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  • Pierzy

    Does Jeezy own a piece of XXL? It has a Benzino/Source type of feel…

    • General


      Lets just hope for his sake that he fares better than most of the rappers that start their own clothing line…

      I have to say though, it makes me miss the NWA days when they didn’t give a fuck about clothing labels as long as the shit was black…

  • Around and Around

    Makes Versace look straight.

    Thanks for the marketing campaign XXL

  • pecangirl

    I love Jeezy anything he pushes I’m pretty much behind him he is one of my favorite rappers,because he is consistent wit hott music back 2 back. I can’t wait for the new cd 2 drop best believe I will be buying one!! That is true happy to see their r no watermelon colors in there. Love U Young

  • Dee2007

    Benzino type feel cuz Jeezy gettin a lil promotion?? Are u serious?!

    Just cuz now Jeezy is gettin a lil more exposure for his album got a Great Magazine (XXL) behind him now he’s Benzino a muthafucka…wow P. I expected a lot more out of you. Besides the fact now I know you on that Fuck Jeezy Train don’t mind me sayin we have a hater in the house. I read ya commets about him when he got the Cover and u wanted the Slaughterhouse on there (??). Have they proven themselves besides Budden…uuummm nooo. That’s why they had to come together as a group to sell something right. I hate when niggas start to get they shine on ppl tend to hate instead of congradulate (I know I spelled it wrong u get the point). All in all plz don’t be no South Hater. I’m from the South (Memphis to be exact) and I know we got the dumbass dances and whatever, but Jeezy gets mad love and gives it back.

    In conclusion don’t be a hater Aite. Let em get his grind on P…

    • Pierzy

      Just a joke, man. Relax. I hope Jeezy gets all the money he can…

  • crisis

    What is the point of this blog?