place this past weekend. I’m not talking about the Jay-Z Oprah tour through Marcy projects. That was another level of bullshit that I will open up tomorrow. Today is all about the debut of the SlaughterHouse album (and subsequently the Joe Budden digital project on Amalgam). We have waited months for this project to come to fruition and we are still waiting to see if our hopes for rap are confirmed with this group.

At one of the Cali stops for Rock The Bells we learned that the phrase ‘Deeper Than Rap’ just isn’t the title to a Rick Ro$$ album. The arena that rap exists within from time to time switches from microphones to fisticuffs. This goes way back to the gangs that ruled turf in the South Bronx and would have to be consulted before a deejay could set up his soundsystem. Actually, this goes back to Jamaica where soundsystems would have soundclashes that often ended with a stampede and blood spilled.

This is where Hip-Hop takes its DNA from. From the selectors and deejays that traveled the island and came to America with their style of presentation. Remember that Hip-Hop is borne in Harlem Brooklyn and the Bronx not from just Black folks, but from poor people. Who else needs to take electricity from a streetlamp? This presentation was ALL poor people had and if you tried to take it from them or disparage it your ass was in for a fight. Not too much has changed about rap up to this point.

Styles change. The fact that the last 15 years we have seen more artists emerge from middle class and wealthier backgrounds as opposed to the impoverished and working class artists that brought the art culture to prominence. There are still artists though that can remember not having the means. They might not even have the means totally at this point. For those people this rap shit, or this graff shit is ALL THEY HAVE. So don’t be surprised when they defend their only possession with any means necessary. From emotions to physicality.

Most of the people I spoke with took exception to Joe Budden’s anti-Vibe mag outburst all the while admitting that Vibe magazine wasn’t credible enough to describe the difference between shit or Shine-ola. Joe Budden was outrageously emo. This makes him one part honest, one part annoying, and yet still two parts entertaining. The real side of those outbursts is that real people have their emotions bruised on the receiving end [ll]. Does this mean Joe Budden should shut up? Hell no. Does it mean that he should be more cognizant of his words? Of course.

Only the biggest cynic would say that all of these videos featuring musicians which aren’t music videos are for album promotion. I feel like every time I have the chance to sit in the studio with an artist is a chance to get a slice of their daily life. There are going to be things said that may offend people but rarely are those things uttered to be offensive. If a rapper really wants to offend someone he says their name on a record. Otherwise, I don’t listen to shit I see on handi-cam videos.

SlaughterHouse is very similar to Wu-Tang in that these are all men that have lived through poverty and the pitfalls that are inherent to being poor in America. All of these guys have firsthand experience of what living on the bottom looks like. I don’t discount any of them when it comes to getting on the microphone or throwing up some hands. That is the fire that Hip-Hop is borne from. And if it gives me some great music in the process? Well… Let’s get ready to rumble.

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  • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

    When two of your favorite groups go head-to-head is that a good thing or a bad thing? Maybe if they collabo after it’ll be a win-win.

    DP, I went to FYE to cop my TWO copies of the Slaughterhouse album and they were sold out. Good sign? Or bad planning on their part? Both?

  • Silly Willy

    “Does this mean Joe Budden should shut up? Hell no. Does it mean that he should be more cognizant of his words? Of course.”

    And the church say amen…..

  • Dallas Penn

    FYE is SOLD OUT?!? That don’t seem right. The saga continues…

    • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

      Yeah man…FYE in the gallery at 10th & Market in Philly. I even asked the dude because I saw a sign for it but he couldn’t find it either.

      • Monty B.

        Go to Cue Records on 400 E Girard Ave. They should have it.

  • http://www.jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

    Good drop, DP!

    Just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HIP-HOP!! 8/11/1973, Kool Herc’s little sis’ party.

    Fuck 9/11, more albums should drop on this day.

    • http://myspace.com/federalranga Federal Ranga

      Damn, J7… that’s my birthday, fam…

      Didn’t see a copy of the Slaughterhouse joint nowhere in Miami… maybe I’m not looking hard enough (no Brisco, figure it out)…

      New vlog up… sorry for the delay!!!

  • General

    I would say lets hope this stays on wax, but we are already past that point. Wu is a classic crew in hip-hop and Slaughterhouse has the potential to be that. I know alot of people think that everyone is prematurely crowning Slaughterhouse a supergroup or whatever you want to call it, but the fact is that all 4 of them are ridiculous on the mic…

    Have they had great commercial solo careers?, no, but does that take away from their talent?, no…

    I honestly don’t know where this is going from here. A battle between these crews on wax would be a win for hip hop as I’m sure it would produce more classic material, but a battle off wax would be a loss for everyone…

    I don’t care which side you are on or not on either, but the incident that took place in LA was a loss for both sides…

  • OG Matt Herbz

    I hit up Best Buy right up here by the office and I got in and out in less than 3 minutes. I walked right to the music section and passed a setup with the Slaughterhouse joint before I even got that far. Turned around, paid, and banged shit all the way in to the office parking lot. It’s a solid album, no doubt. Worth $10 on first listen, really. I’m a be easy on it though, let it stretch its legs a little so I don’t play it out in the 1st week.

    I’m proud to support acts like this when the good intentions actually come to fruition. However, I’m a bit ashamed at the buffoonery that is taking place at the RTB concerts. I don’t want nobody to get killed, but if one of Rae’s weedcarriers gets out of line, single that punk out and work him over. If Joe Budden’s mouth writes a check his ass can’t cash, let somebody see him at his word.

    Thing that turned me off of Joe is that he’s still doing publicity shit like he still needs to get his name out there. We know who he is now, so he can turn that shit off. Stop with the webcam bullshit revolving around shots of Tahiry’s ass. It’s okay that you’re opinionated, but when you air dudes out on national radio, you’re begging to get your chin checked. Only some deluded stan-ass homos will agree with everything he thinks and that’s why he’s getting the backlash.

    Say something intelligent and it’ll go largely unnoticed. Say some bullshit in an interview, however, and you’ll always have somebody ask for your opinion. He needs to stick to the No Comment thing.

    And I’ll say it: Budden needs to change his flow. His voice sounds too nasal and sometimes it’s harder to pick his lyrics than the rest of the group. Just sayin…

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • Monty B.

      I think Budden wrote that check a long time ago. Whatever he gets in the near future is a long time coming.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Was wondering where you were @ DP!

    I copped my CD late yesterday afternoon before I hung out last night. Right after I watched the Yankees lose. The cat over here who owns the record store is my homie.

    The album is thick. I like it. I hope this rap beef won’t deter heads from getting it. And thus is the reason I am displeased with Joey. Ortiz and Crooked created a nice buzz leading up to the release and it was snuffed out over Joey’s controversy.

    And I agree with Herbz, you can clearly hear in some of the songs where Budden is the liability. Rarely do the other members come off as being lax or unfocused. I’m really feeling Royce & Joell with what they’re spitting.

    Only gone thru it twice. But it is a good album, again.

    I want that watch Dallas!

    • Monty B.

      Sadly, I think I’m at the point of being turned off from this record. Budden’s bullshit YouTube nonsense has really soured me on supporting this clown has to offer. Much less dropping cash on him.

      • $ykotic/Don McCaine

        It’s worth the dime Monty B.


    what up penn, what up gen, what up syk,

    me and $yk called it from the get go, this was not a surprise to anyone who has ever followed wu-tang.

    But here’s where i disagree with you penn. wu-tang and slaughterhouse only have one thing in common….RAPPING! wu-tang is a group of ex felon, 5%, project niggas from new york city. Crooked I is from Long Beach cali, which from many accounts isn’t all that hood, as far as cali goes. Royce is from OAK PARK, MI, which is not the hood by any stretch of the imagination. and buddens is from jersey city, which i know little about, but once again, from what i hear camden and newark are the toughest areas of nj.

    MY POINT IS THIS: these are two different types of cats, which is why joe needs to just leave it alone.

    a few key points:

    1. all that crooked was in cali shit, what did it mean…NOTHING, CUZ CROOKED AIN’T ACTIVE LIKE THAT! imagine if the same shit happened to a death row affiliate in like ’95…it woulda popped off!

    2. royce and joey had beef before this group…no member of the wu would form a group with a nigga that was dissing them!

    3. joey says that he bit his tongue because there were 8 of them…a real nigga woulda took the whoppin and just got back at them niggas! a nigga jumps you, you jump the nigga back!

    also, why does joey want to fight rae? rae didn’t punch him? i’ll tell you why, cuz he knows rae won’t do it! why not fight the nigga that hit you? saigon calls your son gay, and you’re cool with him, but now you wanna fight rae? SOME NIGGAS NEVER LEARN!

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      What up D?

      Yeah we called this early, so I can’t see how cats are surprised over the turn of events.

      Jersey City ain’t Newark, but they get down. I actually saw a whole week of them getting knocked on DEA.

      But I will say there was a chance for peace before Budden’s latest vlog, which he should really stop doing for like the rest of the year.

      I pray for that man’s safety.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Gotta wait till next week to get my copy. Car Problem$$$……….shit, but good to see the cats that support real shit goin out to cop that Slaughterhouse. Not just talkin about it, but being about it. I’m disappointed in Rae.

  • Anabis Hewitt

    I don’t disagree with Dallas’ post but I have to say this album is a manic flop: battle rap = boring bullshit and if these guys have been through so much– which I don’t doubt– why can’t they up their CONCEPT and CONTENT a LOT; ain’t like they have anything to save it for, really.

    Compare the depth of Slaughterhouse (I’m giving Crooked I the first h for free) to the best of Joell’s previous material. Regardless how MANY words these clowns are spitting, so few of them mean shit there’s no reason to care (and don’t get me started on the generic production).

    Somebody care to explain why this is any better than, say, Army Of The Pharoahs, which most of those reading this are right not to fuck with?

    And what’s the deal with not putting M.O.P. on the album? A little embarrassed that two kill four so easily? Don’t even get me started about the Clan: Slaughterhouse doesn’t rise to to the level of a Masta Killa solo.

    Lastly, a compilation of Ghostface verses from 2009 (Doom, Chamber Music, U-God) >>>>>> anything Slaughterhouse will EVER do, don’t settle for less.

    I still have hope Joell can record another dope solo album but Slaughterhouse is a just a mess.

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

    I’m going to say this.

    I just (as in minutes ago) lost a very close friend of mine. He’s dead now. I’ll never see him again. That fucking sucks.

    Life is way to goddamned short for all this nonsensical bullshit. Niggas really need to step back & analyze who/what/where they are & how important REAL LIFE is.

    Put down the video cameras & look in a fucking mirror.

    Cats beefing over some stupidity, then bitching & moaning as if there was a legitimate reason for a feud to begin with. Joe needs medication, Rae needs to grow up.

    Fuck that, y’all cats get your head right. Tomorrow ain’t promised.

    • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

      Damn. Sorry for your loss, Tony. There is no compensation for losing someone close to you.

      When I was 21, I lost my best friend…she & I grew up together since we were three. You never get over that…you just try to limp on.

      I’m sorry.

      • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

        Thanks, P.

        He got hit by a car last night, died this morning. Cool ass dude, too.

        Appreciate that.

    • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

      Tony, my prayers go out to your friend…I know how that feels dawg so I can relate. Hopefully these cats will get their acts together…I mean they grown ass men for crying out loud…live your moments up instead of throwing it out the window…

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      Sorry to hear that Grand$. I hate to hear stuff like that.

      My homie Edgar got popped like 2 months ago. Knew son from elementary school. A quiet dude but turned gangster, when he really wasn’t built like that.

      He got popped over snitching on dudes. On that f*ck them n*ggas, they ain’t sh*t. Dudes raided his crib as a warning. Taped up his old earth. He still ran off with the jibbers. IN THE STREETS FOR ALL TO WITNESS.

      They pushed his wig back in June. Left the gray matter to ooze on the sidewalk in broad daylight. My lil bro was with him. E always knew I would check him when he was wrong, so he rolled with my fam to kind of stay grounded. But he always ran off with the mouth and I constantly told him to check the tongue @ the door. I can’t even count how many times I had to defuse his words before it got ugly. We even banned him from going out with us.

      The streets love no man or woman.

      Raekwon you know that 85′er is lost. Check how he’s pimping his “queen” for fame. He has no strong foundation. Let him die in his own iniquity.

      Budden stop the foolishness. You’re letting down them dudes in your camp. Put the camera down and focus on your resurrected career.

  • Diamond District

    Pierzy, let me find out you right there in center city, but you know in FYE they never know where shit at, they be fuckin up…

    • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

      What up Diamond…

      Yeah, I’m around. As far as FYE, you know they stalk you around the store too. It’s like that scene in Boomerang, but reversed since many of their employees are minorities and I’m pale. Anyway, I looked on my own for a while and then finally gave in and dude looked in the same exact spot he saw me look and said, “We don’t have it.”

      I’ll try again tomorrow…maybe somewhere else too.

  • DBlock


    talk that Jersey City aint hard shit in Jersey City and see what happen. lol. newark is newark, and camden’s a mess. but JC aint been a game for a long time.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    @ Grand$

    Damn. That’s why I fight man. I was lucky to come out of the crunch alive & walking. That SUV came out smaller than a Smart car.

    Please send out the sympathies to the family.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

      @all y’all

      Thanks. Appreciate that.


      I hear you, homie. I found out first hand how insignificant 95% of things really are when I had me experience last year.

      In ICU for 2 1/2 weeks; liver failure, kidney backing up, colon infection, pneumonia, malnutrition, dehydration, 2 blood transfusions, muscle atrophy, I was pretty much dead. Nothing says reality check like a doctor telling you you probably won’t be going home.

      After that, to survive & be blessed by God’s hand, I have no idea what a “small thing” is. I don’t argue, get mad, bicker, yell, shit, life’s a cake walk once priorities are put in perspective.

      I could’ve saved all that for a blog, lol, but point is, cats need to live like tomorrow is the last day you get. If they did, do you think people would stay act the way they do? Hell no. If you had 24 hours to live, only a fool would waste it on foolishness & stupidity, which is what this whole “beef” boils down to.

      Maybe dudes need to see God, before they know He exists. So be it. Get as humanly close to death as you can, & if you don’t come back to life with the realest third eye vision ever, then you should’ve have stayed dead.

      Life is the realest thing moving. Not “beef”, not “hip hop”, not broads, not hate.

      Maybe somebody in either camp needs to get hit by a tour bus or shoot in the stomach before niggas wake up from these naps they’re taking right now.

      Aight, I’m done.

      • http://www.jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

        Real Talk!

        Sorry you’re going through what you’re going through, Tony. I’m going through some mess, too. I most DEF ain’t napping anymore in this lifetime, but I’m still paying for the BS I did when I was asleep. Gotta do 30 days in County next month for acting a fool last year.

        Keep doing what you do. It’s having an impact! And you’re right, life is too short to chuck it all away. I gave up drinking FOREVER in order to cancel out 99% of the grief I caused myself and others.

        Be Blessed!

        • $ykotic/Don McCaine

          Damn J7 you serious?

          Wow. Brother man be safe in there.

        • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

          Thanks J7. & everybody else, good looking out.

          Be safe Mally. I’m sure you will though. Take God with you, mayne.

          My prayers are with you, homie. Hell, with all of us.

        • latino heat

          @ Grand$
          sorry for your loss homie. my uncle was hit by a car and died back in 2000 and my mom and aunt (his sisters) still haven’t fully recovered. it really does make the shit that we argue about and discuss here everyday seem so irrelevant when you think about it that way.

          @ 7Mile.
          stay up man. God dosen’t throw anything at you that he knows you can’t handle.

  • Dallas Penn

    Sorry to hear that news. Real shit like that puts this rap shit in its proper perspective. Keep your head to the sky.

  • Silly Willy

    Grand$, sorry for your loss, big homie! You never wish that to anyone….


    Grands, my prayers are going out to you & yours. Sorry about your friend… I lost my best friend to a very bad accident (closed casket) back in the tenth grade. Just remember the good times & be there for his family. Hold your head.


    grand sorry to hear that homie it hurts when you can’t do nothing to help. the situation between wu and sh is done in my eyes nothing but drama.

  • http://www.myspace.com/atlatino404 El Tico Loco

    Sorry about your loss Grands, hold your head up man.

  • capcobra

    prayers to you and yours champ.

  • http://xxl All Dae

    I haven’t spoken to the nonsense that took place this past weekend. I’m not talking about the Jay-Z Oprah tour through Marcy projects.
    Whoa!! LoL
    DP is begging to have his post “get erased”.

  • 3rd eye clear

    Praying right now fam!
    J7 come out wiser my brother!!