Jay-Z has started—and ended—a lot of trends. At one time, the man could probably convince you to throw on a Rocawear poncho, for chrissake. So when I first peeped flicks of him and Oprah Winfrey roaming his old Brooklyn stomping grounds this past weekend for an article in an upcoming issue of her O magazine, I wondered: Is Hov the final cosign needed for hip-hop to accept Oprah?

Her relationship with the culture has been rocky, at best. She’s invited Kanye West to her show, but snubbed Ice Cube for an appearance; admitted to loading up 50 Cent’s “In The Club” on her iPod, yet felt Fif’s wrath on tracks like “Play This On The Radio.” Oprah’s spoken out against misogyny in rap lyrics, while her name’s been used as punchline fodder about moving weight and getting way more money than you.

But honestly, what global icon is more hip-hop than Oprah Winfrey? OK—besides that Barack guy. Oprah grew up in the sticks of Mississippi in the ‘60s, which would probably make the modern-day trap look like Six Flags by comparison. Yet from that, she’s become a self-made billionaire and bona fide trendsetter. A single endorsement from Big O is worth more than a year of Nas’ child-support payments. Plus, she’s got a history with beef—the 1996 episode of her talk show about mad cow disease caused a four-year legal spat with the cattle industry. No “Free Oprah” tees, though.

When the issue of O magazine drops, with a story on Jay-Z, it’ll be the most hard-edged rapper Oprah’s featured in her magazine or her show. She called into BFF Gayle King’s satellite radio show yesterday to talk about her two-hour BK meeting with Jay, saying, “I feel like I met a new friend.” So what says you, hip-hop? Do we have a new friend in Oprah, too? –JFK

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  • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

    Actually, I think it’s the opposite. Now, people will look at Jay like he’s on the other side, not that Oprah made the move. Hip-Hop won’t accept Oprah now because of Jay-Z…after all, it isn’t 1999.

    I was never a follower of Jay like that but, let’s be honest, he’s not at the pinnacle of his musical success like he was at the turn of the century.

    • Silly Willy

      What’s good, P?

      Back on top of things, I see!

  • Silly Willy

    Pierzy !!!!

    Why should we give a damn? She has a right not to like it, and hip hop has a right not to like her, end of story. She has always been gunning for hip hop since the beginning, then admitting to have some of it on her iPod just so her audience won’t get mad thinking that Oprah, like any human being, can be intolerant.

    Hip hop should not seek acceptance from her just because she’s influent. That’s just as smart as begging cosign from Sarah Palin because a lot of Republicans still ride with her.

    Her cosign is more on individual basis, I think. Nothing to do with hiphop.

  • http://www.jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

    Oprah a friend of Hip-Hop? Ehh…

    Maybe something changed recently, but I’ve never considered Oprah a co-signer of the Hip-Hop Community, let alone 50 and Cube.

    Time will tell, I guess. I am interested in reading that article on Jay-Z, but something tells me that I’ll come across some ulterior motive that will offend me. Not to pre-judge, though.

  • http://www.yahoo.com Dra$t-iQ Alkoholik

    mnan fuck this shit, who gives a fuck? Jigga overrated nobody gives 2 shits about him this is too late, like six years too late if this was done after he dropped “black album” it woulda made sense, now it’s just dumb

  • P. Harris

    Co Sign Pierzy and Sill Will

    On a personal level I feel like maybe Jay-Z has broken some ground but not on a level of hip hop as a whole… If she gets M.O.P., Dead Prez, or Redman and walks thru the hood with them then I’d say that’s a start. Also, I don’t feel like hip hop has a problem with Oprah, she has the problem hip hop…

    I always wondered how Oprah felt about the Dave Chappelle skit? Has he ever been on Oprah?

    • Detroit P

      Yea, he went on oprah after he came back from Africa

      • Silly Willy

        I don’t think she laughed about the skit. It’s just that it’s hard for someone like her, hell for anyone with common sense, to hold grudge against the man who did Clayton Bigsby…

    • Quan

      . . i would read that article about her and M.O.P. . i can see it now ..

      “While walking through Brownsville Fizzy introduces Oprah to fellow BK natives”.

      makes me think about the boondocks episode.

  • Chris Cash

    I think Hip -Hop fans should lay off O because she’s like 50 something this just isnt her generation.

    Does your mother or grandmother like hip-hop? The Temptations and Al Green didnt refer to women as hoes, and honestly most hip-hop does give the world a negative image of black ppl. Not to mention the image little kids get when they look up to all these so called murderous drug dealers and scandalous hoes like SuperHead.

    I love hip hop and thats why i can admit most of the shit isnt artistic, even some of the stuff i like isnt artistic, but we as fans can look deeper into it and understand and enjoy it.

    • Detroit P

      So what you’re saying is…It’s Deeper than Rap

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      Not for nothing my mom loves Rakim. “In The Ghetto” is her favorite. Yes she still bumps his music and she’s in her 60′s.

      Oprah? Jay? To me it wreaks of Trilateral Commission members holding court…

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Oprah ain’t any more Hip Hop than Jay is at this point in time. As far as I’m concerned, these are just two of the wealthy elite meeting for a field trip of sorts. Probably packed sack Cipriani lunches, too.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • geico lizard

    Rappers lie about their money but if Oprah drops a hot 16 we can believe her.

    • http://www.reverbnation.com/EmCDL EmCDL

      Co-sign to the fullest! LOL

  • geico lizard

    “She called into BFF Gayle King’s satellite radio show yesterday”

    Gayles is Oprahs ride or die chick.

    “Bonnie and Clyde 2009″feat oprah and gayle

    • http://myspace.com/federalranga Federal Ranga

      More like Bonnie & Bonnie…


  • capcobra

    everybody gonna walk away happy so it’s good business…jay going on oprah and leno only means he’s gon reach an audience that he hasn’t and sell them some cd’s..in turn oprah gonna reach hip hop sites like xxl and tap into a new younger demographic as well…as for beyonce she should at least get recognized for her negotiation skills on behalf of hiphop and her husband..so to me it’s all a win/win…i just hope that after jay z oprah get 50 cent/eminem/dr.dre/snoop/cube and any other rappers she don’t approve of on her show..this way they can defend thier positions and maybe change perspectives or message…other than that…THIS IS MAJOR..black woman billionaire interviews black millionaire as the black president watches at the white house…I REPEAT..THIS IS MAJOR.

    • General

      “THIS IS MAJOR..black woman billionaire interviews black millionaire as the black president watches at the white house…I REPEAT..THIS IS MAJOR.”

      Thats what I’m talkin about…

      As far as Oprah and hip-hop, it doesn’t even matter to me. She has the right to her opinion and I don’t think her little field trip with Jay means that she has changed how she feels about hip-hop, nor do I think it is going to change how hip-hop heads at large view her…

      She is just in a completely different lane from hip-hop with what she does. I don’t see anybody worried whether Martha Stewart co-signs hip hop

  • HNIC

    This explains why Jay isn’t going for the rougher edged lyrics, nowadays. Everything is a deliberate move with him. He knows what he’s doing. He’s not trying to only reach the hood any longer, or even suburbia, for that matter. He’s waiting to solidify his reach on a global scale, as a musical icon for the masses, a la Michael Jackson.

  • Avenger XL

    1. Oprah is not hip-hop. Oprah represent the quite storm generation/contemperary R&B crwod that was trying to keep hip-hop off the air all those years. The reason she bashes the culture in a cosby like fashion is bacuse she doesn’t truely understand it. So she assualts the subgenres(i.e. gangsta music) pushed by her parent company(better known as the T.I’s of the world).

    2. Jay-Z is trying to make a new lane and find a kind of vain that aging rappers can exist in. This is cool but Oh boy need to make with the subject matter. Because he has all the paper he should ever need now he can speak on issues if he gives two shits or stick with the whole peter pan syndrome of still recalling dehavens/Jaz-O’s life over beats and claiming it is his own.

    3. This may turn a few of the cult of Oraph on to him but it will do very little for hip-hop in the grand scheme of things. If he wants to do something he should develope a better distribution system or buy into radio and promote diversity but I know that jigga is shallow so that won’t happen. So it is just another EPIC FAIL in the making.

  • http://www.myspace.com/atlatino404 El Tico Loco

    Camel Joe met O cuz of his wifey with the Camel Toe. Ya’ll know Bey got her hands on this otherwise I don’t think they would’ve ever met remember Beyonce does drop in on the reg at her show. On another note Ice Cube’s been on Oprah a little before AMW dropped.

  • Worley

    F*ck Oprah. She is a nanny for white housewives. But it gets worse. She is the nanny that loves the white kids so much that she comes home and develops a hatred for her own black kids. Miss Sofia get your sh*t together. Until then: f*ck you b*tch.

  • http://www.incilin.blogspot.com Incilin

    “BITCH, I aint Jay-Z, FUCK YOU OPRAH!” – 50 Cent

    I agree with everything 50 ever said about Oprah, especially when he said that he just caters to older white women.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    I respect Oprah’s business acumen, but in reality I just say………..Fuck Oprah!!

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

    Co-sign capcobra. I agree, all cultural/social differences aside, this is a fantastic look for the Black Community, which as we all know, is deeper than rap.

    It may not necessarily effect us, per se, but @ some point within the grand scheme of things, this could be a lot of momentum gained for Americans of African descent.


    nah oprah wanna act like she on cloud nine until something wrong happens to her then she back to being the poor girl from the sticks. lady you can’t play both sides of the fence. most people don’t respect oprah for real as a person. they respect her billions and her hustle

  • Brooklyn

    hip-hop never had a problem with oprah, oprah had a problem with hip-hop. it’s one thing to dislike something and keep your dislike to yourself and it’s another thing to dislike something and then create shows where you revile that which you dislike. as for this oprah/jay-z shit, it doesn’t mean much. jay-z hasn’t been particularly relevant in years, not to mention the fact that since he started fucking with beyonce he went from being a field nigga to a house nigga. jay-z isn’t really indicative of the hip-hop community nowadays because he hasn’t really been a member of that community for a minute, i’d say jay has been a pop star for the last few years. now, if oprah wants to convince me that she’s down for the hip-hop community, she’ll put nas on an episode of her show dedicated to gold digging ex-wives and put a clip of herself on youtube getting blazed to redman’s “whateva man”

  • Pana

    This Oprah interview Jay is doing is the very reason he married Beyonce. Watch, in a few months they’ll be filing for divorce.

  • latino heat

    did everybody forget that Eazy-E had dinner with the 1st President Bush? and Bush has been made out to be far worse than Oprah by the hip hop community. when you get money like these dudes have sometimes you do shit just to show people they can. it’s like a status symbol. how many people from the projects have had dinner at the white house or been interviewed by Oprah? it’s just a way to show the whole world, not just the hip hop community, “look at me i really made it.”

    • Brahsef

      The only thing is that it was an accident when Eazy-E got invited to the white house. He gave to some charity under his government name, and the screeners didn’t do a solid enough job of realizing it was actually the man himself.

      • latino heat

        exactly, it was an accident by the white house screeners. Eazy knew exactly what he was doing. he could have turned down the invitation, but honestly who would do that?

  • nicholasdelorejo

    While some of ya’ll are stating that this won’t change much in hip hop, in my opinion I think the outcome of this interview will change the focus of hip hop in mainstream. By focus I don’t mean through the eyes of the general public, but through the eyes of the music execs (or TIs if you will). Jay-z may be a douche as a person but I’ve got to admit his interviews and presence make him out to be the classiest rapper of all time. This dude is a married man who proudly claims he has the hottest chick in the game wearing his chain, has enough money and business ventures that most civilian people wish to have achieved and pertains the image of a sophisticated person, something a lot of rappers rarely appear to maintain on an average basis. Sure there are a lot of rappers that make college graduates appear remedial (50 Cent comes to mind), but they don’t maintain this image as much as Jay z. While Oprah’s targeted audience might not be open to buying his albums, they’ll have a perception of Jay as being that rapper that “gets it” or a rapper that spends his moments succumbing to negativity. I think the rapper that was considered best at this was Will Smith. As much as folks like to criticize Will Smith as being “kiddie” rap, no one can’t deny his success and influence in the pop culture.

    My point is that if Oprah does cosign Jay as a rapper she respects (or wants us to believe as much) and if these music execs notice this then you can pretty much say goodbye to any fuckin thing related to gangsta, hood, or any type of rap that is related to struggle. In a way that type of rap has been in a slow decline since rappers like Kanye and Black Eyed Peas have been more successful than many of those hard-bodied lyricists. I’m sure Gucci Mane and Rick Ross will be here for a few more years and will still release albums. But they’ll be in the same situation as conscious rappers in releasing album s that would sell in less numbers.

    These Execs would be too busy focusing on the new wave of rap lead by Drake, Asher Roth, Kid Cudi, Kanye, and anyone else that falls under the category of “Dork Rap”. Anyone can participate as long as you have a clean record, dress in tight pants and colorful attire, and rap about clothes, girls, and having fun but only in a fun and less offensive way.

    While some of ya’ll also mention an Oprah interview would be more effective in hip hop if she had invited MOP or Redman, but you seem to forget that 1) Oprah’s targeted audience is full of mofos that enjoy primarily country music. An interview from them would not change Oprah’s targeted audience any different than if she were to invite just some bum off the street. 2) Jay z has grown into being a household name. Shit you got people like Miley Cyrus that knows who Jay is. And 3) why should Oprah be obligated to try and show respect to hip hop when there are actual programs that are produced to do this. I don’t see 106 & Park or any other show inviting any legendary rapper just to discuss his career and the significance of rap.

    All I’m saying is if what I said actually happens (and I’m just speculating here) then this will give the music execs the green light to cancel their attention on hardcore rap and spend that attention on rappers that fit a neat and clean image that can be sold to the consumers. People aren’t tired of rap. It’s just that the consumers of rap find Dork rap to be the most exiting form of rap and hardcore rap to be the least appealing. This Jay-z interview from the Big O is “Deeper Than Rap”.


    I like Jay, But he’s not God.He can’t just start and end Shit whenever he he wants.And NO HIP HOP IS NOT FRIENDS WITH OPRAH.I remember when Ludacris was on her show.And we all know that shit went

  • alderman j

    The two biggest hypocrites in the world, it only makes sense, who cares what either of them have to say, and nicholasdelorejo, that is the problem, Jay isnt a representation of what hip hop is today, he is a representation of an old rapper holding on, he would not have never done this when he was hungry in the game doing it for the art, nor would she have done this, but now he is chasing money and longevity so he is trying to get oprah (since c delores tucker), the biggest hip hop basher ever on board!?!? If they start viewing him as “the rapper that gets it”, thats just like telling a black person there is the difference between a “black person and a nigger” and your a black person!!! That is the allure of being a rapper, you dont have to “get it”!!! I.E ( F@#K THE POLICE, FIGHT THE POWER, MONEY CASH HOES, IGNORANT S#!T) A rapper that “gets it” doesnt make these songs! And these are all classics, two by Jay!!Please, either you are or you arent, i can tell you this, Jay sells out every chance he gets!!! And No, he isnt THE voice of hip hop rather A voice in hip hop.

    • nicholasdelorejo

      I never said that Jay was the representation of Hip Hop or the most intelligent rapper out. I only said that that is the image that he is selling RIGHT THE FUCK NOW. You must have misunderstood my point. What I am trying to say is that the image that Jay wants to sell now is of being a sophisticated rapper that the Oprah crowd would SAY “THAT’S A RAPPER THAT GETS IT”. Do you honestly think that the oprah crowd believes that there are more voices in hip hop other than Jay z. Shit you got hip hop fans that don’t even know KRS-ONE, Rakim, or Rass Kass but will swear up and down that Pac and Big are the best rappers ever. I’m just saying that right now the music industry (you know the system that does not give a fuck about talent in music just as long as the consumer base is willing to purchase the it) has noticed that there is a growing popularity in rappers that falls under the Steve Urkel Rap in which Kanye is champion over. And if this interview goes accordingly the music industry would start promoting those rappers a lot more than rappers like J cole simply because if a rapper that now wants to people to take as some sort of sophisticated rapper gets the Oprah Winfrey cosign, imagine how much money they’ll make from those rappers who have typically maintained a squeky clean image from the start of their careers.

      Your right he would have never done this during his dynasty era. I never said that Jay didn’t do any of those songs. But I’m sure Oprah’s audience don’t know much about his music execpt the songs he has been featured on with his wife Beyonce.

      Right now the most popular rappers are those that can make banging music (T.I., Wayne, Kanye, Flo-rida) and to a lesser extent those that are presenting the hipster rap (Kid Cudi, Dake and the new Common). I never raid that those rappers “get it” and I never made that comment out of excitement for this possible change in rap. I only said it because the common criticism rap often suffers is of being about violence, women, and greed for money (as if other genres of music don’t delve in that shit). And those hipster rappers like Jay z, can fool people into thinking otherwise.

      I know full and well that Jay sells out just like so many other successful entertainers. Yes a rapper that gets it doesn’t make songs about bitches and hoes, drug dealing, and criticizing the police. But right now Jay doesn’t want to follow that path

      • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands


        No disrespect, homie, but maybe you should invest a small fraction of your time into wordpress or blogger & start up your own blog.

        I’m all for opinionated expression & idea exchange, but everytime you drop, it’s so lengthy that one can’t help but get kind of lost. & you seem to have these long-winded point-of-views on every topic. So, my advice is get yourself a blog of your own, & rant away.

        Take this in the vein it’s meant, & don’t let ego jump in & turn this into a whole different situation.

  • dallaspennisthedevil

    oprah has to maintain a certain image and she is very careful about what she does just like our favorite rappers. i mean it couldn’t hurt because jay has already crossed over and that is not a bad thing. sometimes we make things bigger than what they need to be. jay z will continue to sell records and make money as long as he makes good music and oprah will always make that dough. no harm no foul this is something that won’t be remembered 2yrs from now. this has no importance just like most shit on the internet.