Favor for a favor

The more I learn about the debate re: whether or not Ozone magazine has a head for interviews policy, the more I’m not sure what to think.

I need to know if it’s true, because if it is, then obviously I need to see about getting myself featured in a future issue of Ozone, but if it isn’t, then I might need to have a talk with Mistah Fab. I can’t just have people saying all kinds of off brand shit about my fantasy girlfriend.

Yep, ladies, let it be known. If you’ve got an especially nice set of cans and a million dollars, Bol is willing to go to bat for you. You might even be able to talk me into listening to some shitty regional rap music.

When I first heard about this, yesterday on Twitter, I figured it was at least somewhat true. Ozone probably doesn’t have an actual policy with regard to oral sex in exchange for access (it definitely isn’t written down anywhere), but Mistah Fab probably heard a story about how some lucky as fuck rapper was coaxed into sitting down for a little Q&A. Otherwise, why would he even mention it?

The fact that Mistah Fab discussing whether or not the owner of a rap magazine blows people for business purposes didn’t strike me as a total non sequitur is a testament to just how overrun hip-hop is with hoo-ers these days. If you notice, most conversations about women in hip-hop do tend to somehow involve sex in exchange for money.

As it turns out, there probably was a reason Mistah Fab just up and decided to suggest that Julia Beverly is a hoo-er. He was probably pissed that an interview she did with him, for one of Ozone’s patented sex issues, recently surfaced on the Internets, and as a result, he’s been bombarded with shade from salty black chicks. In the interview, which I stumbled upon just now over at World Star, Mistah Fab said, amongst other things, that he doesn’t like dark skinted women, but he needs them for record sales.

Aww dang…

If you listen to the audio, which obviously you couldn’t in the magazine, it’s obvious Mistah Fab didn’t purposely set out to dis dark butts. It’s just that he used to date a dark skinted woman, back before his career was going as well as it is now, and she was kind of a hoo-er, so now he’s focusing primarily on light skinted women and white chicks.

Yeah, you shouldn’t necessarily disregard an entire group of people based on the actions of one ignorant slut, but the thing is, we don’t know what this woman did to him. It’s like, if you had your nose bitten off by a Saigon whore, and now you recoil a bit any time you see an Asian woman, but you don’t want them to notice, because some of them might like your music.

I can see where Mistah Fab is coming from. But, alas, I don’t have my own magazine – just this dumbass blog. Mistah Fab must have felt that Julia Beverly didn’t frame the issue as well as I could have, thus leading to the onslaught neck-rolling and what have you, and so he decided to retaliate by letting the world know that you can get a blowski for doing an interview with Ozone. The question is: can you?

I’m assuming Fab never received such a deal himself, or else why would be so upset with Julia Beverly. How mad can you be at a woman who gave you a blow job and then ran a feature on you in a magazine? He may have heard about it from Pimp C or somebody, but it would be difficult to prove, both because Pimp C is as dead as doornails, and because how do you go about proving that someone got a blowjob in order to appear in a magazine? You’d probably have to run a black light over one of Pimp C’s fur coats, and even then, how do you know he wasn’t just doing that thing where choke yourself and then jerk off?

The only way we can really know for certain whether or not Ozone has a head for interviews policy would be to send a rapper down there and see if he can get a little service in exchange for a little access. I’m sure pretty much any (straight) rapper could go for some head from the lovely Julia Beverly and some exposure in Ozone magazine (more so the head), but she might be hesitant to offer such a deal, now that the cover has been blown. They might have to go back to charging people to be on the cover.

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  • geico lizard

    Kim Osorio must be giving Julia Beverly advice on how to guarantee an interview with a rapper.


  • Avenger XL

    I wouldn’t doubt it. But OZONE mag is one of those low rent southern driven magazines. That covers the LCD rappers who haven’t made enough money out side of there regions to get in mainstream mags. I am sure some of those so-called writers and staff assistants get tossed up. I am also sure the owner is taking money and gifts for positioning(PUN INTENDED). It’s like Murda Dog the original LCD mag owned by none other than select-o-hit a low rent distribution company out of the southeast.

  • Jamal7Mile

    “…now that the cover has been blown.”

    Brilliant, just brilliant!! LOL!!

  • Silly Willy

    This is a brilliant post, Bol. Very interesting, really….I know you miss Pimp C, but he’s dead so, let it go….for real, I’m laughing my ass off, except for these shit. That’s a cheap shot, champ, you better than that !

  • tronthadon

    Thats sum whack shit why snitch on urself if u were gettin two for the picrce of none?..thats dum u get head and a interview?…this nigga trippin

  • http://twitter.com/therealaldeezy Aldeezy

    tronthadon… It’s Mistah Fab, you know how some of those hyphy cats roll, and by roll, I mean fuck around.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Who the fuck reads Ozone magazine?

    I got a subscription to Car And Driver, National Geographic, and the Johnston and Murphy catalog.

    Ozone? Neva herduvit…

    • http://youtube.com/federalranga Federal Ranga


      I feel you [||] on the Car & Driver tip, but pimp, you gotta go with Motor Trend… Car/Truck/SUV of the Year>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>10 Best.

      I saw a copy of Ozone magazine once… probably ran by the same niggaz who do those tween mags with nothing but pictures, pop outs and posters…

      E6 up. youtube.com/federalranga. Check it

  • Jericho

    I must admit I’ve never even heard of this Mistah Fab before…but he needs to ‘fess up who got the head or shut the fuck up.

    He’s the bigger bitch right now for insinuating stuff that may or may not be true.

    Not to mention he’s just blown whatever chance lots of bum-ass rappers had of getting in on Bol’s girlfriend.

  • capcobra

    most rappers that get an interview with julia always say some sideway shit to her..anywhere from i wanna date to i wanna fuck to you give head to whatever…and the shit ends up in the magazine…smh…if you didn’t have the drop on her then why would a rapper say some shit like that during an interview..i believe em both…i think mistah f.a.b just mad cause ppl calling.tweeting and screaming “yo son that white girl played you son”..lol.

    • capcobra

      anybody seen whoo kid….lmao

      • $ykotic/Don McCaine


      • dubble13


  • hate

    “It’s like, if you had your nose bitten off by a Saigon whore, and now you recoil a bit any time you see an Asian woman,”


    come on Bol, don’t be a hack. give credit where it’s due.


    • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

      Excellent work!

      “What I don’t understand is…you owe a bookie $50,000 and then he breaks your arm…and you still owe him the money. It just doesn’t sound fair to me.”

  • Pimp C’s Ghost

    Bol, Fuck You In Your Pussy, Square!

  • Pimp C’s Ghost

    Fuck You In Your Pussy, Square!

  • Parsifal

    come man your gonna get sued for this stuff.

  • http://xxlmag Billy Langston

    she is a ho plan and simple

  • DetroitDraper

    “On one of his fur coats” LMFAO I love Pimp C(R.I.P./NO HOMO) but damn…classic.


  • macdatruest

    The Ozone Magazine lady look like one of these raggedy ass riverwest white chicks in Milwaukee. Them be the sweaty hair, no make up white chicks that go on bike trails and shit

    • c. gabi

      damn not the riverwest chick…that’s rough lol

  • scartown

    Shit,you referenced Dirty Work! I truly believe you are white now Bol.

  • StevieJanowski

    note to self – do not do interview with o-zone

  • TheR

    Your GF banged Rick Ross and said it was horrible.

    Source: WorldStar when the beef with 50 broke out

  • parksmcly

    Fuk eminem

    lol check this diss

    courtesy of the relapse track list



  • Avenger XL

    One thing I will say about the whole interview after listening to it and reading what all the political (i.e. fight the power conscious sites) have been saying. I think dude was trying oh girl to see if his y-list celebrity status could get him some average some stank on his hang low. All of that I was a slave crap was all just a bunch of bad jokes and lines aimed at that type of broad who may or may not go for that sort of thing. Many sources are painting FAB(Who I haven’t heard one reason to listen to a album of his yet) as some sort of a idiot who hates on black women. But it has all been taken out of contest. The only one to get it right has been Bol commenting on the fact that the Ozone owner has probably provided some famous men with with a little service rendered in the blowski department for a garbage ass interveiw.

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